The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail,
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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 14 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

It was not long before she was in the Shore patrol HQ before the desk

"Name and rank?"

"O'Neil Jordan Lieutenant Spec Ops trainee."

Captain Reece passed him a charge sheet. The desk Sgt. read it then captain
Reece walked around her.

"So This is the female SEAL we've heard so much about huh - So what's the
crack Lieutenant they teaching you to sneak in somewhere, identify the victim
and then you fuck them to death, is that it?"

"No sir it is not that at all, Sir"

"So what is then Lieutenant?"

"Sir I am and have been the victim of sexual abuse Sir!" O'Neil complained.

They all sniggered and smirked.

"I see Lieutenant O'Neil and who pray has been perpetrating this sexual

"The base commander Salem Sir aided and abetted by the SEAL instructional
Master Chief Sir!"

"Come now Lieutenant you expect us to believe that the Base commander has
been personally taking time out to sexually abuse a trainee SEAL?"

"Yes Sir that is correct Sir!" she stated with conviction.

Captain Reece paced about frowning.

"Lieutenant why are you're breasts tied in that ridiculous manor?" he smiled.

"The Master Chief did that to them Sir"

"Why do they keep dripping milk Lieutenant? That is milk is it?" O'Neil's
face blushed and she wished she could cover them.

"Yes Sir it is, they - well they the base medical officer injected them with
something which has made them like this Sir."

"So now we have the Base Commander, your master chief and now the base
medical officer, Lieutenant is that correct?"

"Well yes, yes sir" she swallowed feeling ridiculous.

"All of them abusing you?"

"Yes sir"

"The woman at the bar who was sat on your face - she was abusing you too

"Yes Sir" the guards sniggered.

"I think you are one fucked up individual Lieutenant, what do you think?"

"It's all true sir."

"Well in that case I think we should get the Police surgeon in to see you,
but this is quite a complaint."

"I realize that Sir but I insist you treat this seriously!"

"All right Lieutenant lets get the formalities out of the way. Sergeant get
on with it."

"Lieutenant you are charged that on this day you were witnessed conducting
yourself in a manner unbecoming an officer and gentleman under article 133
of the Uniform code of Military Justice. Further that you were witnessed
indulging in an act of oral sex with a person of the same sex listed as
sodomy under article 125 of the UCJM. Have you anything to say at this point
on this matter if so say it now?"

"Sir I have been raped and abused against my will."

"Understood Lieutenant, Your statement will be entered in the log.

Captain Reece guided her along the corridor to another office where to her
embarrassment she was photographed head on and then in profile. He then took
her to an interrogation cell and ushered her inside.

O'Neil was very conscious that her breasts were so hot and full, they bobbed
as she walked. Her nipples were two huge fat studs that ached for attention.
Walking was difficult with the dildo up her ass, with each step the aerial on
it's base snagged on her skirt, making her bottom spasm and clench.

The room was stark containing an examination table, a desk and two chairs. He
left her there with two SP guards and slammed the door closed behind him.

She stood running through what she could say in her defence, all the
disgusting things that had been done to her, perhaps now she could tip the
balance. Get things changed perhaps even make it so no other woman got
treated this way.

Suddenly she became aware the guards were stood near her admiring her. A
Porto rican and a black guy both built real big.

"Get back to your post Sailor!" she barked.

"Hey guess what, we don't take orders from detainees Lieutenant! So shut the
fuck up bitch!" They both grinned at her.

"What you got up your ass baby? lets take a peek?"

"Like I said back to your post, GET OFFA ME YOU PIECE A SHIT UUGGHHHH!!"

They grabbed her roughly and forced her face first over the desk. The black
guy held her torso down hard crushing her throbbing tits to the desk top as
the other dragged her skirt up.

"HHOOOOWWWEEE!! fuck you got some serious hardware up your ass baby, what are
you a radio controlled hooker or something?" they both laughed.

"Look if you know what's good for you let me up, or I'm going to speak with
your... NO DON'T!"

He grabbed the base of the dildo and tried to pull it out. her whole ass
clenched and she kicked in agony as he pulled.

"Fuck you must have one tight ass to hold on to that bitch!" He chuckled and
twisted it.

O'Neil groaned and jolted as the awful thing stirred her rectum making her
bowel's cramp.

"Please... please leave it alone it's painful please UHH!"

