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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 13 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

O'Neil and Blondell were hosed down stripped of their tattered uniforms. Once
they were clean. Blondell was led away. The two soldiers left produced a
fresh uniform to put on her.

Johns produced a mess tin with cereal in it he gave it to her. She ate it
greedily with her fingers, he gave her an isotonic drink she drank it in
great gulps. Then they made her stand.

O'Neil saw it was another navy dress uniform. Her arms were released but held
behind her, Barely black stockings were rolled up her strong legs. dress
shoes pushed on. A black suspender belt. Her poor bound tits were left in two
big bound balloons.

They ached terribly, The two soldiers that dressed her touched and squose
them enjoying her pained looks as they teased her fat nipples, she couldn't
help staring at their mouths as the hot pressure increased within each.

'God she just wanted to feed them,' she shook her head trying to rid herself
of the relentless maternal desire that they had invoked in her.

Johns grinned at her tugging her dress blouse closed over both turgid breasts
and forcing he buttons closed. Immediately the pressure of the material
forcing two wet patches to appear over each teat. O'Neil swallowed hard as he
thumbed each nipple. He chuckled.

"Oh dear Lieutenant is mommy ready for milking, your gonna hav'ta wait for
that bitch!"

They both laughed. Her jacket was pushed up her arms and then she was made
to step into the skirt, as Johns fastened it he rubbed his chest to her
sensitive breasts, He did up the buttons and behind her Whitewire fastened
handcuffs around her wrists. He tugged them testily. He breathed in her ear
pressing himself to her ass.

"You look one tasty piece of ass in this cunt, boy are you gonna enjoy this

O'Neil pulled her face away grimacing. She was led out to a humber and
bundled into the back. There followed an uneventful journey. The vehicle
stopped and she was bundled out. They were in a parking lot behind the club
that she had been to with the SEAL's. She was led into the back door through
into a back room.

Smoking a cigar sat on a table was Salem.

"Ah! so good of you to join us O'Neil, Get her over the table boys!"

Johns and Whitewire threw her face first over the table, O'Neil struggled
trying to pull back from the table top expecting to be raped again. The two
of them held her arms up hard behind her locking them forcing her heavy tits
to the table top.

Salem stood in front of her grinning he had a large dildo in his hand, it
was flesh coloured and covered in realistic veins. He turned it over in his
hands. At it's base was a small black round unit with a sort of stubby aerial
sticking out. It was at least as big as Salem's cock. Thick real thick not so
long but ass achingly thick.

"I had this made when I used to own a little club in Vegas, had it modelled
on my own dick, you like it? thought so, watch!"

He flicked a switch on it's base and the sides bulged out.

"You see that, it stops it falling out, yeah I new you'd love that. Now this
is the best bit. (He turned his head) Music!" some dance music began to pump
into the room.

O'Neil watched with appalled fascination as the thing began to gyrate and
pulse in his hand, with each pulse of bass the end throbbed and expanded.

"Now ain't that cute! Off!" Salem chuckled as the music died. he walked
behind her. She began to struggle.

He pulled up her skirt and admired her strong ass, at a nod from him they
dragged her legs open, he pushed the thing to her abused anus.

"NO!... NO DON'T!" she managed

O'Neil groaned and stiffened as he ground the thick head up into her ass, her
legs kicked and stamped as he forced it all the way in, twisting and shoving
it up into her rectum. She jerked and flinched. Eventually it was in so that
just the base protruded, he flicked the switch. O'Neil let out an awful moan
and bit her lip as it expanded in her ass filling her with an excruciating

"Oh yeah you like that baby! we're gonna make you one fine dirty dancer

O'Neil pressed back trying to push it out but it was lodged fast. They let
her up. She straightened up off the table with difficulty the thing was huge
up her butt.

"Oh God you bastard!" she grimaced.

"Oh yes Lieutenant, through and through!" He produced a remote control.

