The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail,
NOT READ. YOU WERE WARNED OK! All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance
to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended

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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 9 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

As dawn approached Johns and Whitewire came back and unfastened her limp body
from the stockade wall.

Then they dragged her along the pier to the beach house. They heaved her into
the room. And threw her on the floor.

She landed on her bruised, bound, fucked tits. Her painful distended belly
made her look at least seven or eight months pregnant.

"UHHHHHH!" she groaned trying to twist on her side. Her face was a mask of
drying semen. Her tits covered in clumps of it.

"Lieutenant O'Neil is all fucked up Chief." Johns leered

"Well men I guess its time for the cleanup before we continue." The man
leered at her and laughed.

The Master Chief kicked her bloated belly. O'Neil grunted doubling up and
groaned, opening her semen encrusted eyes. Her tongue lolled dry in her sore
ring gagged mouth. she stared at him with pure hate.

"Shit Lieutenant I think you're putting on weight! Fuck Ma'am what you been
eatin'? You stink of piss! you got some kind of personal hygiene problem?"
The soldiers all laughed.

"Get the Lieutenant cleaned up!" He barked.

She was chilled by the thought of their plans for her and wondered what clean
up meant. She didn't have long to wait as the two instructors pulled her up
and dragged her back out.

They carried her by her under arms, to a water barrel. Too late she realized
what they planned to do. she let out a shocked yelp as they thrust her face
down into the barrel.

Johns had his hand on the back of her neck, thrusting her under the water.
Holding her there. O'Neil began to struggle as her lungs began to burst. She
was desperate for breath her ring gagged open mouth letting the foul stagnant
rain water into her mouth.

As she struggled Johns fumbled with his cock. Pulling it out he rammed it
into the struggling Lieutenants cunt forcing it into her with brutal hard
merciless thrusts. Her booted feet kicked and fought for purchase on the wet
planks as he raped her neglected twat.

With several vicious thrusts he stiffened and came into her speared twat. He
pulled out and dragged her up out of the water. He threw her on her front on
the planking in front of the doors.

"Hey there's nothing like a fuck to get you going in the morning is there
Lieutenant" They laughed.

She gulped and gasped for air spluttering water out of her mouth dragging
desperate breaths in.

Whitewire unfurled a garden hose and connected it to a stand pipe. He started
it up. O'Neil straightened shocked as the freezing water hit her. She was
cold anyhow but she squirmed and gasped as they ran it over her body, the
spray was almost painfully hard.

They let the water hammer into her body, pummelling her bruised tits forcing
her trapped teats into thicker aching studs. They kicked her over on her face
and Johns stood on the back of her neck while Whitewire ran it over her.
Forcing the dried semen off the backs of her thighs.

O'Neil lay there jolting and and gasping with the heavy flow.

"Time to clean inside as well."

Johns stood on one thigh while Whitewire kicked the other out and stood on
that. spreading her legs uncomfortably wide. Whitewire shoved the hose into
her cunt. O'Neil let out a surprised yell. The spray was painful but it was
also strangely exciting her as she felt the water swishing and forcing
against her cunt walls tickling them before running out. Whitewire pushed
it in and out of her pussy as if it were a cock after what seemed to her to
be an eternity she could feel an orgasm building. He realized by her
stiffening and pulled the hose out of her body, denying her.

"Fuckin' whore was trying to get off on that, lets see if she likes this as

He walked around behind her. He started toying with and fingering her
asshole. He poked a couple fingers in her butt and found how juicy she still
was from his buddies dumping their loads in her earlier. Then he roughly
inserted the hose up her ass.

"UHHHNNNNHHHUUUU!" she complained.

Here there was no pleasure only pain as the water filled her, she was
surprised her ass was so stretched that it wouldn't hold the hose and water
ran freely from her ass. Bursting out the sides once her rectum was full.
They both laughed as O'Neil struggled to pull her ass away, raising her hips
groaning as her bowels ached and springed with the pressure. After what
seemed like forever they yanked the hose out of her ass and O'Neil groaned
in relief.

