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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 21 (F-gang,nc,humil,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

Senator Lillian DeHaven was approached by an aid, He whispered to her and she
smiled, made excuses and left the meeting she was attending.

She arrived twenty minutes later at her plush apartments, She went in her
eyes immediately went to the crate stood at the end of her elaborate four
poster bed. Major Henry smiled relieved at her arrival.

"You are late Major, as ever, is she sedated or not?"

"Not Ma'am, it was unwise, the dose with all the other things we've given

"Liberal applications of your own seed no doubt! I want her Co-operative at
the least" she frowned.

Major Henry just nodded sheepishly.

"What is she dressed in Major Eu natural I suppose?"

"Yes apart from dog tags and combat boots."

"I'm going out to dinner when I come back I want her ass in dress uniform,
and on that special frame, attached to the foot of the bed, is that clear?
Or would you like a diagram Major?"

"That won't be necessary Ma'am, I will get it done."

"Good you have two hours Major, and when I get back I don't want to see
your worthless ass anywhere near here. Understood!"

He grinned. "Yes Ma'am!" She left.

Major Henry put his hat on the bed and set too taking the back off the crate.

Ten minutes later He rested it against the wall and crouched down to admire
the view.

O'Neils ass was impaled to the hilt on the bung attached to the frame, below
that her cunt was gaping open. slick with juice, her shaven twat looked so
swollen and excited, Her clit was an unbelievably thick stud, protruding from
it's hood. She moaned and flexed her thigh muscles, pressing her ass back to
the butt plug. The crate floor was covered in her cunt excretions. Her whole
muscular frame shiny with sweat.

"I hope your cunt's as hot as it looks Lieutenant, because your gonna get a
fucking you won't ever forget tonight bitch!"

He sneered as he opened his medical bag and retrieved a syringe and filled
it. He tapped it and then jabbed it into O'Neil's flinching ass. He watched
her slump.

"Life's a bitch O'Neil, a bitch, and tonight your it," He went to work.

O'Neil slowly came too, she tried to breath but it was difficult, there was
something in her mouth, or in her throat, she came too with sudden
realization. Tried to bit down but couldn't, her teeth ground to the metal
ring as the thick cock in it pumped in and out. She opened her eyes as the
foul tasting thing expanded and flooded her gullet with seed. She began to
choke. A hand stroked her head.

"That's a good girl swallow, swallow that's it good girl" Major Henry cooed.

He withdrew it letting what was left of his semen dribble from her mouth.

She was suspended at one end of a big four post bed. She coughed spitting out
great globs of come. Her ass ached, from the bung. She watched as the Major
clambered off the bed. Realising she was dressed again. She lowered her head
to the sheets, She was attached by her ass to the frame from the crate. This
was attached to the bed frame. Her feet were on the floor behind the bed,
straight out. She had dress shoes on she could tell by the feel but she was
stood in some kind of plastic tray?

Her breasts were sore and still burned, she looked beneath her they were
trapped inside a dress blouse and dress jacket, An Army uniform? She wasn't
in the army? A skirt was bunched around her waist. Her arms were out straight
to either side attached to manacles on chains which went to the bed side
beams above her. She was suspended there, ass in the air impaled on the ass
bung. She could feel a dress hat placed on her head and then straightened.

"There, all ready, sorry it's the wrong uniform but it's what your host
wanted. Thanks for the throat fuck it was really good of you," he smiled.

"PHUK OO OO ASTARD!!" she managed.

"There it was no trouble, oh I gave your tit's a booster shot while you were
out, thought it would make you appreciate how tight the jacket is more. Now
you be nice to your host, your career is quite literally your ass!" he
laughed and left.

O'Neil struggled to be free to no avail, her legs were free but there was
nothing to lever against. She hung there feeling the semen and spit dribble
from her mouth onto the sheets. Her breast's were throbbing it was growing
in intensity. She needed to open the Jacket and blouse. She looked down,
left much longer, with the buttons straining like that, They would open
themselves. The full feeling from her ass was incredible. The excruciating
fullness of her breasts was growing much worse. She stamped her feet in

"My, my you are impatient Lieutenant!" It was the Senator, behind her.

She came around the front and sat across the bed in front of her smiling. She
took hold of O'Neil's chin and lifted her head looking into her angry eye's.

"You are a big girl now aren't you. I like big girls, Oh dear has that nasty
Major been filling your poor mouth with his excuse for a cock? never mind,
Aunty Lillian will look after you now."

She reached forward to the side of the ring gag.

