Grounded For Life: Dreams (MMmmmFf,inc,slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The Finnerty House.

Sean Finnerty sat in his living room. He had quite a lot to drink and was
dreaming about certain things. Things that would have shocked the hell out
of any member of his family if they were to find out. He dreamed that he
just went to Lily, his teenage daughter's room, for a casual fuck.

Sean Finnerty went to Lily's room. She was reading a book. He sat down next
to her and asked her to play a special little game. Smiling, Lily kissed her
dad, and to her surprise he kissed her back. Slowly, father and daughter
undressed each other. Sean paused to admire his daughter's sexy body.

Once, she was slightly plump but now she was sexy as hell. They smiled, and
he took her in his arms. He carried her to the table, where he lay her on
her back. Lily spread her legs and Sean began eating her pussy. He stuck his
tongue inside her, wriggling it around a bit. This caused Lily to pant and
moan in pleasure, she was loving what her father was doing to her. He loved
the taste of her wet pussy. Sean was having the time of his life with Lily.
She moaned as he ran his tongue up and down her ass, doing what she couldn't
believe he was doing. With his tongue, Sean was able to push past Lily's
strong rectal muscles and get internal licks, licking the wet walls of her
anus. She seemed to enjoy that warm, moist tongue as it slid into her like a
snake entering a rabbit's warren.

When he had had enough of her ass, he shifted the teenage girl, making her
lay on her back, spreading her strong legs far apart, the hairless mound so
perfect, sweet and juicy - inviting Sean in for awhile. He took his hard
cock and rubbed Lily's clitoris back and forth, making the teenage girl
squeal in delight as she felt that hard, warm cock against her, then he
entered her with extreme prejudice, drilling his sex deep into that warm
cunt, feeling that vagina, so wet grasping at his cock tightly - her pussy
lips widely stretched. Lily began to writhe on the table as her father
fucked her, hard.

Across the room, stuff was happening.

Grandpa was panting, his face drenched in sweat as he pounded his lengthy
cock, deep into Henry, humping and pumping - Henry mildly crying as Grandpa
rammed into him, ripping through his tight ass with avidity, searching the
depths of his warm, moist asshole with that huge cock of his. Henry just lay
on his back, tears running down his cheeks as Grandpa humped his ass. His
mother flashed him a bright grin as she led a hesitant Brad O'Keefe into the
room. She had Brad sit down in a reclining chair while she took his pants
off. She took his cock in her hands and began to suck it, looking at him the
whole time. Once she got him hard enough, she got on her hands and knees and
looked at him, smiling invitingly. Brad grinned. This was his all-time
personal fetish, doing an older woman. He got behind Claudia and, holding
her hips with both hands, began to fuck her at a slow and steady rhythm. He
fucked her, hard. Her pussy felt unbelievably warm and tight around his cock.
Claudia made sexy, grunting noises as Brad fucked her. She pushed back,
driving him harder into her. Brad closed his eyes and enjoyed this, giving
a hot older babe a good fucking.

Sean kept fucking Lily. Lily lay on the table, moaning and grunting as
Sean's hot, strong cock fucked her pussy. She caressed her tits, enjoying
the delicious pain of having a hot rod ramming in and out of her. Soon,
Sean came, unleashing his hot cum inside his daughter. He just lay on top
of her, spent. Lily pushed him off her. She got up and walked over to where
Grandpa was doing a fine job demolishing Henry's ass. She winced as Grandpa
pulled out, and gasped when she saw the gaping hole of Henry's ass. Grandpa's
cock stood erect like a hot pink spear. She had to have some of that.

She pushed Henry aside and he just lay on the floor, spent. She knelt before
her grandfather, taking his hard cock in her hands. God, he was hard. And
bigger than her dad, too. She couldn't wait to have him inside her. She
sucked his cock, taking her sweet time to caress the head then run her tongue
along the shaft before licking his hairy balls. Grandpa was in heaven. He
soon had enough and took her in his arms, leading her to bed. Lily giggled in
anticipation of having him inside her. Grandpa took her to bed, and told her
to get on her hands and knees. He took a bottle filled with the edible
lubricant, then lubricated Lily's asshole in and out. He then parted her warm
butt cheeks and poked through her asshole and began to thrust wildly, shoving
his hard cock into her butt. Lily gasped in surprise. Grandpa was huge.
Holding her hips firmly with his strong hands, he began to fuck her, hard. He
went in and out of her ass. Lily gritted her teeth as Grandpa filled her
asshole. Grandpa looked around, to see Claudia and Brad going at it.

The woman had the young boy on the floor and was happily bouncing up and down
on his cock. Brad was suckling on Claudia's tits as his hard cock filled her
cunt. His hands firmly gripped her tight ass and he took control, bringing
her up and down at a pace he liked. Grandpa got so excited by that scene that
he just came right then and there, filling Lily's ass with his cum. Lily
shrieked as hot cum filled her tight asshole.

Grandpa pulled out of Lily's ass and simply walked away. He saw Jimmy. The
boy giggled and came to Grandpa, taking that large cock in his hands and
sucking it. Frustrated at Grandpa for ignoring her, Lily walked away. She
saw her mother being rammed all the way to China by Brad. Wow! Brad had a
nice cock! Who knew ?!

She watched Grandpa sucking Jimmy's cock. She shook her head. Brad filled
Claudia's cunt with his cum. Watching her mother bucking wildly on the young
stud's cock, Lily felt envious. She waited for Claudia to get off, finally
tired. Seizing her chance, she took Brad's cock in her mouth, without giving
him a chance to protest. She loved the taste of her mother's cunt on Brad's
cock. She sucked him until he was very hard, then casually guided it inside
her cunt. Brad looked into her eyes, and she kissed him.

He placed her on the floor, and began to fuck her. He was going in for a slow
and steady fuck. That was so not Lily's taste. She urged him to go harder and
faster. He did. He humped her pussy hard and fast, shoving his cock deep
inside her. Underneath him, Lily moaned in pleasure. He fucked her for a long
time, hard and fast then slow and steady and back to hard and fast. Finally,
his cock spat its load inside her and she was filled with cum. She took some
of his cum and shared it with her mother. Mother and daughter combined to
give Brad the best blowjob of his life. He got hard again and came all over
their faces.

In the Living Room...

Sean Finnerty bolted awake. He just had the most...pleasant dream. He found
himself staring at his wife, Claudia. "What were you dreaming of?" she asked

Sean shrugged, looked past her at Lily, who was going to her room with her
friend Brad. "Nothing," he said.

Claudia grinned. "Sounded like a pretty happy dream to me," she said.

Sean capitulated. "Alright, I'm a horndog," he confessed.

Claudia smiled, pressed her lips against his and said, "I'll take care of
you tonight, horny man."

Sean smiled. He was looking forward to this.

The End


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