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TITLE: Full House: DJ And Kimmy At Camp Part 2/2 (ff, feet)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: fhouse09.txt


It was the day of their trip, and DJ was fully excited. She had just
finished packing and was running around the house looking for her CD Player.
She checked in the living room next to the chair she always sat in when she
watched her shows on TV. Not there. She checked her bedroom, underneith
her bed where she always liked to listen to music before dozing off to
sleep, which was where she was sure she had kept it the night before. But
it wasn't there. She was getting really mad.

Just then, she heard her dad calling her name from his bedroom accross
the hall. She went to him and saw that he was holding her CD Player. She
took it from him and smiled.

DJ: Where was it?

Danny: Under my bed. Know how it got there? I'll give you 3 guesses, the
first 2 don't count.

DJ: (Giving him a big hug) I remember.

Just then, the doorbell rang. DJ knew who it was. She clipped her CD
Player on her side and put the headphones around her neck and ran to the
front door and opened it. Kimmy was standing there in the sexiest outfit
she had ever seen. Tight jean shorts, a sports bra, she was lookin good.
Kimmy saw DJ staring at her and smiled and picked up her suitcase and carried
it into the house.

Kimmy: I can already tell we're gonna have a good time.

DJ: What makes you say that?

Kimmy: I saw the way you were staring at me.

DJ: I'm sorry. It's just that....

Kimmy: DJ I'm flattered, it's okay, you don't need to apologize. I actually
don't mind you staring at me. It's kind of a turn on, if you know
what I mean.

DJ: (Smiling) You're right, we are definately going to have a great time.

Danny came out of his bedroom and stopped in the living room.

Danny: You girls ready to go?

DJ: Yep!

Danny: Okay, grab your stuff and head out to the car. I'll be right there.


It was a long drive to the Lodge where everybody was supposed to meet
to gather up a plan of action before the trip began. Where the counselors
got ready to teach them some basic survival skills about river rafting, and
in the event anybody should get separated from the rest of the group, etc.
To DJ and Kimmy that was really rather boring. Infact, they didn't really
want to go river rafting. The idea of getting out of their houses and
being outdoors was enough for them. And the rooms at the lodge were great.
They had TV's, and Satelite. And DJ got wind from one of the boys that
there was going to be a really erotic adult movie on the Satelite Spice
channel, and her and Kimmy couldn't wait to check it out. Ofcourse it would
have had to be a secret. If anybody found out, the trip would have been

The plan was that after the basic survival skill training, since it was
getting late anyway, everybody would get a good night's sleep and they
would get on the river first thing in the morning. But DJ and Kimmy, being
the really cunning ones there, successfully talked the head counselor into
letting them stay at the lodge the whole trip by playing like they were
really sick.

That Night

DJ and Kimmy were laying beside eachother on their stomachs, bare feet
in the air kicking back and forth lightly as they watched the erotic movie
that DJ had heard about. They looked like they were getting really turned

On the TV, a long haired brunet walked into a room and sat next to her
blonde friend, who was talking to somebody on the phone. Something about
a "Little Black Book" was being discussed. In the TV Guide artical they
had read about this movie, the women they were watching right now had
apparently lost an address book when they were jogging, at a fountain, and
an art director found it and found their phone number and called them.
At some point in the movie, the subject turned to what the ladies were
wearing, and the rest was totally erotic from there. The blonde was telling
the guy on the phone that her partner was wearing a red sheer neglishay,
and as she was explaining what her partner was wearing, the brunet had her
right arm aruond the blond, and was rubbing her breasts with her left hand.
With each pass, slowly bringing the shoulder straps of her dress down lower
and lower, until finally, it simply dropped to her waste, and full access
to her full plump breasts was given to the brunet.

As the phone conversation continued, the brunet by this time had her
shirt off and was sitting in the blonde's lap facing her, with her arms around
her, squeezing their breasts together between them, while kissing on her
neck and blowing into her ear. The blonde was getting really turned on by
this, and told the guy she had to go. When she hung up the phone, the brunet
asked what was going on. as she scooted of of her lap and sat next to her.
The blonde told her partner that the guy was going to give them their book
tomorrow, and she put her right leg over the brunet, put her right hand on
her face and the two of them pressed their lips together and laid down.

After that, DJ and Kimmy never saw the rest. At this point, they were
so turned on, that by the time this part of the movie ended, they were
both passionately kissing eachother on the lips, moaning softly at the
pleasure they were both obviously feeling for eachother. Sure, they heard
the soft moans of the two woman making love to eachother on the TV set, but
they were too busy making some love of their own to watch what was going

The two girls got up on their knees, their lips still pressed together,
their arms still around eachother. They had to pull away just for a moment
so that Kimmy could remove her sports bra and her shorts, and DJ could remove
her shirt and pants. Now both girls were totally naked, on their knees
in front of eachother, staring at eachother's body. But only for a brief
moment, before DJ got so horny that she couldn't stand it anymore, and she
bent down and spread Kimmy's knees apart and burried her face between her
legs and began wildly licking away at her pussy. Kimmy simply let out
a soft moan and placed her hands on DJ's head and began gently pulling on
her hair and pushing her face closer and closer as she laid back. Amazingly
enough, she was flexable enough to still be on her knees, and lay flat on
her back at the same time. This gave DJ easier access to the spot she
really wanted to get at. And as she shoved her tongue deep inside Kimmy's
vagina, Kimmy grabbed a huge lock of DJ's hair and began to pull hard.
DJ let out a scream of pleasure and continued.

