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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 8 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif,ws)
by Mad Gerald

Cock after cock fucked O'Neil's mouth and ass, leaving behind their hot
creamy loads. Her whole face had become a clotted mess covered in sticky
sperm that was now running down her cheeks and neck while others pulled her
ass cheeks wide apart for better access to the depths of her slack asshole.


Soon, her asshole had been pierced so many times by hard cocks that the tiny
pink pucker had swelled into a red rimmed hole, gaping open for repeated
penetration by cock after cock.


Her ass dripped with the copious loads of semen shot inside, and her strong
limp thighs were streaked with white cum.


Her round buttocks glistened with shiny smears of sticky cum.

After the whole unit had taken a turn butt fucking the captive Lieutenant,
some more than once, they stood back for a moment staring at her limp, full
body, streaming cum from every abused orifice.

The Master Chief prodded her side with his boot.

"Ok men the Lieutenants gotta take a break in her busy schedule. Pyro,
Whitewire! get her worthless ass outside!"

In the cages outside the other captured SEAL Candidates heard the beach house
go quiet. Then two of the instructors came out dragging Lt O'Neal limp body
between them.

She was dragged to the edge of the compound and disappeared from sight.

"Fuck what they doin' to her man?" Gotezlav asked.

"What we should have done, fuck her ass man!" Cortez laughed.

"They ain't are they?" Slav asked.

"Get fuckin' real, would you pass up a piece o' ass like that?" Mc Cool.

"Well I'll have a piece if they put her back in here!" Cotez laughed.

"You sick fuckers!" Slav reprimanded.

"C'mon man what do you expect, some flowers, hope you enjoy your captivity?"
they all laughed.

At the end of the cage run the instructors held O'Neil's body against the
wall of the stockade. On her knees. Her tits and face thrust between the
rough wooden beams. They attached her Gag strap to a beam above holding her
limp head up. Her legs were spread, and tied open. Then a pallet strap was
slung across her back and tightened between the two poles. Forcing her
unconscious frame to the stockade wall. Her bound tits ballooning out on
the inside. Then a piece of wood with a crescent cut out of it was slotted
in behind her head stopping it from pulling back.

The instructors left her there unconscious, for her fellow candidates to

The guards came into the compound and let them all out of the cages. Then
they left.

Cortez, Slav, McCool, and Kotec went to find O'Neil it wasn't difficult.
There was only one avenue leading of to the latrines as the sign said.

At the end of it her bound tits thrust through the wooden poles, her limp
face coated in thick semen was Lt. O'Neil.

"Fuck man she's really fucked up!" Slav gasped.

"You don't say Mr Mensa, I think she could do with some more!" Cortez said.

They all looked at each other. Then Cotez grinned.

"I'm first I really hate this mother bitch!"

"But we can't!" gasped Slav.

"So you gonna turn down the chance to fuck this whore in the face?"

Cotez took hold of her sperm covered, slack face lifting it.

"Besides she ain't exactly gonna remember who's cock went where now is she?"
he laughed.

Slav shook his head slowly.

"As I said I'm first! Come to Cotez baby" he started to undo his pants.

O'Neil groaned still only semi-conscious, Cotez gripped her shaved head and
jerked it, tilting her head up and back.

"Damn! I really wanted some fight when I raped her stuck up throat, but since
she's out of it, I'll just have to fuck her face anyhow."

His other hand wrapped around her jaw, forcing her helpless spread bruised
lips toward his cock.

"Now this should slip down nice and easy cunt!" he gloated.

He placed his rigid cock just between her parted lips. Then, his face
contorted in anger, he drove it into her mouth up to the hilt, his balls
slapping the underside of her chin. Her throat bulged as his cock drove
deep within her. The wood held hard against the back of her head, with
nowhere to go, her mouth helplessly engulfing him. Her face disappeared
in his groin as he brutally jammed himself in her windpipe, gyrating from
side to side, stretching her throat even further.

His face twisted with hate and erotic pleasure as he started bucking into
her face with hard, driving thrusts, his testicles slapping her chin and her
throat bulging with each forward thrust of his hips. As O'Neil gagged on his
member, he groaned in reaction, slamming into her violently. He began to face
fuck her with brutal long deep thrusts, Her head jolting and bobbing as he
raped her helpless face. He suddenly stiffened, ramming deep between her
lips, as he felt the boiling semen rising up within him.

With a grunt of pleasure Cotez wrapped his arms around the wooden poles,
levering himself deep into her trapped head with short sharp deep thrusts.

"Fuck yeah UH UH UH UH YEAH ARGHHHHH!" he groaned.

