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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 6 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

Before Lieutenant O'Neil had time to recover, Blondell backed off. The master
Chief clapped his hands and bodies were hurtling at her helpless figure. They
were all over her, S.E.R.E. Troops grabbing, Pinching, pulling. She strained
trying desperately to find Some last vestiges of fight left as her knees were
released she tried to kick, but her legs were so leaden and numb She tried to
pull herself into a ball. A hand yanked her shaved head back and a fist
smashed into her shocked face stunning her. Her teeth Rang against the ring
gag with the blow.


Then they yanked her over and threw her muscle bound frame on her front over
the bench in the beach house. Dragging her by her tywraped arms (pinned
together at the wrists and elbows), over the rough table top, her drug
enhanced, ballooned, aching, bound tits dragged painfully under her.


Then they stiffly popped into bulging glory over the edge. A chain, nipple
clamped to each swollen teat. The weight of it making it swing, stretching
them Cruelly. O'Neil's BDU's torn, hung from her lower legs, Where her booted
feet twitched and flexed. She was bent over forwards with her head hanging
over the side and her ass in the air.

"Get her legs, hold em, that's it! Pull 'em tight!"

"Tighter! That's it, wide open, WIDE!!"

They tied her knees to the legs of the bench. Thick cord around each knee.

"Strap her belly down!"

A thick pallet strap was thrown across her waist and secured at both ends.
Then drawn tight by an enthusiastic soldier.

"You ain't going fuckin' nowhere Spit-Tail!"

She groaned in pain as her abdomen was viciously strapped to the harsh bench

Then she felt something attached to the back of the gag harness. Her head was
wrenched back hard and fastened to her bound arms. Pulling O'Neils head back
hard. Her mouth an open target from the front.

"Nice ass, you fucking whore," said Gus,

"Looks like it's still a tight hole to me." Another.

"Hey Chief what you and that dyke been doin' to her anyhow?" Another again.

"Real perverted shit you wouldn't believe soldier!"

"You make the bitch cum?" Gus.

"Oh yeah Lieutenant cunt juice here was squirtin' like a Skunk man!"

"Well let's see how fuckin' tight her ass still is boys!" Someone else.

The Master Chief came before her he crouched down grinning into her gagged

"Feeling sorry for yourself O'Neil? Do you want to strike that bell

O'Neil glowered at him "GOH THOO ELL PHUKK... UHHHHHHHHHH!!"

He punched her face hard laughing. she grunted with pain and shock, her head
slamming back.

"Who's first for a piece of fat assed Lieutenant?!" Jack gloated into her
face shouting over her shoulder.

"Well I guess it should be me Chief!" boasted Gus.

He stood to the side of the Master Chief, in front of her wanking the thick
black meat that she had been forced to swallow earlier.

She blinked and swallowed looking up at him with a look of horror. She shook
her head 'NO'


"Oh don't worry Lieutenant, it's only pain. Best thing about pain is it's
you're bodies way of telling you, you ain't dead yet!"

"Who want's head? Come and get it!" jack backed off.

Gus went behind her. Suddenly, he smacked her on the ass. Her buttocks
flinched and quaked two big stiff hard globes. She wanted to scream as her
head was grabbed and jerked around.

O'Neil looked up at the evilly grinning faces of the two soldiers who had
grabbed hold of her on either side of her head, their cocks growing thick and
hard again. They laughed and started to smack her in the face with their
dripping, half erect cocks, making lewd meaty sounds as they thudded against
her cheeks, nose, lips, and forehead.

O'Neil began to sob hoarsely through her sore throat, knowing that once again
she would have her mouth savagely raped. Her shaved head was pulled to one

"Now lick me, you fuckin split tail slut" One of them demanded.

"You goin't quit O'Neil? huh? It's so easy, say it, SAY IT! QUIT WHILE YOUR
ASS AIN'T RIPPED OPEN!" The Master Chief urged.

She shook her head 'NO' with grim determination. Then began crying as the
first one pushed his cock into her mouth. He fucked it in and out for
minutes. Then she was pulled off it. It came out of her ring gagged mouth
with an audible wet 'plop'.