"Un-cuff the Lieutenant Johns!" he did,

She rubbed her wrists, staring at him. He pressed a button smiling, she felt
the thing flex in her ass, she groaned. He did it again she leant forward
shaking her head speechless as it seemed to pulse and throb up her butt.

"Uh... Uh no stop it... please UH OH JESUS STOP IT!"

She put her hands back pulling up her uniform skirt, feeling with her
fingers, she couldn't get hold of the base. She tried to pull it out but it
was fast, The sensations grew in intensity, Now she was feverishly trying to
grip it, without success. They laughed at her plight.

"Please, please SIR IT... IT's AWFUL SIR PLEASE!!"

She went to her knees. It pulsed, throbbed, jerked and flexed in her ass,
teasing her cunt and cervix as it did. Salem switched it off, she relaxed
gasping as it relented.

"You like that Lieutenant?"

"No... no... it... UUHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

She sank to the floor again in agony.

"Pardon I didn't hear you Lieutenant?"

"UHHH... Yes yes I love it it's great!" she glared up at him.

"I thought so, get up!" he grinned.

O'Neil slowly stood, feeling the thing heavy up her aching ass.

"Now tonight I promised the good people of this bar a show and fuck are they
gonna get one. Do you dance Lieutenant?"

"Not usually Sir" they sniggered.

"Oh tonight I think you will, tonight's you're big night Lieutenant!"

O'Neil rallied herself, "What makes you think you'll get away with treating
me like this SIR, it's only a matter of... UHHHH!"

He grinned as she slowly bent double the dildo gyrating up her ass.

"I own this bar O'Neil, and most of the saps in it, Do you know of a man
that would turn down the chance to fuck a piece of ass like you over say a
football game? and the survey says? Fuck the piece of ass!! so you see O'Neil
unfortunately you are that piece of ass. And a very nice piece of ass you are

"Johns open the door, let the Lieutenant hear her fans," Johns complied.

The noise and music from the bar filled the room, expectant cheers boomed as
the door opened, O'Neil grimaced as the dildo picked up the beat and began to
jerk up her spasming rectum. O'Neil groaned gritting her teeth and going to
her knees again.

Whitewire offered her a glass with a huge shot of Tequila in it.

"Drink it, Drink!!" she did gasping and almost wrenching,

He poured another, and another, She struggled them down.

"You see there's a lot of money riding on your ass O'Neil, you are a fuckin'
celebrity, and they have paid top dollar to see the show. Now this is what
your gonna do..."

Ten minutes later, Johns and Whitewire came out of the stage door and stood
on either side, the bar hushed as all the men gathered at the edge of the

Lt. O'Neil came out walking reluctantly out on to the stage. She sported a
fresh black eye and a thick lip. Salem came out after her. Taking up his
seat at the side of the stage. At a nod from him the music started, O'Neil
flinched and then began to dance, stiffly at first her face bright red with
humiliation and embarrassment.

She danced as she had been told, legs apart gyrating her hips bending her
knees slowly as she twisted her body, Her breasts forcing her uniform jacket
to bulge, The dildo picked up the music and began to slowly massage and pump
up her ass. She could hardly bring herself to look at the crowd, The bright
lights blinding her as she slowly began to unbutton the front of her jacket.

The crowd went crazy surging forward shouting and screaming for her to get
her tits out. She undid the last button and let the two sides fall open
displaying her taut blouse with it's prominent wet patches over each stiff
nipple. O'Neil couldn't help it she was warming to the dance her hips had
begun to fuck with the dildo.

She danced sensuously, humping to the beat. The room went wild! Still
dancing, she bent forward and shimmied with her huge, bound tits, her fingers
went to the necktie and undid it throwing it to one side she danced back as
they're hands came perilously close to grabbing her tits.

She undid the buttons of her blouse until her tight cleavage was showing,
running her hands sensuously over them, feeling her teats throb and ache as
her fingers stroked and teased them.