She pressed back her guts demanding that she rid herself of the awful
fullness. They watched as she heaved with her hips her buttocks splaying
open and her ring dilating.

It was so humiliating. As the two laughed as water hosed out of her abused
butt. She felt completely beaten. They forced it back in and repeated the
process making her kick in desperate agony as she filled up.

"OOOOH yeah you like that Lieutenant? Nice huh getting your ass filled?
Plenty more o' that today bitch!" Johns gloated.


O'Neil lifted her ass trying to be off it as the pressure added to the awful
bloated pain from all the piss she'd been forced to swallow.

They're boots lifted off her legs.

"Get up on your knees bitch!" Johns demanded.

O'Neil just glared at him.

"Suit yourself cunt!" He kicked her in the belly.

O'Neil howled in agony as he kicked her again and again. She struggled to
pull away, to double up to protect her belly. His booted foot hit her
viciously in the guts and she rolled onto her bound arms, face up legs
splayed, groaning.

"Hey Lieutenant I think you were on the piss a little too much last night,
don't you?" they both laughed as she sobbed

Whitewire finished hosing her down, washing out her mouth. She lay there
panting as they switched off the hose.

They picked her up and dragged her back into the beach house.

Inside The Master Chief sat on the bench around him were the other
instructor's and guards.

"Well, well Lieutenant O'Neil a brand new day."

They forced her to stand naked (but for her boots) in front of him. She stood
tense ready to lash out.

"Phuk YOOO!!" she insisted glowering at him.

"Now, now Lieutenant that's not nice, how were you're fellow candidates?
Relieved to see you?" they all sniggered.


"Nice to see your experiences haven't dulled that healthy respect you have
for superiors whore!" He stood.

Getting close to her. She stared him down. Suddenly he brutally punched her
piss swollen belly. O'Neil gagged slumping over his blow. He punched her in
the side of the head sending her crashing to the floor.


"Seems you ain't had enough O'this kind of discipline Lieutenant!"

He kicked her in the belly again. Her legs flailed as pain shot in a wave
through her. She tried to bring her legs up. He lunged down at her punching
her face. Dazing her.

The others grabbed her lifting her to her knees. Whitewire grabbed her around
her bulging belly, pulling her back up onto her knees. Her hands trapped
between him and her back.

The Master Chief moved in front of her face unzipping his fly on his BDU's.
A soldier on either side stood on her calves trapping her legs. Whitewire
supported her belly on one arm while he gripped O'Neil's on the top of her
shaved head and wrenched it back. O'Neil gasped and grunted in pain as they
held her.

The Master Chief reached in his pocket and emptied some pills onto his hand
he rammed them down her throat as you would worming a dog. O'Neil gagged as
his thick fingers forced them past the point of no return. She tried to gag
them up but it was useless. He started slapping her puffy lips with his fat

"You ain't never gonna learn whore are you! I knew you'd still be a stubborn
cunt O'Neil, Captain Blondell gave me those to heat things up, she seemed to
think that you would be a useful test subject for the Viagra she's been asked
to asses. I saved my morning piss till now to wash them down with Say AHH!"

He placed his soft cockhead to her gagged open mouth. Grinning down at her.

"You feel like ringing that bell O'Neil? It's easy you just say the word and
all this stops yeah! Oh dear, You can't speak with a mouth full of cock? Tut
tut you must try harder."

O'Neil looked up at him with a look of total hatred and disgust.

Jack Smiled and whispered "Drink my piss, Split tail slut!"

He shoved his cockhead in about three to four inches and let loose. His hot
piss hosed into her mouth almost instantly she started and tried to pull away
causing piss to spurt out leaking down her chin. He rammed it in further.
Whitewire forcing her face forward. All you could hear was it gushing from
his cock, O'Neil gurgling as she forced to swallow it all down.

"C'mon Lieutenant piss slut, swallow it! . . . Yeah that's it soon as you've
finished we can start raping you're sorry ass again" He yelled.

