Good Day Live: On The Set Of Good Day Live (MFF,inter,voy,celeb)
by Wonder Mike ([email protected])

Jillian Barberie: Hello everyone and welcome to Good Day Live. Steve is out
getting a penis enlargement sitting in for him today is Snoop Dogg.

Dorothy Lucey: That didn't take long did it Jillian?

Jillian: What did I say this time?

Dorothy: Penis implant?

Jillian: That's what I heard.

Snoop: This is why I love this show.

Jillian: And we love you too Snoop.

Dorothy: I have all your albums.

Snoop: That's my bitch.

Dorothy: I don't mean your specifically. I mean rap albums in general.

Jillian: What rap albums do you have?

Dorothy: Today in style file, we have a surprise makeover.

Jillian: What rap albums do you have, and I do Style file.

Dorothy: I have a rap album.

Jillian: You are the whitest woman I know.

Snoop: But she could make thousands working for me.

Dorothy: You have a special project you are working on?

Snoop: Oh hell yeah, I'll tell you during the first break.

Jillian: I know what you have for her Snoop, and believe you me, she needs

Dorothy: Why are you talking about me like I'm not here, you know how much
I hate it when you and Steve do that.

Snoop: Steve's not here today, I can see why he needed a break.

Jillian: We are not usually like this.

Dorothy: It is always much worse. Today we will be visiting the set of Buffy
the Vampire Slayer as they film their final episode.

Snoop: And I will be clearing the air live with Shug Knight so stay tuned.
We'll be back in 60.

Snoop: Fuckin A, this is a sweet gig.

Dorothy: Mr. Dogg, you do know you can't say that word on the air.

Snoop: Which word?

Dorothy: You know the one.

Snoop: You better tell me, I don't know.

Dorothy: Fuckin.

Jillian: I have never seen that shade of red before Dorothy.

Dorothy: God, if my church heard me say that word they would expell me.

Jillian: Then I guess this is a bad time to tell you we went on the air a
minute ago.

Dorothy: You mean that went out over the air?

Jillian: Yep!

Dorothy: Fuck me.

Snoop: I knew we could say that over the air.

Jillian: Believe you me, no one is watching. I could pull one of my boobs
out right now, and no one would know.

Snoop: That's what I'm talking about.

Dorothy: Would it be possible for you to behave for just one day?

Jillian: I have behaved just fine Miss 'Fuck me'.

Dorothy: Oh God.

Snoop: Somebody get some mud, I smell a catfight.

Dorothy: I am not fighting with her, someone just needs to explain to her
the difference between right and wrong.

Jillian: She just needs a cock up her ass, yes I said cock. Me, not so much.

Dorothy: Maybe if someone shoved a fat cock down her throat she would be
quiet for one minute during the show.

Jillian: I can get cock anytime I want.

Dorothy: I got it last night, when was the last time you had a man?

Jillian: I had a man last week.

Dorothy: Ryan Seacrest doesn't count.

Jillian: Than I had one a year ago. Who cares anyway, I have vibraters of
every size at home, I don't need a man.

Snoop: I wouldn't go that far, I can get you all the men you could ever want,
and get you paid for it too.

Jillian: Get your face from off the desk, surely you know this goes on.

Dorothy: I don't know what to say about that.

Snoop: My clients like the girls shaved, are you?

Jillian: Yes, I am a baldy, clean as a baby's bottom.

Snoop: What about you?

Dorothy: I am not answering that.

Jillian: I have seen her naked, she is a natural girl.

Dorothy: You do not need to be telling my business.

Jillian: Lighten up honky.

Dorothy: I am not a honky.

Jillian: Have you ever made it with a black man?

Dorothy: My husband is the only man I have ever had sex with, and it is
enough for me.

Snoop: Now I see what the problem is.

Jillian: She is lying anyway.

Snoop: Why can't you get any Jillian?

Jillian: I am doing four shows, plus charity work every single day, I just
don't have time.

Snoop: What about right now.

Jillian: Whip it out big boy, and if it is true what they say about you
people, we can go right now.

Dorothy: Oh God, please stop unzipping your pants, please don't pull it out.
Oh my God, I can't look.

Jillian: It's true, it's true, look Dorothy.

Dorothy: God, look at the size of that thing, it has to be at least a foot,
I had no idea they grew that big, it's the size of my arm.

Jillian: I have a dildo that size, and it's the same color.

Snoop: Lets see what you can do with it bitch.

