Grounded For Life: The very Big Mother's Day Surprise (mf,mFf,voy)
by Hamster

Claudia had just gotten him and was very tired. She didn't think anyone
was home so she decided it would be a good idea to go to bed. She went up
stairs she passed her daughter's room and heard the unmistakable sounds of
two people having sex. It was probably that boyfriend of hers she thought
angrily. Lily's bedroom door was open a crack and Claudia was absolutely
horrified by what she saw.

Lily was on her hands and knees on the bed and she was completely naked.
Her brother Jimmy was right behind her; his hard penis was driving into her
inch by inch over and over.

"Oh yes oh fuck yes. YES, YES!!!" She was crying.

Claudia could only stare in wild disbelief.

"Oh yes, yes Lily! Oh shit, Lily do you mind if I close my eyes and pretend
you are mom?" Jimmy asked.

Claudia was floored by this question.

"No problem as long as I get to pretend you are mom fucking me with a dildo.
And you better start fucking harder or you are never going to touch this
sweet pussy again." Lily said.

Sweat poured down Jimmy's brow as he struggled desperately to meet his
sister's exacting standards.

'Am I in the fucking twilight zone?' Claudia wondered. 'How could they be
doing and saying these things?' Claudia tried to tear her eyes away from the
sight of her two children fucking like wild animals but she couldn't stop
watching as Jimmy's penis went in and out of Lily's pussy over and over
without respite. Claudia found that she was getting horny as she watched
this in spite of herself. Claudia continued to watch as her daughter moaned
and writhed against her own brother getting more and more aroused the more
she watched. Claudia rolled up her skirt and began to rub her cunt through
her panties. She bit her lips to keep from making a sound, but still she
could not help but let a soft moan escape her lips from time to time. She
came to an orgasm and drenched her panties but her son and daughter continued
to fuck each other silly.

Riddled with guilt and feeling dirty she went to her room.

The next day, Mother's Day...

Claudia had convinced herself that it had only been a dream. Denial was
working for her when her husband and brother-in-law left her alone with the
kids. But they had only been gone for a little while when she turned to find
Jimmy and Lily standing right behind her with big smiles plastered across her

"Umm what is it, do you want anything?" Claudia asked nervously.

"Yeah," Jimmy replied. "YOU!"

"What are you talking about?" Claudia demanded.

"We knew you were there last night watching us while you diddled yourself."
Claudia announced much to her mother's horror. "So we decided that we would
give you a really cool mother's day present, a nice thorough fucking."

The two backed Claudia to the wall. Lily pushed her into it then grabbed a
breast. Jimmy helped her and he reached around to grab his mom's ass. They
pressed up close and began feeling her up.

"So you to are going to rape your own mother, is that it?" Claudia demanded,
teary eyed.

"Actually Mom, if you want it, it's not really rape is it?" Lily asked as
her hands slid up her mom's thighs and under her skirt and grabbed the
waistband of her mother's panties. She pulled them down and began rubbing
her mom's aching cunt.

Claudia sighed and whimpered in pleasure especially when Jimmy's hand joined
his sister's. Claudia could feel the wanton lust coming off of her kids and
it made her even hornier.

"And you DO want it don't you mom?" Lily asked.

"Eeeyess yes!" She cried.

They took her by the hand and dragged her to the sofa. Between the two of
them Claudia's children stripped off her clothing. Each kid quickly attached
themselves to a rock hard nipple and began sucking for all their worth. Jimmy
and Lily squeezed on the firm lovely spheres as they sucked and chewed on the
hard tips.

"Mmmm ohhh yess that feels so good..."Claudia moaned.

Jimmy detached himself from her nipple and kissed a trail down her body to
her until he arrived at her pussy. He then began to slide his tongue across
her wet, juicy slit. Claudia whimpered and arched her back in pleasure.
Jimmy spread her legs and guided his stiff, hungry, aching cock to her cunt.

Meanwhile Lily repositioned herself so that her cunt was over her mom's
face. Then she slammed it down hard on Claudia's mouth. She then ground it
in real hard for good measure. Claudia's tongue drove upwards to pleasure
her daughter's sex just as Jimmy's rock hard sex-submarine dove into her
own cunt. Claudia bucked against her son's thrusting cock. She was screaming
like a banshee as her son rode her. Lily was doing some bucking and screaming
of her own as she had her pussy eaten by her very enthusiastic mother. Lily
grabbed her huge boobs and squeezed as she cried out in pleasure. Jimmy
continued to pump hard until he felt the pressure build and explode. Soon
Claudia's cunt was filled with Jimmy's warm goo. Jimmy pulled out panting
and his sister immediately fell forward and began to lick and suck his cum
from their mother's cunt.

The Jimmy watched as his mom and sister ate each other out. The continued to
tongue fuck one another until they both came.

The merely panted for several minutes until Lily finally rose and looked down
at her mom.

"Well that was very good." Lily said. "Happy Mother's Day."
_ _ _

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