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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 14 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

The major looked down at O'Neil's gaping wet virgina. Her clitoris still
extended from it's hood, twitching in rhythm with the pumping of the milking
pump. Her muscular sweat sheen'd legs spread wide by the examination table
stirrups. below her cunt the fat black dildo sat in the entrance of her

O'Neil lifted her jism caked face to watch him as he smiled at her and
lightly traced his strong fingers in circles, around and around, just inside
her swollen vulva. The entrance to O'Neil's vagina still wide from the cruel
dilator. O'Neil felt a deep intense desire for penetration. It was maddening!
The bastard refused to follow through, just kept circling her inner lips

O'Neil's breathing had now picked up again, becoming rapid, her eyes glazing
with unfulfilled passion. She tried to plead with him to stop or to frig her
to further fulfilment. His finger's went lower. He watched her face as he
drew his digits around it making her splayed ass cheeks twitch and flex. He
gripped it and pulled. Her whole body jerked as she groaned into the ball.

He went over to the wall cabinet and retrieved some bags and tubes he came
back over and placed them on an instrument table. then he went back to
teasing her twat.

He knew this constant teasing would drive O'Neil out of her mind! He was
just biding his time, waiting for the right moment. Waiting until O'Neil's
drenched inner labia were gaping of their own accord and her hips had begun
to involuntarily tick up toward his hand.

"Oh dear is your cunt hungry O'Neil? is it?"

The Major knew it was finally time. He gave O'Neil what she craved so badly,
sliding a cone of three fingers deep into her, penetrating all the way to her
cervix. His fingers felt like a short, fat little cock as they slid in and

O'Neil was shaking her head from side to side as if in denial of the
turbulent pleasures he was again triggering deep within her loins. Her
internal organs felt like they were tied in knots. O'Neil could feel
that delicious tension that always preceded orgasm beginning to build.

Her breasts surged milk slurping through the cups, both engorged mammaries
aching with fullness. She began crying, helpless frustrated tears. She was
so, so close. She was terrified what was happening to her was she going mad
all this abuse had unhinged her. She had to attain her orgasm. She had been
kept on the edge for too long now. She just wanted to cum. Badly!! Oh, so

"Oh your gonna cum bitch, your gonna be our cum slut you can't help it can
you fucking cunt!!"

O'Neil's lower belly and pelvis ached with frustration. She desperately
wished she wasn't gagged, so she could plead with her tormentor for her
climax. The Major didn't need to hear O'Neal pleading. He knew how close
this Lieutenant was to busting cream.

"Captain! hold her Belly down low and pull up." He ordered sharply.

O'Neil moaned, low with need, into her gag. Reece's grip on her trembling
belly had the effect of pulling the hood further back from O'Neil's clitoris,
exposing the engorged trembling bud like, straining organ to the Major's
wonderfully clever fingers. While his other hand continued to piston his trio
of fingers slowly in and out of O'Neil's soaking cunt, He reached out with
his index finger and slowly circled O'Neil's straining clitoris, almost, but
not quite touching the needy fat shiny nugget.

"Your going to squirt for us Lieutenant, over and over, but not till I want
you to!"

O'Neil held her breath in tense anticipation, her full tight ass squirming
around uncontrollably on the edge of the table, her bonds wouldn't allow her
enough movement to force the Major's teasing digit into the direct contact
she desperately craved for her clit.

"Oh dear Lieutenant do you need something?" he gloated ruthlessly.

As he teased the bound officer, she moaned desperately, all thoughts of the
guards watching now gone. Her arousal was almost painful in its intensity.
Then a jolt of intense pleasure tore through her like a lightning bolt. The
Major's finger had just grazed her clitoris with an impossibly light touch.

O'Neil thought her world was about to explode. If only he would repeat that
touch. Just once and she would be cumming all over the place again. But he
didn't, returning instead to the agonizing teasing which was driving her
absolutely nuts.

O'Neil sucked hard on the ball her body going rigid her back arching as he
began a rhythmic flicking with a softly padded latex fingertip right against
the hyper-sensitive head of O'Neil's aching clitoris.

O'Neil's pelvis muscles clenched hard in pre-orgasmic tension, and her fat
clit tried to retreat beneath the safety of its hood. It's size and the
Captain's firm grip on her upper pelvis prevented that, forcing her clitoris
to stand up and meet its tormentor.

"Here we go c'mon slut squirt for us, SQUIRT!!"

O'Neil's mind reeled as his words pushed her over the edge. He dragged his
fingers out of her contracting cunt. White light seared through her senses
as her orgasm tore through her gut.

O'Neil's body spasmed in its bonds and she screamed in ecstasy into her gag.
The throbbing waves of pleasure were unbelievably intense as they ripped
through her body.

The Major's thumb shifted around to caress her clit, which was ruby red and
glistening. O'Neil took a sharp, shuddering breath. Her hips shot forward,
her thighs quivering, as she came forcefully and voluminously.

The Major stepped back and was amazed to see a veritable fountain of fluid
gush from her pussy, covering his hand, and splash across the front of his
white coat.

"Oh YESS!! we have a real gusher gentlemen."

The major shouted in glee. He dragged his foot through the mess, marking the
extent of her latest gush.

"There that marks the floor lets see if she can better it huh?"

O'Neil was positive she'd never cum this hard in her life. Her climax seemed
to last forever, total satisfaction after what seemed an eternity of teasing.

