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Grounded For Life:
Episode 33 - Eddie And The Guy With The Diamonds (The Lost Scenes)
by TheBigBangBoom (mf,f-best,humil,nc-cons)

"Brad, come on you have to help me to hide these poor donkeys before my dad
gets home and finds them!" Lily practically screamed at him as he just kept
acting like a dope and trying to be smooth around her. "Don't you know I'm
gonna get in trouble if we don't hide them? I'll get grounded!"

That got Brad's attention though as he realized if she got grounded he
wouldn't exactly get to see her much. He quickly grabbed two of the donkeys'
harnesses and started trying to drag them with him but ended up just falling
on his ass. "Lily, I can't budge them, they are too heavy."

"Hold on Brad I saw this in a movie once," she whispered into the donkey's
ear, "I'm sorry if this hurts." She then smacked each one on the ass in turn
and they started moving.

They ended up moving the donkeys into Brad's living room without attracting
too much attention. When Lily finally got finishing and locked their front
door she was very tired and breathing hard, and she found that Brad was
staring at her tits. "Damn it Brad, what have I told you about doing that?"

He then finally noticed what he was doing and looked up, "Sorry, it's just...
hard not to."

Lily looked at him very meanly for a moment and then smiled. "Well I guess I
just can't help that I'm beautiful," she said this and then laughed hard...
but that laughing stopped when she looked down and noticed he was hard.
"Brad! How dare you!"

He looked down and started acting all stupid and stuff and sat down, trying
to cover himself up.

After cooling off Lily decided maybe she should play a little... she went
back to her house and put on her catholic skirt and her whole outfit and came
back to Brad's house. "So you liked what you saw earlier, do you like this?"

Brad just nodded very abruptly and quickly and then just sat there. Lily came
over slowly and slowly sat provocatively on the couch next to him before
crooking a finger at him. When he leaned closer she slowly moved in and gave
him a tantalizing kiss. As Brad kissed her back he slowly got more brave than
he had ever been and put a hand on Lily's leg, slowly letting his hand slide
up her leg and under her skirt, only to find she wasn't wearing anything
under the skirt.

His eyes looked up into Lily's in absolute shock and she just grinned, and
after a questioningly look from him said, "Only third base....I'm still a
virgin and not ready."

Brad slowly moved his fingers to her pussy, slowly letting a finger stroke
over as he had no clue what he was doing at all. Finally though as he started
to get an idea he slid a finger into her and Lily moaned. He got very hard
very quickly though and Lily stopped him.

"First, let me take care of that for you."

Brad nearly died of a heart attack as Lily got down on her hands and knees in
front of him and undid his pants, pulling them down. As she pulled down his
underwear though, her eyes half bulged out. "Oh my God, I had no idea!"

What she was referring to was his 11 inch cock. It had never seemed that big
to her before but somehow it was. What was truly amazing though was not that
it was 11 inches long but that it was about as thick as her fist.

She was getting very hot and very wet as she slowly started on her first blow
job. She started tentatively licking at his cock, letting her tongue drag
over the head and started lapping at it before taking it into her mouth. As
she continually got aroused though she was letting off a powerful sexual
aroma, at least to the donkey's in the room. She had her eyes closed as she
started bobbing her head up and down on him, so she thought that somehow it
was Brad when a tongue roughly struck along her pussy lips. The donkey was
sitting behind her and started lapping at the juicy flesh and let it's tongue
slide a few inches into her until it struck against the obstruction that was
her hymen. Lily had no clue how Brad was doing this, or how long his tongue
was. Brad was watching this whole scene as he was getting more and more
aroused from the blow job and watching this, but then something he didn't
even think was possible slowly happened.

The donkey's cock started getting hard....and long....almost 15 inches now
and as it did the donkey slowly pulled it's tongue away and started moving
over her until his cock was positioned just inches from her pussy and it
slowly pushed forward, and that's when Lily noticed something was wrong. She
slowly felt something way thicker than fingers or a tongue push against and
enter her pussy and it stretched her painfully as the donkey cock moved into
her. She pulled her head up off Brad and it was at that moment that he came
for the first time from another woman's touch and came all over her face,
covering her features in sperm. Lily growled and looked back to see what was
happened and was dismayed and disgusted to see the donkey was fucking her
"Brad, BRAD! Get this fucking thing off of ME! NOW!" Brad got up and ran to
his room and grabbed a video camera, came back and started filming.

"Brad what are you doing?"

"I'm taking my opportunity to make you my slave, after I've caught you on
tape fucking an animal you'll do everything I want or I will give this tape
to everyone in the world."

Lily started to cry and Brad got a piece of rope and tied her to the couch by
her arms so she couldn't get up until every donkey....and then he had a turn.
The Donkey slowly started pushing forward until Brad came around and slapped
it on the ass. The donkey gave a quick buck and slammed 8 inches into this
tight human pussy....shattering the hymen and causing Lily to started
screaming. Brad smacked it on the ass again and the donkey bottomed out at 13
inches, not able to get the rest into the no-longer-virgin girl. Brad went
around in front of her as he was hard again and shoved his cock into her
mouth and all the way down her throat. "Don't even think about biting me or
you'll be the biggest teen porn star ever."

Lily was crying constantly as she thought of what her parents would think and
what her friends would think if they ever found out this was happening to
her. She decided she could never let them find out and started sucking his
cock again, wishing she'd never decided she wanted to have a little fun with
him and decided she would never trust guys again. At least, she was thinking
that until she realized that she was no longer feeling pain from the donkey
fucking her. She actually let out a moan around Brad's cock as the donkey
started bucking harder into her and she realized how good it felt.

