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Alright, another request, but the requests pile up. Bit of a break job for
me, I was sick of the current big fic I'm writing and the one I wrote for
the Celebrity Sex Story Archive, so I figured a quicker fic might be the best
way to get the old blood flowin'. You know where. Anyways, Futurama, Bender,
Leela, you know plenty of sex. This is my first time with using a lot of
dirty language, I've used some before, but I figured since it's Bender, well
self explained. Idea courtesy of Dr B.

The Heat of the Night
by Some Random Bastard

Leela got in her room via the automatic opening slide door. She was sick
and tired of her life, day after day everyone thought she was a freak because
of her one eye. Her personality didn't help, she wouldn't sit down and be
some male chauvinist pig's fuck toy.

She sighed and went to her bathroom. After a day of dealing with her
testosterone driven work she needed a shower just to get away from all the

She walked over to the shower and turned the water on. She could feel the
instant hot water begin to flow. She sat on the toilet and took her trademark
boots off. She peeled off her pants, surprised at how much sweat had accrued
on her legs. She pulled off her white shirt, leaving only her old white
panties and bra. She took them off with amazing speed, noticing when she took
off her panties that some of the wetness wasn't just sweat.

She jumped into the shower, and let out a sigh as she felt the warm water
envelop her body. She let her body relax, and her hands wander her body as
she was finally able to relieve some of her stress.

She was surprised, as she explored her body, at how hard her nipples were.
Unbeknownst to all, her species were very unique from humans. There wasn't
much of a difference except for a couple big differences. The first, most
obviously, was her single eye. Her second however, was that her species went
through a period of heat, or a time twice every year that her sexual
appetites knew no fill. She knew that it was starting. Strangely, it was
about a month too early. "Well, at least it will be a fun month." She said
to herself as she began to attempt to relieve a little bit of her pent up

She moved her fingers to her nipples, feeling the pleasure begin to
flood her mind as she began to roughly tweak them, the pain replaced
instantaneously with the pleasure.

She let out a low moan, loving the attention that she was feeling, but
she knew her hands were better put to use elsewhere.

She guided her hands down to her pussy, and as she felt it she could feel
not only the shower water but also her warm sticky juices starting to flow.

She passionately began to explore her womanhood, first rubbing her labia
while she ever so gently massaged her clit, making it fully erect in the
process while she felt her lips begin to puff out, becoming swollen and red.
She could feel how sensitive she was down there, as the full onslaught of her
heat took control of her.

She took her index finger and inserted it, feeling not only the pleasure
but also her animal lust. She needed to finger fuck herself right now.

She continued to finger herself, adding her middle and index fingers,
probing deeply her fingers into soaked love hole, pumping into herself at a
furious pace, moaning wildly as she felt her orgasm build. She took her other
hand and grabbed her breast, bringing it to her mouth. Leela had always been
the envy of many girls with her breast size, but little did they know that
the reason she loved this so. She opened her mouth and let her tongue come
out, licking her nipple as she continued to pump herself.

Leela pulled her breast closer, and began to nibble on her own nipple,
crying out in pleasure at the delicious pain it caused her. Her nipples were
on fire, the passion building.

Crazy for release, she inserted her pinky into her soaked pussy,
desperately fucking herself as raw as she could. Finally, it build up until
she could no longer take it, and she had a hard orgasm, her entire body
tensing up as every nerve ending on her body exploded with pleasure, and her
voice going ragged yelling out her pleasure.

Later that evening...

Leela was going through her mail, the memory of her furious masturbation
session still in her mind, if not in her loins.

"Junk, junk, bill, junk, bill, bill, what have we here?" She said, finding
a dirty magazine. "Addressed to next door. Must have been a mistake. Now I
wonder what's inside...?" She said to herself, flipping through the pages. It
was the everyday spank mag, boy/girl, girl/girl, alien/girl, alien/alien.
Then she came to an ad that surprised her.

