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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 4 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

Lt. O'Neil came to and snorted for breath through splayed nostrils. She had
time to grab a breath before her head was grabbed roughly and cock was forced
into her mouth. She tried to pull back and suck air past the head but the
man's grip on her skull was too strong and he forced more of it into her
mouth. She felt it going down her throat her instinct was to bite down but
all she did was bite on the hard ring of the gag. She tried to control her
breathing but she could only get a little air until the man started to pull
out and fuck her face. As he pulled out she gasped for breath desperately
before it went into her throat again, after what seemed like an eternity she
felt the soldier cum down her throat, he held his cock in place forcing her
to swallow it all.

"Not bad Lieutenant, but you've got a long way to go," gloated Jack.

Someone was rutting into her ass, holding her hips hard as he grudge fucked
her still tight butt. O'Neil lifted her head trying to see through her semen
gooey eyes. She was face to cock with a half dozen hard dicks, surrounding
her head. Each twitched eagerly waiting their turn.

She was roughly forced to take one into her mouth as the others started to
rub their cocks over her shaved head, against her cheeks anywhere that was
open. The second man filled her mouth with his cum and he was quickly
replaced by another man.

As the man filled her ass with his cum she felt another take his place. She
moaned. Suddenly, a larger cock was thrust into her face and she shuddered as
he rammed it into her throat. He started fucking her throat hard, she tried
to use her tongue to get the man to slow down but it was a lost cause as he
continued to fuck her face fast and furious.

As each man filled her mouth with cum, he was replaced by another. Lt. O'Neil
was swallowing load after load they wouldn't give her time to spit it out.
She could feel cum running out of her ass as each man pounded away at her
helplessly struggling muscular frame. Finally, there were no more men at her

"Hey Lieutenant, look what we've saved for you!" Jack chuckled.

She looked behind her and gasped a black soldier with the biggest cock she
had ever seen was coming up to her.

"Noh Itshh too bhig," she begged struggling to pull her legs free. They
lifted her head so that she could see. With her head up semen spilled from
her mouth and ran down her creased chin. As O'Neil got a closer look she
guessed the Soldiers cock was over a foot long and thick the thickest she
had ever seen.

"Hey O'Neil you like the look of that huh? That's it slut, drool over it.
Slobber all over it. Old Gus here's been waiting to force feed this to you
since he heard you where joining us here. Ain't yer Gus?!"

The big black soldier grinned wanking it slowly

"Noh Itshh too bhig," she repeated. Jack had a little key in his fingers. He
gripped her chin holding her face as he inserted it in the gag he started to
wind it grinning at her puzzled face. O'Neil could feel the gag opening,
forcing her mouth wider, Making her jaw ache and stretch. Her mouth now an
even bigger O than it had been.

"There! (He pats her face) I'm looking forward to you gagging on this bitch.
Tou ain't never had a throat fuck this nasty. This should slacken your throat
Lieutenant! You ready? No? Tough shit honey!"

Two sets of hands held her head as she tried to pull away the bench hard and
unforgiving behind her. Gus climbed up on the table and positioned himself
over her helpless mouth. On all fours, his heavy cock hung just above her
gaping maw. O'Neil was cross eyed staring at it in disbelief.

She tried to twist her face away but their fingers held her face fast. Her
eyes followed the monster as it slowly was dragged back and too around her
lips. Then he gripped it in one big hand and fed it in.

He grunted, ramming his cock between her lips, O'Neil's eyes bulged as his
thick slab like cock head sank in until it bumped against her tonsils. She
fought the invasion into her tight, gasping throat. Gus continued forcing
himself in, and the sounds of O'Neil's discomfort only excited him more.

The gurgling and choking sounds coming from O'Neil and the sight of his
oversized shaft stretching her mouth and making her throat bulge drove Gus
crazy. He started to push in and out making it go in. His ass pistoning it
to her face

Faster and faster he fucked her mouth jamming his twelve inches of hot meat
repeatedly down her throat.

Lt. O'Neil felt his cock get harder and it actually seem to grow larger as
his pumping increased. Her fear intensified, she needed to breathe, but her
rapist was enjoying himself fucking her face too much to care.

