The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail,
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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 19 (F-gang,nc,humil,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

Her ass rape seemed to go on forever, each motion a tearing of her insides,
an explosion of pain never ending. She could feel every inch of the cock
buried deep inside her bowels, Pounding, pounding, another then another, her
ass hole was numb with pain as his strokes became more and more deep, more
and more violent, she felt she was losing consciousness again.

O'Neil looked up as the cell door opened. Her face was set her lips
compressed as she felt yet another load of semen spurt into her helpless
rectum. She felt it withdraw and then her bowels spasm and pulse as her
tired rectal muscles rejected the latest seed out to coarse down her

Major Henry came in, Reece was with him but he dragged a black girl with
him, she was drunk as fuck an Army Private, short hair, large breasts
constrained in an army drab vest, BDU's on her legs. Issue boots, dog tags
dangling. She tripped and landed face down over the examination couch that
O'Neil had been on earlier.

"Fuck shit Man!!" she complained and started giggling she slid of onto her
knees. Slumping on the floor.

"This is Private Rogers, O'Neil she's had a good time and is so high she
don't know how much shit she's in, now you know exactly how much shit she's
in don't you Lieutenant?"

O'Neil swallowed "Ye . . yes sir" she croaked.

O'Neil stiffened feeling someone else entering her in the cell on the other
side of the wall.

"Now you get to come off the wall as it were Lieutenant if you can get this
piece of prime black ass to cum by eating her out, if you can't you stay and
her male colleagues get your ass instead of hers, understand?"

O'Neil winced as the cock in her butt took up deep vicious thrusts. "Yes Sir"

"That's a good bitch Lieutenant" he laughed then picked Rogers up by the

"Shit! fuck you man I was sleepin'!"

"Hey Rogers you know I said I could get a Lieutenant to eat your pussy, she's

The Private grinned and then looked at O'Neil her eyes betraying how drunk
she was.

"Fuck I wanted one of you whores to lick my cunt since boot bitch, why she
trussed up like that?"

"So she can eat you out Private!" Henry stated.

Reece pulled the exam table over in front of O'Neil.

Rogers undid her BDU's and lowered them underneath her skin was dark and
smooth, well muscled legs and ass she had tight white briefs on, she stumbled
as she tried to get the combat trousers off over her boots. She succeeded and
then lowered her briefs revealing a big hairy black bush covering her twat.
She got her ass on the table and spread her legs on either side of O'Neil's

She drew open her swollen vulva showing O'Neil her twat O'Neil swallowed. Her
twat seemed enormous a huge hairy cunt her lips pouting out showing her pink
wet depths a sudden hard stab up her ass reminded her of her need.

"Suck my cunt you little slut!" Rogers gloated.

Private Rogers shoved her crotch forward, grinding her hairy strong smelling
pubic mound against O'Neil's jaw. O'Neil grimaced disgusted and then
reluctantly opened her mouth, and tentatively thrust her tongue forward. She
tasted the strong juices from the Private's pussy and began lapping them up.

The Private grabbed the back of her shaved head and mashed her groin into
O'Neil's face, demanding she suck harder. O'Neil slurped and suckled at her
oozing slit hole, her tongue dipping in as deep as it would go, lapping and
twisting in the girl's pussy mouth.

She pulled her tongue out and rasped it over the aroused clit, bringing a
moan of pleasure from the Private. O'Neil wiped and ground her tongue over
and over against the sensitive little fold of flesh, rubbing and teasing.
She closed her lips over her clit as tight as she could, and then pulled
and sucked deeply.

Rogers yelped and jerked against O'Neil's face as her clit vibrated in time
to O'Neil's sucking mouth.

"OOOH that's it baby! that's it!" she growled.

Rogers began humping up into her face her fingers holding O'Neil's shaven
head in a vice like grip. O'Neil snorted for breath as her cunt seemed to
pull on her tongue drawing it deeper. She felt Some bastard heave achingly
deep up her ass and pump searing hot jism right up into her intestines.

