The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail,
NOT READ. YOU WERE WARNED OK! All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance
to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended

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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 1 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

S.E.R.E. Training Facility Captive Island, Florida.

A Helicopter interior. US Marine corps.

"Survival evasion resistance and escape this is it tadpoles! Your target is
inside of five miles if you are to locate this facility you are to gather as
much intel as possible, within the allotted time frame and get the hell out
of there you will be penalized for early extraction but you will be even
further penalized for capture. trust me welcome to sere get ready stand up
30 seconds 1st man out go .go go.!"

Lt. O'Neil hit the water with a hard slam and made for the shore. She rose up
out of the water slowly followed by the others of her unit. Water gushed from
every nook and cranny of her well muscled frame. They made their way to a
line of driftwood, trees and bushes, and took up point positions. They
gathered around her, preparing their weapons.

"So were they drop us LT?"

"A line of march TWO. ONE. ZERO. and just for shits and giggles lets switch
to channel FIVE for tactical traffic. maintain casual dialogue on assigned
channels. Slovolic it's TWO. ONE. ZERO. kotec lets move out, move out!"

They moved off into the trees, from clump to clump along the beech.

"Four clicks 226!" whispered the radio guy. O'Neil looked at the map getting
her bearings.

Two of the others sniggered.

"She don't even know where we're goin'"

"Shut up"

"Gotezlav you take my left flank, lets go!" they moved forward. Into the

They moved through the shallow water on their belly and on to the sand on the
other side. O'Neil slipped out of the water glancing about. The other moved
up into the trees.

Through the trees across the water lay the target.

"Looks like she's right on the money!"

"Yeah I had a busted watch once it was right twice a day!"

"Cortez target ahead, belay my last new rally point my location."

"Cool, Newberry, right side, flea you come with me, lets move out"

"Listen up everybody, we need film from all angles, record of weapons,
vehicles, count their guys, ranks if visible, Slav, Cortez check antenna for
comms capability."

"Mc Cool?"

"There's nothing there O'Neil there are no prisoners and no guards, maybe we
found this place a little too easy There's nobody here!"

"Cortez, Cortez!"

"Mc Cool 3 o'clock!"

"What the hell are you doing? This is team leader to team fuck up! knock the
grab ass off, get back to your positions. You are compromising the unit!"

"That is an order do it now!!"

Cortez and Slav were through the water now to the barge, slob moved forward
to grab the helmet on the barge.

"No Slav don't touch it man!"

"Hey it's just a souvenir"

"No Slav!"

As he does automatic fire rips out of the undergrowth hammering into the

Tannoy speakers begin to blare out.


"All units!! Rond-a-vue at the rally point, lets get out of here!"

O'Neil turned and sprinted back into the tree line, ducking and weaving as
rounds flew around her. Flea followed on her heels he screamed as he tripped
over some roots wrenching his knee. He rolled into the stream howling.

"Oh Shitttt!" O'Neil dragged him out, and tore open the guys BDU'S above the
knee, "Put your hand there! don't move you'll make it worse arghh Jesus!"

Inside blood poured from a deep gash.

Suddenly a thick plastic bag was thrust down over her face and pulled tight.
O'Neil tore at it with her fingers desperate for air. She was dragged over
backwards and away.

She fought to stay conscious as she was dragged through the jungle and thrown
heavily on her face. Then up again and she was picked up and thrown into a
cage. She squealed in pain as she hit the hard wood floor. She scrabbled with
her fingers and managed to tear away the bag gasping for breath.

She looked about and found Flea in the next cage. "Flea! Flea are you OK?"

"Yeah yeah I'm OK"

The others of her unit were dragged into the compound and thrown on their

"Get down! who's in charge here? Huh, who's the officer in charge?"

They started beating on them. and then they were all forced into similar

Lt O'Neil tried to keep her breathing shallow, her shoulders ached, 'She must
not panic' she kept telling herself. 'Keep control' she could hear the heavy
tread of their boots as they approached the cages.

They stopped outside flea and took him away.

She drifted off to exhausted sleep as darkness fell.

The cage roof was lifted freezing water was thrown on her jerking her to
consciousness, strong hands grabbed her upper arms, dragging her upright.
There were two of them her arms were twisted around behind her and her wrists
ty-wraped. They pushed her down the pier to the boathouse.

She was shoved through the door inside Master Chief John Urgayle stood in the
centre of the room grinning.

"Hi, Lieutenant time to play!" he laughed.

She was shoved to the centre of the room and forced down on the small stool
in the centre of the room. The rest of the room was bare apart from a bench
like table. a fan span slowly from the ceiling.