"Take it Lieutenant."

"That's it, choke on it you cunt!"

"That's it, take it, take it," They all egged him on.

"Swallow it, swallow that fuckin' cock you whore."

The gagging noises increased from O'Neil's throat as she tried to breathe,
but his rapid thrusts down her gullet were too fast and deep.

"Man, you sure do look good sucking' my cock, Lieutenant slut!"

Gus gloated.

"I've always wanted to choke fuck a stuck up officer like you."

O'Neil continued gagging; he fucked her throat as if it were a cunt,
chuckling as hearing Jack and the others taunt her, "That's it O'Neil, you
got it all!"

"Choke her harder Gus, make her swallow that pole! she's loving it."

"Yeah Gus, make that big ass officer choke on it."

"C'mon, c'mon, cum down her throat!"

O'Neil was desperate for breath her throat so crammed full she sucked around
it in desperation.

"Look at her suck on it, man she's really loving it!"

"Good! 'Cuz she's got a lot more cock to choke down!"

"Damn, this whore's throat's gonna make me cum." Gus marveled,

Surprised at how quick it took. He started to really fuck her face. Slamming
it in grunting in pleasure his knees sliding back on top of the bench shoving
more in.

"Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh!"

"Ugh! I'm gonna cum, you stinking officer slut, I'm gonna cum down your
fuckin' throat, you white piece o' shit!"

All of them crowded around, close watching. All you could hear was the lewd
hard slapping noise of her forehead hitting his belly and his balls smacking
her chin every time he hit bottom.

They cheered at O'Neil's grunts each time his cock fucked down her throat.
Using her mouth the same way he'd use a pussy, he fucked it with quick deep
strokes. She was gagging and choking, and then it worsened. Suddenly Gus
laid on O'Neil's head his cock full in her throat, leaving it there and
letting out a deep low groan.

Her nose was mashed against his belly as he came. His hands slid down and he
gripped her head like he would an ass he was fucking. O'Neil felt the huge
cock deep inside her throat throb. It began pulsating over and over and
O'Neil's body jolted and shuddered beneath him. O'Neil could feel it hot hard
bolts and then the flow of something warm running down deep within her.

She realized Gus was cumming inside her throat. It was his hot black sperm
she felt running down her throat and into her belly.

'Oh GOD JUST FINNISH! Just finish. How could this be happening to me. This
was planned from the start,' she thought. Sudden realization making her want
to weep. 'She was being impaled on a black man's cock and forced to swallow
his sperm. Just to teach her a lesson for intruding into their little jerky
spec ops world! well I'm gonna fuckin get through this you bastards!'

Her throat tightened around his ejaculating cock, trying to reject the thick
fluid, but she only succeeded in intensifying his orgasm and increasing the
amount of hot semen erupting from his cock. His cum bubbled from the corners
of her mouth and thick strands of it ran from her nose. Ropes of semen
dangled down from the corners of her lips.

Then Gus started fucking her face again. He seemed as though he'd never stop.
The cum dribbled down her chin, neck and spilled down the front of her tits.

Gus began pulling his cock from O'Neil's mouth. As it slipped from her
throat, another blast of cum shot into her mouth. The taste of it was bitter.
It was really salty and felt sticky and gooey as it sloshed around her mouth.

O'Neil gasped for breath. More sperm hit her in the face as she coughed;
spitting up some of the thick jism just deposited in her throat. It dribbled
from her mouth and she felt some running down her cheeks. His cock continued
to throb, dumping more thick fluid onto her face. The whole group of naked
soldier's cheered at the state of her cum shot slick face.

Jack walked over to the Camcorder man and directed him to get some close ups
of her sperm flooded face and mouth. He wondered when Blondell would come out
to play, feeling his cock twitch at the thought.

One of them straddled her stomach and grabbing her chained nipples, wrapped
her slick swollen tits around his cock, he began fucking them. Pulling the
chain up hard making hot thin milk spray out. After several quick thrusts
between her cleavage, he showered her neck and the underside of her chin with
heavy sperm and climbed off.

