Gilligan's Island: Gilligan's Island Goes Ape (best,ncon?)
by Wilcox

It was a dark and stormy night for the seven castaways on Gilligan's Island,
as the uncharted speck of land in the midst of the Pacific Ocean had come to
be called. The beautiful sunny blue sky had turned to an ugly dark hue as a
swiftly moving storm front ominously bore down upon them. It brought with it
high winds and a heavy rainfall as a full blown gale swept out of the western
seas and roared over the out of the way island.

The stranded group of would be vacationer's hunkered down in their home
crafted shelters as the force of the howling wind roared in his rage and
shook the small huts threateningly. In one of the shelters tucked into the
small clearing under towering palm trees, the Skipper was trying to calm
his little buddy Gilligan, the first and only mate on his small cabin
cruiser that the hapless group had gone out on a two-hour tour upon. The
Howell's, Thurston and Lovey, were attempting to ignore the conflict the
storm was bringing to their stranded existence, much as they did the day
to day rigors of being millionaire castaways.

The professor, in his inimitable fashion, was in his shelter working on a
scientific study on the effects of the storm on the sturdy bamboo sections
used to construct his and the other's huts. Meanwhile the two beautiful
young ladies of the group were holding on to each other tightly as they
tried to give mutual comfort against the raging elements. There was Mary
Ann, the wholesome young beauty who personified the girl next door, trying
to soothe Ginger, the long limbed movie star with the fabulous body and
long flowing red-hair.

Unknown to them, there were others nearby in much worse straight. A ship,
blown off course by the storm, was passing dangerously close to the uncharted
reef that had claimed their own vessel. Their endless 'two hour tour' was
about to be joined by the only soul who would survive from the doomed ship
caught in the jaws of the snarling storm.

The ship was on a hush hush mission for a ruthless chemical company to
transport a very special laboratory animal to one of their secret facilities.
The company officers were deathly afraid that the news organizations would
get wind of their illegal activities and bring the world of public opinion
down upon them, not to mention the various legal agencies that would fight
over the right to rake them over the coals in a very public investigation and
long drawn out trial.

The animal in question was a mountain gorilla that had been illegally
purchased on the black market and covertly raised to take part in laboratory
experiments. Due to the close physiology between apes and humans he was used
to test new drugs under development. They had named him Sam and had used him
most recently to test a new drug the Board of Directors was hoping would
triple the value of the company's stock.

It was a drug that would combat erectile dysfunction and early testing had
proved that it would outperform Viagra ten fold. The drug gave the gorilla
incredible stamina to the point where new female gorilla's were needed to
continue the study. He'd literally wore them out. They were still waiting for
the new females and Sam had gone without female companionship for several
weeks when the incident occurred.

It was only after several months of injecting the drug into the ape that
serious side effects were first noticed. One was that his penis would more
than double in size when he became excited to reach an incredible 16-inch
length and swell to over four inches in diameter. His genitalia also began
to emit powerful pheromones that had a mind-altering aphrodisiac like effect
on any female's body chemistry close enough to inhale his overpowering male

"Pheromones," Dr. Green, the project leader, had explained after it had been
discovered that the females in the group were acting very strangely whenever
they came in close proximity with Sam. "Sam is giving off pheromones, scents
that trigger sensory impulses in other animals. Like the dominant wolf in a
pack. All the other animals sensing when he's hungry, angry, ...aroused. It's
natural, but the levels he's producing are at an astronomically high value.
We have to be very careful." He insisted that the lab staff wear clean suits
with air packs to breathe from, to keep from being effected by the
increasingly potent emissions for the duration of the project.

Sam was being transferred because of an incident that the company was trying
desperately to keep under wraps. It had occurred during the graveyard shift
when only one lab technician was on duty. Her name was Mary and she was now
the recipient of a very healthy bonus to ensure her silence. While she was
working in close proximity to the ever-watchful gorilla, she had snagged her
suit on the edge of a table. The small hole had increased in size as she
worked and the gorilla's powerful pheromones had soon filled her suit,
intoxicating her senses and altering her values of right and wrong. Nothing
mattered to her any more while under Sam's influence.