"Push your tongue through it hard and it should pop out."

O'Neil tentatively did nothing happened so she stuck her tongue right through
Lillian twisted something and the thing snapped shut on her tongue trapping
it. O'Neil's eyes bulged as she tried to pull it free, but it was fast.

"Oh you military types are so trusting" She laughed.

She started to get undressed.

"The military want more and more funding, they can't recruit like they did.

So they begrudgingly open the doors to women, then, when their played at
their own game and forced by PC issues to take on Female Combat troops. Oh
no then, it's 'but they'll be captured, captured and raped!' So they get
they're wish, I give them your ass, first chance they get they rape the shit
out of you. Well after they made you shit on the floor that is." She paused.

O'Neil realized she was enjoying the look of horror on her face as she
realized the only way she could know that would be if she had seen the video
of her rape in the beach house.

"A nice touch I feel, So now I go to them and say, hey you can't recruit.
You recruit women and you abuse them, you can't man all these establishments
without hauling women into the service, and now I have video proof that
testosterone rules. So female soldiers are a no, no. Hell our soldiers can't
stop raping them, fuck knows what the enemy will do! So therefore I get the
cuts in military expenditure I want, the country is eternally grateful. I
get a shot at presidency, and to think Salem just wanted to add you to his
extensive array of hookers! Shit that's ambition for you!" She was naked now.

She toyed with her small hard nipples, then her twat, for an older woman she
was still in pretty good shape. She got on the bed in front of O'Neil and
spread her legs exposing her wrinkled sex to the horrified Lieutenant.

"Now lets see are you going to be a good girl for Aunty, lick her wet cunny
for her?"

O'Neil went cross eyed focusing on her twat, she eased two fingers in and out
of it, they came out slick with thick cream. O'Neil pulled her face, paling
and shook her head 'No'.

"Now that's a naughty girl, Aunties cross, shall I show you what Auntie does
when she's cross and wants naughty girls to behave?"

She got up and went behind O'Neil, She pulled the rubber cap off the butt
plug and eased the plunger out. Then she began pumping it, expanding the
awesome girth of the thing. O'Neil stiffened groaning, Lillian traced her
finger around the sensitive inner walls of her buttocks, making her flinch
and squirm.

She pumped, and pumped. O'Neil was shaking her head struggling jerking her
hips as the thing grew in her rectum. The Senator smiled pumping it some
more, watching as O'Neil's thin stretched ring became thinner and tighter as
the diameter grew.

She stopped and came back around the front, She settled on the bed and
shuffled her ass closer to O'Neil's head. She took hold of her head and drew
her protruding trapped tongue toward the folds of her cunt. O'Neil closed her
eyes as she began to grind her cunt to it. All O'Neil could feel was the
burning pressure in her breasts and her ass ring burning from the stretching.

"There that's a good girl, lick, LICK! otherwise it's ass splitting time

O'Neil swallowed and began to circle what she could of her tongue, it slipped
between the opening lips of the Senator, who groaned and began to press her
twat to her face, O'Neil felt her tongue slip into the entrance of her cunt
Lillian began to hump her face gasping and moaning as O'Neil stabbed her cunt
entrance with her trapped tongue.

The Senator stopped and drew herself away, turned over and backed her ass to
O'Neil's disgusted face, she held her cheeks wide open.

"Lick my asshole soldier bitch LICK IT!!"

O'Neil licked at it and noticed with relief she was clean. She swiped her
tongue across the length of her wrinkled asshole and down to the opening to
her cunt, which left her ass hole resting on her nose. She drew back and
inserted her tongue against her ass. She pushed back forcing her tongue deep
into her butt, She moaned and her cunt and ass jerked. She kept tonguing her
asshole as deep as she could. She reached back and began finger fucking
herself jerking back on to O'Neil's probing tongue.

She tongued her asshole for about 5 minutes, and then she pulled back,
Lillian, got up fingering herself hard.

"Nearly came bitch, nearly, now I'm gonna introduce you to my friend. And I'm
gonna fuck your big soldier girl ass for you.

O'Neil shook her head in disbelief.

The Senator went behind her and undid the release on the butt plug. O'Neil
felt it slowly deflate. An incredibly strange sensation.

The Senator drew out a a wide rubber coupling and attached it to a rubber
hose. Then attached the hose to medical pump on a drip stand. O'Neil
whimpered and strained her head around to see.

She could just see the drip stand, A box that was the pump attached to it
with a large white filled syringe to one side. Above it was something she
couldn't see.