One of the guards walked slowly around her muscular frame. She sat legs open,
bent before her, her arms painfully forced behind her. She stared at the
floor. Sweat trickled down her forehead and dripped from her eyebrow.

"What's your father's name, it's a simple question Lieutenant no reason not
to answer unless you want to bleed?"


"How about brothers and sisters you got any o' them?"

"Dick, Jane and Spot!"

Bright lights came on suddenly, above her. She blinked.

"You for real O'Neil?" he came close, blew cigarette smoke in her face.

"What's your favourite food, honey, perhaps we could get some to eat huh?"

The master chief watched from the bench. He checked the monitor, pictures
from the camera's look good. Then got up and walked behind her.

"Green eggs and ham."

Suddenly the master chief loomed over her, he punched her face hard throwing
her head back.

"Why didn't you carry out your wounded Lt. was he too heavy or were you just
plain chicken shit!" he stared into her face. She smiled.

"You ain't getting nothing out of me so you might as well put me back in the

He hit her again full in the face. She went over backwards to the side of the
stool and landed with a groan, face down on the floor. She lifted her head
and spat out some blood grimacing.

"You are in a cage! Right here, right now!"

"I'm sorry am I supposed to be afraid?" she managed.

The master chief stood astride her back and gripped her upper arms from
behind wrenching her up from the floor. She winced groaning in pain. "Right
down to your worthless wound. This is my island!!"

He threw her bodily into the wall. She struck it with a yell and bounced off,
twisting, fell backwards on the floor, she grunted the wind knocked from her.
Her legs falling open. He ran at her and kicked her exposed groin. Lt. O'Neil
screamed as pain lanced through her from her cunt.

"You worthless piece of shit, bitch!"

He nodded the two guards went over and hauled her up to her feet. She was
leant forward, he grabbed her head locking it under his arm.

"You think we should go easy on women O'Neil? do yer?"

She gasped blood bursting from her mouth, "GO FUCK YOURSELF!!"

The guards let go and he ran at the wall with her head slamming it viciously.
She reeled back yelling. He threw her back over the bench pinning her bound
arms to the edge. One of the others threw a chain over her head and snapped
it taught around her neck almost throttling her.

He fastened it to a bolt. She grunted and gasped in pain and shock. Her
booted feet kicking trying to get purchase on the dusty planks. She gritted
her teeth straining to get up.

Jack went away and came back with a bucket.

"The enemy I'm sure will take into account your gender while carrying out
interrogation, one assumes!"

He poured the freezing water down onto her panting chest. The water soaking
her t shirt making her breasts ache as her teats went rigid. Both heavy
mammaries were outlined beautifully by the wet material.

"Especially when the P.O.W. has such big stiff hooters, eh Lieutenant?"

"Go to hell, dick weed!" she spat groaning in pain.

At a nod from Jack one of the guards thrusts a plastic bag over her face and
drags it tight. O'Neil goes wild trying to pull free as Jack grips the neck
of her shirt and cuts it open with a combat knife. Her breasts bounce free.
Two hard globes mounted by thick coral aureole and wrinkled stiff nipples. As
she struggles the jiggle and jerk stiffly. Jack throws his leg over hers and
sits astride them. He produces some thick cord and throws it around her back,
pulls it tight and ties it off above her jugs.

He cuts the rest off and repeats the process under them. Then he pulls the
sides together and lashes them, then between them now her breasts are two
heavy jutting balloons. He nods and the pull up the bag. O'Neil gulps for air
almost feinting from lack of it. Jack grins down at her. Her expanding chest
forces more of her breast flesh to bulge out.

"Y...Y... You bastard!"

He pats her tits slowly.

"Now now Lieutenant, we're only doing what the enemy would do to a nice piece
of ass like you".

He nods, the bag is thrust over her mouth again. She starts, arching her
back trying to pull her head free. Her tits jut out and he grips her nipples
between finger and thumb and yanks them out hard making her scream into the

"What d'you think boys are these good enough to ice or what?"

He twists her nipples making her writhe, he nods the bag comes up.

"Hey Lieutenant what was your mission objective?"

She stares at him gasping for breath.

"Come on Baby you going to keep quiet until we've all fucked you in the


The bag came down again stifling her cry. He wrenched and pulled her tits,
his fingers kneading and pinching, pulling each breast hard, bruising.

"Any o' you boys ready to blow yet?"

"Oh yeah am I ready" one of the guards squeezes his cock through his pants.

"Lets go then!" He yanks his cock out and begins wanking next to O'Neil's
bag encased features. faster and faster.

"Say when man!"