Her consciousness and reason affected, she removed her suit and slowly walked
over to the gorilla's enclosure, following the enticing scent to its source.
The drug had increased all of the gorilla's senses as well and his nostrils
flared at the scent of the lab technician's fragrant womanhood as she stood
swaying before him. His eyes seemed to penetrate her soul as her hand reached
up and opened the door, as though she was responding to a silent command. She
felt compelled to get closer and get closer she did.

The horny ape had repeatedly ravaged the poor girl by the time the members
of the day shift arrived several hours later. They found her naked,
semi-comatose body lying in a large puddle of cum, only a few feet from Sam's
enclosure. Thick creamy semen was slowly oozing from her gaping anal canal
and wide stretched cunt as they rushed to help her. Large hand imprints were
clearly visible of her hips and breasts. Imprints much too large to have been
made by human hands.

At their touch the ravaged young girl softly moaned, "Oohhh no, not again!"

"What the hell happen here?" shouted Dr. Green, as he took in Mary's
situation. It all became crystal clear as his eyes moved over the pretty
young girl, to her shredded clothes scattered about the room, to the open
enclosure door. All he had to do was follow the trail of semen to deduce
what had happened. He looked into the enclosure and saw the huge gorilla
contentedly sitting in the corner, slowly stroking his massive dick. Sam's
eyes burned with a previously unseen intelligence as he leered at the new
group of females assisting Mary to her feet.

"OH MY GOD, what have we created," Dr. Green said as he closed the enclosure
door and relocked it. "I've got to call corporate right away. You people help
Mary to her room and clean her up. God, what a mess we've got on our hands."

The company's CEO was overjoyed when he heard the news. Keeping the girl
quiet would be very expensive, he thought, but the drug's effect on the
gorilla made his head dance with the astronomical profits that would pour
into the corporate coffers when the drug was perfected. He made the necessary
arrangements to buy the girl's silence and have the ape transferred to
another facility under tight security. That was the reason the ship was
racing to beat the storm at all costs.

It didn't make it. All hands were lost as the bottom torn ship floundered
and sank. All human hands that is. Sam used his incredible strength to escape
the sinking ship and make it to the small island he saw in the brilliant
flashes of lightning exploding from above in the raging storm. He pulled
himself through the pounding surf and fell onto solid ground in a small cove
on the opposite side of the island from the only other inhabitants. The seven
castaways who had survived the sinking of the Minnow.

Sam awoke as the morning sunlight rose over head. The quickly moving storm
front now but a memory as he slowly got to his feet and surveyed his
surroundings. He moved into the lush jungle and found that it was filled with
delicious fruits and tender shoots to satisfy his famished body. He moved
easily through the undergrowth and picked up the sound of running water. He
followed the sound and found a small opening to a hidden cave. The sound was
close to indistinguishable and only his heightened hearing allowed him to
pick it up.

Sam found a small stream with a pool of clear water and a passage that led
upward to a flat floored cavern. It looked perfect for his den and he went
out and collected leaves and grass to create a bedding nest in one corner.
There were openings that let in the light and over looked the jungle floor
far below. It gave him an excellent view of his new home and as he stood
there he heard the sound of human voices drifting in the wind.

He stared intently in the direction of the faint sounds and his eyes focused
on the shape of manmade structures in a small clearing near a beach well off
in the distance. He made out shapes moving about and his nostrils began to
flare as the sweet odors of human females hit his olfactory glands. A gleam
started up in his eyes and his dick began to swell as the thoughts of finding
females to satisfy his overpowering need to drain the semen from his huge
balls heightened his arousal.

Sam's hand moved closer to his dick until he was running his hand along his
mighty rod and he started jerking off. He lifted his head and inhaled the
familiar scent of a female and started stroking his penis. Then he detected
subtle differences and realized that their were three females contributing
the the delicious smell. One was old and used up, but two were satisfyingly
young and vibrant. Two that he would soon be introducing to his massive cock.