He pushed on it making her hips fuck. She struggled to be free then the sound
of the Captain returning was heard and they instantly let go of her and stood
back by the door as it opened.

"Thank god Captain your men th... "

"Silence lieutenant!" he barked.

"But they..."

"Silence means silence Lieutenant!!"

She felt tears creep into the edges of her vision as she swallowed her
complaint. With the captain was an Army Major quite elderly, greying hair,
his face lined with age. His manner was stern and arrogant. He wore a white
coat over his uniform and carried a medical bag.

"Lieutenant O'Neil this is Major Henry he is our area police surgeon, he
will examine you to asses your complaint. Major."

"Lieutenant you have complained of sexual abuse yes?"

"That's correct Sir!" He smiled and placed his bag on the floor. On the
outside was stencilled 'RAPE KIT'

"Can these come off?" O'Neil asked about her cuffed wrists.

"Young lady you are here as a felon, you will remain cuffed whilst a felon
and further you will maintain silence unless asked a question, is that clear

"Yes Sir!" she barked automatically. Her face flushed, heating.

He went inside the bag and brought out a note book, and some latex gloves he
put the disposable latex gloves on. She swallowed with distaste as he snapped
them to each wrist. Dust scattered from both. He made some notes, he walked
around her, examining her head and face, noting the bruises and contusions.

He went back inside his bag and lifted out a Dictaphone.

Then he undid the three buttons that fastened the front of her blouse at the
top, and drew it open, he looked over her bound bulging breasts, the taut
flesh goose bumped under his gaze. He thumbed the button on the machine
raising it to his mouth.

"Subject Military felon, female officer, Lieutenant rank, 5' 8", Stockilly
built, well muscled, uniformed, Navy dress, blouse and skirt no hos or shoes,
necktie or jacket. Bruises and contusions to the head which is shaved,
bruises around the eyes and mouth. Finger bruising to the scalp and neck,
lips swollen and bruised, cut to lower lip." he released the record.

"Are you wearing panties Lieutenant?" he asked.

"No Sir" she sighed feeling incredibly uncomfortable.

"Were you wearing panties Lieutenant? he grinned.

"Well no but I..." he cut her off with a gesture.

He thumbed the record. "Subject admits she was not wearing underwear, has
bruising around throat as if a heavy chain has been pulled tight to the
flesh. Breasts are bound tightly by thin rope. Rope passes above and below
breasts, is noosed and drawn tight pulling rope hard against the flesh.
Both mammaries are forced together."

He touched them, testing their weight by lifting them, he pulled and pressed
each. O'Neil went crimson looking away, biting her lip as he gripped each
breast and pulled them apart, he examined her cleavage, then he released them
and closely examined her aureole and nipples, He brushed his latexed fingers
over them roughly. O'Neil flinched.

"Hey look do you... " she started.

"Silence Lieutenant Silence!" he barked.

Her teats came up big and fat, he pulled them between finger and thumb,
rolling them slowly. Milk seeped from each. O'Neil felt her belly tighten
as he watched her features intently for any hint of arousal. He lifted each
breast and examined beneath them he thumbed the Dictaphone again.

"Subject's breasts are both swollen, tied around the base, appear to be very
sensitized, both mammaries are turgid, Aureole are darkened and thick, both
bear finger bruises from harsh handling and apparent slapping, dried semen
traces between breasts and on rope. Nipples are large, thick and also
darkened. Readily produce fore milk although subject bears no indication of
recent parenthood. Hypodermic puncture wounds to aureole of both breasts,
query hormone enhancement - misuse? Breasts show bite marks, adult. Nipple
elongation due to suction and perhaps clamping. Breast size approximately 38
Double D, breasts are hot to touch and lactating." He released the record.

"What have your breasts been injected with Lieutenant?"

"I don't know sir it was..." she began.

"Silence!" he thumbed it again.

"Subject has had breasts injected with unknown substance, probably to enhance
sexual pleasure."

He put the Dictaphone down and retrieved a set of measuring pincers from his
bag, he measured the diameter of each breast then aureole, then nipples he
jotted it down. he returned them to the bag. Then he drew her blouse off her
shoulders and down her back, he moved behind her.

"Torso of subject is covered in bruises and lacerations, finger bruising to
the shoulders."

He undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

"Subjects hips and buttocks similarly bruised." he stopped.

"Lean forward Lieutenant!" she did.