"When when!!" he groaned the bag came up. Lt O'Neil gasped for air her
mouth wide in a desperate 'O' as she sought air. With a groan of pleasure
the guard let loose a heavy spurt of semen straight into her surprised open
throat. Then another.

"Yeeeehaaaaa how'd yer like those cookies Lieutenant!!"

Jack shouted as she choked and coughed, grimacing shutting her mouth
as fast as she had opened it as more Jiz splattered across her face and

She spluttered and spat trying to get rid of his load. More went in her
eyes and across her shaved head.

"You know lieutenant I think he likes you!" They laughed.

"Y You Filthy bastards I'll fucking kill you all (Cough, splutter) I
will you pieces of fucking . . !!" the bag came down again.

"My my that has made her pissed" they all laughed.

O'Neil strained and wrenched desperate to get away her body screaming
out for a few deep breaths. Jack rubbed and pinched her teats, making
them ache and throb. Her chest thrust out hard as she fought.

Jack nodded and the bag came up again. O'Neil gasped a huge breath,

semen strung between her lips and teeth. She stared at him and spat.

"You fucking shit! I'm gonna rip your dick off and ram it up your ass"

Jack grinned at her, "Aw now you love it really O'Neil!" he pulled her
nipples hard to emphercise the point.

"Now you tell me your mission objective!" he grinned.

"Fuck your mission objective . . Fuck your . . . uhhhh!!"

At a nod the bag came down again, O'Neil jerks and struggled.

"Hey Dobs get some of the others, get the ring thing too!"

Jack gets off her squirming legs. She immediately began to kick.

"OK lets get these BDU's off and see if the Lieutenants wearing pink
fluffy panties today!"

Her legs kick and fight viciously as they're hands grab them. The belt and
waistband are torn open and she gurgles and moans as she feels them
wrenched down off her hips, she strains trying to pull her legs free as
the bag comes up and she gulps air spluttering.

"Huh . . huh G . Get offa me get off you fuckers . . uhhh uhh I'll
fucking kill all of you. You fucking creeps!!" she dragged her
legs up hard.

They strained trying to pull them out, her strong legs holding out.
Jack punched her belly hard. She grunted and swore still straining.
He rabbit punches her ribs, The bag come's down stifling her cry of
animal rage as they forced her legs slowly out.

More men came in and with whoops joined in, they're added strength
forcing her legs out. Jack grabs her hips and drag's her ass off
the edge of the bench. With a painful yelp O'Neil was now suspended
by her bound arms and throat. Her BDU trousers were torn from one
leg and her legs were wrenched cruelly wide. Her struggles became
less as the lack of breath began to take it's toll. A guy on either side
quickly ties thick cord around each knee and them to the bench legs.

O'Neil slumps as she blacks out, as the thick cord bites into her strong
muscles. Her ass hanging off the bench her strong legs spread wide,
displaying her white panty clad pussy, which bulges against the material.

Jack nods the bag comes up. He slaps her round and she groans and come
too with a shuddering breath.

UHHHH . . UHHHHH . . Y . you F . . Faggots!!" he grins into her face.

Now with her ass unsupported and her whole weight on her knees, arms
and neck, she realizes how helpless she is. She gulps in air as they stand
around her admiring the view.

Jack viciously punches her in the twat, making her gasp and choke in shock
and pain her legs snatch and strain to no avail.

"What's your mission objective Lieutenant?"

"Ughhh . . OK Ok I get your point th . . this has gone far enough OK!"

Jack grins and traces his fingers along her inner thigh to her pussy mound.

He slowly feels it. She glares at him.

"I asked you a question Lieutenant?"

"Look cut the crap I get the picture OK . . . No don't . . don't do that!"

He drags her pants to one side so they can all see her twat.

"You know what happens when you get captured Lieutenant?"

"I get the idea YEAH!"

"THEN ANSWER THE QUESTION!!" He yanks her pants up hard and they tear,
Then he rips them off.

"ARGHHH YOU FUCKIN . . .UHHHHHHH!" the bag comes down again.

She struggles to push her chin down to stop it but then she's struggling
They watch as her tits bob about and her legs strain as she begins to

"Dobs! the gag, lets have some safe sex with this one huh I bet she bites!"

Dobs brings the gag over and hands it to him he readies it then the bag
comes up.

As O'Neil gasps for breath Jack tries to force the two side shields between

her molars she tries to pull her face away. Dobs grabs her face, she
snarls, and he howls letting go, snatching at his bitten thumb.

"AH AH NAUGHTY BAD GIRL!" Jack punches her face. and again stunning her.
her mouth is rammed full of the gag which goes between her back teeth and
behind her front sets. forcing her mouth into a wide 'O' leaving her tongue

about in her open maw. He fastens the belt around the back of her head

"That's better now you see we got two holes to play with!"