One last time, he drove himself deep within her mouth and held himself there.
O'Neil's bruised lips unconsciously wrapped around the hilt of Cotez's cock
as the first burst of semen shot into her belly. Gurgling sounds came from
her wickedly distended throat. A malicious smile crossed Cotez's face as he
heard O'Neil gag on his first shot of cum.

Semi-conscious, O'Neil tried to swallow the large quantities of sperm that
was issuing into her throat, but a lot of the stuff escaped out of her mouth
and blew out of her nose. She now had gallons of semen inside her belly.

"Not so fucking smart now are you throat whore!"

He spat ripping his dong from her throat with a resounding glug and sprayed
more of his steaming cum all over her slack face, semen spilled from her
mouth pouring down her chin.

"So how do you like that, huh? Lieutenant Ma'am!" he baited her.

"You fucking two bit trash whore." He grips his cock and wipes the bloated
head across her face, shooting and smearing the last of his juices over her
lips and nostrils until he was drained completely.

"Shit Lieutenant You are one excellent face fuck!"

"Lets see how good you are as a urinal huh? you'd like that wouldn't you a
belly full O' Cotez's piss? I bet you would"

"Fuck Cotez you sick bastard don't do that to her man?" Slav complained.

"Fuck you! are you a pussy or what? you don't like what I do! go fuck

He reinserted his softening member into her mouth and pushed it into her
throat with his hand.

"Open up, you filthy slut."

He forced more of his cock into O'Neil's mouth.

"Start swallowing , whore or you're gonna drown!."

He started to piss pushing his cock deeper as her mouth filled with urine.
She spluttered choking but had no strength to fight. His hot piss started to
fill her mouth almost instantly and began leaking down her chin. He lifted
it holding her head up opening her helpless throat. It hosed from his cock
forcing her to swallow on automatic keeping up with the flow of hot urine.
With desperate gulps.

She drank from his meat swallowing over and over, sucking his urine directly
from his bladder. Her throat swallowing the bitter urine. Loud gulping noises
came from her throat as the hot fluid poured down her. It gushed down her
throat and burning her belly. It seemed to go on forever. Nearly a full
minute passed before he finished relieving himself in her mouth.

"Good girl, Lieutenant" he sneered. "I knew you'd be a great piss drinking

He pulled out of her mouth and stepped away her head hung down limply again.

McCool pushed him aside.

"I'm next you fuckers!"

Mc Cool pulled out his semi hard cock and thrust it into O'Neil's slack
mouth. His thick black tool had to be shoved in, the livid pink helmet
bulging as it went into her bruised lips.

"I could do with a piss before I get this bastard up."

His piss stream spluttered then poured into her mouth.

"Swallow it cunt. Swallow it."

By now the other prisoners had come to find out what was going on. Everyone
was watching. Piss was running down her chin as her mouth filled up. There
was no end to the flow entering her mouth.

"Oh yeah she's swallowing it," He gloated.

O'Neil gulped. Becoming aware she felt the hot piss gush down her throat.
Then it stopped another helmet pushed into her helpless mouth. Again her
mouth was filled with an endless flow of hot piss. With another gulp and it
went down.

O'Neil's belly was aching, distended. Her ass was so sore.

'How many of these bastards had pissed down her throat?'

She could hear them talking as the latest finished pissing In her mouth.

"This is fuckin' incredible A fuckin' Lieutenant as a piss bucket!"

The last one finished then three more began pissing on her big ballooned
tit's. The hot geysers hammering off her hard bound bust. washing her head
and face.

O'Neil hung there there totally drenched in their hot steamy piss.

Then Kotec gripped her head on both sides and pushed his half hard cock about
half way into her ring gagged mouth and stood there with his head tilted
back. Kotec took a deep breath and then yellow fluid began gushing from
around Kotec's cock out of the sides of O'Neil's mouth. He forced it deeper.

The piss stopped escaping from O'Neil's mouth. Her lips were clamped around
Kotec's urinating cock. She was drinking it, gulping the hot piss as it
drained from his big cock. Kotec held her head in place, forcing her to
swallow all of his urine.

He was pissing in Lieutenant Jordan O'Neils stuck up mouth, right her mouth.
He was forcing O'Neil's mouth to be his human toilet. Fuck it felt good!'

Kotec looked down at her, "Swallow it down, you little whore."

"Or I'll shove it all the way down and piss right into your belly."

She spluttered and gasped unable to stand the perverse treatment she
suffered. Trying to pull her face away. She found her head held fast. Her
body flexed and strained as he held her face to his cock enjoying the way
her tongue fought him.

"Hey the bitch is awake. Uh uh oh no you don't not till I've finished

She reluctantly drank from his cock. Finally he pulled out letting O'Neil
head snatch away with her stomach full of hot yellow juice. She gasped and
gagged gulping air.

