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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 20 (F-gang,nc,humil,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

O'Neil made rogers suckle each breast to a slow trickle, and only drew each
breast away when the demand of the other was too much to bear. By the time
she was done Rogers was bloated and ill from all the milk she had consumed.
Still drunk O'Neil coaxed her into lapping at her clit again, but she kept
lapsing into unconsciousness frustrated O'Neil paced about the cell,
desperately searching for a way out of her awful predicament.

Not long after the Major and Reece came back in. The Major went straight over
and opened the glory hole to Rogers ass. She moaned in her sleep.

Four soldiers came in behind them and stood guard.

"What's with the soldier boys Major, you want me to fuck them too?" O'Neil
growled sarcastically.

The Major grinned. "No they're here for your protection, Salem wants you
back, or unable to answer questions. So unless you want to spend more than
the rest of your career on the end of his cock I suggest you shut the fuck

O'Neil glowered at him in silence the thought of being back in Salem's
clutches made her shudder.

Rogers stiffened and moaned "Not my ass" in her sleep.

Reece went over to O'Neil and grabbed her around the neck, she struggled
wincing as Major Henry produced a syringe and brought it over.


Reece gripped her arms and neck holding her as the Major took hold of her
right breast and squeezed it up hard. He grinned as he pushed the needle into
her aureole. O'Neil gasped as it went in.

She felt the room roll and dip, She tried to pull her other breast away as he
gripped it butt she could hardly stand. She felt the room darken as her legs
failed as they lowered her to the floor.

The soldiers helped put her face down on a stretcher and then carry her from
the room. They took her down the corridor, down some steps into the motor
pool behind the station.

An army truck was waiting there, unloaded from it was a large crate with the
back off it, it was in the shape of a letter 'r' inside was a strange frame
work the underside of the top portion had two holes close together in it,
above that was a neck brace type thing. As the internal wall went to the
floor there was a waist strap. Two ankle cuffs near the base.

O'Neil was picked up and lifted into the crate. Two soldiers held her while
Major Henry guided her swollen breasts through the two 'too small' holes. He
pushed and prodded the stiff flesh forcing it through the wide rubber
grommets that lined them.

Eventually they went through, They turgidly protruded out the other side. Two
hard stiff udders. Her thick teats seeped milk slowly from both bulging
veined orbs. Then he forced the ring gag back into her mouth and strapped it
around her shaved head. While the soldiers manhandled O'Neil onto the cradle
inside and locked her neck into the brace, her waist strapped to the internal
wall. Ankle straps around her combat booted ankles.

Major Henry busied himself under her tit's placing two suction cups over each
fat aureole, He squeezed the bulbs on the ends drawing her engorged teats
hard into the cups, sealing them off. He tested each to se if they leaked,
satisfied he got up and walked to the rear of the crate.

O'Neil's ass was a fine sight her well muscled legs, ending in those
deliciously tight buns. Her taut buttocks tightly framing the anal bung that
was inserted in her stretched ring.

It was a 6 inch long butt plug, attached to the back end was a 2 foot silver
chain with a ring at the end. The end point of the plug had a removable
rubber cap, that had a very small hole in the end.

Holding the chain his left hand, He pried off the removable cap. Beneath was
a 2 inch plastic plunger device. He took hold of the plunger and slowly
pumped it. The plunger moved back and forth with ease making a slow hiss as
he pushed it in. He smiled knowing the plug was expanding in her already
stretched ass.

He then latched in place a vertical cross bar, which clipped to the bung. He
then latched in place two side bars. Now O'Neil was trapped between the neck
brace and the back beams of the crate. Then he supervised the back of the
crate being fitted.

Now the crate looked quite innocent but for the two hanging breasts. Major
Henry fitted a hollow box section over that, clipping them in place. He
smiled reading the "Delicate - Medical - Handle With Care" labels that
adorned the sides. He checked his watch, had to get moving.

An hour later he watched the crate unloaded from the truck straight into the
rear of the C-130. 20 minutes after that they were airborne. He strode down
the freight bay were the crate was locked into place in the centre. He
unclipped the false section and drew it out of the way.

