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TITLE: Full House: DJ & Stephanie (ff, inc)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: fhouse01.txt

Young Stephanie Tanner was always jealous of her older sister DJ. After
all, DJ was the hottest girl in school, or so all the boys said. But if you
asked DJ, she'd just shrug it off and say, "I'm as normal as they come." But
Stephanie always hated her sister for all her popularity. She always hated
the fact that she could have any guy she wanted, but she was still single at
age 14. But DJ always loved to flirt around with guys. She would just never
let them touch her, or kiss her, or anything. And this always made Stephanie
wonder if there was something seriously wrong with her sister.

But dispite all that, Stephanie wanted to be like her sister. She
always looked up to DJ as a role model, and her only problem with that was
that every time she tried to show off while trying to act and be like DJ,
DJ would make fun of her for doing it. And Stephanie only got more and
more upset, until finally, she gave up on the public appearances of being
like her sister, cause they didn't seem to be getting anybody's attention
except her sister's, and even then, the attention she was receiving was
cruel. She couldn't understand why DJ made fun of her for trying to be like

Later on in life, Stephanie realized that wanting to be like DJ was
more than just a dream. It was becoming a wild fantasy. Stephanie would
often find herself dreaming the craziest things about her and her sister
that normally wouldn't happen in real life, and then end up waking up the
next morning in a puddle of her own juices in her bed. But nonetheless,
she woke up happy after having those dreams. They didn't happen often,
but when they did, she always felt so wonderful.

After Stephanie had gotten all the fulfillment out of her dreams that
she was going to get out of them, she started masturbating as she thought
up the wildest sexual situations with DJ. And when she got all she could
out of that, she didn't now what to do next. She was going crazy. She
wanted to tell DJ just how she felt about her, but was afraid DJ would
reject her, or laugh at her, or go and tell Dad. "God if she ever told
them, I would die. They would never understand.", she thought to herself.

One night, during a long thunderstorm, Stephanie decided she was going
to make her move. She had to atleast get into bed with her sister, and
see where things could possibly go from there. She decided that she was
going to pretend to be frightened of the thunder and lightening that was
crashing outside their bedroom window. Which would have been partly true
anyways, since she had always been afraid of loud sounds like Thunder, but
she had sorta gotten over it through the years.

Stephanie: (Nudging DJ) DJ!

DJ: (Moaning) Mmmm what? Go back to bed Stephanie. Leave me alone.

Stephanie: (Pretending to cry) I can't DJ I'm scared.

DJ: (Sitting up) Oh Stephanie, you can't still be afraid of thunder and
lightening. Come on.

Stephanie: (Laying it on real thick) I'm really scared DJ.

DJ: So what do you want me to do about it?

Stephanie: Can I sleep with you?

DJ: (Giving in) Oh all right! Come on.

DJ scooted over in her bed and held the covers out and waited for
Stephanie to lay down next to her. Stephanie's eyes were transfixed
at the most beautiful site she had ever seen. DJ wasn't in normal sleeping
attire. She had apparently ditched the pajammas that she used to wear and
decided to go for the old T-Shirt & Panties routine. Stephanie sat on her
bed with her legs dangled over the end and just stared right between DJ's
legs for a few moments. DJ's T-Shirt was riding up her thighs, and Stephanie
could see, very clearly, DJ's yellow underwear. DJ's voice suddenly broke
her concentration.

DJ: Are you coming or not?

Stephanie: Sorry.

Stephanie climbed into DJ's bed, and DJ put the covers over her and
turned and layed on her back and was soon fast asleep.

"YES!", Stephanie thought to herself as she suddenly started to get
really excited. She had never been this close to her sister before. Atleast
not in the same bed with her before. They had always slept in separate beds.

"Time to make my move.", Stephanie thought to herself as she rolled over
on her side, facing DJ. She listened for a few moments to make sure her
sister was indeed sleeping. DJ's slight erratic breathing and silent snoaring
told her that her sister was in a deep sleep. Stephanie decided that it was

Stephanie slowly pulled off her pajamma bottoms and put them on the
floor. Then she moved closer to DJ, and put her head on her chest and layed
there for a moment smiling as she felt the warmth of DJ's breasts on her
cheek. She then decided to take things one step further, being very careful
not to wake her sister up, cause if that happened, she'd be in big trouble.

Stephanie placed her left hand on DJ's stomach and just held it there
for a few moments. DJ didn't make the slightest move. Stephanie was getting
more and more excited as she slowly slid her hand further and further down
DJ's stomach until she finally reached her goal. The panty line. Stephanie
pulled DJ's T-Shirt up slightly and let it fall softly just above her
stomach. Then she ran her fingers gently down her stomach and stopped right
at DJ's panty line.