"Subject has object lodged in rectum. The perianal and saccrococcygeal area
is marked and bruised showing further evidence of dried semen." he stopped

"What have you got in your behind Lieutenant?"

"It... It's a dildo sir, ... it's quite painful" she managed.

"Well you shouldn't have put it in there should you!" he growled.

"I didn't sir it was..."


O'Neil glowered at the floor wincing as she felt his cold clinical latexed
fingers trace around it, spreading her buttocks further, she groaned as he
forced her to lean further forward. then he gripped the base of it and

"UUUUHHHHH!!" she almost lost her feet.

Then he pulled again harder, she staggered forward.

"UHHGHH NOO PLEASE!!" she yelped.

"Why won't it come out Lieutenant?" he asked.

"I think it holds it's self in - I think there's a switch on it."

"Ah yes, well I think we'll leave that for now."

He released her buttocks and examined her legs.

"Subjects thighs are bruised at the front inside and behind current with
harsh or forced sex, hips also bruised over pelvic bones."

"Right Lieutenant If you could get up on the exam couch and lay back."

O'Neil hated this she always did. When she saw the doctor for a smear she
felt completely humiliated and embarrassed as she gingerly climbed up careful
not to catch the dildo on anything. She was very conscious of the SP guards
stood watching from the doorway, and Captain Reece's obvious interest in the

She reluctantly sat on the edge unsure what to do with her arms cuffed
behind her. The Major grabbed her wrists and yanked her blouse encased arms
viciously up and over the back rest, then he pulled her back. her back was
now pinned to the table, as it was impossible to lift her arms.

"ARGGHH just wait... wait ARGHHHH!!" she complained.

He matter of factly began bringing out the "stirrups." He attached them to
the foot of the table and immediately dragged her feet up into them.
tightening a heavy strap over and around each foot. He grabbed her hips and
scooted her butt over the foot of the table, thus bending her knees forcing
them wide open allowing him more room to work. Now her entire perineum was
right there in full view of the guards and Captain Reece, with her knees
spread wide open, allowing him complete access and a rather stimulating view
for all the others.

Major Henry pulled a chair close and began examining her pussy. He thumbed
the Dictaphone.

"Subjects Labia is swollen and distended, Clitoris is also swollen and
protruding from it's hood far more than normal. Subjects virgina is open
and secreting copious amounts of lubrication. Subject appears to be in an
advanced stage of arousal"

He reached down to a drawer on the base of the exam table and retrieved a
Pederson speculum.

"Large I think" he stated.

O'Neil cringed realising what he meant to do.

"Is this really necessary Major? isn't it obvious that I've been raped?"

"Did I ask you a question Lieutenant? No! Silence too difficult an idea to
grasp, if you will not be quiet I will asses you as hysterical and have you
gagged is that understood Lieutenant?"

O'Neil swallowed realising how easy it would be to end up gagged, on this
table, left with the two grinning apes on the door.

"Yes Sir I apologies sir!" she closed her eyes feeling her face flushing.

"Procedure Lieutenant, Procedure, the military is and insists on procedures,
put up and shut up!!"

O'Neil watched as he rotated the instrument so that the blades were
horizontal to one another, He began to lube it up with KY ready to insert
it into her vagina, and with every movement of the instrument she let out
a faint moan of apprehension and loathing.

She flinched as he fingered open her cunt lips and placed the smooth end of
the vaginal speculum between them, it felt as if it had been sitting in a
ice bucket, O'Neil shuddered and cringed as he began to ease it in. She was
acutely aware he was watching her face enjoying every moment of her disgust
and discomfort.

He slowly pressed it full in, she could feel it slide over the thick pressure
of the dildo. Her cunt felt strangely excited as the cold hard device filled
her. He touched her clit making her jolt, it seemed accidental. After full
insertion, he slowly squeezed the handle, opening the blades spreading her
aching cunt muscles wide.

Once he could visualize O'Neil's cervix, he locked the speculum in the open
position. Her cervix was a glistening pink, coated in globs of semen. There
was no evidence of lacerations, ulceration's, or lesions, but it was obvious
she had recently been fucked hard.

He reached over to the desk and retrieved a cotton swab and a small wooden
spatula to obtained samples of cells from the endocervical area, O'Neil
grimaced, then from the outer cervix, and the vaginal pool. He placed the
samples on separate slides.