The load master grinned as O'Neil's breasts came into sight. A pair of really
bloated jugs. The suction cups had held against the incredible pressure
exerted by her over active mammary glands. Both bulbs were white with milk.
Her breast's were so engorged they pressed hard to each other, so hard you
wouldn't be suprised if they squeaked as they moved.

Inside O'Neil groggily came too, She found her neck trapped, assuming the
worst she clenched her ass around the awful unrelenting bulging hard thing
that was lodged there. To an extent she was glad it wasn't a pumping cock.
Her cunt twinges as she thought of a pumping cock. A big veiny cock, the
thick head glistening with pre cum, she shook her head. What was happening
to her, her cunt twinges again.

It was joined by the increasing ache from her breasts. God they were full,
And heavy, hot insistent pressure behind her teats. Both breasts, felt as if
they would burst. An incredible urge to feed overwhelmed her. Visions of
Private rogers wet full lips kept popping into her mind.

O'Neil's massive bosom jiggled as the plane encountered turbulence. They
springed sharp deep throbbing pains. Both ached, and ached, They bounced
with the aircraft, so full her excess milk seemed to surge up and then fall
heavily. Her breasts, big and swollen, full of mother's milk, swung and
pressed to each other. They were so huge, The pain dwarfed that of her open
full asshole. Her breasts seemed to send intense waves of hard pain as each
huge globe slammed up into the wood. She let out a sob as they swelled, her
teats throbbing, pulsing. Both slammed to each other again. She bit her lip
a terrible soreness, becoming a growing heat in her trapped bosom.

O'Neil couldn't believe the ache, solid pounding hot pain was now smothering
her "God they hurt, they hurt!!" her mind screamed, Helplessly she hung in
the crate, desperately wishing for some attention, any attention.

Major Henry looked around the interior of the transport plane. Then back at
her breasts hanging under her crate. from where he was sat he could see
almost all of her big, white breast's all the way down to the thick ring of
dark, bloated flesh surrounding her capped nipples her big, bulging nipples.
The distended pink knobs of flesh bulging around the cups.

"Someone, anyone please nurse me and make my breasts stop aching." O'Neil
burst out inside in anguish, as her jug's bounced and bobbed heavily.

'What would it be like to suck on the hard, puffiness of her nipples, the
hard puffiness of her big, bloated nipples' Thought the load master feeling
his cock straining in his flight suit. 'Wonder who the bitch is?"

He wandered over and toyed with her capped teat's. He looked over at The
Major, who smiled reassuringly. He prodded the stiff but yielding flesh of
her swollen breasts. Inside the crate O'Neil sobbed as the awful aching pain
increased, unsure what was going on. He put both his hands on one big tit,
squeezed it and pulled it, slowly dragging it down like a huge bloated udder.

O'Neil was going crazy, Her breasts were rapidly approaching let down, but
with nowhere for the milk to go, her tits were throbbing with excruciating
hot sharp pains as the pressure built and built. Her mind was blind to
everything but his kneading teasing leather coated fingers. He started to
slap and bob them about.

O'Neil jolted and jerked in the crate desperately trying to push her breasts
to anything. She was being driven to the brink of madness. Suddenly she
howled as she felt whoever it was pump the bulbs on her teats, forcing her
breasts to let down in such an incredible rush. The terrible pressure was
beyond description as her breasts tried to feed but couldn't. Her mind reeled
as her tit's felt white hot. She realized she was jerking her hips fucking
her ass to the bung. Her clit another irritating attention demanding
throbbing buzz.

Major Henry came over and examined her tit's, Her nipples were going dark
purple with the pressure, thick hard veins standing out, The air pressure
in the freight bay couldn't be helping, the low pressure forcing them to
expand more and more. He came to a decision and with a vicious twist he
gripped the cups and yanked them off.

O'Neil's scream of pleasure and release could be heard over the engines as
she felt her tits surge and her milk sprayed out in a fountain of heavy
drops. They both grabbed a tit each and began to pull and milk them cruelly,
forcing more and more milk out, They ran their hands all over them, making
both massive balloons slick with milk. They stopped.