Whitewire held her head jammed over his cock, her lips rammed to the hilt,
tight around it. O'Neil was drinking the Master Chief's hot piss as it gushed
from his over full bladder, some escaped from around his prick and dripping
down her chin as her mouth filled up and emptied with each forced swallow and
a loud hard gulp.

O'Neil started gagging from feeling the massive, soft cock spurting time and
time again. Hitting the back of her throat. He held it there breathing deeply
in satisfaction as he urinated right down her throat. Not a drop came from
her mouth. O'Neil swallowed six maybe seven times taking his hot fluid into
her belly. Minutes went by as she was force-fed hot piss. Finally, he
finished, pulling out of her mouth, Whitewire pulled her more upright,
holding her swollen belly, overfilled with piss and cum. He watched the
Lieutenant get that flushed sick look on her face. Defiling her smart mouth
this way really got Jack horny again.

"There that feels better. What's the matter Lieutenant, bad taste in your
mouth?" Jack chuckled.

"You'd better get use to it. OK boys string her up!"

O'Neil gasped for air, horrified. as the others grabbed her and yanked her to
her feet.

A knife cut through the tywraps on her arms freeing them into the grip of two
guards. A chain was lowered from the beam above and on the end of it were
some manacles. Her wrists were forced into them. Her numb arms were snatched
cruelly up into the air. As the guards yanked the chain over the exposed beam
They pulled, and pulled forcing the handcuffed O'Neil up on her toes as she
struggled. Until the heavy strong muscle bound Lieutenant was suspended by
her wrists. Her toes barely scraping the dirt floor as she scrambled for
support. Her weight bore painfully on her shoulder joints, forcing a cry from
her ring gagged lips.

O'Neil struggled frantically, as two men tied ropes to her booted feet.
They ran them around a wall beam on either side. They pulled on the ropes,
painfully spreading O'Neil's feet beyond the width of her broad shoulders
before they tied them to the two heavy wooden beams. O'Neil hung there her
legs splayed and her cum filled cunt and asshole open for the whole world
to see. Helplessly open to anything.

O'Neil hung motionless, sweat pouring from her nude body despite the chill
in the unheated beach house. She let loose a moan, born from her whole body

The Master Chief noted with satisfaction that her nipples, were still wrapped
in his the nipple clamps. With the hormonal drug still enhancing them were
now extremely swollen, the tips almost purple from the blood trapped there.
Her breasts two bruised, large, stiff, heavy jutting balloons. As she moved
white fore milk seeped out from each nipple. The chain pulling them with it's
weight dangled, waiting they're use.

Her muscular body struggled against the chain holding her arms to the ceiling
beam. Her leg ropes were taut to the beams in the beach house wall. O'Neil
frantically pulled at her bonds, as the men around her started to strip. Her
muscles flexing in futility as she sought to free her hands. Her bloated
belly bounced. Once she had been immobilized by the tethers at her feet and
wrists Jack grinned at her.

"Fuck Lieutenant you look real good, you ever thought O' doin' this for a
living?" He gloated.

"Who's first? C'Mon lets get her ass all warmed up!"

O'Neil hung there cringing as the first set of fingers tested then spread her
stiff butt cheeks. She felt the hot tip of his cock against her sore abused
ass hole. She stiffened as he pushed and slid in. Her rectum still spasmed at
the unwanted intrusion. He held her sturdy hips and sank deeper up her still
stretched rectum.

The Master Chief watched in satisfaction. She still had that look of disgust
and humiliated pain cross her face as she had her ass defiled. Fuck it was

He reached up and unfastened the gag yanking it from her mouth. He grinned at
her shocked disbelieving look. O'Neil worked her aching jaw grunting as her
rapist heaved up into her ass.

"UUHH AAGHH UHH 'Gasp' You Piece of shit! UHH!"

"Hey keep it up Lieutenant. Guess you're wondering why I took the gag out
huh?" The Master Chief stroked her tits as he spoke.

"You hunger for intelligent conver . . UHH! sation?"

He stroked his fingers down the chain, to the bottom of the curve he began
to press down. Her teats began to stretch painfully.