O'Neil stabbed her tongue in and out rapidly freeing Rogers shudder her whole
body jolting with each thrust. Rogers was holding on to O'Neil's head her
legs going out straight on either side of her face as with a howl of animal
pleasure she came. O'Neil was suddenly deluged with gush after gush of cunt
juice. She spluttered in shock as it filled her mouth, hot strong tasting
feminine insistent fluid which flooded her mouth and ran down her chin as
spurt after spurt shot into her trapped face.

"Oh shit bitch, oh shit that was fine!" Rogers gasped laying back and
releasing O'Neil's head.

Major Henry smiled down at her and then rabbit punched her viciously Private
Rogers grunted and then flopped back unconscious.

"Congratulations O'Neil you won you're ass a reprieve"

O'Neil couldn't believe the relief she felt as Reece pulled the lever that
shut her ass off from the glory hole on the other side. The Exam table was
swung out of the way and O'Neil's ass was released from the box. They swung
her around and then admired her blasted open semen awash ass. O'Neil groaned
as she felt the anal spreader released and as it was withdrawn something else
was at the entrance to her ass she felt the internal walls of her cheeks
close around something huge.

Then it was rammed up her. She jolted snatching at her bonds as it was
twisted and forced in until it filled her rectum to bursting and then was
released leaving her with something huge filling her butt. She gasped and
tried to catch her breath as her bowels cramped around it.

"Oh God what . . What?"

"Shut the fuck up whore!" Henry ordered, she complied.

They released her legs and waist from the stool and then switched off the
pump and yanked the cups off her still lactating jugs. Then he dragged her
on trembling legs over to the wall.

"Stay!!" she did as she was told.

She watched as Henry and Reece manhandled the limp Rogers on to the stool,
strapped her arms to the waist strap and her legs to the stool legs and
then admired her ass, The Private groaned as Henry tested her anus with his

Then he eased some lubricant to it and then, pinching her big black ass
cheeks wide he shoved his cock to her ass and slowly made it go in. Rogers
let out a gasp as it entered her but stayed out cold. He started to rape her
ass, with slow deepening strokes.

O'Neil watched impassively the shaft of his cock stained with the woman's
shit as it rippled in and out of her stretched sphincter.

"Nothing PC about fucking a big black ass O'Neil, rather hers than yours
yeah?" He grinned

O'Neil stood there in silent relief. Whatever it was they had shoved up her
ass a disgusting weight in her bowels. She watched as they both ass raped the
drunken private. Then Major Henry inserted the anal spreaders up the poor
woman's rectum. The tips of the tongs entered her just fucked ass. The Major
inserted it into her rear, then slowly ratcheted her asshole apart, like he
had done to O'Neil in order to fit the glory hole. She watched as he spread
the tool, seeing her anus slowly spread apart.

Once finished they swung her around and connected her to the box and threw
the lever. O'Neil saw her ass dragged back and shuddered as she remembered
the fingers and probing. In minutes Rogers's legs flinched and she groaned
as the first cock entered her ass.

O'Neil groaned feeling her tits rapidly refilling with milk, she looked down
at both of them, her aureole where big fat dark globes, beneath her breasts
were two jutting aching mounds, She looked at Rogers her eyes were drawn to
her wide thick lipped mouth. she looked longingly at them feeling her clit
twinge and her teats springe.

Suddenly Rogers's eyes opened then drooped closed again, only to go wide eyed
in shock. she lifted her head in shock realization.

as she desperately peered over her shoulder trying to see who it was.


Rogers gave a shrill scream as the man on the other side of the wall must
have thrust full length up her helpless rectum and she felt it slip all the
way up her desperately wiggling fat ass.


All O'Neil could see was Private Rogers wide mouth opening and closing, she
heard herself give a guttural moan in the back of her throat as her breasts
throbbed hotly, Her nipples two insistent nagging aching rigid studs.

"UHH Lieutenant? . . . Lieutenant what UUUUGGGHHH!! WHAT THE FUCK IS UGHHHHH
IS URRRGHHH AHH AHH UHH UHH. UH FUCK!! Some ass wipe just came in my ass! In
my ass?"

O'Neil shuffled closer struggling to walk with whatever it was shoved up her

"UHH . . . he's taken it out . . . Uh NOO! NOO! THERE'S ANOTHER ONE . . .
another one UHHHH GOD!!"

