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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 17 (F-gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

They undid the strap and made her stand. The Major inspected her breast's he
touched them making her wince.

"You're engorged, Lieutenant. Your milk has more than come in whore."

All she wanted now was to be emptied. Despite the pain, she felt a familiar
stirring in her crotch. He watched the colostrum leak from her breasts. She
felt the heat, saw the increasing distension of her teats, he lightly touched
each fat stud she wanted to feed, desperately, an awful intense need.

"Do they ache O'Neil? does mommy want her big boobies pumped? are they

He squeezed them hard. She shuddered and almost feinted from the rush as milk
dribbled from each stiff nipple.

"Yes you know they are, please don't," she complained.

"Would you like me to put the pump on your jugs bitch?"

"Yes . . YES! please they . . it's awful please"

He twisted and slowly pulled her teats making her grimace and moan.

Through the heat and heaviness of her breasts, could feel a new kind of
warmth, a sort of pleasant burning sensation that started up high, near her
ribs, and spread downward toward her nipples in an ever intensifying swell.
Within seconds it felt like they were going to explode.

He pulled them harder making her almost lose her footing. Both heavy jugs
stretching cruelly as he grinned into her pained face. Her nipples were two
thick elongated corks now, his latex covered fingers squeezing and pulling
in turn as he started to milk her like a heifer.

"You like that O'Neil, having your big fat udders milked? Is it nice, should
we make you kneel over a bucket like the big uddered cow you are so we can
milk you?"

"Please don't uhhh please it . it ohhh!"

Her lips formed an "O", and she exhaled in a soft, long moan.

O'Neil felt like the skin covering her bosom would split from the pressure
inside it. Thick streams of white liquid began welling up from her nipples,
spilling down to drip from the undersides of her monumental mounds to run
in rivulets down her muscled belly. Her entire world was concentrated in
her brimming boobs.

At that moment, O'Neil's breasts erupted. At least a half dozen needle thin
streams of hot milk sprayed from each throbbing nipple, arcing several feet
into the air and splashing across the major's face and chest, bursting
between his fingers. He grinned a look of explicit glee in his eyes as he
let go of her teats and grabbed both swollen heavy streaming breasts, he
grabbed them, and began making hard milking motions. The sprays of milk were
doubly renewed.

His fingers digging deep into the hard flesh of each, squeezing, twisting,
pulling, seeming gallons shot forth. O'Neil staggered as he pulled her
breasts making them squirt and squirt as she let out anguished moan after

"Oh God please please it hurts . hurts so good!"

The torrent continued unabated. O'Neil groaning and shuddering completely
transported by the ecstatic feelings of sudden release, as she squirted and
moaned for what seemed to her to be forever.

He dragged O'Neil to the wall, near the corner, to the side of the door.
Behind him was two small sliding doors, in the wall, Captain Reece opened
them, inside was a box like contraption, with a padded neck rest, one half
up in the air, hinged. in front of that was a hole, with thin padding
around it.

"Put your head in the box Liuetenant! on the rest."

O'Neil was fearful trying to work out what it was. He pulled on her tits
forcing her to it.

"Put your neck on the rest, and I'll attach the milking pump understand. DO

She felt she would be sorry but the pain in her tits was so awful. She did
as she was told, her neck coming to rest on the padded rest. She felt Reece
slam down the back of it and heard it lock. Her face was completly in the
hole in the wall.

Her features pressed to the back, she felt his fingers on her shaved head
dragging her face up until the hole at the back faced her mouth. Something
else clamped to the back of her head. She was trapped, imobile. She heard
a loud click and two hard thin things slapped to her lips.

They pressed and pressed with mechanical determination, her lips were
hurting, she opened them and the things were against her teeth, they felt
as if they would break. She opened them and they shot open into her mouth
forcing it open. Stopping her from closing her jaws!

The Major busied himself letting her big breasts fall to hang like two great
full bladders, milk dripping from each. O'Neil made muffled complaints in
the box her body writhing and kicking as she tried to pull her head free. He
ignored her, letting her pull her body to the wall as she fought to be free.
He pulled a high stool over and fitted it to latches on a circular plate on
the floor. Now it was held firmly, he grabbed her swerving hips and dragged
them up and back, sideways over the padded stool seat.