"Wrong Lieutenant today I want to hear everything you want to say. I want to
hear you beg like a crack whore for sex."

"Huh you got your pension coming before tha . . ARGHHHHH!!"

He yanked the chain painfully wrenching her teats.

"UH UH Lieutenant don't forget how precarious your position is here!"

"UH . . UH What you gonna do rape me?" she managed.

He reached behind him to the bench picking up the inflatable bung that had
been up her ass yesterday, he hefted it in his hand.

"I suggest you apologise for your insolent tone cunt!"

She stared at him long and hard "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!"

He grabbed her face forcing her cheeks in-between her teeth keeping her jaw
open. In one swift motion he thrust the deflated bung into her surprised
mouth. She fought with her swollen tongue to eject it, but couldn't. He
pumped the thing viciously. It quickly filled her mouth forcing her jaw
cruelly wide. Her cheeks bulging. Her nostrils flared as she snorted air in.
Inadvertently sucking on the foul bung. The taste making her wretch dryly.

"Now that's better, You're gonna be sorry you stuck up piece of shit!"

He yanked the two nipple clamps free. O'Neil jolted as blood slammed into
both teats forcing them up larger and thicker. They quickly became more and
more engorged. Burning hot. Her breasts ached solidly as sensations surged
through them.

"You two eat these fucka's dry!" he urged two men at her swollen tit's.

O'Neil shook her head 'NO' as both grabbed a swollen mammary each. They grip
them hard pulling them to their grinning faces. wetly kissing around her
thick aureole as they yank and stretch each breast milking them. Pulling them
up into two hot hard balloons. She groans as each clamps their hungry mouths
around them and they suck, hard and long.

Two others smear shaving foam over her pubic mound and shave her pubes off,
nicking and hacking it all off.

Lt. O'Neal felt strange her cunt felt so hot, heating quickly, her vulva
swelling and her clit fattening and distending shocks rippling from it as it
became incredibly hypersensitive.

One of the guy's between her legs starts to finger and spread her cunt lips
apart. Exposing her swelling clit She whimpers and kicks as he laps at it.
While he sinks two fingers up into her cunt.

As the man behind her picks up the pace thrusting deeply up into her ass. His
hands squeezing and pulling her piss filled belly.

Her breasts feel incredible. Hot pressure building in each. She feels certain
they will explode, as they wetly mouth her rigid nipples. Fingers biting deep
into her turgid flesh, pumping them to their sucking lips. As each suckles
her harder and harder. O'Neil Grunts and groans the pressure too much as she
tries to twist her breasts away, to snatch them free. She suddenly jerks and
shudder's as her breasts surge through release and an excruciating white hot
wave of pain and pleasure rolls down through each breast and explodes behind
each thick pulsing aureole.

She floods their mouths with hot fore milk. It jets from each teat. The men
pull off and shout to the others pulling and pushing her breasts about
coating their faces with her milk. They squabble to get some mouth after
mouth snatching a hard suck at each teat as she struggles and moans going
stiff as the rapist up her ass comes. thumping more jiz up into her spasming

The man between her legs laps and fingers her, forcing his digits deeper and
deeper pressing in to her G spot. Someone else slides into her slick ass
shoving viciously up into her just vacated rectum. He rapidly began to batter
his way deeper.

O'Neil jerks moaning and begins to fuck the mans face with her twat.

They pull and squeeze her breasts, forcing more and more milk from her hot
stiff jugs. The guy up her ass spears her deeply, his cock buried to the hilt
in her squelching, humid, clenching butt. He grips her shoulders and begins
to stir his pole in her guts. His cock a rigid thick pole, the thick head
squeezing her cervix to the others fingers. Which press and probed.

She could feel his cock sliding over the fingers in her pussy through the
soft tissue separating her ass and cunt, pistoning in and out. She almost
felt like he could grab hold of the monster piece of fuck meat as it kept
passing by his hand on it's way deep into her bowels. His lips were locked
over her over engorged clit, sucking and pulling on it, his tongue teasing
and flicking it in a frenzy.