O'Neils head was pulled to the other side, another hard, fat prick stabbed
at her lips before finding her helpless wide opening she sobbed as it fucked
into her mouth. It quickly throbbed and began shooting a thick gush of cum
into her throat, She gasped in shock and choked it down. The other guy
couldn't' wait and squirted his load all over her surprised face.

The other white soldiers gathered around jerking their dicks off in her face
and laughing at her pleading and sobbing cum coated features.

"Shit Lieutenant there's fucking gallons more, UHH!"

"Best you learn to like it cunt! UHH!"

They began to shoot and cover her face with more cum. In seconds, thick
spurts of it were slapping across her face, sticking her eye's shut. Soon
every inch of her face and shaved head was coated with thick lines and
clumps of semen.

She sobbed trying to shake her tear and cum streaked face free of it like a
wet dog. Three more soldier's came in they began to strip they were three big
black guys, They pushed through and came to her face waving their cocks like

"BOOOHAAAAA! Mind if we join in Master Chief?"

"Help yourself boy's Lieutenant O'Neil just don't know when to quit, do you

She shuddered at his goading cringing as they came over.

"Glad to hear, there's more of my unit comin' over. Should be here soon!"

O'Neil sobbed in disbelief at the news but the noise was cut short by cock.

They gathered around her head and stuffed her helpless mouth again. One of
them, had an unbelievably fat ten inch cock. He repeatedly rammed the head
of it deep into O'Neil's throat, while the others gripped her jerking head.
His powerful lunges, and girth forced her throat to stretch painfully to
accommodate him. It was even wider than Gus's throat aching tool. Each time
he plunged down, you could see her throat bulge out painfully from the
thickness of it.

"Take it Lieutenant, C'mon choke on it, I've been desperate to grudge fuck
your worthless face! I'm Gonna shoot a Fuckin' ocean o'jiz in your belly!!
Uuhh yeah that's it honey, Fight it ooh yeah! Fight me cunt AHH AHH AHH!!"

O'Neils head and torso jerked and jolted her neck muscles. Straining to pull
off the awful thing. His fingers and theirs yanking and pulling her face hard
on to it.

"NUUPHHH! NUUUPPPHH!" She snorted and grunted.

"Yeah, take it! Throat my cock, you split tail white cunt!"

"Take it! Throat it! you piece of shit cum bucket!"

O'Neil gagged and choked as the head of it rammed into her sore forced
throat, drool welled up from her gullet and began to flow around his fat
black cock. He forced himself down her throat, the base of his penis was
ramming against her Forced open full lips, bruising them with each powerful
angry thrust.

"Look up at me, cunt." he barked.

"I said fuckin look up! LOOK UP CUNT!!" He slapped her head hard.

Jordan tried to open her spermed up blue eyes to look up at him, but they
were all strung up from the other loads in her face so she just blinked at
him and closed them again.

"Think you came here to be a SEAL huh? All we gonna teach white officer
bitches like you is how to love to suck black cock! Your gonna beg for it
by the time You leave this program! You hear me cunt! You won't never get

"Ain't that right, Lieutenant?" he slapped her head.

"Isn't it?"

"UUHHETH! ETH!" she gasped around it's girth.

"Speak properly with your mouthful CUNT!!" he barked.

He grabbed both her ears pinching them up viciously and began to brutally
fuck her face. His heavy black balls slamming to her chin. Her head was
yanked forward onto his thick tool. He was so deep in her throat that she
snatched desperately for air through her cum clogged nostrils. O'Neil was
almost blacking Out when she felt his big black cock swell and throb,
filling the back of her throat like a huge knot just before it erupted a
torrent of hot thick jets down her violated throat.

He sadistically held her head fast enjoying her frantic struggles as she
gagged on the thick fluid. In desperation she painfully choked down throat
full after throat full of heavy salt laden cum. O'Neil felt as if he was
pumping a gallon of sperm into her lurching stomach, filling her to bursting.