She ran her fingers down her sides dragging her skirt up and opening her legs
wide feeling the dildo tug at her insides groaning as it pulsed and fucked
her, tickling her cervix. The music changed the dildo began to stab and
gyrate fucking her ass as she danced making her hips begin to hump harder as
the crowd shouted and jeered.

O'Neil undid the rest of her blouse and dragged it off showing her big taut
ballooned tits she touched and stroked the sides of them slowly squeezing the
flesh until milk dribbled out of each. She brushed over each hard stud with
her fingers feeling them ache and harden.

Her belly was as tight as a drum, her cunt sopping, she couldn't believe what
a slut she had become, she needed cock desperately her cunt was on fire. She
pulled on her teats shuddering as her whole breasts reacted. She went forward
toward the men at the front of the stage, Cowboys, farmers, off duty
servicemen. One woman in a black basque and thigh length boots, a red head.

She stayed just out of reach stiffly jiggling her naked tits only inches from
their faces. Her nipples were rigid and so erect aching to be kissed and
sucked, dancing before them in all her glory before the entire crowd.

She let them paw her and grab at her bouncing tits. She danced back out of
reach. The music stopped. She looked around bemused her body vibrantly sexed

Salem had a microphone.

"Sit on the chair O'Neil, NOW!! Legs open face the front!"

In his hand was the remote. She turned finding a low level sturdy wooden
chair there. She complied.

"Pull your skirt up Lieutenant show them your cunt BITCH!!"

She did dragging her skirt up to her flat belly, showing them all her pouting
excited twat lips, Thick, creamy juice oozed from between them. Her Viagra
enhanced clit stood hard and thick out from it's hood. Already huge her
clitoris lengthened and thickened, until it lifted up, twitching and began
beating like a cock.

All she could see were all they're expectant faces. Her clitoral foreskin
rolled back from the knob of her clit, leaving her achingly sensitive, cherry
sized button exposed to all those hungry mouths. Her nipples springed, aching
hard. She jolted as the music began again, the dildo began it's ass aching
dance again.

"Frig your cunt Lieutenant show them all your wet hot pussy!"

Her fingers went down and she did slowly tracing her cunt lips with her
fingers, she arched her back as hard delightful shocks shot up through her
belly. a small stream of pussy juice was already drooling from O'Neil's hole.
Suddenly before her was the large red haired woman. She knelt before her.

"Gentlemen this is Delores, you all know Delores!"

There were cat calls and a round of applause.

"Delores why don't you show Lieutenant O'Neil what you do best!"

Kneeling quickly between her legs, The big red head spread her labia and
forcefully squeezed the hood of O'Neil's clitoris, pulling it up and down
over the wet, swollen head of her clit.

O'Neil was so sexed up she was helpless and responded immediately, moaning
and whimpering with each stroke and pinching her own nipples between her long
fingers. Without interrupting her work on her clit, Delores slid the index
finger of her left hand into the pink wetness of her vagina, causing her to
moan loudly.

Slowly, she rimmed the opening, pulling at the tight muscles that guarded
O'Neil's cunt entrance. A second finger followed. O'Neil stared at her lost
in lust as her strong digits pushed into her warm flesh and penetrated up to
the third knuckle. Delores felt her muscles relax slightly. The tightness of
her opening, no doubt from her excitement and the girth of the dildo up her
ass, surprised her, but also excited her, as well.

Her fingers slid in and out rhythmically, pulling at her inner lips. The
added pleasure of her penetration was beginning to bring O'Neil to orgasm,
and Delores knew and slowed the attention she was giving to her clit in
order to prolong her vulnerability.

