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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 5 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

Blondell went to her knees between O'Neil's tightly roped thighs. She admired
her cunt. stroking the carefully trimmed black triangle, dipping her fingers
into her neglected twat. Below that her taut buttocks framed the oversized
bung that filled her ass.

O'Neils full ass amplified the sensations making each touch electric.

'No!' this could not be happening to her, but then she felt the Blondell's
tongue on her cunt lips.

"Oh noh, NOHH!" She was being licked by a woman!

No woman could have forced apart O'Neil's powerful thighs, but of course she
didn't need to.

O'Neil couldn't believe what Blondell was doing a wave of revulsion and
nausea swept over her. Those bastards pissing on her, making her drink it.
Now this bitch playing with her cunt.

She felt her cunt twinge, her nipples ache. She had always denied it, hated
it. Only ever fantasized like that when she was pissed up and her guard was

She always felt guilty for days after, remembering how strong her orgasms
had been. Imagining some other woman. Some weak bitch being dominated by her
holding the whore's face to her cunt making her eat her twat, lapping and
sucking at her cunt. Repressing it. forcing herself to keep straight, and
now... now...


Blondell smiled as O'Neil's body flinched at her touch, she gently opened
O'Neil's pussy to her kisses.

The aroused and panting Lieutenant could only moan when she felt Blondell's
tongue invade her helpless pussy. Blondell gripped the pump connected to the
bung in O'Neil's ass. She squeezed it hard. O'Neil jerked, her ass quaking
as the fat bulbous head of it forced her abused sphincter wider. Hard burning
pain lancing up into her piss filled abdomen. Making her uterus tighten, a
hot vicious knot desperate for release.

All her self doubts were suddenly washed away by a building orgasm, as
Blondell gently sucked on her labia.

Jack watched with the camera guy. Fuck this was horny. That little bitch
Blondell knelt there between O'Neil's legs. Her fingers spreading that neat
cunt of hers. Blondell in her blouse, the hem of it dancing about half way
down her tight hard ass cheeks. The straps for the dildo coming out from
between her legs, spreading her ass invitingly. Her shallow crease opening
and closing as she moved, so that you glimpsed her tight little rusty spider.
Below that her pussy hairs were wet with juice.

He felt his cock go rigid at the thought of spearing the medical officer's
ass. Blondell's head was bobbing she was hard at work on O'Neil's twat. He
winked at the camera guy and then got to his knees behind Blondell.

O'Neil wanted to scream "No," but the bolts of erotic sensations that shot up
through her cunt left her weak, too distracted. In a kind of erotic daze, her
head swam. She couldn't make her stop. Her breath was short and she felt a
warmth almost like liquid fire growing in her. Her fingers were inside her,
probing, teasing, twisting and pushing. while her tongue was getting harder
and closer to her... Fuck! she was about to come and the woman hadn't even
touched her cl ...

"Noh! NOHH! Aiiiiiii" O'Neil screamed.

Her body was rocked by an intense orgasm as soon as Blondell had touched her
pleasure button. Her body dancing and straining as Blondell ran her tongue
over, around, and across her extended clit. Flicking her tight red button
hard and fast. her fingers holding her hood back taut, forcing her nub out so
she could feed on it. She may have blacked out for a few seconds. When she
opened her eyes Blondell was staring at her gloating.

"That was good, Lieutenant. You needed pleasuring, didn't you? Although you
don't fucking deserve it cunt!"

She pumped the bung in her ass hard viciously forcing her aching butt whole
wider, making her hips flinch and quiver. She grinned enjoying the pain on
the big woman's face.

O'Neil could only look up at her in dazed confusion and nod her head 'yes'.

Blondell dipped her head back down and took O'Neil's dripping crotch to her
mouth and began to drink from her copiously flowing slit.

Blondell felt the Master Chief behind her. He gripped her hips his thumbs
dragging open her buttocks as his wet hot cock head pushed to her cleft. She
pushed back letting out a soft moan. She stiffened gritting her teeth as he
forced his meat into her dry ass hole.

"That's a good bitch! don't mind me, get to work on that slit you little
cunt!" He growled as he forced deeper making her gasp.

Blondell resumed wetly lapping at the trapped lieutenants spread cunt. She
locked her wet mouth over O'Neil's clit and sucked hard pulling on it as Jack
began to fuck up into her ass. He gripped her epauletted shoulders and began
to really shaft her. Slamming her butt with heavy steady strokes.

Blondell feverishly sucked and lapped at O'Neil's cunt. Her face a mask of
pleasure with each deep thrust she received. Soon she was rewarded when
O'Neil yelped and came again, her body snatching and jolting with each
contraction drenching Blondell's mouth and lips with her pungent love juice.