"Ladies, do you need the ultimate pleasure? Then try the newest sex toy!"
It wasn't the ad itself that surprised her, it was the picture. It was a
picture of Bender, but he had a monster phallus. Just staring at it for a
second turned her incredibly on.

She immediately threw clothes on, she couldn't sleep knowing that a dick
like that existed and she could have it in her. Her wild animal instincts
kicking in, she bolted out the door and started her way to Bender's

It was cool outside, but her passion kept her warm as she literally ran to
the apartment. She couldn't get the picture out of her mind, and she couldn't
think of anything else, no matter what.

She got to the apartment, and opened the door to the tiny closet sized
apartment. She didn't even check to see if Bender was online or not, she
immediately got on her knees.

"Where is it?" Leela said, looking up with her one eye at the foul mouthed
robot. "Where IS it?!?" She said louder. She heard a beep and saw Bender come
out from his 'sleep'.

"Huh, what the hell is going on?" Bender said as he looked down.

"Where is it?" Leela said, massaging his groin area expecting it to rise
to attention.

"What the fuck, what are you talking about? Have you gone off your
bonkers?" Bender said, confused at what she was talking about and why she
was waking him up.

"Where's your dick? Your cock? Your meat, your boner, your ultimate
pleasure?!?" Leela yelled, her mouth watering at every word. But her mouth
wasn't the only part.

"Shh, you'll wake up Fry. Where the hell did you hear about that?"

"I saw it in a spank mag."

"What the hell were you doing reading a guy's spank mag?"

"Does it matter, come on, I need it!"

"Well what the hell do I get out of it?"

"What do you want? I'll give you anything."

Cackling "Oh I'm sure there's plenty. But that's for later...Come on, I
know a really seedy motel down the street."

The two made their way, Bender noticed Leela was already getting wet.
"Geez, when the hell did you get to be so horny?"

"I'm in heat."

"Alright, here we are. Just wait here and I'm gonna go grab a room."
Bender said, and he could swear he almost heard a whimper out of her as he
went over.

Bender went to each room and peeked in the window. "Busy, busy, busy,
dirty, busy, here we go," Bender took one of his fingers and had it pull
back, to reveal a skeleton key.

"Alright toots, get over here!" Bender said as the door opened up for him.

Leela ran into the room and immediately started to peel her clothes off,
her body revealing to Bender just how turned on she was.

Bender took a second to look at her, and he engaged his sex-bot program.
Leela heard the whirl of a motor and she saw Bender's form change. His hands
changed into suction cup like devices, while out of his crotch came a
phallus. She was disappointed at first, the size of the thing was maybe four
inches, and that's being generous.

"Oh, just you wait," Bender said, and suddenly the metallic penis began
to grow before her eyes. She gasped in awe as it easily surpassed over a
foot in size and an inch and a half in diameter. It was completely ribbed,
it had a man-like head and despite the fact that it was a fake cock it had
an opening at the end.

Leela jumped on the bed, and without a word motioned for Bender to come
to her.

"So how'd ya like it, bitch?"

"Anyway, I just need that inside me!"

"Alright, here comes little Bender!" He said as he placed the tip of his
massive phallus at the opening of her wet pussy. "Who's the captain now?" He
said as he began thrusting his dick deeper into her.

Leela was going nuts, her tight pussy being incredibly stretched out as
his huge ribbed dick fucked her raw. She could feel every rib as it entered
and probed every last inch of her pussy.

Leela couldn't stand it anymore, and she began to loudly moan as Bender
continued to press on further into her now stretched pussy. She was
incredibly sensitive, and every single thrust forward brought her nearly to

"Come on bitch, take it, you love it don't you, you slut?" Bender said,
egging her on as she cried in pleasure. He took this instant to bring his
suction cup hands to her breasts. "Want it?" He asked. She looked at him, her
purple hair tasseled, and she nodded. "Ask for it bitch. Tell me you want

"Please, I need you to, I'm a dirty slut, you're dirty slut, please, suck
on my tits, I need it!" Leela said, meaning just every word of it.