O'Neil felt relieved that this at least was over The Major placed his fingers
on the thumbscrew and slowly began to spread the speculum blades further,
slowly opening it up, O'Neil gasps in pain as the cold steel slowly begins to
force her insides wider. She realized that it was far from over as he smiled
and kept on turning it, stretching her cunt open until she was at the point
of screaming in pain. He stopped the expansion letting her accept this new


"Now now Lieutenant it's bound to be a little uncomfortable but I'm sure that
you can cope, can't you a big girl like you? a trainee SEAL?"

"URGHHHH wait... wait just let me UUUHHHHH!!"

"Not far now soon be over, just try to relax, that's it."

He reached down and increased the spread of the speculum... stretching it
further than it had ever been.


Another turn and he watches carefully the wince of pain on O'Neil's face.
He inspected her gaping opening seeing how extra wet she was becoming. He
brushed his thumb across her clit making it twitch and her whole body
flex he pressed on it and rubbed hard on it O'Neil's hips flexed with the
excruciating mix of pain and pleasure she was experiencing.

"Please... please don't do that it... it urrghhhh!!!"

O'Neil's husky voice took on that edge of pleading arousal.

"You like that Lieutenant huh, your cunt spread open, wider open than all
those cocks can take it, do you like that?"

"NO please don't!" she gasped bewildered.

"Were you raped O'Neil?"



"YES!!... please don't do this?"

"Where some of them black Lieutenant?"

"Yes... yes some of them!"

"Did they have big cocks? long big thick cocks?"

"Yes... YES! they did."

"Did they fuck your cunt? or your ass? Big cocks forcing into you, was it

"Both they did both, it was terrible I... I couldn't stop them UHHH!"

"Your very wet bitch, very wet, did you enjoy it, all those bastards holding
you down, making you take it, did they force they're cocks in your mouth?"

"Yes... yes they they made me swallow they're cum."

She shuddered as he slid two fingers inside and felt about.

"Your cunt is very hot Lieutenant the wetness is running out of the speculum.
Shall I open it more?"

"No NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" she pleaded.

He started to turn the thumbscrew, bolts of pain and thrills lanced up
from her cruelly spread cunt. her legs strained against the straps on the
stirrups. She could feel her bladder full, being crushed slowly forcing her
to piss she hung on desperately.

"Please I need to piss! oh god STOP IT!!"

"Two more twists, there! Now it's at it's at it's widest point, I can see
deep inside of you, inside your cunt O'Neil, your cervix all covered in
their semen and you're cunt juice. I can see how horny you are you little
whore. You can't get enough can you eh, you're a nymphomaniac, I bet you
couldn't believe you're luck, surrounded by all that cock huh?"

"NO it's not true, please stop it! STOP IT!!"

He held something up through her tears O'Neil tried to recognize it.

"Look at what I am holding O'Neil, do you know what this is? It looks like a
funny wine carafe doesn't it. I'm going to lubricate it and you're wondering
where I'm going to put it. Can you guess?"

"No you sick pervert NO!"

Quickly he loosened the thumb screw (to unlock the opened blades) he released
the speculum, in one swift movement he withdrew the speculum and inserted the
large vaginal dilator that he had shown her.

"There I have to do this quickly Lieutenant, before your cunt has a chance
to close back up. This will keep your vagina stretched open and so very
sensitive and I can now pay attention to your oh so big clit and your

O'Neal jerked and groaned in anguish as he forced the clear vessel up her
aching twat.

"OH GOD YOU BASTARD TAKE IT OUT!! TAKE IT OUT!!" her bladder was now a
constant hard ache.

O'Neil arched her back lifting herself to see what he was doing. She watched
horrified as he picked up a length of thin tubing and a device (a haemostat).
He lubricated it up slowly.

"Wh... what's that for?" she pleaded.

He ignored her and forcing his fingers into her cunt lips above the dilator
he located her urethra with the tube and insert it with expert ease straight
into her urethra, pushing it in until urine started to flow into a bag. He
quickly closed the haemostat to stop the flow.

"Oh my god you sick fucker, UHHHH NOOO GAWD NO!!"

"Ah I knew you'd like that, does it feel good? I bet it does. Since you like
the feeling of having your urethra stretched, I have a special treat for

He released the clamp and allowed her bladder to empty a little. O'Neil
gasped with the feeling of release as she felt her bladder begin to drain. A
strange glorious feeling surged though her loins as her cunt tightened around
the dilator. She was momentarily oblivious then she jolted in pain as he
stopped the flow.

