Grounded For Life: Lily And Claudia (Mf,inc)
by Crazy ([email protected])

It was 9:00 PM on a Friday at the Finerty household. It was just Lily and her
mother, Claudia, for the whole weekend. Her father and two annoying brothers
were out camping. Lily had nothing to do. She lay on her bed reading Teen
People in a big T-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts. She was reading a boring
article but she had nothing else to do. She went downstairs to look for
something to do.

“Mom, I’m bored.” Lily said in a mono-tone voice.

“Well what would you like me to do about it?” asked her mother,
sarcastically. She was wearing a tight white T-shirt that showed her great
cleavage well and a pair of tight blue jeans. Earlier, she had giver her
husband a little “goodbye present”.

“I don’t know.” Lily said, angry that she was still bored.

“Well your brothers aren’t here to bother you all weekend so maybe you can

“Umm... No thanks. Any other ideas? Maybe some good ones?”

“I guess not. Why don’t we play a game or something?”

“A game? Like what? I don’t wanna play some stupid Monopoly game.”

“No, not like that. One of your teenager games. Truth or dare? Do kids still
play that?”

“Yeah, I guess. This ought to be fun.” Lily said sarcastically. She sat on
the couch to the left of her mother.

“Okay, I’ll go first. Truth or Dare?”

“Dare” Lily said confidently.

“Um... I dear you... to... give me a hug and a kiss. I’m your mother and you
never show any compassion for me. It’s an easy dare.”

“That’s pretty lame... But whatever.”

Lily leaned in and hugged her mother. She felt her mothers large breasts
press against her slight smaller but still impressive breasts. She leaned
out a little and pecked her mother on the lips.

“That was cheap,” her mother complained, “I didn’t even notice the kiss it
was so subtle. Come here, I’ll show you how to kiss.”

She pulled Lily to her and kissed her. This was a more passionate kiss.
Claudia opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She didn’t know how her
daughter would react. Lily was in complete shock. Claudia pushed her tongue
into Lily’s mouth and met hers. Claudia frenched Lily while Lily was
dumbfounded. She finally got back to reality and pulled away from her mother.

“Ugh, Mom! What the hell are you doing?!?” Lily shouted.

“Well, I was just showing you how to kiss,” her mother said with a slight

“I’m not some kind of incest lesbian!”

“Well, that’s odd because I am. I thought maybe it ran in the family. Come
on, tell me you didn’t like that.”

“I... I... No! Of course not! That disgusting!”

“Come on, you know you liked it. Please, just give it a try. If you don’t
like it, I’ll do anything… ANYTHING. I just want you so badly.”

“Anything?” this got Lily’s attention. “Fine. If I don’t like it, you buy
me a car. A car of my choice.”

Claudia hesitated slightly but she was extremely confident that her daughter
would love it. “Fine. Deal. You’ll do it then?”

“Okay... but if I want to stop, you have got to stop.”

“Alright, but trust me, honey, you won’t want to stop.”

Claudia kissed her daughter once again. This time Lily responded and kissed
back. Lily always considered herself straight. She had finger herself a few
times to porn movies she found her parents’ room, but never really noticed
the girl. She just imagined the dick going into her pussy. This would be a
completely new experience for her. Claudia, on the other hand, had done this

Claudia rubbed Lily’s right breast during the kiss. Her nipples were getting
hard. Claudia broke the kiss and pulled Lily’s shirt over her head, leaving
her only in the boxers. Claudia played with Lily’s right nipple while she
sucked on the left. Lily let out a soft moan at the feel of the new
experience. Claudia took stopped for a moment.

“What? Don’t stop. I was just getting into in,” Lily pleaded.

“Wait a minute.”

She took off her top, revealing a braless chest, as she stood over he
daughter. Her large tits feel out. They sagged slightly but looked delicious.
She then unzipped her jeans and pulled them off. She was wearing a sexy black
thong underneath. She got on top of her daughter. Her tits were right in
front of Lily’s face and looked very inviting. Lily took a deep breath and
stuffer her face into her mother’s chest. She suck and pulled at her mothers
sweet nipples. They both seemed to like it. But it was only going to get

“Ooh, that feels great - but stop. I’m going to give you the best feeling
ever,” Claudia said.

She got off Lily and kneeled on the floor in front of her. She pulled off
Lily’s boxers to reveal her sweet, redheaded pussy. Claudia smelt the
familiar smell of a woman’s pussy and loved it. But she wanted to anticipate
the event.

She took Lily’s left leg into her hands. She laid Lilly’s foot on top of her
massive breasts and licked her toes. She then licked up all the way up her
leg, but stopped at the inner thigh before the pussy. She did the same with
the right leg.

“Come on, mom. Please eat me out,” Lily pleaded.

“If you insist.”

She stuck her tongue in Lily’s sweet, wet pussy as Lily let out a moan. She
began to rub her nipples as her mother explored her pussy deeper and deeper.
Claudia finally found Lily's lucious clit, as she had obviously done it
before. She licked it and sucked on it as Lily's moans increased rapidly.
Finally, she nibbled on it. This was too much for Lily. Her body shook
rapidly and her back arched. She came all over her mother's face. Claudia
loved it. Claudia got up while Lily was recuperating.

"I'll be right back," Claudia assured but Lily was still in ecstacy from her
intense orgasm.

Claudia came back with a red ten inch dildo in her hand and a smile on her
face. Lily was just fininshing recovering.

"Give me that. It's my turn to return the favor." Lily said seductively.
She took the dildo from her mother and her mother laid down. She pulled of
Claudia's thong and tossed it aside, revealing her sweet, neatly shaved
pussy. It was already wet from eating out Lily.

Lily took the dildo and inserted the head into her mothers pussy as she let
out a little moan. She put about four inches in and another moan emerged from
Claudia's mouth. Lily got it in all the way to about eight inches. She then
pulled it in and out as Claudia moaned.

Lily kept going as fast as she could and Claudia was close to her climax.
Lily inserted her index finger into her mother's ass and that was all she
could take. Claudia had an intence orgasm all over the dildo. Lily slowed
the pace and eventually took the dildo out of her pussy. She licked up all
the juices.

Lily got up and laid on top of Claudia. She gave her a french kiss so she
could taste her own juices.

"Mom, we need to do this a lot more often," Lily stated.

"Definately. And we will," Claudia replied.

They lay there straddled on each other and eventually fell asleep.


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