Author's note: This is part of a multi-chapter epic that involves lots of
different shows, but each chapter is meant to stand on it's own so if there
is one you have no interest in please skip it.

Grounded For Life: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 18
by Hamster

Bob the cupid was determined to enjoy this particular Valentine's Day. The
disgruntled little winged purveyor of lust had become invisible and made his
way to New York City in order to strike potential sexual partners with his

Lily was in her room getting dressed for her date. She had stripped of her
school uniform and was down to her bra and panties, which were red to match
her hair. Bob happily watched her strip while hoping she'd change into
another set of panties. In the old days he would have drafted her into his
harem but his bitch of a boss stripped him of his harem privileges. He was
beginning to lose hope that he'd see naked flesh when Lily's mom, Claudia
walked in.

"Sweetheart do you need any help getting...EEEEEEEEOUCH!!!" Claudia and Lily
both looked around to try to find what had stung them as Bob the Cupid
giggled. He had shot hem with his special lust inducing arrows.

"God your so fucking beautiful honey." Claudia said to her daughter as the
arrows power took effect.

"Oh mom you're so fucking hot too." Lily replied.

The pair practically threw themselves at each other kissing and tearing away
at each other's cloths. Claudia's blouse, leather skirt and underwear were
torn away as was Lily's underwear. Lily felt her pussy start to tingle with
excitement and she liked it very much. She got on the bed on all fours and
spread her shapely legs wide apart opening her backside up before her mom.
Claudia asked her to put her head down and close her eyes. Claudia cursed
herself for feeling such excitement toward her own daughter but couldn't help
herself. Claudia lay down next to Lily. Lily pressed herself against her mom
feeling hot and horny. Claudia began to kiss Lily very passionately. Lily
reciprocated and their mouths pressed together in a wet, nasty kiss. Claudia
reached behind her daughter's neck and pulled her deeper into the kiss, she
opened her mouth and sent her tongue inside Lily's mouth. Lily moaned softly
and let her mother continue to her pleasure.

She spread her legs wide showing her pussy that now was soaked and open. Her
clit was poking out in excitement. Lily was very hot and sexy right now and
wanted some attention from mom. Claudia noticed some wetness running down to
her asshole and to the sheets below. Her heart raced and she reached out and
began to caress her daughter's pussy. Lily closed her eyes in pure pleasure
at her mother's attention and Claudia felt her daughter's warm wet pussy
under her fingertips. She rubbed her fingertips over Lily's clit and made
her moan. Lily responded by bucking upwards to her mother's touch.

"Please mom it feels so good. Don't stop..." Lily moaned.

Claudia pulled on her clit making Lily move to her rhythm. Soon Claudia was
sliding a finger inside her daughter feeling the tightness and wetness
surrounding her finger. Her thumb on Lily's clit and finger inside her small
hole. Lily gasped at the invasion at first but was soon moaning again as her
mom's finger wormed its way deeper inside her.

"Ohhh baby you're so hot and wet. Fuck mommies finger baby. Yes like that."
Claudia ordered.

Lily complied readily as she pushed and bucked against her mom's hand.
Claudia knelt forward and licked at her daughter pussy tasting the heady
pre-cum. Lily cried out as she felt her moms tongue lick at her clit and
then down her slit to her ass. Faster and faster came the lashings of her
mom's wet tongue till she couldn't help herself and started to orgasm for
the first time. Little dribbles of cum shot from her pussy and Claudia
licked them up. Still her mom's finger fucked her now juicy lubricated

"Mmmm ohh MOMMY, OHH MMM...YES, YES!" Cried out Lily as she felt a second
finger join the first.

But she came quickly as her moms lips licked upwards to her nipples. Claudia
was enflamed with this moment. Her body was in a state of pure sexual bliss
with her daughter. As she sent her fingers deep inside her Claudia could feel
the walls of her daughters cunt contract and tighten around them. She knew
that Lily was cumming again.

"That's it baby cum hard for mommy. Ohhh yes honey like that. Harder baby,
harder on the fingers baby. Yesssss..." Encouraged Claudia who now was beyond
control and wanted to fuck Lily hard.

Claudia finally slid another finger deep inside the hot teenaged girl
stretching her wide and sending ripples of pleasure through her body. Her
clit was swollen and Claudia could feel every inch of her cunt wrapped around
those fingers. Quickly after a few strokes she felt Lily's body arch and a
new orgasm wracked her body and loads of cum shot around Claudia's embedded
fingers. Claudia licked her daughter's pussy crme from her fingers. Lily
kissed her mom hotly, their tongues entwined. Claudia reached up and grabbed
her daughter's big boobs and squeezed her breasts hard.

Bob had been watching and whacking his willy as he watched. He finally came
and wiped himself clean.

'Hmmm,' he thought, 'where should I spread the love next???'
_ _ _

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Here's a list of all the shows involved in the series:

1. Reba
2. Harry Potter
3. Hope And Faith
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Sister, Sister
6. Batman - The Animated Series
7. 8 Simple Rules
8. Lizzie McGuire
9. 7th Heaven
10. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
11. Scout's Safari
12. Cheaper By The Dozen
13. Angel
14. Teen Titans/X-Men Evolution
15. Justice League
16. Fantastic Four
17. Lilo And Stitch
18. Grounded For Life
19. What I Like About You


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