She slurped and lapped at O'Neil's clit. Her long fingers twisting and
turning inside her vagina seeking and finding O'Neil's soft pad like 'G' spot
and pressing and teasing it, triggering another of O'Neil's orgasms and then
another as Blondell persistently tongued her clit and toyed with her
vulnerable pleasure pad.


One orgasm blended into another, her sweating piss glazed body spasmed and
jerked, her full ass an awful excruciating pressure. Her bowels cramping, she
felt dizzy, nausea swept through her again.

Blondell pulled her fingers free and gripped O'Neil's thighs for support as
Jack body slammed her slight frame grunting and gasping as he approached his
peak. Blondell gasped and shuddered, jerking with hard shock as he shot his
load up into her clenching ass hole.

He pulled out of her ass, Blondell swept her hand back to plug her own
twitching butt hole. Holding his semen in herself with her long slim fingers.
Jack moved back. Blondell got up and climbed up O'Neil's big frame.

"OOoohh that was sooo nice Lieutenant, so nice I want to share it with you.
The Master Chief has filled my butt up with his nice hot cream and it would
be impolite not to share wouldn't it?"

O'Neil sobbed in realization trying to pull her face away desperately as
Blondell twisted around placing her knee on one side of her face and her foot
on the other spreading her legs so she could lower her slimy ass over
O'Neil's disgusted face.

"NOHH!! NOH PEASE ET AWAHY!! NOH" she pleaded.

Jack's hand gripped her chin pulling her head still holding it strongly in
place. O'Neil's eye's went crossed comically as she couldn't help but focus
on Blondell's fingers as they plugged her freshly buggered hole.

The camera came close, O'Neil shook in horror and helpless disgust as he
angled it to catch Blondell ass directly above O'Neil's ring gagged open

O'Neil sobbed and pleaded tears streaming from her eyes as Jack grabbed the
chain on her breasts and yanking it up hard handed it to Blondell who pulled
and stretched them.

Her fingers came away leaving O'Neil staring up at her semen strung arse
hole. O'Neil shut her eye's tight. Nothing happened. In relief she glimpsed
again. Just as Blondell pushed and Jacks semen geysered out of her ass into
O'Neil's helpless mouth.

O'Neil's body jolted and flinched her head jerking and jolting. She fought
to be free as they made her take each and every slowly moving glob of stained
semen as it dripped out after the initial spurt of goo.

O'Neil's tongue lolled and flexed trying to be free of the awful thick
disgusting stuff as they're laughter stung and made her squirm with

Blondell lowered her twat over O'Neil's open mouth her fingers moving around
the base of the dildo she wore, they became a blur as she frigged her clit
into a thick short stub. She groaned her belly tightening. Her face flushed,
fixed on the poor lieutenant's body beneath her. She yanked on her breast
chain watching fascinated as fore milk sprayed out of both clamped teats.

O'Neil shuddered beneath her as she traced her hanging labia around her
swollen lips. Blondell's body began to shake, tension peaking as with a
sudden groan she came.

Hot pussy juice squirted from her pussy, straight into O'Neils mouth
Blondell's hips flexing as she teased herself again and more squirted into
the unfortunate Lieutenant's mouth filling her mouth quickly with slick
clear lubricant. O'Neil gurgled and fought her face going beet root as she
tried not to swallow her pungent cunt juice.

More sprayed out as Blondell lowered her other leg in exhaustion so that her
twat covered O'Neil's mouth completely her still gaping ass hole resting on
O'Neil's nose. She gripped the chain like reins and began to ride O'Neil's
face. O'Neil gurgled and spluttered as she was forced to gulp each mouthful
of cum juice down. She swallowed desperately trying to clear her airway.
Blondell stiffened forcing her cunt to O'Neil's mouth, throwing her head back
as she came again for a final time. She stroked the dildo as if it were her
own real cock. Grinning at jack.

"Time to fuck Princess high and mighty I feel."

"Go to it Captain," Jack enthused. He let go of O'Neil's face.

Blondell climbed off O'Neils red, gasping, juice slick face. still holding
her breast chain. She bounced the dildo off her hand grinning.

"You'd like that wouldn't you piss bitch? Big rubber cock stuffing your cunt
while I suck those big mams of yours" she slapped O'Neil's bloated belly.

O'Neil gasped for air. Her bowels cramping, she felt dizzy again, nausea
swept through her. She couldn't believe what they'd done to her. All that
piss and semen, semen out of this dike's ass. 'OH GOD.. OH GOD....'

She gagged, and gasped.