All of the Soldiers were laughing and joking, howling with sick delight
seeing her jolt and wince with each throb of his cock evident through her
tightly stretched throat.

He pulled his still erect cock from her mouth. Letting her gulp for air.
Globs of semen dribbled from her Thick lips and ran down her chin. Adding to
the white streams running down her face, that strung from her eyelids and
nostrils, thick streaks which ran over her forehead and across her shaven

O'Neil was almost unrecognizable to them now, through the layers of their
cum, thick layers of it slid down her puffing cheeks.

They laughed again as another soldier quickly rammed his cock into her gaping
mouth and began raping her face again, She gagged thinking of the amount of
piss and cum which had already shot down her throat, choked down as she
fought for breath, she could feel it coating her throat, pooling heavily in
her stomach.

Some gurgling sounds and whining came from her throat. That's all the
complaining she could manage while having her throat fucked.

Gus laid his hands on O'Neils flinching hard ass cheeks. He savoured
spreading them, forcing her stiff strong cheeks to give. Letting him look
down on her freshly speared sphincter. Her cleft was deep and darkly stained
her until recently virgin anus gapped slightly as he forced her cheeks as
wide as possible.

Her ass had been tight when Blondell had pushed his deflated cock head into
her so he could piss. But now after watching her having her face raped his
cock was solid. The foreskin drawn back showing the thick bulbous purple
crown. The fat tube of stiff meat behind it laced with hard rippling veins.

Her sphincter winked at him as she fought to pull her head off the cock
reaming her throat. Her ass cheeks straining to close. Her fingers dancing
above them wrists straining on the cruel biting Tywraps that bound them. Her
muscle bound arms bulged with effort against her bonds.

"Oh yeah I'm gonna bust your ass Lieutenant, your gonna Beg me to fuck your
throat again rather than have this mother up your butt" he giggled.

Taking hold of it's girth he bent it to her asshole. Forcing it to it. He
brought forth a great wad of spit and let it string from his mouth to her
crack. She jerked as it hit and slithered down to wet her amber ringed

He began to ease it in. The big fat slab like head dwarfing her rear opening.
She tried to swerve her ass. He held her still savouring the feeling of her
now clenching hole slowly Giving, more, and more, and push . . . AHHHHH!

O'Neil jerked stiff her body quivering as the burning pain of his slow entry
washed through her. She could actually feel the giant helmet of his cock ease
in and be gripped by her small asshole. She felt it begin forcing slowly
deeper past her anus. Into her rectum, going deeper and deeper. Feeling the
big knot of his cocks helmet forcing itself up her ass, she groaned as it
stretched her wider than that awful bung that had been shoved into her

She couldn't tell yet, but the fat twelve inch prick hadn't fully penetrated
her yet. And Gus was determined to get every inch inside O'Neil's stuck up
butt. It was hurting her now as he pushed in deeper, forcing her asshole to
expand obscenely to accommodate his girth. Her insides felt like they were
being ripped apart as he grunted, trying to force his cock deep up inside her
tender ass. She was scared, feeling the massive piece of meat penetrating
deep into her.

"Shit Lieutenant what a tight asshole." He enthused gasping.

"Okay, he we go, you cunt."

"Time you knew what a log ass fuck felt like bitch!"

The whole group was going wild, jerking off in O'Neil's face, slapping her
cheeks and forehead with their cocks as she made muffled sounds of pain
around the prick lodged in her throat. They all encouraged their Gus on as
he reamed out her asshole with his big black dick.

"That's it. Make her fuckin' bleed! Give it to her."

"Shove it up her ass."

"Yeah, fuck her worthless ass."

"Jam it up the split tail whore."

"C'mon man, shove it in, she's loving it!"

"Arrrrgh look real tears o'joy HA HA NOT!"

"Yeah Gus make her fuckin' scream man."

"Bust that fat ass Lieutenant!"

He began withdrawing his cock almost all the way,
then plunging back in.

O'Neil felt every inch as the huge black cock buried itself in her ass, over
and over and over. She screamed every time he drove in, but the cock in her
throat only muffled the sounds of her discomfort, and caused the exited man
fucking her mouth to slam into her face harder. Her anal ring hugged Gus's
cock, letting her feel every bump and vein on his massive tool as it passed
through her hole into the depths of her bowels.

