The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail,
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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 23 (F-gang,F-best,nc,humil,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

O'Neil was still licking the Senators cunt out when Major Henry sank a
hypodermic into her upper thigh, she felt her vision dim her limbs go slack
as she sank into unconsciousness.

She woke on a bed with a start, she looked about groggily. She was on her
back on a bare bed, in a bare whitewashed room, well a cell really. a big
grey door was the only exit.

She was dressed in her black winter uniform, trousers, blouse, shoes. She sat
up wincing her breasts hurt bad. Hot heavy pressure that weighed them down.
O'Neil tried to feel them but couldn't her wrists were manacled to a thick
belt around her middle, the chain just kept them out of reach. She looked at
them hoping it was a dream, but it wasn't.

Her nipples were pierced and clamped. Stretched out by the weird encircling
clamps that the disgusting man had fitted. She strained and bent managing to
touch one with her finger tips. As she touched them hot tingles rippled
through each breast making her gasp. Even worse the clamps had been attached
through neatly sown holes in the blouse, so that her nipples were effectively
clipped to the material.

O'Neil stood up her cunt ached driving her to try to push her hand down
between her legs. She startled as the door burst open. Two really big black
men stood there, one holding a tray of food. One of them undid the right
chain so she could extend it and eat. He handed it to her. She grabbed the
tray and began to shovel the food into her mouth.

"Fuck bitch you got the munchies or what!" they laughed and stood watching
until she had finished. Then they re-secured her wrist and left slamming the
door shut.

She ate and drank and then slept.

The two men and Major Henry watched through the one way mirror. They grinned.

"See that she didn't even notice all our semen in her meal" they chuckled.

O'Neil didn't know how long she had slept when they hauled her off the bed
and forced her down on her knees. One of the black guards stood behind her
holding her elbows. His feet trapping her legs.

Major Henry stood over her grinning.

"Wakey, wakey Lieutenant, has Mommy got milk in like a good Heifer then?"

She stared at him defiantly, as he reached down and squeezed her swollen
oversized breasts through the black winter dress blouse. She gritted her
teeth the pain was tremendous, Her breasts felt like two footballs full of
concrete, as he squeezed them the need to breast feed welled up inside her
like a wave, tears sprang to her eyes as he wobbled and pulled on her stiff
hard tits cruelly. Her trapped pinned teats pulling against the material.

"Please . . don't" she managed to sob.

"Awww they all tender and smarting? does mommy want her big boobies emptying
for her?"

"Please they hurt. I just need to ARGHHHH!!"

He twisted them his fingers digging deep into each heavily laden mammary.
Pulling the flesh down toward her stopper'd up teats.

"Need to what huh? Have these big fuckers fucked so the nice major will let
you be milked? Is that it, eh?"

"SHIT NOOOOO UHHHH Please they hurt bad Major, please if that's what it
takes, yes fuck them, but you gotta let the milk out. Man, they feel like
they'll split!"

"So you will have your tits fucked in return for me having you milked?"

"Yes you bastard YES!!"

"You heard the Lieutenant men fuck her tits!" he undid the buttons on the
front of her blouse revealing her deep cleavage. The guard behind her
tightened his grip on her arms.

The other undid his pants and squeezed his fat dick up, admiring her dark
purple, veiny breasts. O'Neil's eyes opened wide as the proportions of his
dick came into view. He manhandled the thing, a big fat bloated snake.

"Hey bitch, have you got milk or what!" they both laughed.

O'Neil shook her head terrified as he took out his meat. It was thick and
about 7 or 8 inches, circumcised with a dark swollen head, he spat between
her tits. The slimy spit made her shudder.

He began to pull and play with them making her squirm, he slapped them
making her wince and shake her head 'No' Both heavy jugs wobbled and banged
together, Then he took hold of her clamped teats and began to pull them
slowly watching her reaction.

O'Neil groaned and tried to pull away but the feelings from each tit were so
intense, that she couldn't stop her chest heaving as he pulled and twisted
each. She couldn't believe what they had done to her, what could she do, her
breasts were aching each pull on her teats was driving her crazy. He reached
down and pulled the thick foreskin back, revealing the thick round purple
head of it. He slapped it between her tits eagerly and grabbed two handfuls
of them.

"Nice big mommy tit's O'Neil! I'll give them a nice fuck. I promise
Lieutenant, make them feel better!"

Her aureole were now huge topped by her now thick stud like clamp trapped
nipples springing as he thumbed and brushed them.