He steps back.

"And now for number three"

"Dobs where's that asshole Flea?"

Flea was pushed forward and thrown on the floor. His arms tied
behind him like hers. His leg was a bloody mess. He let out a cry
of pain as they held him down. Jack stood over him.

"Lesson Lieutenant, your troops will be used against you
during interrogation!" He slams his foot down on Fleas injured
knee. Flea screams in agony, writhing under him.

O'Neal snatched at her bonds in anger and despair as Flea
screamed. Her eyes flashed with anger. she mouthed stifled
entreaties past the gag.


"Only I don't want some crap intel. I want you to do me a favour
Lieutenant. I want you to shit for us O'Neil, Believe me It's
going to be far easier if you do. Otherwise we're going to have
pound all that shit back up your ass. I don't think you're going to
appreiciate the taste when we make you suck our cocks clean.
So you have a nice long shit and I stop being nasty to Mr Flea
here yeah!"

He stamps down. Flea howls in agony, thrashing in mind numbing pain.

O'Neil couldn't believe what he wanted her to do, her face twisting
in disgust at his demand.

"So what do you say Lieutenant? you going to shit for us or do we
keep smashing this poor mans knee!" he stamps on it again.

Flea screams sobbing and begging for him to stop.

"I mean hey it's not like I'm asking you to piss now is it?"

They all laugh as O'Neil slowly flushes with humiliation realizing
that she's going to have to do it or Flea will never walk again.

"You going to be able to live with that lieutenant? huh? this man
crippled because you were too proud to take a shit?"

His foot slams down again. Flea screams a bony crack coming
from his knee as he writhes in awful pain.


"Now that's more like it lieutenant, you hear that Flea she's
does give a shit! Ok O'Neil lets see that stuck up arse of
yours take a dump"

One of the men brought a metal bucket over and clanked it
down under her. They all gathered closer.

Lieutenant O'Neils eyes flooded with tears as a wave of awful
humiliation went through her. She couldn't believe they're

"C'mon we're waiting You shit or he never walks again cunt!"

She closed her eyes and swallowing her revulsion pressed down.

They watched in silence as her belly tightened up, her anus
distending and pushing out. She grunted with effort, some of them
sniggered heightening her humiliation as suddenly her sphincter
eased open and she shat into the bucket. They cheered.

O'Neil was mortified as more and more piled out. Eventually
with a gasp she was finished.

Jack laughed "See you were so full o'shit. I just love that,
the way that tight little star spread open, an' then clamps
shut. You're husband fuck you in you're ass O'Neil? I guess
not, by the look of it huh? and now we're gonna fill you full
o' Jiz honey!"" She shuddered in disgust and revulsion.

Two of the guards come forward with a small table, on it
are tubes and a large syringe (A veterinarian syringe 3" diameter
and 10" long).

Lt. O'Neils eyes are bulging as she sees the syringe, a wave
of panic floods through her and she struggles. her eyes darting
from item to item on the table. There's a rubber bung device as well.
Jack picks up the tube and connects it to the syringe.

"Now we ain't gonna Fuck your butt while it's full of all that feminist
crap. Me and the guys like to get you all warmed up first, So we've
had a little collection on the go."

He holds the thick long syringe in front of her face.

"We've been filling this with semen since you joined the course bitch,
now I'm gonna wash your ass out with it!" He laughs.

O'Neil goes wild struggling helplessly as he busies himself inserting the
end of the tube up her ass. With one swift stroke, he jams the nozzle of
the cum-syringe up between her shapely ass-cheeks and into her little
brown starfish, and none to gently, either. Kneading her ass-cheeks
while she yells in pain.

She stiffens as it's forced in and he rams it deep into her rectum. Her
big bound tits bounce and jiggle as he lets it go and grips the body
of the syringe.

"Gonna fill you up!" He sneers.

"Phuck oou!" she replies.

"Here we go Bitch!" He starts to press the plunger home.

O'Neil Jerks and arches her back howling 'no' through he gag
as she feels it start to squirt into her bowels. The muscles in her
legs stand out hard as she tries to lift away. She gasps and groans,
biting on the ring gag as Jack grins down at her.


It's half way down now and Jack grins evilly.

"Enough Lieutenant, full?" he queried.

She nods enthusiastically "ESS! NOH ORE. NOH OREEEE!"

"Unlucky whore!" He laughs, and forces the rest in hard making
her sob and gasp. Her belly bloating with the warm slick enema.