O'Neil's building physical excitement provided copious amounts of pussy
juice, and she soon had her third finger jammed into her hot box. Delores
was soaking wet too, and she ground her vulva against O'Neil's lower leg.
She slid her fourth finger along side the others, and wedged it into the
sticky folds of O'Neil's cunt. The group of fingers wedged just above the
second knuckle. No longer able to restrain herself, She spread and pushed
her fingers alternately, until the breadth of her third knuckles was
surrounded by the stretched muscles of her cunt.

"Oh... please... more!" moaned O'Neil.

Slowly, she clenched and unclenched her hand, rotating it back and forth
slightly. She felt the last resistance of O'Neil's heated loins begin to
yield. Tucking her thumb into her palm, she continued to stretch O'Neil
wide. She dipped her head and began to suck O'Neil's now over engorged
clit into her mouth. The pungent aroma of O'Neil's secretions filled the

Delores couldn't bear it. She was losing control, she began humping her fat
red haired cunt against O'Neil's stocking clad leg, bathing it in her juices
and sending her reeling toward orgasm. Pushing with all her force, she inched
forward and watched as O'Neil's pouting cunt flesh sucked in her hand.
O'Neil's wetness was overpowering. Delores felt as if her fingers were
trapped in a warm container of thick oil. She could feel the dildo pulsing
up her ass.

"I got you bitch my fists up inside you, and I am going to fist fuck you till
you plead you split tail whore." Delores whispered, "Harder."

O'Neil gasped. "Harder make me take it! make me come."

Delores raised her head to watch O'Neil's excruciated face express total
abandonment to her control, She started a light, rapid stroking of her clit
with her tongue, which she knew would make her orgasm.

O'Neil gasped her body arching as she pulled on her bound tits. Delores
forced her fist deeper slowly easing the heel of her hand into O'Neil, her
cunt spasmed and her lips closed around her wrist tight. Delores began to
fist her slow hard pushes which made O'Neil lift her ass grunting and
groaning. Soon cream was streaming from O'Neil's pussy covering her pouting
cunt lips and spilling down her wrist. Delores watched astonished as O'Neil
got wetter and creamier, her twat oozing more juice as she bucked.

O'Neil put her hands down to pull it back her insides cramping as her cunt
muscles were stretched to tearing. Johns gripped her wrists and wrestled them
above her head. Over the back of the chair and pinned them there. Other men
took a leg on each side straining to pull them wide, and hold them as O'Neil
began to arch away from the terrible pressure.

Delores began to forcefully stroke her hand up into O'Neil's cunt. She
writhed and kicked, gasping and groaning with each hard deep thrust. Johns
leant forward and began suckling her left teat. Immediately milk jetted from
her engorged nipple flooding his mouth he suckled greedily. O'Neil began to
leave and fuck back, impaling herself on the woman's arm.

All the men crowded close all wanting not to miss the coming spectacle.

"Fuck look at the bitches clit!"

"Bitch is growing a dick!!"

"Flick it Delores FLICK IT!! HA HA!!" They all jeered and laughed.

Delores brought her hand back rammed her fist deep and flicked O'Neil's clit
hard. O'Neil howled finching and snatching as she flicked it back and too.
Hard vicous shocks thumped up her cunt with each blow making her dance in
their grip.

"Look at the stupid cow buck!!"


"Fist her, fist the bitch!!"

Salem flicked the button on the remote enjoying the way it made her writhe,
jerk and howl in exquisite rapture as the dildo pressed her cervix to the
fist, making her feel overwhelming fullness. O'Neil went stiff as Delores
viciously fisted her cunt. Her mouth locked over O'Neil's twitching clit,
she sucked hard. Harder. Johns swapped to the other teat leaving that one
squirting jets of milk into the air.

"Please... pleassssssssssse... NO NO!!"

Delores pounded her cunt making her let out a long low scream of pleasure,
it was too much for O'Neil.

Her belly grew tight and knotted hotly, her nipples throbbing with hard
shocks. She felt herself beginning to cum. O'Neil began to climax. Her vagina
opened completely, and then a series of pulsing contractions began, gripping
Delores fist sucking and squeezing it hard. Cream flowed from O'Neil's
fuckhole and dribbled down Delore's wrist.