After ten minutes or so, he grunted as the cum shot up from his balls,
striking the wall of the cave. He glanced at the large wad of sperm sliding
down the wall and knew that it would be the last time his seed would be shot
into the air. Not with two healthy human females to bury his massive dick
into. Sam thought back to his long night with the human female they called
Mary. It had been his first sexual encounter outside his own species and
feel of her tight little holes milking his deeply plunging shaft had been
exquisite. So much better than the female apes they'd provided him at the

He headed down the shaft and emerged from the unseen opening, following his
nose through the jungle, towards the enticing smell of his female target. He
quickly found Ginger Grant foraging for fruit and berries. She was alone and
no one heard her muffled scream as a massive hand covered her mouth and
easily lifted her into the air. She was swept through the jungle and brought
up to Sam's secret lair before she realized what was happening.

Sam's deposited Ginger on his bed and watched as the beautiful redhead rolled
onto her back and looked up at him. She started to scream at the sight of the
massive leering ape, but her intake of air was filled with Sam's powerful
pheromones and her scream was cut off before it could emerge. She looked at
the intelligence burning in his lustful eyes and slowly ran her eyes down his
massive muscular body to the gigantic cock between his legs. She'd wanted to
scream but she couldn't. She sniffed the air again, inhaling deeply, then
slowly reached out and wrapped her hand around the base of his massive dick.
Sam immediately began thrusting his penis through Ginger's hand.

She leaned closer to the thick shaft in her hand, then paused sniffing the
ape's crotch. Ginger sniffed again and suddenly felt weak as her slit began
to get all warm and squishy. She lifted the shaft and looked at the ape's
huge balls. She bent forward until her nose touched the hairs on the ape's
balls and took a big whiff. Ginger then ran her nose up the rod and smelled
the dark, plum-sized head of Sam's 16-inch long cock. The head was leaking
a tremendous amount of pre-cum and she bent towards it until the pre-cum
touched her nose.

Ginger nuzzled the head of Sam's penis. She found her lips parting, her
tongue flickering out to touch the head, slowly at first then increasing
until it was swirling all over the tip of the hulking ape's cock.

Ginger's entire focus became getting that big cock off. She wrapped her lips
around the head and sucked it into her mouth, gagging at the unbelievable
size. She began bobbing her head rapidly over about five inches of Sam's huge
shaft while stroking the rest with her small hand. Sam started bucking his
hips into Ginger's mouth, moaning in his arousal at this new way to find
pleasure with a female. Ginger's right hand grew tired of stroking Sam's rock
hard shaft as she lovingly bobbed her head, taking the thick shaft to the
back of her mouth, so she switched to her left and then back to her right ten
minutes latter.

Finally, Sam's cock swelled up and Ginger could feel the pressure building
as it throbbed in her mouth. Sam's sperm caught her by surprise, filling up
her mouth with the first wad and Ginger swallowed to make room for more.
Even after the amazing amount of sperm in his first wad, his giant balls
shot still more into her mouth overflowing it faster then she could gulp it
down. Ginger swallowed as much as she could but there was just too much as
the massive ape dick released a massive amount of cum.

She finally had to pull back to get a breath of air, the cock in her mouth
sliding out, a heavy blast of cum splattering on her face. "Wow, big guy,
you needed to cum," Ginger said, licking sperm off her face before bending
back down to lick up the rest. Ginger was wondrously happy and she felt an
incredible feeling of satisfaction coming from the massive gorilla.

She lay back on his bed as the huge ape stared down at her. She saw his dick
begin to expand once again and couldn't help herself from wiggling out of her
dress and underwear, so that she was lying on her back before him completely
naked and vulnerable. She slowly raised her knees and spread her legs apart
so that her could clearly see her glistening slit and know her hunger.

"Oh God, I'm so horny," she said to him as she rotated her hips in tiny
circles and looked dreamily into Sam's lust filled eyes. There were opened
wide, filled with a burning desire for her and seemed to pulsate as they
drank in her lucious form spread open for his sexual pleasure.

Sam leaned down, grabbed Ginger's ankles and spread them wide. He laid down
on the bed between her legs, drawn to the enticing smell of her fragrant
womanhood. He'd never tasted a female before as he brought his face up to her
pussy. He flicked his tongue out and licked her thigh. Ginger jumped at his
touch and his keen ears detected an increase in her breathing. She didn't
jump when he licked her thigh again, but she spread her legs even wider as he
ran his tongue up her thigh, stopping at her labia.