Then she realized the others were gathering around. She couldn't take any
more of this her stomach was already churning and she knew she would be sick.

She shook her head 'NO' as they crowded round.

One at time they took their turn standing over O'Neil's open mouth and
urinated in it. By the time the seventh one finished pissing in her mouth,
her face was pretty drenched.

O'Neil's stomach ached and cramped. She had swallowed god knows how much cum
and now seven bladders of piss with others still to go. The next one was a
guy with a thick short member. Her gut was churning with the hot acidity piss
she just swallowed.

It was his turn now and he walked up to O'Neil. He placed his thick but
flaccid tool just in her mouth with the head resting on her tongue.

"Hey Lieutenant I Wanna make sure you get all of this."

"Cos I'm bustin full an we don't wanna waste any."

"Now do we, honey?"

His piss stream started and flowed right across O'Neil's tongue to the back
of her throat. In resignation she swallowed as her mouth filled and the warm
flow of urine continued. She swallowed and swallowed keeping up with his piss
as he emptied his full bladder in her helpless piss drinkin' mouth. His hot
piss seemed to stream endlessly from his cock.

He squeezed his cock stopping the flow. O'Neil swallowed the hot piss filling
her throat and mouth.

"Ahhh..., that's good, Good girl!" He reassured.

Then again he released a piss stream that filled her mouth more quickly and
O'Neil swallowed that too, collecting another mouthful of his hot yellow

"Gulp!!! Gulp!!! Gulp!!! Gulp!!! Gulp!!!" And that was gone too.

She helplessly emptied his bladder a mouthful at a time. She drank every
drop, flushing it down her throat into her already cum and piss filled

O'Neil gulped as fast as she could as this guy's cock flooded her mouth
with his hot gushing piss. O'Neil drank it down as it filled her mouth like
drinking from a garden hose. Every so often the quantity was more than she
could handle and it overflowed her mouth. The urine dribbled out down her
chin onto her bound breasts and down her belly.

Finally drained, he removed his cock.

"You ARE good, Lieutenant."

"Never met a piss drinkin' Officer slut before."

While his cock drained Cotez was jerking off watching O'Neil. By the time
she finished her eighth bladder of urine he was ready to cum. No sooner had
O'Neil swallowed the last mouthful of piss.

"Open your mouth you filthy slut," Cotez yelled.

He pulled her head round and he shot his cum. The load was tremendous,
blasting in torrents from his cock. O'Neil had cum plastered all over her
face and dripping down her cheeks in addition to a mouthful of the thick
hot sperm.

Three more guys with full bladders moved in place and began pissing onto
O'Neil. They aimed at her head first blasting their hot urine in Lt O'Neil's
face. Quickly all the scum washed from O'Neil and ran down her lovely body.

Two men were pissing on her soaking her shaved head. Another was shooting
his stream right in her face.

"Lieutenant piss slut." one gloated.

"Drink our piss, you stupid cunt,. . . you ass slut, . . fuckin' whore."

"Swallow it, you fucking whore, . . FUCKIN' WHORE!!"

They finished urinating. She was soaked in piss, her strong muscled body was
drenched and her belly was achingly full.

And then they wanked off over her trapped face. First one shot his jizz all
over her features, across her nose and in her eyes. Then two at the same
time, one with several hard blasts of heavy jizz plastering her helpless face
and the other shot a couple big globs on her cheek that began to drip down
the side of her face.

Then the fourth one came, O'Neil already had a face full, she was again
covered in cum. He deposited more, cumming on her forehead, nose and spread
it across her bruised lips. You could barely see Lt. O'Neil's face from all
the sperm.

Several of them came back for more.

"NOH PHEASE" she croaked as they toyed with her tits.

They started fucking her trapped tender tits. Forcing them together, yanking
the nipple chain up over her head so that her poor teats were stretched

Her big hard mammaries pulled together so they could shaft into her tight
turgid cleavage viciously. Brutally fucking them as if her cleavage was a
soppy cunt. Ramming their cocks up into them until the head burst out of the
top of her cleavage. So they could force her face down to accept blast after
blast of hot seed.

For the rest of the night she was forced to suck what seemed to be an endless
string of cocks. They each either blew their loads down her throat or all
over her face and tits.

She was some sight,.. a whore, a tramp, a cum covered, piss covered slut. Her
shorn hair was, sticky with sperm, her face was loaded with cum most of which
was already drying. Her breasts were spotted with Jiz and wet with fresh

She stunk and reeked from the cum and urine all over her.

It was the late early hours before she was left alone.


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