Kimmy: Ooooh! Mmmmmm! Oh DJ that feels wonderful!!! Mmm hhhhhhhh!

DJ: I'm glad you're enjoying it.. MMmm I"ve wanted to do this ever since
the day I met you... Mmmmmmmm.

Kimmy: What took you so long? Mmmmmmmm!

DJ didn't answer. She just put both of her ahnds around Kimmy's hips
and began digging her nails into her skin. Kimmy started breating erraticaly.

Kimmy: Oooh! Oh DJ I'm gonna cum! Mmmmmm! Hhhhhh! Hhhhh! Aaahh! Mmmmm!

DJ: Ooooh cum for me baby... Do it.... Cum for me.....

Kimmy: Mmmmm AAaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

And with that, DJ suddenly felt the inside of her mouth being flooded
with a warm salty liquid. She smiled and swallowed every drop and began licking
up the rest from both the sheets, and from her partner's pussy. When she
was finished, she moved up to Kimmy's face and running her tongue around
her lips until Kimmy willingly opened her mouth. When she did that, DJ
pressed her lips to hers as hard as she could and began kissing her. Kimmy's
eyes went into the back of her head and she put her arms around DJ and
held her tight as she felt DJ's tongue moving all over the inside of her
mouth. She decided to return the favor and began moving her tongue around
the inside of DJ's mouth as well, meeting hers in the middle and swirling
around it occasionally. The two girls moaned softly.

DJ broke the kiss and pulled away slowly.

Kimmy: What are you doing?

DJ: Shhhh, just trust me. I want to show you something that I learned.

Kimmy did as she was told as DJ pulled Kimmy's legs out from under
here and spread them. She then positioned herself so that Kimmy's left
foot was on her chest, directly in her face, and so that her left foot
was on Kimmy's chest, directly in her face. Kimmy simply took DJ's
foot in both hands and began massaging it.

DJ: Ooooh that feels good.

Kimmy: You like it? My mother thinks I should do this for a living.

DJ: You should. But... That's not exactly what I had in mind.

Kimmy: What?

DJ: Just watch me.

Kimmy lifted her head up and watched DJ, and was totally turned on as
she saw her big toe sink into DJ's mouth.

Kimmy: DJ, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

DJ: Mmmmm why not?

Kimmy: My feet are dirty.

DJ: Mmmmm I don't care. That's what makes it more of a turn on.. Mmmmmm...

Kimmy threw her head back and began to moan loudly as she felt DJ's
tongue running from her heel, slowly to the ball of her foot, and then in
between her toes. She decided to return the favor and she took DJ's foot
and started sucking on the big toe. She decided DJ was right when she
said that licking dirty feet was more of a turn on than licking clean
ones. Kimmy always liked nasty kinky sex. She felt another wave of
pleasure overtake her as she felt 3 fingers being pushed deep inside her
pussy. That, and the feeling of her foot being licked and sucked on, and
the taste of DJ's salty foot sweat sent her through the roof. Just as
she was reaching the peek of her orgasm, she shoved her whole hand inside
DJ's pussy and began moving it in and out as fast and as hard as she could.
DJ began to scream so loud, if there was anybody there, she would have
woken up the whole place. But thankfully everybody had decided to go out
on a short nature walk before dark.

Kimmy: Mmmmm Oooh do it to me too DJ.. Put your whole hand inside me...
Hhhhh! Do it... MMmmmm!

DJ: Mmmmmm are you sure? I hhhhh!!! I don't wanna hurt you... Mmmmmm..

Kimmy: Mmmmmm don't worry.. Hhhhhh.. It won't hurt me.... Oooooh!!!!

And with that, DJ pulled her 3 fingers out of Kimmy's pussy and shoved
her whole hand inside her as hard as she could, and was surprised when it
kept going so deep that Kimmy's pussy lips were around her wrist. Kimmy
let out a loud scream and began pushing her hand deeper and deeper into
DJ's pussy. And finally, the two girls let loose with their juices, and
cummed so hard and so much, they found themselves lying in a puddle of their
own juices. They had soaked the sheets. And it was such an erotic moment
for them, that they didn't even bother to take a shower when they were
done. They simply laid there in their puddle of love lotion that they made
and embraced eachother tightly and feel asleep that way.

-=The End=-


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