An evil looking brute leaned in towards her face, grabbing her head, and
smacking her in the face with his cock, asking if she wanted to taste it,
feel it in her mouth, on her tongue, and down her throat.

"How 'bout it, Lieutenant, want some more cock?" He forced her to nod her

"You do, do you?" He turned to the others.

"What do you say, guys? Can we help this big assed whore out?"

"Fuck yeah," they chorused. "We ain't even started yet!"

"Order us, whore!" the soldier spat in her face.

"I want to hear you Order us, Order us to fuck your mouth and asshole till
they're raw."

"Orders Lieutenant, Orders you cunt!" he slapped across the face.

"I said Order us bitch, or you'll be sorry, whore, do it!"

"NOH!" she gasped forcing her throat to work.

Two from the crowd each grabbed a balloon like, bouncing tit and started to
squeeze, twisting them and pinching the hard flesh drawing her aureole up to
her trapped red nipples. One of them clenched a nipple in his teeth, biting
it, and flicking it with his tongue. Shocks lanced through each heavy jug as
they pawed and gripped them.

"Phease," she uttered.

"Phease what?"

"Phease," she paused, the tears and anger choking her words.

"Please GOH PHUK OORSHELF!!" she whispered.

"Wrong answer whore!" he slapped her face hard.

"Now you do as you've been asked Lieutenant or Gus here's gonna ream your ass
out. Yeah you get the idea? that hunk of meat up your sorry ass! you'll be in
diapers for the rest of your worthless existence bitch!

Her eye's opened in fear and horror. "NOH!"

"Oh yes bitch he likes that too, don't you Gus?"

He grunts and chuckles.

"Your orders Lieutenant?" he grins down at her pained face.

"That's it, cunt," he taunted. "All you gotta do is issue those orders."

"Now let's hear it again, only, how about, Men, rape my mouth and asshole!"

"Noh phease," she wept.

"Say it, cunt!"

"Mh, mhen," she stammered, "rhape ey ouwf and ashshole."

"That's real nice slut, now say, You are to choke fuck me."

"Youh, Youh arh twoo coke phuuck ee." she sobbed.

"Now say it louder, all of it Lieutenant!" he insisted.

"Youh, Youh arh twoo rhape ey ouwf and ashshole, an coke phuuck ee"

"Thank you," the bastard cackled, "don't mind if I do."

Grinning evilly, he straddled her face, his cock sliding in her open mouth
as she still was gasping for air.

"I'm gonna fuck your face, cunt! I'm gonna stick my cock down your throat
and shoot my load all over your slutty face!" he said.

Without hesitation, he pulled her face around and impaled her throat again
with nine inches of cock. With a grunt, he stuffed it as far down her throat
as he could. When she began to choke, he pulled it out, leaving a few inches
still in her mouth.

"Suck it, Lieutenant! Suck it, you whore!"

With tears streaming down her face, she obediently sucked on his bloated cock

She heard someone yell, "Now you are gonna get fucked, bitch!" She felt
someone slide the head of his cock up and down her slit until he felt her
asshole around the tip. With a powerful thrust, he buried all of it in her.
She tried to scream in pain but her cry was choked off as the stiff prick
fucking her mouth stuffed itself down her throat.

"Don't you like my cock, Lieutenant slut?" the other soldier teased pulling
his out of her ass and then, burying it deep in her cunt with one savage
thrust. The other shoved his meat all the way to the root of the cock in her
mouth, forcing her once more to take it into her throat.

"Come on, cunt, choke on it ... oh yeah ... that's it, all the way down your
fucking throat Lieutenant, you cunt!" With a yell of joy, the man straddling
her face came hard and fast, his cock buried down her throat. O'Neil gagged
and he pulled out and began depositing a tremendous amount of sperm in her
open mouth. Bolt after Bolt flooded her lolling tongue filling her mouth with
heavy gobs of cum.

"I'm gonna fill your mouth with my load, whore, drown in it bitch!"

And he did. His cock spewed torrents of thick cream directly into her open
maw. He came so much into her gasping mouth it dribbled over her lips.

Then he ordered, "swallow it, swallow it. C'mon you whore, swallow it down."