O'Neil whimpered inside the crate, feeling the pressure slam behind each
nipple like a sledgehammer. The Load master undid his flight suit letting out
his straining cock, Major Henry backed off, He gripped each breast dragging
them a part.

He thrust his cock between them and let them go so they squose his cock. Then
he began fucking her tit's forcing the milk to jet out in heavy spurts. He
held them tightly not giving a fuck for how much pain he may be causing. He
humped them for ages, eventually pulling free and squirting his come over
both dangling jug's.

O'Neil wanted to come so badly her twat was dripping on to the floor of the
crate. She sobbed in frustration as he finished. Leaving her teats dribbling
milk to the aircraft floor. After about ten minutes she felt some more hands,
a different feel, gentle pulling slowly, teasing squeezing her teats up
between finger and thumb, then pulling them out hard and pumping them.

Then she felt a hot wet mouth that took all of her nipple and aureole into it
and started sucking and tonguing vigorously. She 'let down' again her milk
ran freely on both sides. He was drinking with one hand and massaging her
other tit with his other hand it was still heavy with milk.

She was lactating heavily. Tears formed in her eyes with the blissful near
orgasmic thrills that coursed through each motherly heavy, swollen breasts.
The nipples were bright red and engorged.

"They hurt so much!" her mind screamed. But it was nice too. Her massive
mammaries being nursed. They felt absolutely huge, and whoever it was sucked
so well. She ground her ass back in hard steady strokes, feeling her belly
tightening steadily.

She needed to cum, oh christ she needed to cum, The mouth went away her teats
ached for more attention, she shuddered as hot pressure built with a sudden
blow behind each nipple.

Then rough fingers were tweaking her teats pulling and twisting them,
stretching each out hard. O'Neil moaned in frustration. Then the rough hands
were squeezing and testing the weight of them. Then slapping them, softly at
first then harder, then viciously. Stiff fingers swiping each stud like
throbbing nipple, so that O'Neil wailed in the box. Each blow was a searing
hot pain she could feel the finger marks being left as her tit's were struck
back and too. Then they were grabbed and yanked on cruelly so she yelled into
the ring gag, Pulling and pulling.

She was sure they were wringing the milk out, She wept in pain as whoever it
was roughly bit and chewed her nubs, chatting and stretching them with his
hard teeth. They were pressed together and both nipples were forced to each
other and then chewed.

She jolted and strained trying to pull them back through the holes as
terrible searing pains wracked each breast. He stopped then he beat them with
his cock and rubbed the head of it back and too across her springing teats.

Then held them as he plunged his meat into her deep cleavage, fucking them
hard. His fingers gripping deep into each turgid globe as he rammed
repeatedly between them and then trapping his cock crown between them he came
so she could feel each and every pulse as his sperm jetted out.

Then another mouth, surrounded by stiff bristles that stung and chaffed as he
swept his mouth over and around each swollen nub. O'Neil was begging, begging
him to suckle, babbling entreaties into the gag. Then she jerked rigid
feeling him latch on and suck hard and long. She felt gland after gland empty
as he dragged her milk out. The other breast throbbed hotly, denied his
attention too long and then he swept his mouth to that too and she groaned in
pleasure as it let down and milk surged through her breast into his hungry

O'Neil's clit was erect thrusting out from it's hood twitching with each
and every suckle, buzzing for attention, she swept her hips forward trying
desperately to hump the box, but to no avail. her belly was so tight now,
one touch would make her squirt juice. She sobbed in desperate anguish for

Major Henry looked on as the last of the crew took his fill of O'Neil's jugs.
The crewman sprayed his last across her pressurized jugs and strode back to
the flight deck. The Major inspected her semen covered dripping breasts
noting the deep finger marks and the bruising. The purpling around each
swollen dark aureole from they're eager suction. He gripped her left tit and
twisted it up so he could replace the suction cup, he held it in place and
pumped her nipple into it's collar enjoying the way the whole breast began
to swell as soon as it was stopper'd. He quickly did the other.

He sat down and looked at his watch, should be in Washington any minute now
he mused, He watched O'Neil's breasts tremble and shake from side to side as
the aircraft descended and banked. He smiled thinking of that big cheque he
was going to get.


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