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TITLE: Full House: Kimmy Rapes Rebecca Donaldson At The Gym (ff, ncon)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: fhouse05.txt

Author's Note: The idea for this episode of my Full House series came from
a dream I recently had about Kimmy Gibbler and Rebecca
Donaldson from the Full House TV Series. Hope you enjoy it
as much as I both enjoyed dreaming it, and writing it ;)

Rebecca Donaldson... Beautiful young woman, with shoulder length brown
hair, a nice firm figure, a cutsie personality, and physically fit. She
always went to the Gym alone on Thursday afternoons to work out, and keep
in shape. Of course if you asked anybody, they'd tell you that if she lost
anymore fat, there'd be nothing left of her. The woman was so skinny she
could literally slip down the drain of a tub with no problem. But she
always liked to stay fit. Especially after she had the boys. She hardly
gained an ounce after giving birth to her twin sons, but she was so self
conscious about her figure that she always constantly overworked herself
to stay in shape. Why? To keep her husband impressed. Even though she
knew Jessy would never cheat on her, she wanted to make sure that he was
happy with her, and the way she looked at all times. Sometimes she felt
like it was an underpaid full time job, but she managed. She was just
walking around her bedroom packing her Gym bag when Jessy walked in.

Jessy: Hey sweetie, where are you going?

Rebecca: Hunny, you know I always go to the Gym on Thursdays.

Jessy: What do you need to go to the Gym for? You're too skinny as it is.

Rebecca: To stay in shape. (Walking up to him) You should try it sometime.
Would give you a chance to get rid of this beer gut of yours.

Rebecca gave Jessy's stomach a little pat and Jessy backed off and
smiled at her. They kissed briefly, and Rebecca picked up her bag and
walked out of the room, leaving him behind. She was just about to walk
out the front door when it suddenly swung open and Kimmy Gibbler walked in.
Tight short shorts, sports bra, tennis shoes, long brown hair tied up in a
pony tail.

Kimmy: (Yelling at the top of her lungs) What's up Tanneroonies!!!

DJ: (Walking in from the kitchen) Hey Kimmy! Nice Outfit! What's up?

Kimmy: Nothing I just came to tell ya that I can't study with you tonight.

DJ: (Disappointed) Why not?

Kimmy: I promised my mom I'd go to the Gym with her tonight. She's been
working hard to get in shape ever since she had me. And from the
look of things, she needs a lot more work.

Rebecca: (Surprised) Well I'm heading to the Gym right now, do you and your
mother need a ride or something?

Kimmy: No, that's okay. It's just a couple miles. Me and her and gonna
jog down there.

Rebecca: Are you sure?

Kimmy: Yeah! I'll see you later DJ.

Kimmy got into a little light sprinting in place routine and then
turned to the door and began jogging down the driveway across the street to
her house. Rebecca watched her for a few minutes, then pulled her keys out
of her purse and got in her car. She started the engine and began slowly
pulling out of the driveway and suddenly screeched to a halt. She had
almost hit Kimmy and her mother. They both jumped aside as Rebecca backed
the car up a little further and stopped just as her driver side window came
into view of them.

Mrs. Gibbler: Mrs. Donaldson, I apologize for my daughter's arrogance. I
sent her over here to tell her friend that she and I were
going to the Gym tonight, at first I had planned on us
jogging down there, but she came back and told me you offered
us a ride and she declined. I wondered if we could take you
up on that offer after all.

Rebecca: Sure. Hope in.

Mrs. Gibbler: Thank you. I really appreciate this.

Rebecca: No problem at all.

Kimmy opened the back driver side door and got in and scooted all the
way over to the other side, and her mother got in and closed the door, and
Rebecca pulled the car onto the road and drove away.

The whole way there, Rebecca kept looking in the rear view mirror
noticing Kimmy was staring at her, not taking her eyes off her for a single
moment. Rebecca thought this was strange at first, but then paid it no mind.

At The Gym

Rebecca pulled the car up near the front door of the Gym and shut off
the engine. She opened her bag on the passenger seat next to her and pulled
out a brush and began giving herself a last minute touch up before entering
the Gym. Kimmy and her mother were already out of the car and waiting for
her by the front door of the Gym. When Rebecca approached them, Kimmy opened
the door and held it open for them as they entered, then entered herself.
Kimmy's mother went to the pool area to do some laps. Kimmy didn't follow
her mother like Rebecca expected her to. After all, she was here keeping a
promise to her mother, to work out together, but instead Kimmy followed
Rebecca to the weight room.

She stopped at the SOLOFLEX and set her bag down and went to the rack
near it and picked out a couple of large rubber bands for the SOLOFLEX and
pressed them around the pins. Then she sat down on the bench and removed
her shoes, and then removed her sweatsuit. Underneath she had on a blue
leotard and white tights. It was an encridible site to behold. It
apparently was an incredible site to behold for Kimmy, because when Rebecca
looked up after putting her sweatsuit into her Gym bag, she noticed Kimmy
sitting on a bench across the room from her with a set of hand weights doing
some of the strangest curls she had ever seen, while staring at her the whole
time. Rebecca couldn't figure out why she was staring at her. It bothered
her a little bit, but she still paid it no mind and straightened herself
out, took the arm of the SOLOFLEX behind her neck and began raising it
above her head.