Jillian: Meet me after the show.

Snoop: Now bitch.

Jillian: But we have to go to the set of Buffy, Emma Caufield is going to
give us a tour.

Dorothy: Here she come now, hi Emma, we are having some difficulties, but we
will be with you shorty.

Emma: What's going on, the monitor here is blank.

Jillian: Snoop Dogg just whipped it out, you have to see the size of this

Emma: Get back on the air.

Dorothy: The feed is back up.

Emma: Jesus, that is a big one, what in the name of hell is going on there?

Jillian: The usual.

Snoop: These bitches where about to suck my big black cock, and I am waiting.

Dorothy: No, we are not.

Emma: I think it will be a first for live television, no one will ever forget
the show Good Day if you do it.

Dorothy: I will not.

Jillian: I bet you have never even sucked one before Dorothy.

Snoop: I bet you could show her, just come over and put the tip of it in your

Dorothy: She won't do it, Jillian thinks she is a big star.

Michelle Trachtenberg: Hi Emma, what's going on.

Emma: Don't look at the monitor, for God's sake don't look at the monitor.

Michelle: What the hell is that? That's Snoop Dogg, and he doesn't have pants

Dorothy: Get her away from the monitor, she is too young to see this.

Michelle: I am 17 and I have seen plenty of those, 100's I don't think that
came out right, but you know what I mean. Why are his pants down?

Emma: Jillian and Dorothy are about to suck his cock.

Michelle: Cool.

Snoop: Yes, they are about to suck my big black cock, and I want it sucked

Emma: Yes, Suck it.

Michelle: Yes, suck it, that would be so cool.

Dorothy: I have never seen this many people in the studio before, since when
did our crew get so big.

Jillian: Damn, everyone wants to see this I guess, It's time to become

Jillian leaned over the desk, Snoop ripped open her tee shirt letting her
boobs fall out, he began to stroke her long blonde hair as she began to
stroke his cock.

Dorothy: Oh my God, I can't believe this, and Steve's not here to be a part
of this, he will be so pissed.

Jillian: Me and Steve have done this 100 times, how do you think I got this

Dorothy: You too?

Snoop: Shut up and suck it.

Snoop forced Jillian's head down onto his cock, she opened her mouth as wide
as she could to accept it. He shoved six inches of cock down her throat.

Michelle: This is so cool, somebody should go get Alyson, Nick, and Sarah to
see this.

Jillian worked her mouth up and down half the fat cock as she stroked it with
both hands, using a circular motion, Snoop began to pump his cock in and out
of her mouth.

Dorothy: What's that feel like Jillian?

Jillian: There is only one way to find out, come closer.

Dorothy leaned over the couple, Jillian took her hand and wrapped it around
the cock, Dorothy placed her other hand around it and began to slowly stroke

Emma: That's it, now put it in your mouth.

Dorothy: That's easy for you to say, your across the city, and not married.

Michelle: Even I know that oral is not sex, so it can't be cheating, do it.

Jillian: Yeah, suck that cock bitch.

Dorothy opened her mouth and began to feed herself the cock, inch by inch it
disappeared down her throat, she stuffed eight inches of armed size cock down
her throat before she began to gag.

Dorothy: I did it.

Emma: And she is better than you Jillian.

Jillian snatched the cock away from Dorothy, she quickly jammed 6 inches down
her throat. Snoop grabbed her by the back of the neck and jammed another 4
into her.

Snoop: Bitches who can deep throat make twice as much.

Michelle: That's what I heard.

Dorothy grabbed the cock back Jillian began feeding her the cock until ten
inches vanished down her throat, Snoop grabbed two handfuls of her hair and
shoved the rest of his cock down her throat.

He held her head down on her cock, Dorothy began usng her tongue on it Snoop
began pumping in and out of her mouth until she began to gag.

Dorothy: I need to be fucked.

Dorothy hiked up her long skirt and slipped out of her granny panties, she
climbed on top of Snoop and began to lower herself onto his cock.

Emma: Ride'em Cowgirl.

Jillian dropped to the floor and began to work herself out of her skin tight
jeans, Dorothy had the tip of the cock poking at her tight pussy.

Dorothy: God, it's too big, my pussy's too tight for this big black cock.

Snoop began to thrust up into her, but it was too tight.

Jillian: Out of the way, I'll show you how to ride a cock, Canadian style.