He used the palm of his hand to hold her pelvis down on the stool while Reece
attached a strap to one side of it, slung it over her waist between the chain
on her cuffs and secured it tightly on the other side.

O'Neil stamped and kicked, they fought her legs to the stool legs and
strapped them to it with thick leather straps, which bit into her strong leg
muscles. Further imobilizing her. She was now trapped over the stool, head
in the hole in the wall her massive stiff tits hanging. She made muffled

The Major put his face to the hole speaking to her.

"Do you know what's on the other side of that wall Lieutenant? No? Well I'll
tell you, it's the Shore Patrol cell's and it's friday night busiest night of
the week! I hope your thirsty HA HA!"

O'Neil howled in fury furiously trying to pull her face away to no avail. Her
body quivered and pulled as the Major went beneath her hanging breasts, her
hard thick teats stuck out big wet and full.

Reece brought over the pump, tubes and cups from the examination table. He
put it to the floor and joined the Major under her. Both started to caress
and tease her hanging jugs. O'Neil groaned her body shuddering as they
kneaded and pulled on her hyper sensitive globes.

Then she jolted and shook as both began licking and lapping around her teats.
Slowly they teased and nibbled around them, Then began to suckle. O'Neil's
whole body snatched and flexed in excruciating bliss as her milk began to
pump into their greedy mouths.

Tears of humiliation and relief welled up in O'Neil's eyes tears dripping
down her cheeks, inside the box as she felt shock after glorious blissful
shock of release strum through each breast, Each suck making her toes curl
as they milked her jugs to their faces.

Suddenly her rejoicing was disturbed by a noise in front of her on the other
side of the wall. She heard drunken male voices then a zipper, she tried to
pull back helplessly from the hole as a thick finger pushed into her mouth
investigating it felt around.

"Fuck hey Boys we got a godamn glory hole here!"

"Is it a woman? I ain't gettin' freaky with some mouth in a hole!"

"Suit you' self asshole, but I'M gonna have a peice O' this there ain't no
stuble round the lips, look, that's a womans lips!"

O'Neil tried to push it out with her tongue. The finger pulled out and she
jolted as a cock was stuck through the hole in front of her in the wall and
plunged into her helpless mouth.

O'Neil was caught completely by surprise, and squealed loudly around it. On
the other side of the wall the First of a line of prisoners grabbed a pair of
handles that had been conveniently provided above the hole, and started to
shove his cock in and out of O'Neil's helpless mouth.

"Suck it, bitch!" he urged.

"Fucking whore, suck it!"

O'Neil gagged as it slid into her throat. Her senses racked with pleasurable
shocks from her tits as she was, being brutally mouth-raped by this complete
stranger. Her body writhed and squirmed, her ass clenched and flinched back
and forth, as the cock slipped in and out, faster and faster. O'Neil
swallowed hard trying not to gag on the cock, again and again.

The man's hips drove the cock brutally into her mouth, until his body tensed
up, and he moaned loudly. O'Neil stiffened as the brute pummelled into her
open throat, stabbed it deep and kept it there as he came in her helpless
mouth. The man pulled his softening cock out of O'Neil's mouth, and moved

As she gasped and coughed through the hole. His semen tumbling out. He was
immediately replaced by another. A considerably larger cock than the last
man's, He forced it into her mouth and shoved it deep down O'Neil's helpless
throat. She was gagging on this new huge cock her own spastic, gagging moans
filling her ears the only noise she could squeeze out.

Beneath her The Major and Reece were suckling for all their worth her milk
overflowing their mouths and running down their faces and torso's, as both
dragged and squeezed her boobs to their hungry mouths. They stopped wiping
their faces with the backs of their hands. The Major grabbed the cups while
Reece switched on the pump. He forced the cups on to each full jug holding
them until they latched on.

O'Neil felt the cups go on and groaned as the steady pressure pulled on each
teat increasing her let down, hot thrills burst through each jug and she
began to fuck her hips to the stool.

The big black man on the other side of the wall was holding onto the handles,
groaning as he felt O'Neil begin to suck and swallow hungily on his shaft. He
began force-fucking her hot helpless throat hard and fast.

"Come on, whore! Thats it slut all the way in AHHHH!"

He thrust even more of his huge prick between her straining lips. O'Neil felt
more of it slip into her mouth, and he could feel his cock crown slam her
tonsils, making her gag reflex pump her throat around his meat. She suddenly
spewed up a huge gush of already swallowed semen which gurgled up around his
cock and dribbled out the sides uncontrollably down her chin into the box, as
she struggled to accommodate even more of his manhood.