"OOH YESSS, it feels so good," Ginger said as Sam felt her entire body

Sam pushed his nose into her pussy and took a big whiff. Sam kissed her thigh
and then brought his rough tongue across her labia. She jumped again as he
rapidly began running his tongue up and down between her folds, wiggling it
into her pussy until she started humping his mouth, moaning slightly.

Sam continued to thrust his tongue into her as he worked his muscular arms
under her thighs and ran his massive hands up over her flat belly and up to
her breasts. God, they were so nice and full, smooth, perfectly rounded, he
thought. Like that girl Mary's, so much better than a female ape's. He
carefully pinched her nipples between his thick fingers. They were fat and
long. He stroked them like they were miniature cocks and she began humping
up against his tongue even harder.

Ginger loved having her pussy licked by the massive gorilla. Her whole body
was starting to shake and Sam could feel her head thrashing back and forth on
the matted grasses and leaves. Sam slowly moved his tongue up her labia and
quickly twirled it around her clit. Her mind-blowing orgasm lasted half a
minute and her scream of pleasure lasted just as long. When her cries ceased
she softly moaned, "Oh god, its been so long since I've cum."

Sam sat up, wiping the back of his massive hand across his chin. He hooked
his arms under her knees and kneeled between her legs, resting his massive
cock against her pelvis. Sam freed one arm and wrapped his hand around the
base of his cock. He moaned as he rubbed his cock against the human female's
red pubic hair. This was going to feel so good, he thought.

She automatically pulled her legs back as he pushed the head of his cock down
against her labia and pushed down. "Hmmm, it feels so good, so big," said
Ginger. "Oh my god, it's so big and thick." Sam was holding the fat head of
his cock in her pussy. It had been a tight fit at first, but his pre-cum and
her juices were quickly loosening it up. Sam looked down at her gorgeous nude
body. She was shiny with sweat, her bosom was heaving as she breathed deeply,
and her nipples were hard and engorged. She was thrusting her hips up into
his cock, wanting it in deeper. Her vaginal muscles were squeezing the head
tightly, trying to pull him inside.

She opened her eyes and looked up at his hairy body. His huge muscles were
prominent and bulging from his body. She looked down to his crotch and gasped
at the sight of the long cock connecting their bodies. She gasped again when
she realized how little she had taken so far. Everything about the massive
gorilla was overwhelmingly masculine and every nerve in her body screamed at
her to submit to him. She did.

"Fuck me you big bastard, give me that big dick," she moaned as she pushed
her hips up off the bed to him. He pushed another three inches into her and
began working them around, loosening her up. "More, please give me more,"
she begged.

His response was to pull it all the way out. Ginger was immediately overcome
by a sense of loss. She felt empty and unfulfilled. "Please," she cried, "put
it back in. Please, I'll do anything, just put your cock back in me."

She sighed as he pushed it back in, not stopping at the halfway point this
time. Places deep in her vagina that had never opened for anything, parted
for him as inch after inch penetrated her. There was no pain, just a deep
sense of fulfillment as Sam hooked his arms under her knees again and raised
her hips off the bed, pushing his cock all the way in. She came again when
his balls slapped against her thighs.

The look on her face was one of pure ecstasy as Sam began slow fucking her at
a pace he could have maintained for hours in her glove tight pussy. After
close to an hour Sam picked up speed, slamming his mighty cock into her pussy
with such force his balls were constantly slapping against her thighs. Her
eyes were closed, as her head thrashed back and forth.

Ginger seemed to be cumming constantly. He delighted in his sexual prowess.
Never had he gotten the kind of reaction from a female ape that he was now
getting from the beautiful Ginger Grant. The girl in the lab had whetted his
sexual appetite for human pussy and now this woman beneath him had also
turned into a wanton slut after experiencing only a few inches of his massive
gorilla dick. Ginger was begging him to fuck her and she was cumming like
crazy on his thick shaft. His vastly increased intelligence told him that his
life had changed forever.

