This is a full house story about the girls and the way they lost their

Full House (mmF,mf,bg,Mbb,voy)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

It was around 10pm at the Tanner house and Danny was speaking to his two best
friends, Joey and Jesse. Somehow their conversation had turned to Danny's
girls, D.J. who was 18, Steffanie who was 14 and Michelle who was 10. Joey
had stupidly made a comment that D.J. was becoming a fox and that she would
be having sex pretty soon. When Danny heard that, he clearly told both Joey
and Jesse that he did not want either of them to have sex with his girls,
because they were too young to have sex, and not ready to loose their
virginity. Danny was just acting like normal father, trying to protect his
little girls.

Jesse then asked Danny, "So you don't want us to take your girls virginity
right?" and Danny responded by saying, "Yes." Jesse just smiled and said,

Then Danny decided to go to sleep, but Joey and Jesse continued to talk.
Jesse explained to Joey that Danny did not say not to have sex with the
girls, he just told them not to take their virginity. So if they loose
their virginity to someone else, then we can fuck them. Joey smiled and
agreed with Jesse, now all they had to do was find out if any of the girls
had already had sex. They decided to find both D.J. and Steffanie's
diaries and see how far they had gone with a guy so far.

The following night, Joey and Jesse met in the basement to read the girls'
diaries. Joey read D.J.'s first. He found out that D.J. had given her
boyfriend Steve a blow job the week before and it was the first time she
had done that. She also wrote that she was surprised at how small a guys
penis was. Joey and Jesse laughed, because they knew that that meant that
the big wrestler, Steve was not very well endowed. They also found out
that D.J. and Steve were planning on having sex on Friday night, which was
tonight, so D.J. would be fair game tomorrow. That caused them to both
get hardons, but they still had to read Steffanie's diary.

Jesse read Steffanie's diary and could not believe what he was reading.
Steffanie had given 3 boys blow jobs. Two of the 3 boys had licked her
pussy, or twat as she referred to it as. The 13 yr old was still a virgin
though, but was surprised them was that Steffanie had also listed the
length of the dick's of the 3 guys she had sucked. The first one was 4
inches, his name was Jon and she sucked his dick when he was 12. The
second guy on the list was Steve, D.J.'s boyfriend and she sucked on him
2 weeks before D.J. had sucked on him. She listed his size as 4.5 inches.
The third guy on the list was Danny's ex-girlfriend's son Rusty, who was
14. She had sucked on him, yesterday and surprisingly he was listed as 8
inches long. Now all they had to do was get Rusty to fuck Steffanie and
hope D.J. got fucked by Steve.

Jesse and Joey decided to meet the following night to read D.J.'s diary to
see if she fucked Steve. Jesse read her diary out loud

Dear Diary,
Today me and Steve finally made love. It wasn't as great
as I had hoped. It hurt a lot as he broke through my
hymen. He then continued to push his penis inside of me
for 4 minutes, before he came. Then the jerk did not
even eat me out, so I was left still frustrated. I guess
that's why they say guys enjoy sex more then girls do.
Oh well, one day maybe I will have sex with a guy who
knows what he is doing.

Donna Jo

Jesse and Joey thought this was great, D.J. was no longer a virgin and wanted
to be fucked. It sounded great to them, now all they had to do was figure
out how to get in her pants. They decided that they would just go into
D.J.'s room and talk to her about sex. So they walked upstairs and told D.J.
that they wanted to talk to her about sex. Then they told her that they knew
she was sexual active and were wondering if she had any questions that they
could answer. D.J. asked them why she did not enjoy sex as much as Steve
did. They told her that it was probably because he did not know what he was
doing and that if she had sex with a better partner it would probably be more

Then D.J. did something that shocked them, she asked them if either of them
would have sex with her. Before she could even think about what she had
asked, both Jesse and Joey were standing there naked. Joey had a nice 6 inch
cock, while Jesse was more endowed with a 7.5 incher. D.J. could not believe
how much bigger their dicks were then Steve's.