O'Neil could feel her esophagus constricting around his tool, squeezing and
milking it as he plunged another inch down her windpipe. Her face impaled on
his prick. He plowed the remaining inches into her throat, and she could feel
his pulsing crown wedged in her like a huge hot ball.

She sobbed around it as he picked up his pace, choke fucking her throat while
she helplessly fought to breathe. He thrust hard in and out of her mouth

The major admired the outline of his bulbous cock head through her neck in
the other room he showed Reece. You could see it working in and out of her
throat. The man started really fucking her face in to the hilt.

"Deeper...Deeper...Ohhhhhh...You fuckin' cunt."

With another push, he forced his cock back through the narrow opening, his
pubic hairs smashing against the wall, causing O'Neil to gag, her face
impaled her on his full `god knows how long` hard meat. O'Neil's throat
spasmed around the hard intruder, her lungs heaving for air, making her tits
bounce. Her mouth opened even wider in an awful gag. He thrust it deeper,
groaning as the sensation to his cock increased as her throat clamped tight
to it. Her throat jammed full for almost a full minute, He moaned in heavan,
reveling in the convulsing of the helpless woman's throat muscles on the
shaft and head of his cock.

O'Neil began gurgling and squirming in desperation as the head started to
swell. Finally just as she thought she would asphyciatethe the man began to
cum in her mouth. She felt him shoot his hot sperm into her jammed open
throat she could do little but Swallow as each jolt filled her gullet.

He pulled out she was still gasping and spitting as another began to fuck her
face brutally. All of them were rough with her. Wanting to empty they're
sacks and degrade and hurt this unknown bitch as much possible, They kept
forcing their cocks entirely down her throat, because she couldn't stop them.

Jamming themselves hard to the wall pushing their cocks as deep as possible
until her lips touched the base. In turn leaving their cocks lodged in her
throat, She heard them cheer as she gagged and choked with the effort. As
each man ejaculated down her throat.

Another cock in her mouth, stinking of piss, the man grunting.

"That's it slut. Yeah! Choke on it you cumslut! Choke, choke yeah!!"

He began to furiously ram it in and out of her mouth, fucking her face. She
gagged from the sudden impact of his cock hammering its way down her throat.
He battered his meat head against her tonsils until she began to gag up more

"OOOH!, like that, bitch. Yeah! Yeah! Oh, yes! Take some more you fucking
slut! Take it! Take it!" he shouted as his balls emptied down her throat.

He laughed pulling out "She took it, oh yes she did!"

More laughter.

He was quickly replaced by another prick, only thicker. He forced it deep in
her throat vicously shoving it in. O'Neil coughed and cum ejected from out of
her nose, spilling semen all down her face joining the rest in the bottom of
the box.

Guttural pleadings escaped from around the cock jammed balls deep in her
throat. As he slammed to the wall her choking and gagging could be heard over
the prisoners laughter she felt his cock begin to throb and pump cum into her
stomach. He grunted, his fat prick lodged in her windpipe making her buck and
gag as she felt each spurt of thick heavy semen into her throat. Every time
she swallowed there seemed to be more. His fat cock was so intense as it
throbbed, expanding and contracting, pumping hot runny seed into her. She
thought her engorged throat would burst. She felt the throbbing subside and
eventually stop, and he pulled out of her throat with a loud pop.

"Oh my God!" she sobbed. "Oh my God!"

She was stifled by another dick as it rammed home he began fucking her face
violently. She gagged and choked again while he pumped her face for ages
numbing her throat as he battered her mouth. I suddenly burst with a copious
flood of semen she jolted and snorted trying to swallow the man's cum before
she drowned, filling her bloated belly to the brim with semen.

She was gagging and choking cum bubbled from the corners of her mouth and
shot from her nose, when he dragged his dick out of her mouth, she fought for
air and coughed up more cum. She now had gallons of semen inside her belly.
She fought to spit out the thick wads that coated her mouth.

Several choke fucks later, next door the major noticed her belly was
beginning to look swollen from the gallons of cum she had consumed.

Her fat breasts were still producing, He checked the bottles on the pump,
changed one. He pressed a button next to the box, hen he went to the wall
cabinet again.


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