"This wonderful toy has a hole in the tip to allow liquid to be administered
via the tube on the inside, I'm going to wash all that nasty semen out of
your ass before we play isn't Aunty nice to you."

O'Neil struggled trying to curse her as Senator DeWinter twisted the dial on
the pump and a warm liquid rushed into her, flowing into O'Neils bowels.
Immediately the anal bung inflated to it's extreme, O'Neil began sobbing. She
could feel her stomach begin to bulge as the liquid hosed out of the terrible
thing into her intestines.

She felt her stomach continue to expand more and more and groaned nervously
as the pain began. Then the expansion stopped. O'Neil felt even more full
than she had when those sick bastards had made her swallow their piss.
Lillian felt at her extended stomach, under her service skirt, then giggled.

O'Neil flinched, again with a thump warm liquid started filling her bowels.
The pain slowly changed to a warm tingling feeling starting in her stretched
asshole. The warm feeling spread through her entire bowels as she felt the
pressure increasing. O'Neil felt the change in pressure in her bowels and
almost immediately there followed a wave of warm chills sweeping her body.

Within the dress blouse her nipples stood straight out and she felt her clit
swelling instantly. The lips of her cunt ached for attention, all puffed up.
Renewed juices flowed from her open cunt. God how she craved sex. To be
suckled and fucked heat spread through every part of her body.

Lillian stroked her thumb around O'Neil's clit, careful not to touch it.
Enjoying the way her body trembled and snatched. She switched off the pump
O'Neil's belly was like a drum, as if she was pregnant. She made muffled
complaints her belly filling her senses with odd sensations.

Lillian smiled and then gripped the end of the bung firmly, she tugged on it,
and again, O'Neil's anus stretched out around it her ring being dragged back
with it. She made a loud grunting noise as the pressure behind the bung began
to take the upper hand. Lillian grinned as it began to move on it's own. She
was panting, she watched as O'Neil pushed out the bung, her ass spitting it
out with enormous force.

All the fluid burst out behind it in a rush, flooding out, bringing with it
semen and shit. O'Neil howled in disgust as she felt herself empty. Feeling
relief as the pressure dwindled inside her draining intestines. O'Neil's
asshole was now extremely open from the effect of the bung. No matter how
much she tried to squeeze it shut it wouldn't close. Her ring seemed to be
trapped in that extremely open position.

"Oh dear you dirty girl, you have made a mess all over auntie!" The Senator
laughed as the mess coursed down her naked body. O'Neil shuddered unable to
deal with how turned on it had made her.

The unpleasant burning was still there, but she realized she craved for
something to fill the unbearable emptiness. The Senator admired her open ass.
She raised her elbow level with the opening and rammed her fingers into it
making O'Neil jolt and squirm She forced it deeper, the heal of her hand
pressing to the opening. It sank instantly in a little way then she swirled
it around before pulling it completely out again.

She dipped her fingers into a jar of lubricant and wiped the large glob into
her helpless ass, filling it with the thick jelly like substance. She stuck
her fingers back in the jar and proceeded to pack O'Neil's ass full.

O'Neils ass was gaping wide open allowing more and more of the substance to
be packed inside. She felt The Senator filling her cavity with what seemed
an enormous amount of the jelly. Just then she felt her slide all of her
fingers into her ass effortlessly only to be pulled out as easily as it was
inserted. O'Neil realized her open bowels were now exposed more than ever
before. She felt cold air pass up inside her ass unrestricted.

"Oh NO!" O'Neil thought. "My asshole, It won't ever recover!"

The Senator continued to pack her O'Neil's ass until the jar of lubricant was
empty. She looked at her hole and suppressed a giggle at what she had done.

"Shall I show you what I have to fill this with O'Neil? You're so wide open,
you could fit a horse cock in your ass now," she chuckled at the sight of
O'Neil's frantic complaint. Her ass shaking so that lubricant leaked from her
enlarged opening.

Senator DeWinter busied herself for some minutes and then came around to the
front of O'Neil, held in her hand, attached to a set of thick straps was a
huge real looking dildo in the shape of a horses cock. She held it in her
hand and smiled to herself.

She had rarely had an opportunity to use it. The object was an exact replica
of the Senators own Stallions' dick, and he had a very large dick. Its length
was 20 inches long but had a really wicked thickness. Most of its entire
length it was 2 1/2 inches in diameter and at the tip it blossomed out like
a bloated mushroom to 4 inches.