Pressing down slightly, Stephanie got her fingers inside DJ's panty
line. Stephanie began to breath a little heavier as she slowly and gently
slid her hand further and further down DJ's panties. As she did this,
she drapped her left leg over DJ's body and scooted closer until she could
feel the warmth of DJ's leg between her legs. Then, as she began running her
fingers gently along DJ's vagina, she began rubbing her pussy on DJ's leg.
She began breathing harder and harder and was getting more and more excited
by this. And was really amazed that her sister hadnt woken up by now, cause
she was being pretty violent at this point as she rubbed her panty covered
pussy all over her sister's leg. It felt really good.

And she got even more excited when she was finally able to push 2 fingers
inside DJ's vagina. This excited her so much, she suirted her juices all
over the inside of her panties. But she didn't there. This was the first
opportunity she had ever gotten to do this, and may have been her last, and
she was so excited at this point that she couldn't stop. She wanted more.

Just then, she felt a strong pair of arms surround her. At first, she
thought she was dead. She had awakened her sister with what she was doing
to her, and she was going to tell dad. She was about to pull away and stop
what she was doing, but heard DJ's voice.

DJ: (Aroused) Mmmmmm... Don't stop Stephanie. Keep doing that. Mmmmmm...

"Oh my god...", Stephanie thought to herself. DJ was asking her to keep
going. And that was quite all right with her, cause she wasn't finished.
And it excited her more that she had her sister's permission to continue.

DJ threw the covers back, and spread her legs further apart and allowed
herself to be fondled by her little sister. She was really enjoying it.
Her breathing was erratic, she was moaning quietly as not to wake anybody
else up. She decided to take things further and lifted her head up and
put her left hand on the back of Stephanie's head and pressed her lips
to hers and began a long wet passionate kiss with her little sister.

Stephanie seemed to be enjoying this in a wonderful way, cause it
made her fingers go in and out of DJ's pussy faster and faster, each time
she felt DJ's tongue sliding around the inside of her mouth. Stephanie
moaned a little and began breathing heavily through her nose as she
allowed herself to be cought up in the deep passionate emotion of the
kiss that her big sister was engaging her in.

And then it started to happen..... DJ began to thrust her lower boddy
up and down on the bed, moaning and breathing harder and harder as she
was about to reach her climax. Stephanie was loving every moment of this.
The fact that she was going to make her own sister shuot her juices all
over her hand arroused her greatly.... Stephanie didn't pull away from
the kiss. She decided that this is what was making DJ so hot. The tongue
action was really great she thought to herself. She decided to return the
favor and started twirling her tongue around the inside of DJ's mouth until
their tongues were intertwined and were now moving around eachother.

And finally, with one last moan out of her sister, Stephanie suddenly
felt the palm of her hand being filled with a warm liquid. She had made
her sister cum. And boy did she ever make her sister cum. DJ cummed so
much, that little Stephanie's hand couldn't hold it all. What she couldn't
hold simply ran down DJ's pussy into her panties.

DJ collapsted in the bed and tried to catch her breath as Stephanie
pulled her hand out of her panties and began to lick her fingers clean. But
DJ apparently wasn't done. She just kept filling her panties with more
and more cum until there was a pretty good size puddle of her juices in
the bed under her and between her legs. DJ had drenched her panties and
part of her T-Shirt in her own juices.

By this time DJ was so happy and fulfilled that she decided to take
things further. She took Stephanie's legs and positioned her little sister
so that her head was pointing in the direction of her feet.

Stephanie: What are you doing?

DJ: Shhh... You'll love this. Back up so that your pussy is right in
my face.

Stephanie: What?

DJ: Do it.

Stephanie complied and began crawling backwards on top of DJ's body
until she felt DJ's hands come down and rest upon her buttox. And what she
felt next was the most wonderful sensation she had ever experienced in her
entire life. DJ had pulled a portion of her panties away and pulled her so
close that she was litterally sitting on her sister's face. And as she
brought her hands up, supporting herself by moving her hands along DJ's
stomach until her palms came to rest upon DJ's full sized plump breasts,
she felt DJ's tongue go inside her pussy and it was a whole new world of
pleasure for her.

As she felt her tongue slidding along the inner walls of her little
vagina, she squeezed DJ's breasts really hard. This only made DJ move her
tongue in and out of her faster and faster, until finally, with one last
flick of her tongue, Stephanie squartered her juices into DJ's mouth, and
DJ reluctantly swallowed every drop.

When they were done, the both got undressed and switched bedtime
clothes. DJ dressed Stephanie in her T-Shirt and sopping wet panties,
which were almost a little too big for her, but managed to fit a bit
nicely, and Stephanie held out her little panties and DJ stepped into
them, and surprisingly enough, they fit with just a little bit of
tightness. Then she put on Stephanie's pajamma top and they both cuddled
up to eachother in DJ's bed and fell fast asleep in eachother's arms. Both
witth huge smiles on their faces, happy that they had shared something so
special with eachother.


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