She could only lie there whimpering as her ass was forcibly impaled on his
unrelenting tool, and her mouth was violated yet again.

As O'Neil choked on the cock plunging down her throat, one of the men laughed
and they all urged Gus to fuck her even faster and ram his cock up her ass
even harder and deeper.

"Give it to her Gus man. She's really squirming man!"

"That fat Officer ass is hurting now huh honey oooooh yeah!"

"Shove you're fuckin' balls in too man!"

"Fuck her ass flat! C'mon bust the twat!!!"

"Shit! I'm going to fucking cum all over myself if I don't get a piece of
this sleazy stuck up whore's ass!"

"She's a fuckin anal whore. Shit, she's probably butt fucked her way up the
ranks man!"

"Yeah, the little slut's learning her place now. Ain't cha Ooooh yeah does
that smart a little honey ooooh I bet!"

"You like it, don't you Lieutenant cumbucket ass?"

Spurred on by their encouragement, Gus piston'd her tight ass, slamming into
her and shoving her nose deep into the pubic hair of the man raping her

"How do you like it LOOOTENANT. You feeling good?"

"Hey you ain't even gonna have to think about takin' a shit baby. It'll just
fall out after Gus has finished with your ass!"

"Noh! Please no more!" O'Neil tried to reply around the cock lodged in her

"Fuckin' take this!" Gus yelled. He rammed his cock all the way into her
tight asshole.

In agony O'Neil managed to jerk her face off the cock in her mouth.


"Yeah that's it Lieutenant, squeal like a fucking pig!" shouted Gus.


With his cock buried all the way up her ass, he rotated his hips in circles
and widened her asshole even more. Screaming as if a baseball bat had been
shoved up her ass, O'Neil sobbed.

"You want me to take it out? Sure Lieutenant, I'll take it out," Gus said

He pulled his fat prick back out of her ass. O'Neil convulsed as the cock
tore back down her ass, and caused her even more pain and cramps. When he had
removed all but the tip of his cock, "Is this better now Ma'am?" he asked

"GLLUGGHHLLMPH!" She managed as her face rapist rammed his fat cock back in
her gasping mouth. This was O'Neil's only reply.

"You want it back in? That's an order? Will do Lieutenant!"

And he rammed all twelve inches of his cock brutally back into the woman's
ass. Enjoying her tight asshole, he sawed in and out of the helpless officer
with every deep stroke up O'Neil's ass, she whimpered in shame and torment.

Listening to the sobs escaping her obscenely stretched lips; Gus made sure
that every thrust was faster and harder than the thrust before.

O'Neil, tied to the bench, could only moan in agony as the men violently
raped her. She felt her mouth filling up with sperm again. Again and again,
she swallowed the hot gooey load as another cock immediately took its place
in her mouth.

They barely gave her time to breathe. Cock after cock fucked deep into
O'Neil's throat, leaving behind their hot cum. Her whole face had become a
mess covered in sticky sperm that was running down her cheeks and neck.

O'Neil's asshole felt like it was on fire as the anal rape continued, faster
and faster up her chute. His cock actually felt like it had become harder as
he kept ramming it up her asshole.

"This ass whore's incredible. She's so fuckin' tight."

"Hey Lieutenant you try and shit my cock out!" They all laughed.

"NOHH!" She gurgled sobbing.

"Yeah you shit his cock out and Gus will stop won't you?"

"UHHGG . . NOHH!" She managed.

"This'll convince you you stubborn cunt!"

They stopped raping her mouth. Two of them knelt in front of her one snatched
up the chain dangling from her tits. He snatched it out hard yanking her tits
viciously, she howled in agony.

"Right I'll pull on the fuckers you two slap them!"

Her breasts were like two huge stretched torpedo's her thick nipples trapped
in the grip of the biting clamps. She shook her head in disbelief.

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' SLAP' They started to slap her heavy jugs. O'Neil howled
in pain as her breasts bounced and reddened.