O'Neil got to her, stood over her looking down at her pain etched features.

"They've got your ass against a glory hole, in the cell next door. They hold
the nights prisoners in there, They did it to me."


"There's a switch that shuts the hole, it's there" She felt her nipples buzz
with desperate need.

"UUUUHHHH SHIT SHIT . . . close it, close it, there . . there ripping ma ass
open UUGGHHHH!!"

O'Neil just stood there staring at her. Watching her lips so full and soft.

"LIEUTENANT!! MA'AM . . MA'AM . . Please shut the God damn UUGGHHH hole!"

"That's better Private, now you do something for me you dike bitch and I will
shut the hole on your worthless hole you understand Soldier!"

She said with quiet menace. Rogers looked up at her with tears streaming down
her face, bewildered.

"I'll do it . . just shut the fucking hole . . . shut the hole?"

"Open your mouth soldier your going to suckle every ounce out of my breasts
that you can, the quicker you do the quicker I shut the hole, is that clear?"

Rogers winced and shuddered as another load was pounded up her. She nodded
agreement. Opening her mouth wide.

O'Neil dipped her torso and swiped her breast against her gaping lips
shuddering as thrills rippled through her. She pushed the swollen globe to
her mouth and gasped as she felt her suck.

"That's it, good girl, good girl" she cooed as she trembled feeling the rush
of let down burst through her.

O'Neil could see Rogers's ass humping the wall as she suckled, snorting for
breath though her wide nostrils as she swallowed flood after flood of warm
squirting milk. O'Neil's breast was smothering her face as she groaned and
shook, her own ass snatching at the cruel plug in her ass.

O'Neil pulled her right tit free and offered the other. She threw her head
back swamped in delicious sensation as she felt her latch on and draw her
teat to the back of her mouth. That breast let down, the other squirting milk
in a fine fountain across the side of Rogers's beautiful ebony cheek.

"Ooooh suck that's it good girl for mama, good girl, harder harder UHH good,
good!!" O'Neil went up on tip toe, her cunt dripping, her overexcited clit
throbbing for attention.

Rogers groaned in pain as someone slammed up her butt, biting down on
O'Neil's teat hard, trying not to scream. Milk flooded her mouth in a steady
stream, seeping around her lips, dribbling from her chin. O'Neil found the
thrills stabbing through her breast too much she jolted, feeling her ass
clench around the awful thing up her butt. Then she pulled her breast away
and going higher on tip toe she offered her extended clit to Rogers, arching
her back backwards.

"Suck, suck my clit you little fucking bitch, SUCK IT!! NOW PRIVATE!!"

O'Neil's deep hushed tones urged her, Rogers pushed her face down and began
to lap at it, in all her time as a lesbian in the army she had never seen
such a big clit, or one so excited, she circled it with her tongue and then
locked her supple lips around it drawing on it hard.

O'Neil shook and then gasped loudly, humping her cunt to the privates face in
a rush of movement. Suddenly she went stiff, shuddering, her face fixed as
her orgasm reached it's peak and then, she went further up on the tips of her
army boots slowly drawing her clit up out of Rogers's clinging lips.

Then she came, her whole body flexing, her hips flicking toward Rogers face.
Unleashing a hard heavy gush of cunt juice straight into her suprised
startled features. Again and again, squirt after hot squirt, washing her
face with cunt juices until she groaned and sank to her knees, trembling in
aftermath. Her heavy breasts seeping milk around her on the floor.

Rogers stiffened as another sank up her ass then she moaned. "NOOOOOOOOOOO
NOOOOO he's pissing pissing up my butt, oh shit, make em stop . please stop
them Lieutenant? LIEUTENANT!!"

O'Neil laboriously got up off the floor and shouldered the latch forcing the
cock out of her ass with it's closing.

Rogers gasped in relief as she felt the hot piss drain out down the backs of
her legs. She opened her eyes to find O'Neil's large breast before her.

"Get sucking Private, there's plenty more bitch!" O'Neil urged.

Rogers opened her mouth and began to nurse, swallowing steadily.


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