Sam watched her face as he fucked her. She constantly sniffed the air as his
powerful pheromones continued to intoxicate her senses as Sam just kept up
the fast pace until he felt the addictive feeling of the sperm shooting up
from his balls, causing his cock to jerk as it deposited more cum in her
pussy then she'd ever had before.

Ginger screamed from a tremendous orgasm when he came. Her eyes and mouth
flew open as she was swept away by the waves of orgasmic pleasure washing
over her. After draining his dick Sam pulled out and backed off the bed.
Ginger rolled to her side and curled up on the matted leaves and grasses in
a fetal position, her eyes staring unfocused at the cave wall as she drifted
off into a deep totally exhausted sleep.

Sam rested for a while, then got up and left her there as he went out to find
the other female who's sweet scent had so intrigued him. He found Mary Ann
in much the same way as he'd found Ginger and soon had her up in his lair as
well. She too was overcome by Sam's powerful pheromones and didn't protest
very much as he reached down and yanked off her clothes.

Then as her nakedness came to her awareness Mary Ann gasped and tried to
cover herself with her hands, her perky breasts jiggling as her arm covered
them. Sam staring at the beautiful young girl. His eyes those of a sexual
predator's, sweeping up and down Mary Ann's body. Then the overpowering urge
to give herself to him overcame her resistance. She stared in awe at Sam's
cock. The thing had to be close to a foot and a half long, thick as a wrist,
with a big plum sized head. A huge pair of balls dangled almost half way to
his knees.

It reminded her of the farm she grew up on where she'd often watch her
father's prize stallion servicing his females. Oh the many nights she
masturbated herself to sleep as she visualized herself on all fours being
serviced like an animal by the magnificent creature. She'd never had the
nerve to actually do it, but she did live out her fantisies by volunteering
to help her dad when he brought a mare into the stable for breeding. He
appreciated the offer to help from his young daughter and readily agreed
over her mother's objection that it wasn't proper for a young girl to be
in the stable at breeding time.

She'd put on the shoulder length leather glove and stroke the huge horse's
massive cock as her dad positioned the mare before him. Her dad never saw the
way she lovingly jerked the huge horse off before lifting his huge rod and
fitting it into the snorting mare. She'd wait until the last posible second
to pull back to avoid a broken arm as he slammed forward and pounded into the
whinnying mare with a loud splat.

Then as her dad held the mare from the front, she'd massage his sperm laden
balls until she felt the surge of his heavy release of potent sperm. It
never failed to bring her to orgasm herself, her eyes closed tightly as she
imagined it was her cunt that was being filled so masterly.

Sam looked down at her. She was smiling as she reached out and wrapped her
fingers around the head of his huge cock. Mary Ann was completely infatuated
with his massive cock. She was measuring it with her hands, lifting it to
examine his balls as she compared him to her stallion back on the farm. Sam
leaned forward so that his cock slid along her cheek leaving a trail of
pre-cum from her chin to her ear.

Sam grabbed the back of her head and pulled her nose into his crotch. Mary
Ann closed her eyes and moaned as she took a big whiff. Mary Ann pulled back
and looked up at him. Her lips trembled as she leaned forward and kissed the
head. She kept her lips on the head staring up at him with her big doe like
eyes, then began licking around the fat head of the big ape's cock.

Mary Ann was very enthusiastic as she explored every inch of his massive cock
with her tongue. She licked up his pre-cum and even teased his pee-slit. She
licked the base of the head, she licked up and down his thick shaft, coating
it with her saliva. She even licked under his cock down to his balls, kissing
and licking them also before working her way back up and taking the head into
her mouth.

Mary Ann began sucking on about four inches of his cock and she then
proceeded to push more in. She was gagging with each additional inch as she
fought to take in as much as she could before removing his cock and gasping
for air. She seemed to get better as she got used to having it in her mouth.
She was gagging less, breathing through her nose, and her head was starting
to bob faster.

