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TITLE: Full House: Stephanie & Michelle (fff/incest)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: fhouse02.txt

After Stephanie's wonderful experience with her big sister DJ, Stephanie
was overwhelmed with all the new feelings of love she had for her whole

Unfortunately, for DJ and Stephanie, it was only a one time experience
between them, because a wee later, DJ ended up falling in love with a boy at
her school, and she totally forgot about her sisters.

Stephanie was hurt by this. Whe expected DJ to want more of what they
had together, cause Stephanie sure knew she wanted more. But DJ never talked
about anymore future encounters, so Stephanie was forced to go in search for
other opportunities. And indeed she did. But she didn't have to go very far.

Her 5 year old sister Michelle would certainly mae a wonderful candidate
for what she had plannd, but Michelle was just a baby still. Stephanie was
afraid she would ruin her little sister's future as an innocent child and
might one day go to daddy and tell him everything.

But at this point, Stephanie didn't care about that. She was horny and
was determined to get Michelle involved in her little sex scandle at any cost.

One Sunday morning after everybody came home from church, Stephanie
decided to mae her move. Especially after spending a whole morning in
church sitting right next to Michelle staring very closely at the beautiful
outfit she was wearing. A pretty white dress with a bow & ribbon around the
waist, white pantihose, and blac dress shoes. Stephanie's mouth was watering
the whole time.

And Stephanie was wearing a pretty sexy outfit herself too. A black
very tight shirt, that made her slowly blooming breasts stick out noticeably,
and a knee high blue dress. Blac stockings, and black dress shoes.

Stephanie and Michelle were left alone on the couch watching their
cartoons while everybody else went out and about doing their own thing.

Stephanie: Hey Michelle, wanna play a game?

Michelle: Yeah, what game?

Stephanie: It's caled "Taste"

Michelle: What's that?

Stephanie: I'll teach you. It's very simple. We run our tongues along
certain parts of eachother's body, and tell eachother what
it tastes like.

Michelle: Okay. Teach me how.

Stephanie kicked off her shoes and layed down on the couch with her
head propped up on the arm on the left side and raised her left foot up to
Michelle's face.

Stephanie: Okay, you're going to go first. I want you to run your tongue
along the bottom of m y foot and suck on my toes.

Michelle squinted and plugged her nose and turned her head at the smell
of her sister's feet.

Stephanie: What's wrong?

Michelle: Your feet stink! Eeeeeww!

Stephanie: Do you want to play or not?

Michelle: Yes.

Stephanie: Then do it. It's okay, it'll be my turn to do it to you when
you're done.

Michelle took Stephanie's left foot with both her hands and brought her
face to it and put out her tongue and began running her tongue all along the
bottom of it. As she did this, Stephanie raised her right knee in the air
and spread her legs, giving her little sister a clean shot at her private
area. Stephanie wasn't wearing any underwear. She had the baldest, softest
little pussy Michelle had ever seen, and while Michelle began sucking on
Stephanie's toes, she was staring right between Stephanie's legs, appearing
to enjoy the sight.

Stephanie: Do you like what you see?

Michelle: Yes.

Stephanie: How does my foot taste?

Michelle: Salty.

Stephanie: Do you like it?

Michelle: Mmm.. Yes.

Stephanie: (Holding her arms out) Come here.

Michelle put Stephanie's foot down and scooted closer to her sister.
Stephanie reached out and took Michelle's hands and pulled her on top of her
body and surrounded her little sister in a very warm tight hug. Michelle
didn't seem to mind. She was young, but she wasn't stupid. It didnt take a
genious to figure out what her sister wanted to do.

And little Michelle finally got the thrill of her life when she felt
her little dress being pulled up from behind her, and a hand sliding down
the back of her pantihose.

Michelle let out a slight moan as she felt Stephanie's finger slide
slowly into her little vagina and the touch of her sister's soft wet lips
against hers.

Stephanie: Ooohh... You like that dont you Michelle?

Michelle: (As she felt Stephanie's finger sliding in and out of her
faster) Mmmmmmm... Mmmmmmmm... yes..... Mmmmmmmmm....

Stephanie spread her legs further apart and let out a soft moan as she
felt the soft material of Michelle's dress rubbing against her pussy. She
locked her ankels around the back of Michelle's legs and pulled them outward,
then pulled her up closer so she could have easier access. As she pushed
her finger in and out of her little sister faster and faster, she heard
Michelle moan harder and louder. And smiled when she felt Michelle helping
her by litterally fucking her finger, moving back and forth on top of her.

This got Stephanie aroused even further as she felt Michelle's dress
not only riding up her legs during al this action, but was also rubbing
against her tender spot.

As Stephanie continued to finger her little sister, she put her right
hand between them and pushed 2 fingers into her own pussy and started
fingering herself into the start of a wild orgasm, powered by the thought
of her little sister cumming at the same time as her.

And with a few more stroaks, it happened. Michelle's body began to
shake violently, and soon Stephanie's hand was covered with warm liquid.
And shortly after Michelle collapsed on top of her, she squirted her juices
all over the front of Michelle's dress. The two littlegirls just laid there
and cought their breath.

DJ: (From directly accross the room) You two have fun?

Michelle jerked her head up and saw DJ sitting in the chair, her hand
was down the front of her shorts.

Stephanie: Oh god! We're in big trouble now! DJ! You're not gonna
tell are you?

DJ: (Getting up and walking toward them) No, ofcourse not.

As DJ approached them, Michelle got off of Stephanie and sat down next
to her. Stephanie swung her legs around in front of her and sat up. DJ got
down on her knees and put her hand between both her little sisters' legs
and fingered them both to their second orgasm, together.



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