Just as O'Neil's cunt got to it's tightest Delores yanked her knuckles from
her fist fucked cunt with a loud pop. When she straightened out her fingers,
they dripped with pussy juice. With that O'Neil screamed in pleasure and pain
as her uterus let go.


She arched her back as she came hard. An almost superhuman fountain of creamy
white female spunk ejaculated from between her gaping, wobbling, wet labia,
splattering Delore's face from chin to hairline and squirting out in a
forceful arc. A river of cream spilled out onto the floor.


The men gathered closer. They watched as a literal torrent of white creamy
girl jizz erupted from O'Neil's cunt with such force that it splattered in
all directions. O'Neil's pussy just dribbled from the labia for a moment, and
then she grunted and arched her back again, squirming and flexing in their
grip as she bore down and squirted straight into Delore's open mouth, she
immediately started savouring and tasting it.

"Look at the cunt go, C'MON BABY SQUIRT SOME MORE!!"

Another pause, and she sprayed again, her ass writhing and humping, as she
let loose with the next spurt of her hot creamy cunt milk. O'Neil's open,
monstrously engorged cunt lips pouted open and ejected the last spurts of
her huge load of creamy feminine, womanly girl spunk onto Delores's extended
tongue. Her orgasm faded with her moans.

O'Neil gasped trying to regain her senses she opened her eyes to a face full
of cocks all being jerked off at her face about 7 of them she shut her eyes
grimacing as they all blew all over her surprised face. Literally torrents
of thick hot jizz sprayed all over her face. spurt after spurt until her
face was glazed from top to bottom in thick semen. O'Neil gasped for breathe
blowing semen from her clogged nostrils, trying to blink away the globs
coating her eye's. She felt a cock at her cunt. It lunged up into her hard,
burying it's length into her with brutal force.

She looked up into the fat red heads face as she mounted her, easing the
strap on she wore deep up into O'Neil's still dripping cunt.

"Oh yeah O'Neil you love it! all these Dike whores raping your sorry cunt!
Oh yeah that's it fuck it fuck good bitch!!" Johns gloated.

Johns still held her arms fast as the woman laughed and began to fuck her.
The men held on tightly to her legs as O'Neil fought hard in a kicking frenzy
helpless as another dike raped her. Delores grabbed her tits and pulled them
up to her mouth. She pushed them together and began to suckle both swollen
teats at once.

Glorious heavy bolts of thrilling sensation burst from each teat as Delores
expertly drew on her achingly stiff jugs. Her fingers digging deep into her
turgid flesh as O'Neil writhed under her as she felt the tremendous surge of
pleasure that came with the let down of her cruelly enhanced breasts.

"That's it Delores you love fucking soldiers come on fuck her!"

O'Neil was now smothered by the big woman she was heaving up into her open
snatch hard. Fucking her cunt with deep stirring strokes. Expertly sliding
in and out knowing how to keep O'Neil's cunt almost at the point of orgasm,
O'Neil grunted and groaned under her helplessly jolting and flinching as she
pounded the thick hard plastic cock into her cunt. O'Neil was panting her
belly tightening she couldn't help it she was going to come again.

This fat bitch was going to make her come and she was helpless to do anything
to stop it. Suddenly she unstrapped the dildo and left it lodged in O'Neil's
cunt. She then clambered up O'Neil's body. Before O'Neil could react she
slammed her fat cunt down on her mouth her fingers frigging her swollen well
used labia.

Before O'Neil could complain or shift her face it was rammed down. Helplessly
she was forced to suck on the puffy folds just for air she struggled in
disgust trying to spit them out she chewed trying to dislodge her.