O'Neil was losing it. Her piss filled belly tightening and tightening with
every heavy jolt of pleasure coming up through her cunt, as it began to
slowly contract around his teasing fingers as he tortured her squirming twat.
Her muscular frame begins to stiffen her snorting becoming more laboured and

She feels his fingers test and press back to her constricting muscles as she
nears orgasm. He drags his fingers out!


They all pull of her, her ass rapist yanking himself out with a sickening

O'Neil squirmed and heaved her frame desperate to cum, milk squirts from her
ruddy teats. Her legs snatching and obscenely dancing in frustration and
anger. Her face a mask of humiliation as the video guy closes on her to catch
every moment. Focusing on her sweat and tear streaked features, and the
delicious agony in her eyes.

"BOOOOYYYYYYAAAAAA O'NEIL! Nearly bitch! nearly." Jack shouted.

They all laughed and joked as she shuddered and gasped.

The oral guy came closer and began to lick up her inner thigh, shying away as
he approached her cunt. and starts again up the other thigh. O'Neil strains
to reach his tongue with her clit. The muscles on her legs rippling and
standing out beautifully as she fought for contact.

Her ass rapist places the tip of his meat to her still open spider and lets
her ease back and impale herself on it with each back stroke as she tries to
reach his tongue with her clit. Her ass rapist paused for a moment to enjoy
the feel of her guts encircling his cock O'Neil's body craved the conclusion
of her orgasm. The anticipatience heightened the deep rooted orgasmic
pressure in her belly. As she pressed back her orgasm was building, growing
stronger. Making her their toy.

"You gonna cum for us O'Neil, oh yeah you're one hot bitch! You gonna squirt
for us? I've got money on it. C'mon squirt for you Master Chief!"

She groans lost in pre orgasm, she heaves back down the cock in her ass. Her
big bound heavy tits bouncing stiffly. Milk dribbling from each teat, and
dripping from the undersides.

O'Neil's so close to coming, She's dizzy with the Viagra. She begins to
hump and grunting forces her butt up and down his held still erection. Her
movements become more more and more powerful, thrusting back on his meat
maniacally. Her belly tightens into a ball of heat as the other man begins
to lap at her thick rigid clit. O'Neil goes wild.

He pulls his face away, hurriedly spreading her piss flaps with his fingers.

He holds a glass bowl under her twat. Two guys grab her tits really hard
pulling and manhandling them. pulling them up to suckle her, drawing on her
thick aching studs.

In seconds she's orgasming, ramming her ass back into her rapists groin. Her
belly releases with white hot intensity. Thick hot cunt juice squirts out
from her held open piss flaps, time and time again as she thrashes and
grunts, Squealing as each hard contraction rips through her abdomen. Her poor
empty cunt ejaculating it's contents into the glass bowl. Squirt after squirt
jets from her spasming cunt hole as the guy up her butt suddenly began to
fuck her with jackhammer like strokes.

A long terrible wail came out of her as he brutally raped her ass.


O'Neil howled as she felt her cum building again.

He buried it relentlessly into her tightly clasping passage. The blood
swollen head straining far up her tender, hungrily clutching depths. He felt
her buttocks tighten as her butt squirmed to suck him up even further into
her ravenous guts, filling her taut rectum with his stiffened manhood as
O'Neil came nearer and nearer to further release. He couldn't stand any more,
and he began pounding into the hungry cleft furiously, slamming his pelvis
against her quaking buttocks so hard her body jolted and kicked. It looked
as though he'd split her in half. He Laughed and stepped up the pace of his
powerful assault on O'Neil's rear passage,

As his fiercely battering cock worked itself again and again into her rectum,
her hips bounced and strained to force themselves back on the painfully
impaling shaft. O'Neil groaned incessantly as the pleasure grew greater ...
greater ... and then burst in a dizzying whirl of sensation. She had never
felt, dreamed of such incredible bliss and all devouring passion.


O'Neil was spinning out of control in a frenzied rippling orgasm that filled
her whole being. She had lost!

Nothing else mattered, nothing but the delicious, satisfying chills of pure
pain and pleasure coursing through her abused frame.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh ..." she screamed, into the bung.