"You're not going to throw all that nice cunt juice up are you Lieutenant?
that would be a shame, we'd have to put it all back in now wouldn't we!"
Blondell gloated stepping back.

She desperately tried to control herself but the weight of all their juice,
semen and piss was too much she gagged again her chest convulsing. She tried
to lift her head but the chain held her fast.

She gagged again. Choking as her throat and mouth filled with regurgitated
juice, piss and semen. Her eye's bulged. She was going to throw up. She tried
to spit it out but the ring gag stopped her. She couldn't breath!

Suddenly Jack was over her he released the chain. Gripping her shoulder and
chin he forced her to twist and forced her face over the side of the bench.

Her belly convulsed and she jerked and stiffened spewing all their sperm and
piss in a big rush onto the floor. She gasped and spat in relief.

Jack shook her head. "Tut tut Lieutenant, that's a bad girl, a naughty bad
girl! you're not going to enjoy laying in that later now are you?"

"PHUKK OO!" she managed before he slammed her back on the bench. He held her
down as he chained her neck again trapping her. He slapped her face grinning.

"Hey never mind there's plenty of time for that later, your girlfriend hasn't
finished with you yet, have you Captain?"

"I've only just started honey, you'll love this bitch!"

Blondell was stood between her thighs she rubbed the head of her false cock
up and down the length of O'Neil's pussy before taking a firm grip and
shoving it into her.

O'Neil's face redden in degradation and shame as her fellow female officer
raped her.

"Aaaaahh!" O'Neil yelled as she felt herself being penetrated .

O'Neil could only weep in humiliation and pain, as the camera closed up on
her anguished face.

Abruptly she felt a tremendous pressure, and a horrible pain at her crotch,
as something large, and unrelenting was jammed against her tight, pussy

It pushed harder, crushing her pussy lips, and shoving inside her. She
twisted, and jerked against the ropes holding her as burning pain erupted in
her groin and then spread deep inside her belly. Hands gripped her hips, as
the thing was thrust against her cunt canal with brutal force.

She felt her cunt lips spread and spread as the intruder smashed aside her
cunt walls and drove up into her soft warm belly. Deeper and deeper it went,
crashing through her tight cunt walls with hardly a pause, filling her cunt
tube with its cold fullness.

Her rectum spasmed as the piss in it was pushed and pressed she desperately
needed to shit it out. She strained trying to dislodge the awful bung. It
wouldn't move. As she bore down More of Blondell's dildo eased further into
her splayed cunt lips. Impaling her stretched cunt walls. She could hold out
no more, this final horror brought her to the edge of mental collapse, and
tears rolled out of her eyes.

Blondell let go of her hips and gripped her swollen tits pulling them
viciously, thumbing her tender teats.

"Oh dear big girls don't cry now do they? what's a matter want it deeper?"
she giggled.

O'Neil shook her head frantically 'NO' as Blondell used her tits to lever
her self deeper up into her cunt. She straightened her legs. Forcing it
deeper. The thing was so wide.

O'Neil went ridged screaming in agony as she felt something tear. It went
deeper with a snap. Blondell began to fuck with her hips. Enjoying O'Neil's

She felt the thing tear in and out of her bleeding crotch, ripping a tunnel
for itself. It drove deeper and deeper with each powerful lunge. Blondell
was pulling and kneading her breasts, her tongue teasing around her trapped
nipples. O'Neil arched her back as she felt the rounded head jam up against
the back wall of her cunt tube.

Still the thing jabbed in and out, crashing against her cervix repeatedly,
bringing waves of shocking pain racing through the Lieutenant's body.

"Relax." Blondell said as she eased the dildo out a little, before pushing
it back in twice the depth of her first attempt. Blondell reached down and
rubbed her fingers against O'Neil's clit.

"There that's nice, good girl are we going to come again for your girlfriend?
I bet you are."

O'Neil's frantic motions to get away rubbed her nub to Blondell's fingers.
She stiffened with the sharp pain as Blondell began to thrust deeper within
her with an ever increased frequency.

Gradually, the pain lessened and gave way to an increasing pleasure. Even
through the artificial cock, Blondell could feel the walls of O'Neil's cunt
grabbing hold of her as she thrust inside her again and again.

"You love this, don't you?" Blondell asked.

Between thrusts as she grabbed O'Neil's hips and pulled her cunt hard against

"You're such a horny little bitch!"

The constant rubbing against her own love button was sending her into
pre-orgasmic fits as well. Hot sweat covered the two bodies as Blondell
fucked away at her bound body. She shook with the energy and passion as
she pulled and milked O'Neils ballooned tits.