"OH GOD NO let me piss please ARGHHHH!!"

He removed the tubing and quickly replaced it with a Folly Catheter. Only he
didn't insert it into her bladder. He only pushed it in an inch and proceed
to inflate it just a little to stop her pissing. O'Neil reacted with a jolt
of pain and pleasure, writhing in hot hard pain.

"There Lieutenant you piss when I say you piss bitch! Understand!" he

He began to lick and lap around her very hard erect clit. He had never seen
a clit like it. It was sticking out of its hood over a centimetre asking for
it to be bitten and licked. O'Neil yelped and her legs snatched as throbbing
hard pleasure rippled up the length of her spread cunt.

He continued to lick and suck on her clit and her body tensed and snatched
in helpless excitement. He pumped the bulb in his hand her urethra is
stretched further again, pressing behind her clit. O'Neil gasped in shock
her face a mask of bewilderment as he sent awful strange new shocks hammering
up into her cunt. He could see the balloon now as her urethra is expanded

He checked the glass dilator and he could see a pool of cunt juice stopped
up inside. He gave the catheter bulb another squeeze so that the opening is
now stretched to almost a centimetre and stopped before it started to slip


"Now then Lieutenant, lets have a look at these fine jugs of yours," he stood
up and walked around to the side of O'Neil.

"Oh god no don't touch them, what are you going to do?"

He examined them closely both breasts were incredibly swollen her aureole
two thick dark plump domes crowning each boob topped by her thick stud like
teats. He began to grope them O'Neil shuddered as through each breast she
felt hot electric shocks, she could distinctly feel every motion of those
hot hard fingers as they stroked that bloated creamy flesh now marked with
puffy blue veins.

"They look very full Lieutenant, are they painful? do they ache? would you
like me to ease the pressure."

"OHH yes... yes please"

"The easiest thing to do would be to let the guards suckle you, would you
like that? they're hot sucking mouths drawing all that milk out?"


"You are a slut O'Neil, I wouldn't give you the pleasure. No I think I shall
use a breast pump, yes that will do nicely."

"No let them let them do it!"

"Silence Lieutenant, Captain if she speaks again gag her!"

He brought over an examination table with instruments on it. He checked some
vials then carefully filled a syringe with powerful hormones.

"Oh shit what's that for?" she burst out.

The captain grabbed her head and forced a red rubber ball gag between her
teeth , it filled her mouth before she could force it out he was and buckling
it into place behind her head.


The Major gripped her right teat and yanked it up viciously between finger
and thumb he he carefully squeezed up the plump dome around her nipple and
stabbed the hypodermic home and thumbed the contents in, O'Neil suddenly felt
the cool fluid enter her body and flow inside her bosom. O'Neil went wild
struggling trying to be free. She almost came off the table and the two
guards had to hold her shoulders to it.

He pushed another two syringes of stuff into her breast. Then he walked
calmly around to the other side and repeated the process. He spoke calmly as
he worked across her struggling form.

"It's obvious Salem's been using her to please his little rape machine, lucky
we got hold of her. Now we've got ourselves a partially broken in bitch, and
we can do what we like and blame his empire."

"what is that stuff?" Reece asked.

"It's a Bovine Somatotropine hormone, used to increase milk yeilds in
heffers, but has interesting side effects, in the short term on women."

"So what will that do to her tits?" Captain reece asked.

"Much the same as Blondells done only If I've got a babe with udders I like
'em to have fuckin huge melons, This should work quite fast, as she's jugged
up as it is. then she'll be on heat with greater milk production than ever."

They let go of O'Neil and stepped back watching as her breasts seemed to
swell before they're eyes. O'Neil could feel a hot tingling in each boob as
milk began bubbling deep inside each breast. Soon she was in agony her tits
were on fire she could feel the blood pounding through them, her nipples
were burning, and itching excruciating throbs wracked each teat. She sobbed
into the ball as her head swam with the drugs they had pumped into her. She
needed to piss.

Her bladder was screaming for her to piss but she couldn't force the balloon
out. The heat and pressure in her tits was indescribable. She snatched and
struggled on the table as they looked sadistically on.

"What do you think Captain, shall I make her cum or shall we fuck the
Lieutenants tits dry first?"

O'Neil glanced at each in horror, The captain began to undress.

