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TITLE: Full House: DJ Makes Love To Her Aunt Becky (ff, inc)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: fhouse06.txt

DJ has had many sexual experiences in her life at this point, and has
enjoyed every single one of them. From making love to the female members
of her family, to the flings she's had for boyfriends. But nothing would
ever prepare her for what was about to happen to her tonight.

DJ was sitting in the living room watching TV. Some stupid show that
she really hated, but watched it anyway out of boredom. She was at the
point where she felt like she had done everything there was to be done
in life, and just didn't know what to do anymore.

She was sprawled accross the couch, bare feet and legs sexy as ever.
A blue evening dress covered the rest of her body. She was looking really
hot. Her hair as usual was neatly brushed like it always is when she
lays down on the couch just before going to bed. It was pretty late, and
everybody was getting ready to go to bed for the night. Stephanie and
Michelle were already sound asleep. Danny and Joey were off in their beds
sound asleep as well. Only two other people awake were her Uncle Jessy and
Aunt Becky.

Becky: (From her bedroom) DJ! Can you come up here please?

DJ shut the TV off and put the remote on the coffee table in front of
her and stood up and smoothed out her dress and ran up the stairs to Becky
and Jessy's bedroom. When she walked in, the two of them were sitting side
by side on their bed holding hands. When she came in, they both stared at
her and smiled. Jessy just kept his eyes on her beautiful dress. He had
never seen her in evening attire before. She was always in bed by the time
he got home from work, but tonight he and Becky had a special evening
planned, so he took the whole day off work so they could prepare for it.

Becky: (Standing up) Well you talk to her hunny. I'm gonna go put my
night gown on.

Becky went into the bathroom and closed and locked the door behind her.
DJ just stood there staring at Jessy as he continued looking her up and down.
She noticed him staring at her and did a little pose for him.

DJ: What do you think? Daddy bought it for me last week.

Jessy: (Clearing his throat and looking away quickly) Oh... It's nice.

DJ smiled at him and went to the bed and sat down next to him. She
folded her hands in her lap and waited for him to tell her why Becy called
her to their bedroom, especially so late in the evening, when everybody
was getting ready to go to bed. She kinda had a slight idea of what he
was after since 1: he and and her uncle Joey were the only 2 male members
that she hadn't had a sexual encounter with, and 2: she cought him staring
at her evening dress.

DJ: So what did you want?

Jessy: Umm.... DJ I don't know quite how to tell you this...

DJ: What?

Jessy: (Swinging his legs around to face her) Well... Your aunt Becky and
I are at a point in our lives where we trust eachother completely.
Do you understand what I'm saying?

DJ: I think so.

Jessy: (Smiling) No, I don't think you do. Lemme explain.

DJ: Okay.

Jessy: Your aunt Becky and I love eachother very much... And we plan on
being together forever... But on the other side of things, we both
have things in our lives that we never got the chance to experience
before we got married...

While they were talking, Becky came out of the bedroom in a pink VERY
REVEALING silk night gown. She eyed them both as she went to the dresser and
reoved her earrings and placed them in her jewelry box. Then she brushed
her hair and sat down in the chair right accross from the bed and just
stared at them. She couldn't help but to laugh a little bit to herself as
she listened to the way her husband was trying to reveal their little plan
to DJ. His face was turning bright red. She had no idea he'd have this

Becky: (Interrupting them) DJ, you'll have to forgive my husband. He's
not very good in the area of persuasion.

DJ: (Surprised) What do you mean?

Becky: (Getting up and sitting down next to her) DJ.. Lemme see if I can
make this more clear for you to understand... You see... Tonight
is our 3rd anniversary... And I wanted to do something very
special for Jessy, but I couldn't figure out what. So he and I
sat down together this afternoon, and had a private talk. I asked
him to reach deep down inside him, I'm talking deeper than deep...
And I asked him to tell me what his wildest wildest fantasy was,
and I promised him I'd make it come true.

DJ: And?

