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TITLE: Full House: DJ And Kimmy At Camp Part 1/2 (mf, incest)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: fhouse08.txt

Danny: DJ! Could you come here for a minute please?

DJ came skipping into her father's bedroom and sat down on the edge of
his bed as she watched him shave.

DJ: Yes dad?

Danny: How would you like to go on a little trip?

DJ: Yeah right! You're probably gonna send me off on another one of
those stupid adventure hikes! We both know what happened the last
time I went on one of those. My alergies got so bad, the medics
had to carry me out in a stretcher and take me for a 30 mile ride
in the ambulence. I think I'll pass on that, thank you very much.

Danny: (Handing her a brochure) I think you'll like this one.

DJ took the brochure and opened it up and suddenly jumped and got all

DJ: Oh my god! Are you serious? You're sending me on a river rafting
trip? This is so cool!

DJ ran into the bathroom and wrapped her arms around her dad and gave
him a big hug. He almost lost his footing and had to drop the razor in the
sink and grab the counter to keep himself from buckeling under the stress
on his legs from his daughter hanging on him.

Danny: (Smiling) You're welcome sweetheart. Now... Only think you need
to decide is who you want to take with you. The trip is for 2.

DJ: (Running out into the bedroom) Oh my god, I gotta call Kimmy! This is
SO cool!

DJ dove onto her dad's bed and grabbed the phone on the nightstand
and practically yanked it onto the bed and picked up the receiver and
began dialing numbers.

Kimmy: Hello?

DJ: Kimmy! It's me! You'll never guess what happened!

Kimmy: (Excited) WHAT!

DJ: My dad is sending me on a river rafting trip!!!

Kimmy: NO WAY!!

DJ: YES!!! I'm serious!! Do you wanna come?

Kimmy: DO I? Oh my god I gotta pack! What am I gonna wear!

DJ: Kimmy! Calm down! I'm sure my dad will be happy to send over a list
of what you'll need to bring. Definately break out the sun screen
and the music! We're going to have some real fun!

Danny: (Yelling from the bathroom) Tell Kimmy to tell her mother to expect
a list later on this afternoon! You two will be leaving the day
after tomorrow!

DJ: Did you hear that?

Kimmy: YES! Oh my god this is SO cool!

DJ: I know! Well I gotta go! Bye!

DJ hung up the phone and ran into the bathroom again and gave her dad
a big hug.

DJ: Thanks dad!

Danny: You're welcome sweetheart. I noticed you've been moping around the
house bored out of your mind ever since your sisters went away to
baseball camp. I didn't want your whole summer to suck.

Danny had just gotten finished shaving and was wiping his face with a
rag to clean the remains of the shaving cream off of his face. DJ put her
hand on his left shoulder and spun him around to face her, and she reached
up and put her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his and gave
him a very errotic tongue tangling kiss. As she did this, she began to
feel something hard poking into her stomach. She pulled away and looked
down between them and noticed a very largue mound growing rapidly under
the towel he was wearing.

DJ: Ooooh daddy, I'm making you hard.

Danny: Yes, that you are.

DJ: (Taking him by the hand and leading him into the bedroom) Well we're
going to have to do something about that.

Danny: Oh sweetheart, it's okay, I can take care of it. You can go watch
tv or something.

DJ: (Holding her finger to her lips) Shhhh. Don't talk.

DJ took Danny's hands and placed them on her chest and reached down
to her waste and pulled her shorts and panties off and stepped out of them.
As she did this, Danny shook the towel off of him as he unbuttoned her shirt
and opened it up. Inside were two of the most beautiful budding plump
breasts he had ever seen. He had seen them before, but they were much
smaller then. DJ shook her shoulders behind her and the shirt fell off of
her. She then reached behind her and unbuttoned her bra as Danny removed
his towel. The bra slid off her arms and fell to the floor. She then pushed
Danny onto the bed and he laid down, his legs still dangling over the edge
of the bed. He was going to scoot up to the pillows, but a sudden shock
filled his entire system as he felt DJ's lips surrounding the head of his
cock. He let out a grunt and just laid there and let her do her thing.

DJ: Mmmm does this feel good daddy?

Danny: Mmmm ooooh you bet it does baby. Don't stop...

DJ: (Smiling) Oh I won't. Believe me, I won't.

DJ got down on her knees to give herself more leverage and placed her
hands on her dad's stomach and began deep throating his cock. She felt his
whole body shaking and heard him moaning loudly. This turned her on and
made her go faster. And each time she went faster, he moaned louder.

Danny: Mmmmmm Oooh I'm gonna cum sweetheart! Daddy's gonna cum!

DJ: Oooooh do it daddy! Cum all over your daughter's face! Please! I
want your cum all over my face.

And Danny couldn't hold back anymore. He let loose with his love juice
and squirted it all over DJ's face. She moaned softly as she rubbed the head
of his cock all over her face. Danny collapsed on the bed right there and
stared up at the ceiling. He was feeling great.

DJ stood up and straddled his legs and slid up his body until her pussy
was positioned right over his still rock hard cock and bent down and
began to pasionately kiss her dad on the lips.

DJ: I want you inside me daddy. Please.

Danny placed his hands on her hips and DJ put her hands on his chest
and lifted herself up. And when she felt the head of his cock begin to
penetrate her vagina, she rammed her pussy down on it as hard as she could
and let out a loud scream of pleasure as she felt his cock slide deep inside
her. Danny let out a loud groan at the same time and began to pump his
cock in and out of his daughter as hard and as fast as he could. It wasn't
long before he began to reach his orgasm again.

Danny: Oooh! Mmmmm!!! Oh yes! Daddy's ready to cum again baby! Mmmm!

DJ: Do it daddy! Oh please daddy! Cum inside me! Cum inside your daughter's
pussy! Mmmmmmm!!! Oooooohhh!!!

And with that, Danny once again let loose and squirted his jism all over
the inside of DJ's pussy. DJ let out a loud scream as she too let loose with
her own juices at the same time. She then collapsed on top of him and they
fell asleep like that.

-=To Be Continued=-


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