"Only a fucking soldier slut like you could manage to take this up your ass.
As you can imagine it's going to take ages to get it in, and then once forced
in. It's gonna be painful as hell to get out!"

Lillian grinned and then felt O'Neil's breasts through the dress jacket,
O'Neil's eyes smouldered with need as she brushed and teased the thick nubs
underneath. She began to undo the buttons

"Oh dear are you very full of mummy milk? perhaps you should get used to it,
I'm sure with all this unprotected sex you have indulged in some of that
semen must have stuck?"

O'Neil grimaced in disgust at the thought that they had made her pregnant.
Her jacket was open now Lillian's fingers swept over and around the two big
soaked patches on her blouse, teasing her teats so that they pulsed with
thrills, she tweaked them between finger and thumb gently pulling them so
they were big and fat. O'Neil was desperate she was staring at the senator's
grinning mouth trying to will her into suckling her. Her teats burned and

O'Neil hung her head watching as Lillian produced two little clamps, two thin
bars, separated by two poles, screw on bobbles on top and bottom. She made
muffled entreaties as Lillian attached a clamp behind each thick stud and
tightened them. O'Neil thrashed as the clamps began to crush her engorged
nipples, squashing the flesh so that her teats were two fat balloons poking
stiffly out of the other side. Milk coursed from each.

Her whole body jolted and trembled as Lillian pulled and teased each one.
Then to O'Neil's disbelief she did her blouse back up over them. The material
stretched across both bulging peaks.

O'Neil looked up pleading as Senator DeWinter left them and grabbed an
attachment collar for the horse dildo and connected it to the bottom end.
O'Neil watched horrified as she then connected a tube from the syringe on
the pump to the coupling at it's base.

"This rubber ring at the base is inflatable, so it will pulse just like the
girth of a real Horse's cock, and then I can flood your guts with semen as
if a real horse was coming up your ass."

Senator DeWinter smiled and went behind her. She placed the tip of the
monster horse cock at the lubricant filled gaping wet red rimmed hole of
O'Neils ass. Lillian watched O'Neil's ass pulse in anticipatience her taut
ass cheeks trembling. Without warning she rammed it forward. O'Neil moaned
as she felt the head of the hard rubber object enter her ass. Just as she
tried to prepare herself for the thick shape to be rammed into her, It was
forced in hard.


This one was different. Where the many cock heads that had pressed there
before were hard and soft at the same time, this one was only hard, ungiving.
And HUGE! Her asshole, brutalized as it was, could offer no resistance as the
vast intruder forced it's way inside her. Again, the gag prevented a full
throated scream. The Senator pressed it in, harder, and deeper, it's length
seemed to be covered with sharp little nubs, that bit into her flesh and
scraped along her sensitive anal canal as it slipped in. In her pain shrouded

Her body quivered in helpless agony as the huge dildo started to slide in
O'Neil's eyes squeezed shut, her mind racing madly. The soldiers cocks that
had raped her ass had left when they'd cum. When would this end? How could
it end?

O'Neil screamed and snorted with pain but at the same time pressed her ass
hard onto the invading object. Senator DeWinter was pleased when she saw that
the first three inches were inside. She ignored O'Neils screams, leaned back
and pushed with all her weight. Screams resounded off the walls as more of
the invading giant disappeared into his O'Neil's ass.

Senator DeWinter twisted a knob on the base of the Dildo and the rubber knot
began to expanded inside the stretched ring of her ass and began pulsing. It
was now secured inside her and would not come out until Senator DeWinter
chose to remove it.

The throb from her breasts was incredible. She had to have more cock. She
wanted to feel the whole thick length inside her. O'Neil felt the familiar
burning at the entrance to her filled ass, as she straightened her legs and
then pressed back forcing more of it through the entrance of her wide open

She pushed back groaning as Lillian shoved up until 9 inches of the horse's
cock was lying inside her bowels. She rocked forward and rocked backward
feeling the cock rub in the bottom of her bowels.

"There I knew you'd like it. C'mon that's a good girl fuck auntie's big cock
that's it, take it honey, take it, TAKE IT!!"

O'Neil eased backward and felt the end of the head hit her narrowing bowels.
She pushed hard onto the thick cock and buried it another 5 inches into her
body. It wasn't enough for Lillian but it refused to go any further. No
amount of pushing was going to get it in more than the 14 inches it was
already in.

She rocked desperately on and off the end 4 inches trying to satisfy her
bodies desperate craving to cum. Just then she felt Lillian's fingers at the
entrance to her pussy. O'Neil was filled with both fear and desire.