"That nice huh? like that? I bet you like that you fuckin' fat titted bitch!"

He slapped them kneeling down so he could watch them slam into each other. He
shook and jiggled them. O'Neil couldn't deal with how hot they felt, each one
felt as if it would burst. He took her nipples between finger and thumb and
pinched and twisted them hard making her squeal and kick her feet.

"Oh that's it whore squeal some that's nice honey!"

He began to shake them by the teats causing pain and hot thrills to shoot
through each hard tit, O'Neil was begging for him to stop. He yanked on them
viciously, dragging each teat out painfully, pulling her up toward him from
the floor, suspending her from both she moaned in agony, tears welling in her

He stared grinning into her face, "I'm gonna fuck these 'till they're blue
Lieutenant, and then I'm gonna cum all over the fuckers. You like that idea?"

Then he gripped both in his big hands and forced them together around his
twitching shaft. He closed her swollen mams around it, enclosing it in a
warm, fleshy embrace. He began to slide his huge shaft in and out of the
great canyon of O'Neil's cleavage.

Shuddering at the sensations he felt as he pressed against her ham sized
boobs with his hands, in-creasing and releasing the pressure as he pumped. He
lengthened and deepened his thrusts.

"Be nice Lieutenant, tell me to fuck your mommy tits, bitch!" he growled.

She swallowed, looking helplessly at the Major.

"Play along Lieutenant. The quicker he cums, the quicker you get milked."

"Fuck my mommy tits like a good boy."

"You ain't tryin' whore, again!" he threatened.

"Mommy needs her big tits fucking, be a good boy, fuck mommy's big milky

"That's better, bitch." He pushed his cock into her tight deep cleavage; it
was hot and hard.

"That's it good boy push it right in UGHHH!" she moaned.

He started to fuck them. The pain in her tits was so awful, as he began to
shaft them cruelly. He squeezed them together hard really forcing his fingers
into her stiff flesh. O'Neil jerked and screamed in pain as he laughed and
pulled them, twisting and cruelly yanking on both sore mammaries. O'Neil
thrashed about desperately trying to pull them free as he squeezed and pumped

O'Neil shied her face away as he began to fuck her cleavage, his cock smelt
musky and unwashed, he pulled her jugs up and down slowly, teasing her teats
with his thumbs. His meat slid in and out easily, her stiff bulging breasts
making loud squelching sounds as he fucked them. Steady long strokes his
fingers kneading and pulling both trapped tits, He got faster O'Neil groaned
and winced as he slammed the wind from her.

He was fucking her tit's like a mad man slamming them up and down, forcing
the two bloated globes hard to his thick, vein covered cock. Faster and
faster he went turning her chest into two red slime covered balloons.

His dick's rubbing was sending spasms of pleasure down her abdomen into her
genitals, O'Neil realized she was probably going to orgasm just from his tit
fucking. Oh God, she thought, I can't give them the satisfaction. She was
almost doubled up from the building contractions in her belly that came as
his cock slammed in and out of her tit cleft.

"That a boy! Fuck 'em that's it fuck 'em!!" Henry encouraged.

O'Neil groaned incessantly as the pleasure grew greater ... greater ... and
then burst ... nothing but delicious, satisfying chills of pure pleasure
coursing through her ravished body.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh ..." she screamed.

The blessed, fulfilling relief spread over her. The Guard cursed aloud,
still sawing into her tethered tits savagely. He groaned ramming up into them
viciously time and time again. He let go of her jugs and gripped her face
forcing it down to his bloated cock head. Finally, with a great shudder as
his dick spasmed from its purple, swollen head down to the baseball sized
sack of his balls. He came, He shuddered as his cock unleashed an eruption
of great, steaming clots of cum all over O'Neil's face, neck, shoulders, and
hair, He grunted and another gush of hot thick semen hit right into her
suprised face. She jerked and let out muffled agonized complaints as more
and more of his pent up seed landed all over her face coating it in a thick
glaze of semen. He began grinding his balls hard against her aching tits in
his powerful orgasm.

Eventually it stopped and his cock began to wilt, he let go of her face,
letting her shake it in disgust like a wet dog as she tried to throw the gobs
of cum off her face. Henry let go of her shoulders and let her slump forward
on her sore tit's, her face dripping cum as she blinked and snorted trying
to clear her clogged nose and eyes.

"Them fuckers nice and full huh, I bet they ache, yeah? You like your nice
new titties, or do you want 'em bigger?" Gloated Major Henry.