Suddenly the huge ape pulled his cock out of Mary Ann's mouth. It looked
even bigger now. It was swollen, engorged, it had turned even darker, and it
looked like it was about to explode. It did. It jerked in Sam's hand and the
next thing he saw was his Mary Ann's entire face covered in sperm. The huge
ape pushed the head back between her lips and another thick wad filled her
mouth. Mary Ann swallowed it and moaned as she actually loved the taste. She
clamped her mouth over the tip of his cock and swallowed several more loads.
She brought her hand up and wrapped it around his cock. She began stroking
forward like she was milking it.

Ginger had been witness to the finally scene and she watched as Mary Ann spun
around so that her ass was facing the huge beast. Ginger could see everything
between Mary Ann's legs. Sam was rubbing his cock up and down her slit and
over her engorged labia.

"Yes, God yes, put it in me," she moaned thrusting her hips back into his
furry body.

Ginger watched Sam push the tip of his cock into Mary Ann's virgin pussy. Her
labia spread open for it and she could see her juices running down her thighs
she was so wet. Her labia stretched wide, then closed over the fat cock head
and Ginger heard Mary Ann moan with pleasure. It was a moan she had heard
before, one coming from her own lips when the great ape had entered her. This
moan emanating from her innocent young friend though was somehow more

Sam was thrusting his hips and ripped through Mary Ann's maidenhead as though
it wasn't there, working inch after inch into Mary Ann's pussy. Ginger felt a
twinge in her own well used pussy as the big brute buried his oversized rod
deep into Mary Ann's sweet little cunt. At seven inches she experienced her
first ever orgasm. Mary Ann's eyes grew wide in awe and her whole body seemed
to shudder with pleasure. When she recovered, she turned her head and gave
Sam a look filled with unconditional love.

She came again at ten inches. At twelve, she yelped and came again. Ginger
looked from her face to her pussy and saw the Sam had worked one of his
thumbs into her ass. She seemed to like it. God, to have such power over a
woman. The beast was turning the innocent Mary Ann into a slut before her
very eyes.

Mary Ann yelped again, this time in pain at the fourteen-inch mark. "Please,
no more," she cried. "You're too big."

Sam pulled back until the head emerged from her pussy, then he slammed his
hips forward burying his entire cock into her pussy. She screamed and
struggled to get away from it, but he just held her hips, keeping all sixteen
inches in her.

They didn't move for about five minutes. The only noise was the occasional
whimper coming from Mary Ann's mouth. Her body relaxed and Sam began slowly
moving his cock in and out an inch at a time. Mary Ann moaned and began
thrusting her hips back to match his thrusts, she had grown accustomed to
his size.

Ginger watched Mary Ann's perky breasts swinging as Sam picked up speed.
Occasionally, Mary Ann would arch her back and scream as she came again and
again. As she watched, Mary Ann's breasts started lowering until they mashed
into the matted leaves and grass from the beast's powerful thrusts. He was
fucking her with the entire length of his cock now and his forceful thrusts
had pushed her down into the bed until only her ass was raised into the air.

The fucking seemed to last forever, but eventually the big gorilla came. He
bellowed as he thrust his cock into Mary Ann's pussy and held it there.
Ginger could see sperm pour out the sides of Mary Ann's pussy around his cock
and run down her thighs. Ginger backed against the cave wall her eyes wide in
wonder at the lurid activity beside her. Sam had become the first male too
ever cum in Mary Ann's tight little pussy.

Ginger passed out, and she awoke, she was lying on the matted bed made of
leaves and grasses in the fetal position. At first she was disoriented and
unaware of her surroundings. Then she focused her eyes on the sounds that
had awoken her. Sam was now kneeling on the bed with half his cock buried
in Mary Ann's ass. Her hands were gripping the leave material so hard that
her knuckles were white. Ginger slipped back into a deep sleep as the huge
gorilla sodomized her young friend.

Sam woke up around dawn, his cock was still in Mary Ann's tight little pussy.
He had fallen asleep beside her in a spoon position. They'd fallen onto their
sides after fucking for a sixth time and in their exhausted state had stayed
joined as they slept. He pulled it out and climbed away from her. He looked
down at the two beautiful humans who were now his personal harem. He knew
that they wouldn't say anything about him to the other humans on the island.
They were his now and they'd be back for more of his big cock now that they'd
become addicted to it.


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