"Alright bitch. Here we go!" Leela couldn't believe the amount of pleasure
she was feeling as Bender brought his suction cup onto her massive breasts.
It felt like he was licking, sucking, nibbling, and tweaking her nipples all
at once. This, coupled with the massive size of his phallus was just too much
for her, and she came harder than she ever came in her life. Her body shook
as she felt herself leave Earth without a spaceship. She was cumming like a
river, her juices flowing freely onto the bed and the carpet.

"That's not all I got bitch. Get on your hands and knees" Bender said,
pulling out his dick with an audible "pop". Leela obeyed the robot, and got
on her hands and knees.

"Please, fuck me. I need your massive dick in me.

"I'm sorry, you're gonna have to do better than that, bitch. You want my
dick in your fuck hole? Beg for it, beg for it bitch!" Bender said, in a
dominating voice.

"Please, I need your giant robot cock fucking me deeply. Fuck me raw and
hard, I need your huge dick in my slutty pussy, fuck me anyway you want and
throw me away, please fuck me I need you so bad and you are so huge!" Leela
said, literally whimpering as she waited.

"Here you go, you little slut!" Bender said as he thrust in, pumping her
pussy raw, forcing almost all of it in her pussy, relently banging her. Leela
loved the feeling, it felt like she was in heaven. She suddenly heard
something from behind. "Bender, oh my god yes, what the fuck is going
ooooo-ahhhh!" She said as she suddenly felt something enter her anus.

She couldn't see what it was, but the dick in her ass felt like it had a
mind of it's own. When it pumped, the one in her pussy pulled back, and vice
versa. It seemed to be spiked, and thinner and shorter than the other one.

She was feeling her anal cherry be popped, and she loved it. She felt it
go deeper and deeper in her bowels, going six inches deep. Suddenly she felt
Bender stop. When she looked back, she heard an engine start.

Suddenly, her entire body was set afire. Both the phalluses in her body
began to suddenly shake, and Leela could barely think about the fact that the
penis were virbrating, she was in pure heaven.

She felt the penis begin to pump once again, still shaking, humming
intently as they probed the length and depth of her body. Leela started
moaning, her orgasm building as her voice increased.

"Oh, harder, faster, I'm gonna, I'm so close ugh" Leela moaned, her body
overflowing with pleasure. Suddenly, both of the cocks simultaneous pressed
in, all the way deep into her body, and stopped.

"You wannna come? Beg fer it!" He said.

"Oh god, I need it hard. Bang me, fuck my brains out, make me cum!"

"You want cum, huh?"

"Yes, please!"

"Fine by me" He said. She felt the cocks begin to pump again, but this
time she felt some weird feeling from the cocks, she felt like there was
something going through the dicks. She only thought about it for a second,
as she felt her orgasm building.

Suddenly, she felt a spray hose going off in her pussy. Bender was blowing
some sort of load in her, filling her pussy up with his spunk. She felt
another go off deep in her bowels, the feeling of the intense spraying of the
robot's cum deep in her pushed her over the top.

She came hard, too hard. Every nerve in her body, every orifice on her,
every inch of skin and hair was in pure ecstasy. Her body shook violently,
almost convulsing as she could no longer take the pleasure that was flooding
her body. She passed out from the pleasure.

Ten minutes later she woke up, her body covered in sweat and cum dripping
out of her pussy and ass. Bender was no where to be found, and neither were
any of her clothes.

And thus ends another chapter of our lives, or rather another lemon. Hope ya
like it, if you do tell me please. If you don't, then bugger off! I take
suggestions, but please don't just say "I want to see a sex with..." Because
then I don't have a clue as to what on earth you want.

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entirely are untouched, unedited, and worshipped for the holy script they
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