Becky: Well, I have to admit, it surprised the heck out of me, but I figured
what the hell. You know? This kinda thing only happens once in
a lifetime... (Scooting closer to her) You see... Your uncle
Jessy revealed to me that his wildest fantasy was watching you and
I make love to eachother.

DJ's jaw suddenly dropped to the floor. She couldn't believe what she
was hearing. She looked to her uncle Jessy for guidence, but all he could
do was just sit there on the other side of her and stare at her dress. He
looked like he was undressing her in his mind.

Becky: Now do you understand?

DJ: (Embarassed) I... I don't know what to say.

Becky: If you don't want to go through with this, I'm sure Jessy will
understand. I mean I promised him I'd try, and he understood
that. I just don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.

DJ: (Stuttering) I... I don't have a problem with it at all. I just
didn't expect something like this. Truthfully I've always had some
pretty wild fantasies about you and I together myself aunt Becky.

Becky: (Puting her hand on DJ's leg) Well I'm glad sweety. That will
make this easier on us. Now your uncle Jessy will sit over there
in the chair and watch. He won't participate. I don't want him
interrupting us. Besides... All he said was that he wanted to
watch us together.

Jessy got up and gave his wife a peck on the cheek and sat down on the
chair accross from the bed and waited for the action to happen. Becky wanted
to make sure DJ was completely comfortable with all this. And she was kinda
in the mood to start things off by teasing DJ, to see how much she wanted

Becky stood up and stood right in front of DJ. So close that the
fabric of her night gown was litterally touching DJ's lips. Becky spread
her legs as far as she could and pushed DJ's knees together and straddled
her, sitting on her lap facing her, and began running her hands over her
own body very slowly, keeping her eyes on DJ's watching her breathe heavily.

Becky reached out and took DJ's hands and placed them on her thighs
and continued running her fingers up and down her own body. Starting at
her thighs, slowly rubbing them between her legs, up her stomach, around her
breasts, removing the shoulder straps of her night gown and letting it slide
down her beautiful body. DJ just sat there staring at her breasts.

Becky placed her hands on DJ's shoulders and took the shoulder straps
of her evening dress in her thumb and forefinger of each hand and slowly
pulled them down her arms, and began peeling her tight dress down her body
and let it rest at her waist.

Jessy, who had been sitting there accross the room watching all of
this, had his pants undone and was stroking his meat very slowly as he
continued staring wide eyed at the two women. He sat there and watched
as Becky removed DJ's hands from he thighs and placed them on her breasts
and pressed on them signaling DJ to begin squeezing them as she put her
arms around her and pressed her lips to hers and enguaged her in a long
passionate kiss.

As they continued kissing eachother, Becky leaned forward, and DJ took
the sign and laid back on the bed, with Becky on top of her. Becky began
to moan softly as she streightened her legs on top of her and began moving
her pelvic area in a circular motion. This made DJ really hot and she
began moaning softly.

Becky broke the kiss and sat up on top of her and slid down her body
until her face was close to her pelvic area. She then lifted up DJ's
evening dress and spread her legs and dove right in without hesitation,
burrying her face between DJ's legs, wildly licking away at her pussy.
DJ let out a scream of pleasure as she grabbed her aunt Becky's hair and
began wildly pulling on it while moving her pussy up and down, helping
her. Jessy began moaning a little louder with the two of them, still
stroking his meat, a little faster this time as he was beginning to get
really hot himself, watching them.

Becky began running her tongue along DJ's clit and pushing her tongue
wildly in and out of her. All the while, DJ was just laying there, pulling
on Becky's hair litterally screaming as loud as she could, enjoying every
moment of her aunt's tongue inside her. And suddenly in all the rage and
passion, Becky got the surprise of her life as she felt DJ's juices fill
her mouth. At that moment, Jessy had also cum more than he had ever cum

All three of them finished the night off by sleeping together in the
bed, holding eachother all night long. Jessy slept like a baby, smiling
the whole night, happy that his wildest fantasy had been fulfilled.



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