"Holy shit, you're actually enjoying this aren't you?" Brad said as he
reached down and grabbed her long red hair and started fucking her face.

Humiliated, Lily just grimly nodded her head as she decided that she should
let herself get lost in the pleasure this cause, make this a good experience
instead of a bad one if that was at all possible. She started pushing back
against the donkey and realized that Brad was pulling himself out of her
mouth. Brad started jerking off at her face and she closed her eyes so she
wouldn't get any in her eyes and he started coming. It got in her hair and
over her face as he slowly put the tip back in her mouth and she got her
first taste of cum. Brad finished up and sat back on the couch, watching the
scene in front of him.

Lily, realizing she actually loved that cum taste, started licking it off
her lips and found herself wonder if the animals cum tasted this good. As
she was thinking that thought she noticed that after half an hour she
finally felt the donkey buck one more time and a warm this substance, cum,
was spraying into her twat. She moaned as waves of pleasure shivered down
her body and she had her first orgasm from a cock that she'd ever have. She
vaguely noticed that the donkey pulled away as she tried to recover from the
mind blowing orgasm. "Please untie me....I'll be good....I promise."

Brad thought it over for a minute and decided to untie her, as he did he
said, "I guess I don't have anything to worry about as long as I have the
video camera."

As Lily felt her hands free she reached up to her face and started scooping
the cum up off of her and licking it from her fingers making little "Mmm"
noises as she did. Brad slowly walked over and led one of the two unfulfilled
donkeys to her and slowly positioned it's already hardening cock due to the
sexual aroma at the entrance to her tight sphincter.

"NO! Please God no don't do that, please!"

"Either it fucks your ass or it fucks your mouth."

Lily thought about it for a minute and turned around, gave an enticing grin
as if to arouse Brad again and leaned down on all fours, and licked the
donkey's ever growing cock. It reached 14 inches, only an inch shorter than
the other one as she licked it up and down.

Brad watched for a moment and then slowly said, "I wanna see you deep-throat
the whole thing or I'll fuck your ass myself."

Lily was horrified as she thought she could never take 14 inches down her
throat, but she decided to try as she slowly took the slim head of the animal
cock into her mouth. Brad went around and slowly put his cock in her pussy,
he didn't really care of the animal had fucked her... he just wanted a piece
of the hottest ass in school. He started fucking his cock into the girl and
she really couldn't believe how good his thick cock felt inside her, "Oh
god...fuck me!"

She started bobbing her head up and down on the donkey's cock until for the
first time of her own will she took something into her throat. She started
breathing through her nose as she started slowly moving her head down inch
by inch, at inch 6 she could no longer breath, but kept trying until at the
tenth inch she had to pull away coughing for air.

She this time took about 5 inches into her throat and took a deep breath
through her nose and started going down again....she managed to get all but
one inch but then had to pull back again for air. This time she tried a
different approach. She grabbed the cock hard and just started force feeding
herself as she moaned again from Brad's fucking her as hard as he could. She
used her hands as well as swallowing hard to force all 14 inches of the cock
down her throat and swallowed hard before pulling away again and coughing

The donkey at that point started cuming, all over her face and she opened her
mouth to make sure she got to taste plenty of it. She loved the taste, it was
even more magnificent than Brad's cum and she started licking it off of her
face. After that hour of sucking the donkey off she finally heard Brad moan
out and felt him cumming inside of her. "Brad! I'm not on anything!" Brad
pulled out quickly, but it was too late. He had already blown his load and
now all they could do was hope s he didn't get pregnant.

Brad decided that now it was time to go back on his promise not to have
Lily's ass fucked and brought the other donkey around.

" I gonna get fucked again Brad?" she said this in her most
seductive tone.

"Oh yeah baby."

He slowly brought the donkey around behind her and positioned it one inch
from her ass and then slapped it, forcing it to buck hard and on that first
thrust 3 inches entered her previously virgin ass.

"Oh god! Get it out, get it out! It hurts!" she just started screaming.

Brad ignored her through and smacked the donkey one more time and it bucked
again, pushing now seven inches into her and started it
noticed this was far too tight to be normal and was trying to get to a more
comfortable point. It kept bucking and bucking until it bottomed out at all
16 inches of its massive cock within her. Then it started forcing back and
forth and slowly Lily's screams turned into moans as this was even more

She started fucking herself back into the donkey on each of its thrusts as
it kept bucking harder and harder. She looked up to see Brad once again
jacking off into her face and she looked up to start swirling her tongue
around the head... wanting to taste that magnificent cum one more time. She
felt the donkey back behind her bucking into her one more time and she felt
a thick spray into her anal passage.

She started sucking on the cock in front of her for all she was worth and
finally tasted that cum in her mouth one more time and had another violent
orgasm. She just laid there now as the donkey pulled away from her. Brad
went and got a towel for her and handed it to her. She wiped the sweat off
her body after scooping every bit of the delicious cum she could find off
of her body and drinking it down. After cleaning up she got dressed again.

"We'll have to do this again sometime."

With that she walked out the door and back to her house.

2 Months Later

Lily walked downstairs and saw her Claudia. "Mom, can we talk in your room
for a minute?"

"Sure baby, I'll be up in a min."

Lily walked up to her mom's room and laid on her bed waiting for her. When
Claudia came in ten minutes later she said, "What's wrong Lily?"

Lily looked at the floor and then back to her and smiled with tears in her
eyes. "Are you ready to be a grandmother?"

All right everyone, comments? Flames? Did I serious screw up names or
characters? If I did sorry but I haven't had a chance to watch the show
since this episode and remember what her boyfriend's name was a little
difficult. This is my first story though! So did everyone like it?

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