The Major was over her between her legs. Something was wrong. She felt the
dildo up her ass tug and then jolt into life. She moaned as it began gyrating
in her rectum, making her belly start to tighten again. She felt his latexed
fingers begin tickling her helplessly exposed clitoris.

The sensation was painful in its intensity. O'Neil shrieked into her gag,
wide eyes begging the Major to let up. The bastard had to know how sensitive
her clitoris would be right after a climax. This was unbearable!!

"You ready Lieutenant? here we go again!"

She could feel her hips beginning to rise and fall of their own accord, she
wanted him to stop she couldn't do it again! please no, NO!!

O'Neil felt new shocks through each thick teat as both super engorged heavy
jugs went through another stage of let down. More release, more milk feeding
the insistent sucking machine. The cups were filled now with hard bulging
breast flesh. The tubes filled with steady flowing mommy milk, each squirt
sending fresh ticklish shocks from her hot breasts to her contracting belly.

She gasped as excruciatingly blissful rippling waves of awful pleasure
emanated from her ass. The hard pulling suction on each hot aureole sending
insistent thrills one after another hammering through her sweating tense

Not only did the major return to teasing her horribly vulnerable clit, he
picked up the pace of his fingers in and out of O'Neil's pussy. O'Neil's
pussy was so wet that the Majors latexed fingers made sloshing sounds as
they slid in and out of her drenched folds.

Suddenly, without warning, O'Neil felt her belly go real hard and she was
cumming again. This second orgasm was almost as hard as the first had been.
O'Neil's hands clenched into white fists beneath the table and her toes
curled as the unbearable pleasure tore through her once more.

The major leapt away again watching carefully how far the squirts of juice
went from her pulsing twat. He reached under the table and switched off the
pump. O'Neil howled into the gag as the pressure in her tit's suddenly
increased to agonizing proportions. Reece pulled the cups off her jugs.

'She needed to be milked beyond everything. Her breasts where so hot, shit
would he never leave her cunt alone!'

And still he kept it up. He started to stimulate the sides O'Neil's
unbearably sensitive clitoris and re-embedding his fingers used the same
rhythm to firmly massage O'Neil's G spot within her soaking vagina. O'Neil
was screaming almost hysterically into her gag now.

'She couldn't cum again!'

'She just couldn't!! She'd die!'

O'Neil's legs began to tremble yet again and impossibly, she came for the
forth time. This orgasm was the biggest one yet, excruciating pain and
searing pleasure. The Major's incessant probing on her G spot triggered one
orgasm after another. She came immediately, and more forcefully than before.
She ejeculated!! with each a small fountain of her orgasmic juices squirted
out of her spasming pussy, drenching the Major's arm clear to the elbow. She
felt hot liquid splash along her calves as she rode the crest of the
fluttering wave of mind numbing contractions.

'Oh god It was too much!'

When she came down, she saw that with the pump off, the fluid from her
distended throbbing nipples had formed rivulets that coursed down into her
armpits, She felt the dildo in her ass stop and the sides retract. She
groaned in horrified disgust as the major laughed at her realization that
he had flicked the switch.

"Your gonna shit for me O'Neil? you gonna shit that big dildo out like one
huge turd bitch, and your gonna cum as you shit, like the dirty whore you

O'Neil wanted to scream 'NO!!' at him, she bit on the ball gag and tried
desperately to hold onto the dildo desperate to deny him his wish. She
clamped her eyes shut in desperate concentration.

A sharp spasm of pleasure had O'Neil's eyes wide open a second later. The
Major was now teasing the sensitive strip of skin between her vagina and
anus. This bastard was a monster!! O'Neil gritted her teeth into the ball
and tried to clamp down on her overwrought nerve endings. She'd sworn to
herself she wasn't going to let him see her shit.

She sobbed as it slowly slid out, further and further a heavy weight that
felt as if her insides were being drawn out too. She opened her eyes, all
four of the bastards were stood around her watching as it slowly eased out.
All she could hear was them laughing triumphantly at her downfall.

She felt the last of it drag out of her ass, and heard it fall to the floor.
Her now empty rectum spasmed and before she could clench, Shit and semen
coursed out and splattered on the floor. O'Neil cringed in disgust and
humiliation as the rest emptied out.

"I knew the dirty bitch would shit on the floor!" stated the Major gloating.

Then he was between her legs, stood in her mess. Pushing the head of his cock
up into her shitty asshole.

"There AHHH! nice and hot Lieutenant, nice and hot"

He started to fuck up into her ass, thumbing her clit, forcing it as deep as
he could as she wailed and snatched at her bonds trying to be off it.

"Are you going to cum eh Lieutenant? Cum with my cock up your dirty ass, oh
you are, you are!"

He thumbed her rigid clit hard from side to side so that the hood of her
clitoris pulsed and twitched as he stimulated the over sensitive jutting
miniature cock.

O'Neil bit down on a moan, struggling desperately against the sensations that
threatened to overwhelm her swollen flesh. She could feel the head of his
cock behind her cervix, battering it as he slammed up into her squelching

He had the crop in his hand, he brandished it and then brought it down
viciously on her sore tits. O'Neil screamed into the ball, he struck them
over and over, crisscrossing crossing her swollen orbs with searing painful
welts, He laughed at her agony and with a few rubs the right way on her
swollen throbbing clit she was off. Howling, jolting and humping her own
ass down on his meat as she came again and again, one orgasm after another.

O'Neil felt the room begin to spin into darkness. Her last sight before she
lost consciousness was of the Major smirking as he emptied his load up into
her squirming ass.

To Be Continued...


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