Joey decided that he wanted to get a blow job, while Jesse decided to enter
D.J.'s pussy. So Jesse slowly entered D.J.'s nearly virgin pussy. Infact,
it even felt like a virgin pussy, because Steve's dick was so small that he
did not stretch it at all. Meanwhile Joey continued to fuck D.J.'s mouth.
After 7 minutes Joey shot his load in D.J.'s mouth, but Jesse continued to
fuck her pussy, causing her to orgasm three times, before shooting his load
inside of her.

Both Jesse and Joey were happy, they now had a new fuck toy. Now all they
had to do was figure out how to get Steffanie fucked. They decided that they
would talk to Rusty, since they knew Steffanie had given him a blow job.

Rusty was over the house the following day, just to hang out. Jesse saw him
there and started to talk to him about girls and sex. He then asked Rusty
if he had any condoms, since he knew that at 14 boys need to have protection.
Rusty told him that he did not have any, so Jesse went to his room and handed
Rusty 5 condoms. When Jesse got up to leave, he saw Rusty looking at the
condoms and smiling. Now all he had to do, was hope Rusty choose to use them
on Steffanie.

Luckily for Jesse and Joey, Rusty snuck upstairs to her room and they began
to make-out. Jesse knew what was going on, so he went to the bathroom next
to Steffanie's room to listen to what was going on. After only 5 minutes,
Jesse heard both Steffanie and Rusty moaning and then he heard the bed
moving. He knew they were fucking, but they continued to fuck for over 45
minutes before he heard the noise stop. Now Steffanie was no longer a
virgin, so both Jesse and Joey could fuck Steffanie cause she was no longer
a virgin.

While Steffanie and Rusty were fucking, Michelle was outside with her friend
Derrick and they were watching the two teens fuck. They decided that it
looked like fun and they wanted to try. So the two 10 yr olds snuck into
the basement and took off their clothes. Neither of them had begun puberty,
but Derrick slowly inserted his little 2 incher into Michelle's pussy, taking
away her cherry. After moving in and out for 10 minutes, Derrick began to
shake having an orgasm, but not shooting anything into Michelle's pussy.

Later that evening, Jesse and Joey decided to go out to discuss their plans
for fucking Steffanie. While D.J. was out on a date with Steve. Steffanie
was over her friend Gina's house and Michelle was out with Rebecca shopping.
Leaving Danny home with his 5 yr old twin nephews, Alex and Nicky. What no
one knew about Danny was that he was a closet pediphile. He had an obsession
with little boys. Since he had only had girls, he never tried anything with
his girls. But now that his nephews were getting older, he decided that he
wanted to try something with them. So he called them upstairs to take a
bath. But before they got into the tub, he asked them if they would like to
take a shower like adults do. They looked a little worried, so he told them
he would take the shower with them. They were scared but agreed. The little
5 yr old twins took off their clothes and got in the shower.

Shortly after they got in, Danny walked in, with a 7 inch hardon sticking
straight out. He got into the shower and turned on the water. Then he began
to soap the boys, rubbing his hands on their little butts and tiny little
cocks. He caused them to grow and get hard. Then he asked the boys to soap
him. So Alex and Nicky began to soap his legs, and they slowly moved up to
his dick and began to soap his dick. It felt so great, but then Danny got
another idea. So he told Nicky that he needed to clean his little butt, but
to do that he needed to stick something inside his butt, to clean it. Nicky
said ok, so Danny began to slowly insert his 7 inches inside of Nicky's tight
little ass. It felt so great, stretching is nephew's virgin ass.

After 10 minutes, Danny began to shoot his load. Danny then told Alex that
he needed to clean his mouth, with some special soap and told Alex to suck
on his dick and lick the cum that was on his dick. So Alex began to lick
his cock and sucked on it for nearly 5 minutes, causing Danny to get an
erection. Then Alex continued to suck on Danny's dick, and Danny pushed his
dick in further into the 5 yr old's mouth, before shooting his load off.
Danny then washed the boys off and put them to bed. His family arrived home
a little later and he acted as if nothing had happened.

(should I continue this story? I will only continue if I get atleast 20
responses to continue. Also any suggestions are welcome or ideas for other
tv show stories)


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