Jillian pulled Dorothy off the cock and took her place straddling it, she
lowered herself until the tip of the cock had peirced her pussy, than she
slammed herself all the way down on it.

Snoop: Damn girl, ride that cock.

Jillian slammed herself up and down on the foot long cock, Snoop reached
around and fondled her breast and teaked her nipples.

Emma: You go, girl!

Jillian rode the cock harder and harder with each stroke, Snoop began to
thrust up into her trying to match her fury.

Dorothy was on her hands and knees watching the action, she shoved four
fingers into her soaked cunt and rammed them in and out.

Jillian rode the cock harder and faster, she had never gotten it so good
Snoop wrapped his arms around her and slammed her on his coc as hard as he

Emma: Aly, you have to come see this.

Alyson Hannigan: What's going on guys?

Michelle: Look at the monitor.

Alyson: Are you guys watching porn again? Oh my God, that's Jillian Barberie
and Snoop Dogg.

Emma: This is live television at it's finest.

Jillian slammed her pussy down all the way to the base of Snoop Dogg, then
she wiggled her ass from side to side.

Snoop: Damn Bitch, I could get $10,000 a night from you.

Jillian: Shut up and fill me with that cock.

Snoop continued to slam away a Jillian until her entire body began to shake
with an massive orgasm.

Dorothy: I am ready now, please fuck me, PLEASE.

Jillian removed her quivering body from the giant cock, and curled up on the
floor. Dorothy was on all fours wiggling her ass at Snoop.

Snoop jumped up, grabbed her by the hair, using it as a reign, and slammed
his cock all the way into her.

Dorothy rocked back taking the cock easily this time, the combination of
Jillian juice and her finger work opened her up wide.

Snoop stood over the newscaster and slammed his cock into her like a pro.

Alyson: DO I want to know what started this?

Emma: Not really.

Michelle: Why can't our shoots be like this?

Emma: I have been saying that ever since I got here.

Dorothy began rocking back onto the cock, Snoop yanked back on her hair, he
then began slapping her ass.

Dorothy: Oh Go yes, fuck me hard, harder damn it I need it hard.

Jillian: I knew you were a freak.

Dorothy: Slap my ass hard, I am a bad girl, I need to be spanked. SPANK ME.

Snoop slammed her harder and harder, becoming a blur ramming his cock in and
out of her, Dorothy slammed back onto his cock as hard as she could.

Dorothy: Yank my hair damn it, I said yank my hair, slap my ass, spank me,
I'm a bad girl.

Michelle: That is one freaky bitch.

Alyson: I know what this scene needs.

Jillian: I know what she has needed for years, fuck that bitch up the ass.

Alyson: My favorite.

Emma: You can't have sex unless you are taking it up the ass.

Dorothy: God yes, shove that big black cock up my ass, PLEASE FUCK MY ASS.

Snoop rocked back until he was on his back and Dorothy was on top of him,
she pulled the cock out of her dripping pussy and placed it at the tip of
her ass.

Dorothy: Slowly, at first.

Snoop slammed her down so that his entire cock vanished into her ass on the
first stroke.

Dorothy: Oh my God, it's in my ass, fuck me.

Michelle: Fuck that ass.

Emma: Damn, I bet that feels good.

Snoop began to ram his cock harder into her ass, Dorothy spread her legs wide
to take it all. She began t slowly ride it.

Jillian reached over and shoved three fingers into Dorothy's wet pussy.

Jillian: How does it feel bitch?

Dorothy: Of God I'm cummmming, I'm cumming.

Jillian shoved a fouth finger into her pussy, Dorothy grabbed her by the
wrist and began fucking herself with Jillian's hand.

Snoop wrapped his arms all the way around Dorothy, slamming her up and down
on his cock, Jillian's whole hand vanished inside of her.

Dorothy: I'm cumming again, I can't take anymore, for the love of God fuck my

Snoop: FUCK, I'm cumming.

Jillian yanked her hand out of Dorothy's pussy then pushed her aff the cock,
she managed to shove it down her throat just in time to catch a thick creamy
load on the tongue.

Jillian: Damn, it tastes good.

Jillian gulped down the entire load without spiling a drop, then showed the

Jillian: If you swallow Michelle, you don't make a mess all over your

Michelle: I'll remember that.

Dorothy: I think that's all the time we have for today, and probably forever,
it was nice seeing you all.

Jillian: I don't think it was that bad, maybe we will get our own HBO show

Michelle: I can't wait until I get to co-host.



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