Cream poured freely out saturating her face and filling her mouth. She chewed
harder, then jammed her tongue into Delores's hole hoping to stem the flow.
More creamy juice filled her mouth and she was forced to swallow as Delore's
shrieks of joy bombarded her skull and filled the air. With her mouth full of
cunt meat, she chewed hard trying to dislodge the fat woman.

"You little bitch," Delore's screamed.

"Bitch! Bitch!" She thrashed. ramming herself down on O'Neil's face.

O'Neil was forced to swallow rapidly, drinking the cream as it flowed into
her mouth. She used her tongue and invaded the spongy heat of the woman's
fuck hole. Muscles attacked her tongue hungrily pulling on it. She kept
chewing, inadvertently keeping her in hysterical bliss. O'Neil's face was
becoming drenched with cream.

"The quicker you make me cum the quicker you can breath again you fucking
bitch!" Delores cried out deliriously.

She found Delores's clit and whipped it with her tongue. She sucked it and
beat it with her tongue.

"You fucking little bitch!"

She beat her pussy against O'Neil's face and tried to cum, but it was
impossible. She needed more friction on her blood engorged clit.

O'Neil had to get the fat bitch off her so in panic she sunk her teeth into
Delores's clit. Delores's body went into convulsions.

"That's it whore that's it!! I'm cumming!" she screamed at the top of her

"I'm cumming!" Her cunt exploded. "I'm cumming!"

Hot milky pussy cum gushed from the pulsing walls of her twat. Her fuck hole
became flooded and the white frothy cum flowed over O'Neil's face and into
her mouth. "I'm creaming, O'Neil! I'm creaming!"

O'Neil choked as the deluge of pussy cum flooded her mouth. She gulped, her
teeth gnawing viciously on Delores's clit as the river of cum flowed from her
cunt as she pounded her face with her humping ass.

"Harder," Delores screeched as an other orgasm tore through her pussy.
"Harder! Bite! Suck! or you'll be licking my ass!"

Delores pounded O'Neil's face with her climaxing fuck hole. She slammed down
on her face. Orgasms, one after the other, whipped through her cunt and
spread until every nerve in her body felt as if it were on fire.

"I'm cumming again," Delores screamed. "I'm cumming again!" Her back arched
and her neck strained. Spit drooled from her mouth. "I'm cumming again and I
can't stop!"

O'Neil desperately wanted her to stop. She did her best to destroy her clit.
She sucked, bit, then snapped her head hard to the side. The action almost
ripped Delores's clit from her thrashing body.

Delores's head snapped down. She stared down between her legs from wide
glazed eyes.

"OOOOOH!! Bite me! Bite it off!" Her head threw back with a thud as another
orgasm, more intense than the last, swept through her.

O'Neil, her face drenched, absorbed the pounding of Delores's cunt. She
chewed viciously. Quick swallows kept her from choking on her thick heady
cum. Her own body was boiling hot and the inside of her hole ached for

Delores seemed to lift entirely off the O'Neil's face. She crashed back, then
she gripped her shaved head hard shoving and humping her cunt to O'Neil's
face as her shrieking voice trailed off until her words became sobs and raspy
gasps for air.

Delores's kept her cunt plastered to O'Neil's face. She eased the pressure on
her head, then smiled down.

"Good soldier bitch did you like it?" she panted, after sitting back on
O'Neil's tits on her haunches.

O'Neil gulped for air gasping, her eyelids fluttering as she gazed up at

"No," she managed to say.

"Didn't seem that way to me Lieutenant! Captain Reece Shore Patrol!! I am
arresting you for conduct unbecoming an officer. Also behaving in a public
place prejudicial to the U S Military. On your feet!!"

He and the other three shore patrol security officers grinned down at her.

O'Neil looked about to explain but found Salem, Johns and Whitwire gone. She
got to her feet wiping her mouth on the back of her arm.

"Wrists Lieutenant!" she held them out and let them twist her around and
cuff her behind her back, they escorted her from the bar.

To Be Continued...


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