"I think the latter Major as they do look very inviting, shall I go first?"

"With my pleasure Captain you found the whore!"

The major went behind her and she felt the table jolt and then lower. He
lowered her head almost to the floor. her heavy bound jugs bounced down
toward her face, She was lactating heavily from both heavy swollen breasts.
Milk seeped from each teat and ran down the sides as if they were erupting

Captain Reece was over her naked he fisted his cock and then knelt over her
horrified face. She tried to twist her head away as his balls and ass sat in
front of her gaze.

He grabbed her tender tits and squose them hard pulling them together. His
fingers forcing into the hard hot flesh. He pulled both making her groan as
they throbbed with fullness. Then he forced his cock between them and began
to fuck them. His cock slid slowly into her veined cleavage. He gasped and
began to thrust. Pulling them up to meet each, forcing her swollen teats to
ooze more milk, lubricating it's passage.

O'Neil's engorged breasts were tingling, She whimpered as she felt them
engorging with more and more warm sweet mommy's milk. Ballooning fuller and
fuller, as he pulled them making room for even more. Each hard thrust causing
strong shivers to shoot through each breast, all that attention causing milk
to gush through duct after duct, entirely bloating one new reservoir after
another. She was helpless as her already large breasts began to feel like hot
huge rubber balloons, forcefully over inflated.

He picked up the pace, squeezing and fucking, making O'Neil writhe and moan
as he cruelly thumbed each teat back and too. Both now gigantic seeming
hooters closely resembled two engorged udders barely containing their
humongous milky cargo, O'Neil prayed as she might for this insane growth to
stop, but her engorged jugs kept swelling larger and larger.

He gripped her swollen monsters hard and tugged them with each brutal stroke.
Both brown champagne-cork-size nipples now jutted out more. He let go of both
and grabbed her nipples.

She jerked rigid as he yanked them out hard. Pulling her swollen stiff tit's
to his shaft as he viciously pounded at them. The ballooned globes bouncing
back and too as he got faster and faster until with a grunt he dragged
himself backwards and shot a thick streamer of jism across O'Neils face.
Another and another leaving thick cords streaked across her grimacing

Captain Reece grinned down at her as he squeezed the last drops from his japs
eye and let them fall on to her face. O'Neil started whimpering behind her

The Captain moved away, and the major loomed over her. She tried to blink
away the semen from her eyes. He was naked too sporting quite a hefty
erection his older body quite lean and strong for his age. He had a crop in
his hand which he tapped to his palm.

"You really are a dirty little bitch aren't you O'Neil! well I've been
looking forward to teaching a lesson to one of you whore's for quite awhile.
Looks like you chose the wrong day to cry rape bitch!"

O'Neil struggled wildly to no effect as he grinned evilly at her. She pleaded
into the gag terrified of what he planned to do. She was so afraid she would
have pissed herself if she could.

He stepped away and with that he slashed the crop through the air and brought
it down on her helplessly trapped right breast. O'Neil howled into the ball
gag sucking on it hard as it hit her breast. Vicious white hot pain sliced
through her achingly full mammary. Tears flowed from her eyes and her lips
trembled around the hard ball as he watched her body snatch and heave.

A thin red line appeared across her engorged sensitive breast. The major drew
his arm back again, his hand descended and again. O'Neil wailed into the ball
as a second line and then a third sprang into being on her bouncing hard
tits. They jiggled at the impact.


He answered her with a lash of pain across her jugs. He laughed and struck
again, each blow was causing droplets of warm sweet mommy's milk to ooze
out her swollen tips from over a dozen bloated ducts. O'Neil's poor bloated
boobies ached and hurt sooo bad. She couldn't believe the pain. It came down
again, this time it was right on her thick engorged darkened aureole. Searing
gut wrenching agony stabbed through both lewdly puckered nipples. She
screamed uncontrollably into the ball.

" Smack! Whappp! Crack!... Smack! Smack, Crack!... Whapp!... Whapp!...

He didn't care. He simply lashed her tits again and again. They shook and
wobbled at each blow, rolling and slapping against each other, having swollen
to a massive size. He expertly smacks the lower cleavage of her dripping
paps. Forcing her breast flesh to her teats pressing milk out in great sudden
squirts. The crimson lines ran over each other and mingled.