O'Neil choked, sure that she would drown from all the hot cum squirting into
her mouth. She opened her eyes just as more sperm splashed on her face. The
soldier held her head still as more squirted out of his cock inches from her
face. Finally done, he pulled her head around and repeatedly slapped his wet
dick on her cum drenched face as they all cheered and yelled at her.


"Now you look just like a real cum slut should!"

"Man! I ain't never been so excited feeding a slut so much cum!"

"Look, she's begging for more"

"You're gonna fuck and suck and swallow cum until we can't get it up any
more, got that you fuckin' cunt!"

Gasping and choking, O'Neil felt as if she was drowning in sperm. It was far
heavier and thicker than the last load she swallowed. It was so strong and
there was so much of it, she choked when she swallowed it. The inside of her
mouth remained coated with the residue, sticking to the inside of her mouth,
letting her taste the sperm over and over. There were two long trails of it
leaking out of her nostrils and sliding down her cheeks.

Thick ropes of saliva and cum drooled past her lips and down her neck. As
she thought of what was happening, raped by S.E.R.E's men and eating their
filthy cum, the one who was fucking her pussy suddenly pulled out of her
and shot a huge stream of cum all the way up to her tits and all over her
belly. She realized the she didn't know how many soldiers had raped her
and even how many there were. It was far from over and she was certain
they would be making her eat a lot more of their sperm.

'She was their gang rape toy and she couldn't do anything about it.'

Jack came forward with the camera guy, she tried to shy away as he filmed
her semen coated features.

"Hey Lieutenant you're nearly unrecognizable and we don't want that do we,
huh, it might spoil your fame and fortune eh?"

She glowered at him in disgust trying to spit some of the goo out of her

"Phuck oo!" she spat.

"A sterling performance Lieutenant." he turned to the others.

"Now for something different I think. Time to clean you up inside and out."

Behind the soldiers Blondell appeared her face flushed with excitement
wearing only her service blouse. Jack knew she wouldn't be able to miss
this bit. She carried her doctors bag. She tapped Gus on the shoulder
and whispered to him he grinned ear to ear.

"Captain Blondell how good of you to join us!"

She came over her slight frame in complete contrast to O'Neil's muscular
body. She only wore her blouse open to the last two buttons. It just covered
her pussy and ass enough to tantalize the excited men. She licked her lips
drinking in the delicious sight of the helpless Lt. O'Neil.

"All this sperm and she still has a smart mouth, Master Chief I think you're
right, perhaps the funnel yes?"

"That's exactly my thought Captain. Dobs! the funnel!"

Dobs produced a wide brimmed funnel and gave it to Jack.

O'Neils eye's were wide as her mind raced trying to imagine what they had

Jack gripped her chin and held her face as Dobs thrust the funnel into her
open mouth. He slammed her head back on to the bench top.

"Your gonna love this bitch, you thought the gag was bad!" he chuckled.

O'Neil felt the funnel tip sink into her throat, the slick semen easing it's

Blondell rummaged in her bag and produced another anal plug similar to the
other but with a tube and pump on one end.

O'Neil was struggling now trying to twist her head away as jack got his cock
out and dangled it semi erect over the edge of the funnel.

He stood over the funnel. She noticed he didn't have a hard on and wondered
what he was doing, then she heard him start to pee and then she felt the
liquid running down her throat, it burned. She gagged realization hitting
her like a sledge hammer. Her mouth quickly filling. A second then a third
soldier joined the Master Chief all pissing into the funnel, peeing in her
helpless throat. Hot piss started filling her mouth.

"C'mon you piss slut, swallow it," Jack yelled at her.

"Swallow it you dumb whore!"

She held it in her mouth refusing to swallow their foul piss, the funnel
filled to overflowing, piss started to pour over the sides onto her cheeks,
down her neck, washing the semen from her bound tits.

"You are a stubborn mule Lieutenant, Swallow, SWALLOW!!"

She refused clamping her throat shut . Jack grinned and gripped her nostrils
clamping them shut. in seconds O'Neil's eyes filled with tears as her chest
screamed for air. She struggled to control hoping against hope they would
give up.