"No . . please they're fine, don't make them bigger ... please I couldn't
stand it please!"

Major Henry brought out a syringe from behind his back.

"Are you sure, Lieutenant?"


She was still begging and pleading as he injected each slime covered tit.

He left as the guards swapped places, lettign the other guard fuck her hot
tits. O'Neil sobbed helplessly as her aching burning tits were squeezed
together, and the guard -(TM)s cock slammed up into the cleveage.

Major Henry came back, as they finished, leaving O'Neil knealing on the
floor, her tits and face dripping with semen.

"You ready to be milked Lieutenant?"

"Yes, please, please, it's terrible, I need this stuff out of me!"

"Stand up Lieutenant!"

She struggled up. They watched grinning as she eventually got to her feet.
Her black winter dress blouse, tethered to her nipple clamps, was covered
in clumps of jiz. Her face still defiant.

"Outside now!" he ordered.

She walked out of the door the weight of her tits making her back ache with
each step. Outside was a long whitewashed brick corridor, she could smell
horse shit. They pushed her along the corridor to the double doors at the
end. On the other side was a stable come barn.

O'Neil was taken across to the centre of a stall. Across it was a thick beam,
with a strap in the middle, across the floor was another with two O rings of
metal, about a metre and a half apart.

"What the fucks this Major, another toy?" she spat.

"Do you want to be milked? well?"

"Yes" she said flatly.

"Well shut the fuck up Lieutenant! Get your waist against the bar!"

With tears in her eyes she strode forward and stood against the bar. The
guards silently went over and adjusted it too the tops of her thighs. Then
the Major forced her face forward over it. He strapped the belt tightly
around her waist pulling her pubis to the wood, her ass stuck up raised
behind her. The guards attached manacles to her ankles. Major Henry reached
around and undid her trousers. The guards dragged her ankles apart.

"Oh right let me guess, this is were you big men fuck me in the butt again,
while I'm helpless, what's the matter scared I might . . . . UGHHH!!"

Major Henry punched her face, hard from the side.

"Shut the fuck up Lieutenant! I won't tell you again."

She glared at him sullenly biting her swollen lip, tears rolled down her
face. Her breasts throbbed. They felt like two footballs full of concrete.
Her teats burned with terrible hot pressure. Both massive mammaries hung
pendulously heavy from her chest as she bent over, the lower ends seemed
so pressured like two heavy balls trapped in some thin bags. Her large
thick aureole were partially and cruelly creased where the rings from her
clamps dug in. Her swollen breasts, crowned with her fat dark engorged
pierced teats, swung freely with the weight of her milk, her blouse hanging
loosely around them.

Major Henry and his guards turned and left.

"Hey shit, Major you said ... hey my tits! Please shit, shit!"

She desperately peered over her shoulder, falling silent as she sensed the
presence of others.

There they were, almost all of the wives of the Navy's highest ranking staff
officers stood in the stables staring at her, waiting silently.

Lillian walked over toward her.

"Auntie's got a surprise for you, tonight O'Neil, I managed to get together,
just for you some of the women who didn't realize until recently, that you
and them were so close, yeah they've fucked their husbands too. Just like

"Oh God, please Senator, Lillian, my breasts, they hurt so bad!"

"That's OK soldier girl, because these ladies are here to help, isn't that
true girls?"

They all began to strip coming closer as they shed their clothes.

"Please look I'm sorry, if I did anything I . ."

They were around her. Now one grabbed her face and began kissing her mouth
hungrily. Another began pulling her service trousers further down the backs
of her legs. Two more began weighing and teasing her still gooey tits.

Lillian reached down and undid the balls on the ends of the bar bells through
her teats. She withdrew them slowly, and took away the rings, O'Neil groaned
in helpless satisfaction as they came off. Her uniform blouse was dragged
away and four of the ladies began kissing and licking her heavy tits clean of
the milk dripping out of her pierced nipples.

O'Neil's teats were rigid thick ruddy nubs, her aureole so dark thick, and
wrinkled, their tongues slid over and around them, sudden hot tingles of
insistent electricity shot through each swollen mammary, making O'Neil squirm
against the bar.

"Oh shit, suck, suck them please!" she begged.

Behind her two others were kissing and fondling her butt and cunt their
fingers spreading and pushing into her wet pouting twat. She helplessly
pushed back to them groaning. She felt her ass cheeks dragged wide open,
hot fingers pulling and drawing them to the side. She flinched as a warm
soft tongue began exploring the rim of her abused anus. It teased and
probed, fingers eased in and spread inside.

