Grounded For Life: Lily's Home Alone
by Big Nig ([email protected])

Lily laid on her bed thinking of Justin Timberlake. 'Oh, how I want him,'
she thought, 'I'm gunna find some fake nudes of him on the net while
everyone is gone.' She went on her computer and searched for them.

'Ah, here are some,' she openend up the page and it had tons of pictures of
him with a huge penis about 15 inches. She started to get wet in her panties
looking at it. Another was of him with a soft dick that was 6 inches she
realy liked the way cocks looked soft. She liked to play with them when they
were like that. Her brother had let her play with it and suck on it while it
was soft but that was because he couldn't get hard.

What she wanted right know was Justin's hard and hopefully huge cock in her
hot little red pussy, but she was going to improvise. She went downstairs
and got a carrot and a zucchini and went to her room. Then she thought, 'Wow,
I got a great idea. I'll check mom and dads room for stuff. They wont be home
until tomorrow.' She went into their room and said, "Hmmm... if was mom where
would I put sex stuff?"

She looked in the closet. "Damn, nothing!"

She looked under the bed and found a box, 'Oh, ya!' she thought. She opened
it and thaught shit nothing but a video. "I might as swell watch it see if
there is anything dirty on it."

She popped it in the VCR. It was dirty! It was her dad filming her mom
blowing him. Then her mom stopped and stood up. Her tits were very shaply
with a little sag but her nipples were kind of big and her pussy was shaved,
not a hair on it unlike hers. Lily's was a nice big red bush. Lily has big
tits for her age but her nipples are tiny and bright red.

Her dad was now going to fuck her mom in her ass with no lube. Lily had never
herd of that. She thoght that there had to be gel or something. Her mom's
asshole consumed it, amazingly. "Oh, I got to find something good for my
pussy other than produce."

She went through her mom's drawers. In the top one was sweaters, then pants,
and then underwear. "Sexy stuff!" She found a leoperd skin print thong. She
took off what she was wearing and put it on. "Ohh, a perfect fit." She kept
going through the drawer until she found a tight leather top with holes cut
out for her tits. Now she was getting really hot.

She went to close the drawer and she must have shut it to hard because it
broke the side piece. 'Oh, shit!' she thought. She pulled it all the way out
to fix it and when she did she was amazed. She found a dildo under the

"Oh yeah!" she said.

She jumped on the bed and pulled the thong to the side and said to the big
black dildo, "I hope you fit." The dildo was 10 inches and very thick.
Slowly but surely she put it in her cunt. "Ah!" she had just broke her
cherry, but she was in too much pleasure to stop. She continued until she
came. It was like a gush of pussy juice had just been waiting to cum.

"Now time for my ass cherry."

She suction cupped it to the wodden floor and went to get some vaseline from
the bathroom. She spread it all over he fake dick and her anus and as she was
sliding on to it she thought, 'What the hell, mihgt as well go all the way.'
and she plopped down on as a burst of joy went all they way through her. She
continued to bounce on it as her big teen tits bounced around. She grabbed
one and started to lick her nipple and then she thought she heard someone
come in, but no one could have. She locked all the doors. Then her mom burst
into the room as she was in mid bounce on the dildo.



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