Try as she might, it was physically impossible for Blondell to get further
inside O'Neil. She eased it out.

O'Neil moaned in gratitude as it pulled free of her tormented love tunnel.
It slid out.

Then she shuddered in shocked realization, as Blondell readied herself for a
vicious thrust.

She felt the hard rubber press against her slit, then a muffled shriek
erupted from her gagged lips, as the dildo slid down into her cunt tube
again. She felt it drive deeper and deeper, jamming against her cervix
and still pressing harshly. The cock pulled out again, then slammed
forward, crushing her tender cervix between the hard rubber and the
pressure of the piss up her ass. Again the cock slid back, then raced in.

This time she felt the harsh scratching of the girls pubic hair against her
vaginal lips.

"Almost there." she heard Blondell groan.

Then the cock hammered forward, crushing her cervix as the Officer crammed
every inch of rubber cock into the Captured Lieutenant's tight fuck tube.

She pulled the cock back and then humped forward again. Now that she had
broken the last resistance of O'Neil's cunt hole, she began to fuck into her
with smooth regular motions. Her hips moved forward and back easily, sliding
the thick fuck tool in and out of the bleeding hole with satisfied ease.

O'Neil felt a strange tingling in the skin around the thrusting dildo. The
feelings grew and spread down the length of her ravished cunt tube.

A brief moment later Blondell rammed the large rubber cock deep between
her thin stretched cunt lips. She stirred it inside O'Neil screamed in
excruciating ecstasy as Blondell drove the dildo it's full length within

The warmth and tingling in O'Neil's loins increased. She felt a strange
yearning, and a rushing flood of sexual heat and passion swarmed over her
body, making her skin flush deeper red and staggering her with its intensity.

Unconsciously O'Neil's ass pushed down to meet a forward thrust of the long,
thick fuck tool. She groaned deep in her throat as the erotic carnal desires
made her head throb and sent quivers of gasping delight shooting through her

Blondell gripped O'Neil's swaying balloon breasts again which were rocking
in time to the back and forth jerking of her taut frame.

"Do you like my cock, Lieutenant?" her voice taunted.

The thing was pulled all the way back and then rammed right up her jolting

Her bulging breasts seemed to swell and burn as the officer raping her
kneaded and squashed them. The fingers twisting and massaged the vulnerable
thick trapped nipples, sending explosions of lust through O'Neil that made
her whole body tremble. She gasped in horror and delight as the already erect
nubs seemed to harden and lengthen. Her nipples had always been incredibly
sensitive, but now they were on fire and streaming slick white milk.

Her ass jerked repeatedly as the dildo drilled her pussy. Hot fuck-milk
gushed into her penetrated hole making her fuck get loud with slurping
slapping noises.

O'Neil cringed in embarrassment at her mounting excitement, but her
humiliation was beginning to be pushed aside by the growing lust engulfing
her hapless body. Then her body seemed to undulate and quiver as an explosion
of fiery sexual gratification blasted through her convulsing frame.

"That's it whore cum for your girl come on that's it, you can do it, come

One final thrust was enough to unleash the awful tension in O'Neil's uterus.
Her eyes rolled up as an explosion of white hot contractions hammered through
her cunt. Squeezing the hard unrelenting cock with a barrage of hungry
frenzied spasms which would have squashed a man's cock unmercifully flat.
Both bodies jerked violently as they were consumed by the body quake that
ripped through O'Neil.

Blondell laughed in triumph lifting up off O'Neil's shuddering body. She
wrenched the dildo from her still orgasming cunt. The camera man watched in
delight as the thick girl-fucker emerged from the splayed black fur hole
coated in blood and thick gooey sex juice. Blondell pulled back. Nodded to
Jack who dragged the shit bucket over and brought it to rest under her still
trembling ass.

In one swift movement Blondell deflated the anal bung and wrenched it free.

O'Neil howled in humiliated horror as the contents of her bowels flooded out
in one heavy gush. She pressed and more spurted out. Then more. She groaned
in relief. Flushing with embarrassment as her cunt continued to spasm and
cunt juice and blood squirted out of her gaping cunt flaps.

"Get in here you men! untie her legs, careful! Get her on her face. That's
it! Move it!"

Men were all over her untying her legs. The chain from her throat. She tried
to kick but her legs were so weak. She was lifted slammed down heavily on her
sore tender breasts, face first over the bench. Heaved forward so her breasts
were bulging down over the edge. She felt her legs lifted, riddled with pins
and needles. Tied again wide apart. Leaving her ass and cunt open behind her.
She let her head drop forward in despair as she realized the abuse was far
from over.

To Be Continued...


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