Lips moved over, around, across and swiped her throbbing nipples. almost but
not suckling her. Fooming milk oozed from both, making her springing teats
slick. It slowly dribbled down her aureole and formed drips which were
quickly licked up. She shook them in frustration trying to get her teats to
those soft lipsticked mouths.

"Please, suckle, suckle me PLEASE!" she pleaded.

They kept on teasing and sucking her heavy hard tit flesh, drawing closer
and closer to her desperate nipples and then moved away. They giggled and
teased as she struggled to push her breasts to their mouths.

O'Neil felt her ass invaded by a hot eager tongue, which wetly stabbed and
rotated making her go on tip toe. four fingers were now inside her cunt,
the thumb pressing and kneading her erect hard clit. O'Neil gasped and

Lillian grabbed her chin and dragged her shaved head up to look at her.

"You need a fuck honey?" she drawled.

Without thought O'Neil felt herself nodding in agreement.

"Please Lil . . Auntie make them suckle me, I'll do anything please, please!"

The Senator smiled "I Know soldier girl. You ready to take it up the ass and
get milked too?

O'Neil looked pained but nodded 'yes'.

"Thought so, that's a good girl auntie is pleased" O'Neil swallowed in

She moved away, out of sight; the teasing by the other women went on.

Lillian wheeled a cart next to her.

"First we're going to clean your ass O'Neil," Lillian said.

There were intriguing giggles from the women. Lillian unfurled a long hose
from the cart, on it was a large tank, oval, made of metal. In the top was
a funnel, out of the back at the bottom snaked this hose. it was thick and
rubber, it ended in a tapered, ridged nozzle.

O'Neils ass was slick now with saliva, her cheeks were held wide while
Lillian inserted the large nozzle into her wiggling ass. O'Neil's screamed
loudly as it was forced in and ground deeper. she jolted and jerked as it
was force fed deep into her well used ass. Lillian went to the cart and
smiling adjusted a knob there. O'Neil gasped and jolted as the fluid hit
her insides. She started the fluids flow in a slow trickle.

"2 quarts of horse piss should get you into the spirit of things," Lillian

O'Neil's stomach retched as they all laughed, and she fought the need to

"Shit, please look I'll do what you want, take it out, what are you shoving
horse piss into me for? UGHHHHH!"

As if on queue a horse neighed, The women at her breasts continued to tease
her hanging jugs. It was not to bad at first. O'Neil's felt the liquid slowly
filling her bowels. But as time passed the cramping began, her ass wanted to
explode. But still more liquid drained into her, her stomach distending
beneath her over the beam, making her look pregnant. Pain flashed through her
body, she trembled and shook as the last of horse piss filled her ass.

"Nearly there soldier girl, can you guess why we're filling your ass with

"Let me guess, you're a sick mother fucker?!"

"Close O'Neil, (She grinned) it's to stretch you so Patton can get his cock
into you."

"Patton, who the fuck is Patton?"

"Why he's my stallion, you lucky girl!"

"Stallion? No, you can't, I . . NO!" they all laughed, she heard hooves

Lillian went behind her and removed the nozzle, slowly, watching as O'Neil's
puckered hole expanded around the plump nozzle. She pushed it in and out a
few times for fun as she pinched O'Neil's clit. She smiled as O'Neil squirmed
and kicked yelping and swearing. Then she yanked it out. Horse piss squirted
a good 2 feet out of her ass before Lillian held a bucket under her and
quickly shit and horse piss shot out of her ass, filling the bucket.

"Get it nice and wet." Lillian ordered.

One of the wives, Lillian's friend Brenda stepped up, then sank to her knees
beside the horse's flank. The horse stood still, his haunches quivering
slightly in anticipation of the pleasure he was about to enjoy. Brenda was
quivering plenty, herself, now. The woman really loved to milk that massive
prick and drain the stallion's huge balls.

She reached under him, palm upward, and began to run her hand a long the
length of his prick, from his bloated balls to his flaring cockhead. His fat
fuckrod throbbed in her hand. She began stroking the underside of his
prickmeat with both hands.

His cock was so stiff that it was vibrating like a tuning fork and that
vibration ran up her arms and set the girl's body to trembling in the same
tempo. She blew her warm breath onto his cockhead. The great prick flared
out wildly.

O'Neil forced her head around to look at the Stallion. He was huge. A black
glossy beast. Two of the women were under him holding his huge cock, another
held his harness. Her face creased in revulsion as the two women lapped and
sucked at his hanging meat. It was such thick dark meat.