With 14 inches of horse dildo stuck in her ass she realized she was totally
at the senator's mercy. Lillian pressed and pulled on her clit causing
O'Neil's bowels to squeeze against the long, thick, brown horse dildo in her
ass. Once it was inside her, it rested there.

"Please," O'Neil prayed, silently,

"just let it stay there. please, don't fuck me any deeper, it's going to kill

Suddenly the Senator shoved forward and thrust the long, thick, veined dildo
deeper. O'Neil felt the thick dildo surge further than she could imagine it
to go. She was sure it was not going to stop till it burst into her stomach.
The intense thrill of fullness filled her.

Obsessed with desire she shoved back as the Senator bucked forward. In and
out of her, tearing at the walls of her asshole, bringing blood and cum out
with it with every stroke.

"There good bitch, deeper, that's it."

Lillian heaved up into her and with a single thrust he sank her massive dildo
deep into her asshole again. It went half way in and stuck, too big even for
O'Neil's gapping hole, the sheer size almost ripping her open. With a grunt
and a mighty shove she pressed until it was fully in her, thick gobs of
lubricant oozing out of the sides of her destroyed hole.

O'Neil howled thrashing under her as the dildo raping went on for a good long
time. O'Neil couldn't tell how long. It seemed that it was going on forever,
The thick head was behind her cervix, almost crushing it as it slammed and
battered her searing rectum.

Lillian put all her weight down on her hips, and the monstrous, knobbed dildo
inched deeper into the straining O'Neil as she felt the huge, stretching
invader slip deeper. She could only scream against her trapped tongue as
Lillian buried the rest of the dildo up her searing, white hot tight asshole.
scream and thrash her head about, Lillian started fucking her with brutal
strokes. The awful thing deep in her violated hole.

Lillian gripped O'Neil's shoulders and looked down watching the way it
disappeared into her shaking, writhing, sweating body. She fucked harder,
the dildo glistening with blood and lubricant. She enjoy her displeasure
and tears and pushed further, grinding up her poor ass.

She lay on her back putting her full weight on her manacled wrists as she
reached under O'Neil and squeezed and pulled her poor tit's, twisting and
yanking on the cruel clamps. O'Neil was nearly delirious with pain and
pleasure. Pain hot and insistent from her over stretched packed full rectum,
Pleasure in deep throbbing waves from her pulsing teats.

"That's it take it like a good girl, auntie wants you to come, come with her
nasty cock in your ass, that's it good girl. There shall I tease that naughty
cunt of yours? There it's nice and wet, nice and wet!"

She dragged her hands down O'Neil's bulging belly and began to ease her cunt
lips open, she thrust her long fingers inside O'Neil's wet opening and began
to rub the heel of her hand to her tense clit. O'Neil grunted and began
humping back impaling herself to the hilt on the awful length.

Lillian reached under the base of the dildo and pressed the release. The pump
whirred. Suddenly O'Neils bowels inflated with the sudden surge of horse cum
being pumped into it. The huge cock continued to empty itself filling her ass
hosing warm thick semen into her spasming bowels.

O'Neil felt the horse cock surge in her ass as Lillian continued to stroke it
in and out hard. Then she rammed it deep. O'Neil felt the stuff shoot into
her, tickling her inside so intensely, her cunt closed around Lillian's
pumping fingers, squeezing them. Her rectum clamped around the girth of the
dildo, as she came with unprecedented ferocity. Cunt juice flooding from her
twat through and around Lillian's fingers as she wept with release.

She shuddered and gasped in aftermath her belly still rippling with
contractions when Lillian finally dragged the monster out of her ass. Her ass
was burning and bleeding. She could feel cool airflowing much, much to far
inside her, as her tortured anus refused to close, dripping blood and the cum
of from the pump of her viciously hard anal rape.

She felt Lillian press something into her cunt, it gripped it tightly hungry.
Then something being fastened around her. She looked down, seeing mounted on
her groin a huge, black rubber dildo, covered with knobs, Then Lillian was
under her guiding the cock protruding from her groin into her own ass
pressing the tip to her own tight little hole.

"You gonna rape me soldier girl huh? rape my ass, teach me a lesson? Make me
plead and squirm?"

O'Neil felt her anger well up, well up and consume her. She squeezed her eyes
shut tightly. She rammed forward, impaling her ass in one sudden thrust.
Lillian groaned in bliss.

"That's it teach the bitch a lesson, that a girl UUHHH! UHHH!"

O'Neil's ass became a blur as she did.


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