More juice shot from her aching quim, in hard wet jets. Her rapist cursed
aloud, still sawing into her savagely with the last of his stored up
strength, thrusting into her so hard she thought his throbbing cock would
rip her intestines.

O'Neil moaned pitifully from the pain, but offered no resistance. He slammed
into her feeling the heavy 'slap' 'slap' as he beasted her convulsing
flattened mounds of her buttocks and He groaned as he shot a great, flooding
surge of thick, hot semen up into her rectum, filling her trembling belly to
the brim, it oozed out in a thin, hot rivulet down the inside of her
quivering thigh.

She heard him gasp one last satisfied groan of relief and withdraw, his
rubbery cock now deflated. Her tightly clasping passage released its grip on
his limp organ reluctantly, and he slithered out of her with an obscene wet
sucking sound. it was replaced with a quick, chilling rush of air in her
unplugged hole, as his load tumbled out.

The Master Chief gripped her chin lifting her face.

"Hey O'Neil I won a Dollar I knew you could do it whore."

"Guess what you win? You can't guess? Yep, that's right, some more fucking!"
He let go and another black soldier stood in front of her. He was naked
holding his erect tool in his fist he dipped and she felt him press the head
into her swollen vulva. Forcing into her still pulsing cunt.

"You gonna cum for me too huh sure you are!" he forced in.

He had to bend back to position himself, hanging onto her strong arms to
steady himself as he began to rape her vagina. He was putting new pain and
pressure on her stretched and manacled wrists and arms.

She felt another behind her and suddenly felt another cock sink into her ass.
Double penetrating her. Her body trembled as the both forced deeper. O'Neil
felt as if her insides were being torn to pieces as two hard cocks duelled
inside her, They started fucking into her hard and ferociously hammering away
at her.

The soldier behind was slamming O'Neil's ass for all it was worth, while the
grinning black Soldier did his absolute best to impale her womb on the end of
his cock brutally ramming her tight pussy. They used alternating strokes one
moment. Changing suddenly to thrust up into her at the same instant, cruelly
stretching her passages as they banged against each other through the thin
membrane separating the two. So it continued. Her bouncing breasts banged off
the strong muscled chest in front of her rubbing her sensitive teats so that
milk oozed out onto his black skin. While the white soldier up her butt let
go of her shoulders and leant back gripping her ass hard with his hands and
thrusted himself deep into her anus.

The rapist up her cunt shot his hips upward in a continual manner, filling
her hungry pussy. O'Neil screamed and cried into the bung as she was slam
fucked between the two men, snorting desperately through her nose for oxygen.

The dual onslaught continued until the soldier up her butt began to tremble
and shake as he sensed his rising orgasm. He gripped O'Neil's ass cheeks even
harder with both hands, cramming his cock into her bowels, to the absolute
hilt. O'Neil could only whimper as he growled in lust, his cock giving her
rectum a thick, foamy load of hot, insistent sperm.

The black soldier let go of her arms and grabbed her tit's she shook her head
pleadingly as he began to brutally fuck up into her using them as handles,
twisting and yanking on them. Pulling her up and down on his tool. Her clit
was jammed between his pubes and her splayed twat shocks ramming up the
length of her cunt as it was rolled back and too.

Her eyes rolled back as suddenly she came again. Their whoops and jeers
fading as she shook and jerked her cunt throbbing around his meat. It burst
hot searing jiz straight up into her quaking uterus. She blacked out.

O'Neil hung from the manacles limply. The guards raped her ass some more.
Her forced and obscenely stretched anal muscles relaxed completely, allowing
any and all cocks to sink easily in and out and spurt hot load after hot
load of sperm deep in her blasted out rectum. Her cunt was shafted again
and again by eager hard dicks her swollen labia curled back and opened
completely, An open invitation for yet more hard fucking into the sodden
channel. She was double fucked over and over.

Eventually the Master Chief called a halt and they left her hanging there
helpless. He was waiting for Captain Blondell to come back. It shouldn't be
long now.


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