They dragged back the long foreskin and both began slurping at the mammoth
pink head beneath. Drenching Patton's cock with saliva.

As O'Neil jolted and rocked, Lillian greased her asshole with thick grease
from a big tub. The women pulled their mouths away. Spit glistened on her
his swollen stiff cock head. His cock now a thick ridged pole. Lillian leered
at O'Neil's asshole. A shudder raced down the Senator's spine as she imagined
Patton's huge cock fucking into the narrow channel of O'Neil's ass.

"Oh God." O'Neil moaned, her fear evident in the cold sweat covering her
naked body.

They brought the horse closer, The woves who had been teasing her tits
hurried to clamp two metal shelf plates over the bar. The woman guiding the
Stallion ordered him up and his massive hooves clattered down on the shelf

His massive body was now over O'Neil. She squirmed under Patton's powerful
body, inching close, the head of his cock brushing against the cheeks of her

"It's too big please he'll kill me, Lillian." She pleaded.

"Oh, he'll try," Lillian giggled. She scooted close, grabbed Patton's hard
throbbing boner.

"Hold still if you don't want to be crushed."

O'Neil whimpered, trembling. "I'm trying."

Patton, his passion aroused, jerked his cock through Lillian's grasping
fingers. The head of his fat prick banged into the cheeks of O'Neil's
quivering ass.

Annoyed and frustrated, he rumbled in his throat. Another jerky thrust banged
his cock between O'Neil's ass cheeks, but not close enough to her asshole to

"Oh, shit, Lillian!" O'Neil wailed. "Please I can't do this."

Her tits hung heavy, swinging like fleshy weights as she rocked and struggled
on the bar. She turned her head.

"Please Senator, Lillian." O'Neil was beginning to panic.

"Shut up Lieutenant or Ill leave you in here with him afterwards," Lillian

O'Neil licked her lips nervously, the panic obvious on her face. But she

"Damn. With you shaking and Patton jabbing, I can't get him in."

Gritting her teeth, she shoved her hand under O'Neil's cunt and lifted her
belly propping her ass into a better position, O'Neil wailed her face
flushed, she panted.

"How's that? you gonna fuck the soldier girl, Patton?"

He neighed as if in response. O'Neil sobbed terrified.

"Perfect," Lillian said, aiming the head of Patton's cock at O'Neil's asshole
the same moment Patton lurched forward.

"Perfect." The Senator crowed.

Patton neighed and tossed his head. The bloated tip of his cock had found the
mark. He snorted, splitting open O'Neil's wrinkled lubed asshole. Patton's
Balls swung loaded with jizz, he ached to be rid of the churning white cum
filling his balls.

"He's in me!" O'Neil complained squealing and wriggled her hips.

"God, he's killing oooooo ... yeahhhhh!"

Patton fucked harder, burying hard thick inches of his cock deep in the
screaming Lieutenant's asshole. He foamed at the mouth, drooling on her
naked back, and fucked O'Neil's tight narrow hole.

"SHIT OH SHIT MY ASS!" O'Neil wailed, lifting her head.

"Ooooo, FUCK! Lillian!"

O'Neil squirmed her ass, taking the rest of Patton's huge fat prick into her
hot sizzling body. Lillian watched, wide eyed and stunned. Patton's cock had
disappeared in O'Neil's tiny asshole.

"He's all the way in," Lillian gasped, she moved around looking down into
O'Neil's flushed passion racked face.

"How does that feel soldier?"

"UGHH Like a fucking hot log. I feel it in my gut. GOD make him stop!"

"You two suck her tits!" Lillian ordered. Two of the wives eagerly knelt and
began hungrily suckling her big bouncing tits.

Dazed and shuddering in sudden mind shattering bliss, the shaven headed,
muscular woman jammed her ass back, her tight asshole gulping at Patton's
cock. She rocked, delirious with joy as her engorged breasts went through
let down. Patton's cock stretched her asshole even more. Lillian licked her
lips jealously. Next time, she vowed to take him in the ass. She reached
under and gripped Patton's balls, squeezing them.

"Fuck her, Patton. Make her howl."

Patton lunged forward, his cock fucking in and out of O'Neil's soft receptive
asshole. Her tight ass muscles squeezed his prick shaft like a red hot vice,
arousing him, infuriating him, and making the cum in his balls boil.