Eventually the blows stopped falling and the major stood back to review his
handy work. O'Neils bloated jugs were a mess of red lines, her perfect
breasts were stripy, her nipples were sore and swollen and her chest heaved
as she struggled for breath. Sucking her cheeks in around the ball.

It was unbearable. Nothing compared to the lashes lasting imprints of
terrible pain. She knew he was enjoying her agony. Her big tits ached and
springed from their beating and she felt sick with helpless fear. He reached
down and grabbed her bruised marked tits. He squeezed and moulded them in his
hands. He shook them to make them wobble.

"You got some big hooters here bitch, they feel nice and full now? I bet,
would you like to be suckled? a nice warm mouth sucking all that nasty hot
pressure away? you're gonna have to wait till milking time you hear that
cow milking time!"

He began to unmercifully tease them, tweaking and playing with her cork sized
nubbies. O'Neil pleaded into the ball, shaking her head imploringly as he
pulled and flicked each in turn. She flinched and jolted with each. As they
sent increasingly strong tremors and quivers through her hot burning breasts.
These shot to her belly making her cunt tighten around the awful dilator. Her
bladder sent hard insistent demands up through her.

He constantly tugged back and too on her huge erect nipples. Each dark
glistening teat was now unbelievably thick and long, He firmly pulled and
stretched each, pulling on her milk filled balloons with enthusiasm. On each,
squiggly puffy blue vein's stood out erotically, rippling across her bloated
tit flesh to those cork like teats. The bumps on each nipple's dark brown
aureole now looked wrinkling like a newly formed, jagged range.

Each constantly engorging udder was now huge, holding more milk than O'Neil
could stand. Her blimp sized jugs were so hot. She moaned as the building
release suddenly cascaded into a million tingling shocks through each teat
as they began gushing out of their milky backlogged nipples.

Over a dozen holes in each began shooting out continuous sprays of warm sweet
milk, like a huge wave she felt the fore milk hose out in long pressured
squirts. Her whole body squirmed and shuddered as she experienced the most
intense let down. Warm milky streams shot out from between his twisting
teasing fingers. Blanketing the air above her face with big white droplets,
raining down. Pressurized sprays zooming across her spunked on face.

Huge droplets of warm sweet milk were dribbling from between his constantly
tugging digits. He panted lustily over her breasts. She could see each fat
erect nipple vividly. They were bright red and engorged, dripping with milk
as he used each like a pump to force out her warm sweet mommy milk.

The major got up and went to the wall he opened a door. O'Neil strained to
see what he was doing. He selected a pair of thin and flexible clear plastic
cups from a cabinet full of similar cups in all sizes. Then, with equal care,
he selected what looked like two large suction cups from an even larger

He came back to her and kneeling slid each of the two breast cups over
O'Neil's full and heavy boobs until each nipple was firmly cradled in the
suction cups. They latched on to both gushing teats. The custom fit cups
formed a perfect air tight seal around her full bosom. After carefully
checking each one, the Major attached a tube at the tip of each nipple and
he reached down and started the pump attached to them. She could hear
something beneath the table, an electric whirring.

Immediately she groaned as the thing sucked her teat hard into itself, with
a thump. A tiny set of soft, hair thin brushes inside the nipple cups started
to spin as the suction started thick white cream began to squirt in time with
the pumps unstopping rhythm.

O'Neil felt the tips of her nipples being suckled by the soft cups covering
them as each pulsing squirt tickled her boobs from deep inside to the tips of
her nipples.

She arched her back in excruciating bliss as the hard steady suction pulled
her aureole into the base of the cups. Her nipples sending hard insistent
thrills coursing through her sweating trapped body.

"There is mommy happy now she's got her big udders sucked? I bet you like
that you cunt yeah?"

He gripped each breast around their base and squeezed them up hard. O'Neil
groaned. realising what he was up to. Then his cock sank between her trapped
throbbing tits. and he started to fuck her welted breasts viciously. His
thighs closing on her head as he leant forward and gripped her inner thighs
on either side of her vulva, wrenching her lips even further apart. His mouth
went to her clit.

She jolted as he began to lap around her clit, his hard insistent tongue
rolling over and round it. Shocks rang through her abdomen, making her
bladder send out hot insistent signals.

Captain Reece took hold of the catheter pump and squeezed the bulb. O'Neil
jolted and squirmed agony lancing through her groin. The overwhelming
reaction of pain and confusing pleasure that sent O'Neil's mind reeling and
her teeth digging into the cruel ball.