Suddenly with out warning the bag comes down over her face again she
struggles for breath, unable to shut her mouth helplessly drawing the
plastic in. Her body goes rigid as she asphyxiates.

Jake yanks the tube out of her ass and snatches up the bung. He rams
it into her anus twisting and forcing it until it's home.

He quickly pumps the handle. It inflates cruelly wedging itself in her ass
holding the semen in.

He nods the bag comes up O'Neil gasps great gulps of air, her
ass is aching and hot as if she's doing an enormous turd. Her
belly cramps and her rectum spasms trying to shit but she can't.

"There Lieutenant now it's really time to play". He slaps her twat
hard making her cringe and squirm as it smarts. They drag the
bucket away and Dobs kneels in front of her.

He wrenches his pants open and pulls his hard cock out. He drags her
cunt lips open and forces the head into her dry cunt mouth. She sobs
and grunts as he forces it in a few inches. Then his fingers find her clit
hood and he pinches it hard making her jolt and heave.

"Oh yeah Lieutenant I've been waiting a long time for this cunt, you like
that huh? huh?" he violently rams up into her while the others egg him on.
forcing inch by inch into her cunt. His cock amplifying her need to shit as

he forces into her.

"Bag her! bag her!" the others shout and she shakes her head 'No' as it's
rammed down over her features. He starts to fuck her hard enjoying her
struggles. He flicks and rubs her clit as he grinds deep up her tight dry

Two others start to paw and pull her tits from each side. She twitches and
writhes as they stretch and twist her nipples. Both are wanking their

The bag comes up. One grabs her face twisting it he thrusts his meat into
her helpless mouth and begins to shaft her face.

She snorts and gags trying to breath as he starts to force into her throat.

Dobs is viciously fucking her wettening cunt. his legs straight as he
grunts and groans. He then stiffens as he hammers his load into
her flinching cunt.

O'Neil sobs as she feels his heat spurt into her. He pulls out and
someone else eagerly mounts her. his cock larger and longer
ramming in forcing her cunt walls to give with each hard thrust.
The bastard holding her face groans and snorts and she jolts
and struggles as her throat flash fills with semen.

She gags and chokes, swallowing his heavy load to take a
desperate breath. Her face is twisted and another soldiers
load gushes over her face. She gasps trying to blink away
the semen coating one eye. More fingers grab her hair
snatching her face around to meet another cock which is
shoved deep into her mouth.

Her eyes flash open to see it's one of Jacks big Black soldiers
his meat a thick hard dark pole, the head a wide fat slab.

She tries to pull away as he heaves it into her throat. Impaling
her face.

Hard rough hands squeeze and pull her hips as her cunt aches
and contracts around the thick pole which hammers at her cervix.
Short, hard, deep thrusts.

His pubes rubbing and teasing her hardening clit as he saws in
and out. O'Neils belly cramps and aches as the contents of her
rectum is forced back and too.

Her anus squeezes and twitches around the awful bung filling it.
Her rapist pulls out and lets loose a thick heavy stream of cum
all over her belly.

O'Neils head is held fast as four inches are firmly rammed
mercilessly into her throat. It's not going anywhere but deeper.
She could feel it was up against her tonsils. His glans banged
against them.

She starts to gag. He lunges hard feeling another two inches
slip in. He now grips her shaved head refusing to remove his
cock from her heaving mouth, he rocks his cock back and forth
going deeper each time. As he was tries to piledrive another inch
into her windpipe.

O'Neil helplessly tries to swallow to ease the pain as he begins to
fuck her face violently, shoving his prick in until his balls cram
against her held open teeth and his cock is shoved wholly down
her throat. In the middle of one of these plunges he begins to cum.

O'Neil's body jolts and shudders as he does. Somehow she
manages to gulp down his salty bolts of jism. Mouthful after
mouthful he feeds into her. Instinctively she starts to gulp down
each hard flood of sperm as it explodes in her mouth. There's
a lot. The others laughed watching as her cheeks began
to balloon with the amount of thick hot cum.

She swallows as fast as she can trying not to choke. She
snorts and sperm spurts out of her nose. Her belly was rapidly
filling with his heat. as more and more pumps straight down
her unwilling throat. She could feel someone pulling her cunt
lips open, fingers ramming into her twisting and turning. Forcing
her cunt walls open as more fingers were eased in. making the
pressure in her ass unbearable.
Another couldn't wait and spray's hot Jiz across the peaks
of her bound jutting hooters. Her teats coated with thick globs of
hot semen, which is quickly rubbed in by cruelly kneading hands.
She had to breathe, she was on the brink of blacking out again, all
she could hear was the others chanting, "Fist her, Fist her!" As
it all went black.

To Be Continued...


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