O'Neil rocked and jolted. Each fuck thrust of horse cock stretched her
asshole and caused pressure on her cervix, slamming it back and forth with
his strokes, arousing the bound woman. O'Neil's eyes bulged. It was a bonus
she had never expected.

"Oh, God. I'm in heaven!" her tit's surged milk out into their mouths.

She shoved back, revelling in the whacking of his balls as they slapped
against her quivering thighs. Patton pressed forward. O'Neil's knees locked
against his vicious heavy thrusts. She screamed and Patton whinnied, their
animal sounds blending. O'Neil fucked the black stallion with feverish
intensity. His cock drilled her ass deeper with each thrusting fuck. His
prick was hard, wonderfully hard, and she was in ecstasy.

"More Patton!" she squealed. "Cream my asshole, fucker!"

Lillian stared, ogling as her shaven headed captive writhed in lust. She
gazed at O'Neil's ass, saw Patton's cock fuck O'Neil's clinging asshole and
wondered if she were going to be able to take it.

"Unnnnn," O'Neil moaned aloud, knowing she would. Gurgling, her mouth
drooling, her eyes popping from their sockets, O'Neil rammed herself back
on Patton's cock. Deep growling sounds came from her throat. She fucked
herself blind on Patton's raging cock, absorbing the pleasure of his thick
throbbing prick shaft. She concentrated on the wonderful feel of that horse
cock, using her ass muscles to massage his cock, trying to squeeze the cum
out of him.

Patton liked the clinging muscles of O'Neil's ass. He began to fuck
maniacally into her ass, dragging the impaled woman back against the
straining leather strap. He snorted, whinnied, then dropped his head.
His prick swelled, and his balls churned. He was getting ready to shoot.

Her face flushed and contorted in a mask of pleasure and pain, tits feeling
like wave after wave of hot gushing milk poured from each, O'Neil opened
her mouth. "I'm cumming!" she shouted, not believing it herself. Patton's
wonderful cock was destroying her, making her clit pulse, making her gaping
pussy ooze. "I'm cumming!"

The muscles in O'Neil's asshole responded. They beat a rhythmic tempo on
Patton's fat bloated ass splitting cock. The steady beat ignited the fires
in his balls, and he grunted heavily. A jet spray of hot horse cum from his
cock jetted forcefully deep inside O'Neil's asshole.

"He's cumming. He's cumming!" O'Neil wailed as the hot jizz squirting from
Patton's cock flooded her asshole and catapulted her into another more
intense orgasm.

"Ohhhh, God!"

Patton fucked away at O'Neil's quivering body, squirting wad after wad of
hot thick horse cum into her asshole. He whinnied, tossing his head high,
snorting sounds coming from his flared nostrils. His front hoofs pounded
the metal shelves and dirt as his cock pounded O'Neil's asshole. Hot jizz
forced out of the sides of her stretched shit hole back up the sides of
his shaft.

O'Neil was impaled on Patton's cock. She thrashed on the beam, her ass high,
her tits dragging against the milk coated faces beneath. She felt each
stringy lump of cum as it shot from Patton's pisser and white washed her
asshole. Jizz shooting into her asshole was strangely exciting and addictive.

"Ooooo, shit It's too much I . . I'm going to faint!"

Patton fucked forward, taking O'Neil's writhing twisting body with him. Gobs
of gooey cum greased his path as he fucked O'Neil's ass. He fucked with more
force, his balls thudding against her cum stained thighs. O'Neil was shaking
uncontrollably. Her ass jumped. She lifted her head, then let it thud back
down. She shoved back, matching the stallions thrust for lunge.

"Fuck! shit! he's still cumming, Lillian! Ohhhh, I'm going to cum too!"

With O'Neil's asshole greased, Patton had no trouble ramming his exploding
prick deeper and deeper. His cum, shooting out like a geyser, now gushed from
O'Neil's asshole with each violent stab. Jizz dribbled down his swinging
balls and the backs of her thighs.

"Aghhhhh!" O'Neil dragged her head up, then collapsed. The last stabbing
thrust of Patton's cock knocked her back and too. He fucked hard, spurting
jizz. He neighed, then stepped back, his cock popped from her asshole with
a loud "PLOOP". He sprayed her back with a fine mist of white sticky cum.
With his balls emptied for the second time, Patton lazily walked back to
his stall.

O'Neil hung limply still being suckled. Her blasted open asshole gaping wide
open, bloody cum poured from her making her cunt a slimy mess. Lillian began
to eat it up, using both hands to spoon the thick cum into her hungry mouth.


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