After about a half hour of that, she finally stopped and sat on the
bench and rested for a few moments. Her whole body was covered in sweat.
She had seriously overworked herself. Her face was bright red, sweat
dripping down her cheeks. She grabbed a towel and began wiping her face.
As she did that, she looked briefly across the room where she had seen
Kimmy before, but no longer saw her there. Suddenly a bottle was shoved in
her face.

Kimmy: Want some!

Rebecca took the bottle and looked at her, surprised that she hadn't
noticed her standing there. She looked at the bottle in her hand. It
appeared to be an ordinary Arrowhead Mountain Springwater water bottle.
Not wanting to get any of Kimmy's germs, she opened her mouth and squeezed
some of it into her mouth and swallowed. Out of the corner of her eye,
she watched Kimmy standing there looking her up and down as she squeezed
some more water into her mouth, and kept on doing it until the bottle was
about half empty. She closed the top and handed it back to Kimmy and sat
there for a moment.

Within about 5 minutes, Rebecca suddenly began to feel really strange.
As if she didn't have a care in the world. At that moment, she began to
realize why Kimmy was staring at her so wide eyed as she drank from her
water bottle. Kimmy had slipped some sort of aphrodisiac or drug of some
sort into that bottle of water she had drank almost over half of.

Kimmy: Are you okay Rebecca?

Rebecca: (Getting a little bit dizzy) What was in that water Kimmy?

Kimmy: (Holding up the bottle) It's just water.

Rebecca: (Swooning back and forth a little) Then why do I... Why do I
feel so strange?

And at that moment, Kimmy began to realize that her little plan had
worked. She looked around the weight room for a moment. Nobody was around.
The room was empty. Kimmy set the water bottle down on the floor and got
down on her knees in front of Rebecca and waited for a few moments, just
staring at her, looking her body up and down. She wanted the aphrodisiac
she had slipped into the bottled water for Rebecca to kick in fully before
she began anything. She sat there on her knees and waited about 5 minutes
before finally placing her hands on Rebecca's knees. Rebecca looked at her
and pulled away slightly.

Rebecca: Kimmy! What are you doing??? Don't touch me!

But before Rebecca could fully object to what she was doing, Kimmy was
already rubbing her hands all over Rebecca's legs, feeling the silk of her
tights. This sent a sudden surge of electricity through Rebecca's body, and
with that and the drug Kimmy had slipped her fully kicked in, she laid down
on the SOLOFLEX bench and kept her mouth shut. She just stared up at the
ceiling as Kimmy scooted closer to her and began rubbing her hands up and
down her body. Starting at her ankles, slowly moving up her legs, between
her thighs, running her fingers around her leotard covered pussy, up her
stomach, and to her breasts, squeezing them lightly.

Rebecca wanted to badly to sit up and get as far away from Kimmy as she
could, but she just couldn't move. She had been heavily drugged up. She
couldn't even keep her arms at her sides. They just dropped and hung over
the sides of the SOLOFLEX bench. And she couldn't believe she was doing it,
but she started to moan as Kimmy began touching her.

By this time, Rebecca was so stoned that she started getting into what
Kimmy was doing to her, and actually started liking it. She began breathing
erratically and moaning here and there. And when Kimmy removed the shoulder
straps of her leotard and pulled it slowly down her body until it was
completely off of her, she took in a deep breath and let out a sigh of joy.
Even though she was totally stoned by the drug Kimmy had slipped her, she
wasn't a fool. I mean Kimmy wasn't all that great looking, but what she
was doing to her was really turning her on somehow.

And what finally got her totally into Kimmy's little scandal was when
Kimmy pulled off her tights and removed her sports bra and shorts, then her
tennis shoes. Rebecca stared at her blindly, not taking her eyes off of
Kimmy's totally nude body for a second as Kimmy approached her, swung her
leg over the bench with her back side facing her, then laid on top of her
and put her pussy right in Rebecca's face as she laid on top of her, and
buried her face between her legs and began licking wildly at her pussy..

Rebecca couldn't help herself at this moment. She was feeling so good,
and was enjoying Kimmy's tongue inside her so much that she wrapped her
arms around Kimmy's buttox and buried her own tongue inside Kimmy's harry
vagina. Kimmy let out a squeal and began pushing her tongue in and out of
Rebecca faster and faster, while literally face fucking Rebecca.

Rebecca was the first to cum. And she cummed so much that Kimmy's face
was literally covered in her juices. Kimmy had made her feel so good, that
complete with the effect of the aphrodisiac, and every ounce of passion
inside her entire being. And a few moments later, she began feeling Kimmy's
body twitching and trembling briefly, and then she felt a warm substance
squirting into her mouth and down her throat. She didn't now why she had
done it at the time, but she swallowed every single drop.

And then, as suddenly as it had started, Kimmy dismounted herself from
on top of her, and put her clothes back on. Then she helped Rebecca put
her clothes back on, who was still so drugged up that she wanted more, but
Kimmy refused. It was nearing time for her mother's laps to finish, and
was also nearing time for the drug to wear off. When Rebecca was fully
dressed, she left her alone and went to the pool area.

When she returned 10 minutes later, it was as if it had never happened
at all. She found Rebecca laying on the SOLOFLEX bench doing bench presses.
Kimmy smiled and went across the room and began doing her arm curls again.

Later on that night when she was getting ready for bed, he was checking
herself out in the mirror before putting on her pajamas, and realized she
was so wet between the legs that she could have started a river of her own.
She never did figure out why.



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