They didn't and with a sob of defeat she had to give up and with a guttural
moan of outrage suddenly swallowed a large mouthful of piss down. She opened
her throat again letting in another mouthful and was forced to swallow it
again. Jack held her nostrils tight making her drink the hot piss as it
flowed from their cock's. He kept her in place as she continued to swallow
the flow. Only able to grab a choking breath as she emptied the funnel. She
choked and wretched tired and broken.

"That's a good bitch, anyone else?"

He pulled the funnel out letting, O'Neil gasp and gulp for air. Another man
ambled over. "Still thirsty, Lieutenant?" he asked,

"Open up, I got some more." Taking his still respectable half hard cock, he
grabbed O'Neil's chin and forced himself into her mouth, sliding down her
fucked out throat.

She started gagging from the cock hitting the back of her throat, and lodging
itself there. Suddenly her eyes grew wide, and she started struggling.

"Take my piss, you fucking slut!" He yelled out.

He started pissing right down her throat. He gripped her nostrils as Jack
had. Not a drop came from her mouth. She was swallowing everything. A full
ten seconds went by with O'Neil's mouth mashed against his pubes, her throat
bulging with the cock that was hosing piss straight into her stomach.
Finally, he finished, pulling out of her mouth.

After two more forced pisses down her throat, she lay moaning, looking six
months pregnant. Her now rounded belly bulging out, swollen with the gallons
of cum and piss shot down her throat.

Then the others stood over her and pissed all over her body. Hot hard streams
of piss bouncing and showering off her hard muscled body. Pummeling her bound
breasts, rinsing her coated face clean of semen. Leaving her body slick and
steaming from their piss.

It disgusted her to be used as a toilet like this, eventually she was aware
that Gus was knelt between her legs with Blondell.

The blonde woman forced her fingers into her cum slick anus making O'Neil
groan in disgust she prodded and forced her ring open. O'Neil lifted her head
blinking stinging piss from her eyes.

Gus helped her with his fingers, thick hard strong digits, pulling her
ravaged ass open. Blondell guided his semi erect meat to her asshole. Forcing
and pressing the head into her sphincter. Making it go in. O'Neil's legs and
ass shook and jerked as they pulled and pushed it in. Eventually the head was
in and her ring snapped closed around the back of his glans. O'Neil groaned
in pain as it sat in the entrance of her ass. He pushed deeper into her
rectum and shoved it all the way up her once tight asshole. Once he was in,
he casually pumped her a few times.

"I always wanted to watch a guy do this, and since you're such a mouthy slut,
Lieutenant your the ideal candidate," Blondell enthused.

At a nod from her Gus started pissing. O'Neil howled in disgust and horror
as she felt the hard hot thump of pressure slam into her rectum as his piss
started to hose up into her. She lay there whimpering weakly as he filled her
already distended belly with more hot piss.

"Like that, cum bucket?" she asked, "He's pissing up your big fat ass. You
like that O'Neil eh whore!"

He urinated in her ass for almost a full minute Blondell placed her hands on
O'Neils distended belly.

"I can feel your ass filling up with his piss cunt," she gloated.

"Take it, you piss slut." "Take it all."

Blondell came up with a butt plug the size of a fist. As Gus pulled his
hardening prick out of her ass, She cruelly slammed it up into her;

"Here you go O'Neil, we don't want you losing any of that now do we?"

Blondell was totally excited by Gus pissing up the hapless, gang raped
service woman's ass.

"OK Master Chief the other guy's can wait outside while you and I interrogate
the Lieutenant further."


They all obeyed leaving O'Neil alone with Blondell and the Master Chief.

Blondell stood producing a long thick oversized dildo she showed it to O'Neil
and tried to put her fingers around it's girth. She couldn't, she smiled.

"OK Lieutenant guess what I'm going to do?"

O'Neil couldn't believe the size of it, it would ruin her cunt!

Blondell began to strap it on so that it protruded obscenely from her groin.

O'Neil shook her head appalled gurgling in protest.

"That's right we're going to do some real girl to girl bonding, won't that be
nice." She got between O'Neil's legs and began to finger her cunt lips open.
O'Neil shook her head, struggling with renewed vigour as Captain Blondell
prepared to rape her.

To Be Continued...


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