He watched closely as with that inflation her clit is forced even further out
of it's hood by her torturously expanded urethra The major peered down at it.
Sticking out of its hood about 2 centimetres asking to be bitten, chewed and

The major continued to lick and suck on her rigid clit feeling O'Neil's
body tensing with building excitement. Reece gave the bulb another pump and
watched O'Neil's helpless body dance with awful excitation as her urethra is
stretched again, He could now see the catheters balloon as her urethra is
forced even further open by it's terrible pressure.

Looking into the glass dilator he could see a pool of O'Neil's hot juice
stopped up inside. Another squeeze of the catheter bulb, pushes it so that
the opening is now stretched beyond belief. Forcing O'Neil's clitoris out
like a hard little shiny dick. She squeals and flexes as the major sucks
and slurps at it pulling and chewing on it hard.

His hips pistoning her spurting jugs as he rabidly suckles her nub. Another
squeeze slow and steady O'Neil is almost delirious, snatching and straining
at her bonds. Captain Reece can see the balloon now, see it start to slip
out of her, her urethane sphincter a thin line around it's girth as it

She howls in helpless animal outrage as her belly contracts in a heavy spasm
as he gives it another pump. The major realizes the balloon will pop out of
her. He lifts his head and gasps.

"Grip the dilator man, when the balloon comes out, yank it out of her!
Ready?" he nods.

He grips the edges of the dilator ready to pull, The major bites down and
sucks on her clit viciously. He pumps the last into the catheter and O'Neil
arches her back in passionate agony. Screaming into the ball as it pops
free. Reece yanks out the dilator leaving her cunt wide open as she climaxes
like never before screaming all the time, her body thrashing, as her rectum
clamps down on the thick dildo, sucking and squeezing it.

O'Neil's vagina spasms with each hard suck on her trapped over engorged clit.
It's open gaping maw pulsing as her pent up bladder releases a heavy stream
of hot piss straight out like a hose. The feeling of glorious relief
enhancing her climax so it shoots to it's violent peak.

O'Neil's gaping hole contracts and fountains half a dozen gushes of thick,
voluminous feminine sludge several feet in front of her, across the floor.
It contracts again and Reece shoves his face to her cunt as squirt after
squirt of hot cunt juice washes his gleeful face.

He eagerly sucks at her open cunt. Lapping up all that he can but there is
too much and it goes all over the floor. Dripping and spurting as he ravishes
her inner walls with his eager tongue. Another gush washes across his face,
with every chewing suck on her aching jerking clit that the major delivers.
With each a spasm caresses her womb into another burst of terrible

In response to that intense climax, O'Neil's engorged milky breasts again
start to swell and swell. Her erect dark nipples of both super engorged
boobies springing and squirting milk feeding every insistent suck of the
machine. The cups biting down into her bulging tit flesh. With every hard
fuck into her cleavage, milk is forced out of each jug in a surge, so that
it dribbles from the edge of each fast cup, pooling in her throat and
running down the sides of her neck.

The Major fucks her tits hard suddenly she feels his cock pulse and jerk
between them spewing hot streams of jism up her shuddering belly, as he
empties his sack. O'Neil's cunt gushes more thin oil in a hard intense
squirt. The Major heaves backwards and lets the final thick wads of semen
fall heavily on to her face.

"Oh I am going to enjoy your little stay with us Lieutenant! Now lets see
how many times you can come before your tits run dry shall we?" he gloated.

O'Neil grimaced tears running from her eyes as he hefted the crop in his

"After all you are a dirty little whore aren't you, The floor of this room
was spotless when we came in here, and now lets see, since you let loose
your bladder when the catheter popped free and you've pissed yourself,
covering the floor in Urine. That puts you in real trouble."

"Then you came all over the floor. Not to mention the milk. I think we can
expect worse from you, especially since I want to see how far you can really
squirt cunt juice. Now shall we see if you are going to shit yourself when I
pull that plug out of your arse?"

He moved between her legs and fingered the base of it.

"What do you think? are you going to show yourself up as you add your shit
to all that Urine and cum or are you going to try hard to keep it in so we
can enjoy the prospect of fucking all that shit out of your arse?"

He grinned down at her growing steadily more excited at the prospect of
toying with his prize, O'Neil's face a picture of hurt and horrified

To Be Continued...


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