"Shit him out!"


'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' SLAP!!' Harder this time their fingers coming down
like thin vicious canes. O'Neil shrieked in agony.

"Shit him out you cunt!"

"NOH UHHHHH!!" She howled as Gus rammed sadistically up into her spasming

'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' SLAP!!' More cruel hard blows.


"PHEASE NOH . . . NOH!" He yanked the chain making her scream.

'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' SLAP!!'


'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' SLAP!!'

"You fucking shit his cock out Lieutenant or I will take that as a quit! You
hear me cunt?"

She sobbed and nodded her head in awful defeat.


Gus heaved up into her stirring his cock deep in her rectum.

"Fucking shit his cock out or so help me!" He took up the strain on the chain

O'Neil groaned her face fixed as she tried to shit him out.

Gus grinned as her bowels clenched his cock, her whole body becoming taut as
she bore back on his thick tool.

"That's it you cunt C'mon! C'mon!!"

She heaved forcing her rectal muscles to grip and expel his manhood. Slowly
his cock began to be squeezed out.

Gus was in heaven her ass milking and sucking on his cock with each awful
grunt and groan the poor lieutenant uttered.

She pressed back feeling relief as it started to ease out, she was going
cross-eyed the relief was amazing like having the biggest shit in the world.

"SHIT HIM OUT! C'mon that's it C'mon"

It was half out now and she couldn't bear down any more. Her ass sucked and
chewed at his cock but couldn't shift it.

"BING BONG!! Arhh fuck Lieutenant you're out of time!"

Her face was a picture of betrayed hatred as Jack howled with laughter. Then
she let out an awful animal howl of pain.

Gus viciously rammed it all the way back up her ass making her howl as his
mammoth tool tore up into her straining guts.


He rammed his cock savagely up in to her again, slapping his balls against
her soft cunt.

"Unfortunately Lieutenant Cum bucket you lost but don't be disheartened as a
special booby prize you get to be butt fucked by all of us!"

"NOOOOOHHHH PHEASE NOH!" She sobbed wracked with pain as Gus beasted her ass.

His frenzy grew, and he forced deeper and deeper as he neared cumming.

"Take it you fuckin' dumb whore, take it up your ass!"

"UUOHH! UUHH! UUOHH! UUOHH!" she grunted as he pistoned her obscenely
squelching butt.

"Fuck her ass, GUS!! Fuck her!"

"Rip her fat ass apart, Gus!"

Again he pulled out almost to the tip and rammed his hard black meat brutally
back up her ass. Over and over, he butt fucked O'Neil as hard as he could.

"I'm ass fucking the shit out of you, you cunt." He growled.

"Yes, oh yeah," He grunted in pleasure with every stroke up her butt.

"Take it, you ass fuckin' whore," he bellowed.

He slammed up her tiny anal orifice again. And again.

O'Neil squirmed in pain, hoping to dislodge the big cock, but it was
impossible. He rammed faster and faster ravaging her asshole like a madman.

"I'm Gonna cum in your ass, you fuckin' officer slut."

"I'm cumming!!!" With a sickening throb of pressure, O'Neil felt him bury his
cock deep in her ass.

Hot jism jetted deep into her spasming intestines making her sob and flinch.
Then she felt it flow deep inside her bowels.

His hard hot cock throbbed for what seemed like minutes. He literally
flood filled her ass with cum. O'Neil groaned helplessly as her rectum
involuntarily squeezed down on the monster in in it's grip.

"Oh yeah you fucking love Nigger cock bitch! who's next?"

She felt his cock eventually stop throbbing and he pulled out of her ass.
With a disgusting 'plop' and fart. Adding to her humiliation. As he withdrew,
she felt A stream of his sperm dribble and splutter from her asshole and
stream down to drip from her gaping cunt.

"You ready to quit Lieutenant?"

O'Neil shuddered as his semen dripped from her still stiff clit. shaking her
head 'No' she sobbed as he grinned.

"C'mon guys lets make this whore beg to ring that bell! "NEXT!!"


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