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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 27 (F-gang,nc,humil,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

Senator DeHaven sat at her desk nursing her hangover. Her intercom beeped.


"Major Henry to see you Senator"

"Show him in"

The door opened and her secretary showed Henry in he had a file under his
arm. He sat down. at the offered seat.

"Well?" she barked.

"If your serious about your intentions there is a problem!"

"I don't like problems Major I prefer solutions understand!"

"Her medical records before her internment at the SERE faculty show she was
Manorial, that is she was not having a normal monthly cycle. In fact she
hadn't bled since she joined the training program."

"So what can we do Major?"

"It's difficult, the lactation cocktail Blondell was injecting her with and
the one I have used makes her body believe hormonally that she is ante natal,
thus the milk yield. Now you want us to turn that around so she falls
pregnant. It's a tough one."

"So I find someone who doesn't find it tough is that what your saying?"

Major Henry flushed trying to keep control of the brief.

"I have someone outside who can place your eggs inside her and fertilise
them. We can ask his advice"

"Well he's not helping outside is he Major get him in!"

* * *

Sergeant Nero came into O'Neil's cell and looked at her. She slept fitfully
at the end of the bed on the floor. Her booted feet still had tape around
them. At some point in the night it had broken. Her cunt was a sodden mess.
Her arms were still tied behind her. They looked puffy and uncomfortable.

Nero placed her breakfast on the floor and cut the plastic tie from between
her wrists. O'Neil stirred, she groaned and pulled them free slowly moving
them as the circulation returned. Her belly cramped with the painful fucking
she had received. Her ass needed a shit, it tried to press out the bung. She
gasped in pain.

"Get up Lieutenant! ON YOUR FEET!!"

O'Neil struggled up, grimacing and groaning. Her breasts were very stiff and
bloated. They swung against each other as she got to her knees. She leant
forward steadying herself with her head on the end of the cot. Suddenly Nero
slammed his foot down on her neck pinning her head to the cot as he grabbed
the end of the bung protruding from her ass.

O'Neil gave a strangled cry. her arms useless she felt him grip the bung and
lift her ass with it.


With a viscous yank he heaved on the bung, O'Neil screamed as it felt as if
he was pulling her guts out. He yanked on it again. And heaved. her knees
came off the floor as it began to pull out with excruciating slowness.


He pressed her face deeper into the cot, pulling with all his might. O'Neil
gritted her teeth panting and grunting as he heaved her knees off the floor
again. Suddenly with a loud snap her ring gave and the long inflated rubber
bung slid out. He pulled it out in one long heave. It popped out with an
almighty PLOP! leaving her ring gaping wide open. Shit and horse semen gushed
out with a loud fart.

O'Neil wailed in disgust and horror as it all rushed out. Nero laughed and
took his foot from her neck. She groaned as more rushed out. He let her kneel
up pressing more out helplessly. Her massive jugs shook and bounced heavily.
She was red with humiliation. Semen poured from her twat making her inner
thighs slick.

Her breasts were huge, felt huge, all she wanted was to release the pressure
that was sat like a hot insatiable need behind each swollen teat. Her cunt
ached almost as much as her stiff globes. Both needed to be emptied. She
fought her unwieldy chest out of the way to get at her pussy.

Despite the pain, as she pushed them together she felt a familiar stirring in
her crotch. Colostrum leaked around each pinned nipple, dripping from the
metal on to her tense belly. She could feel the heat building in each, just
with her touching her jugs it made her nipples react. O'Neil glanced at each
teat and saw the distension visibly increase.

She needed to feed, desperately, an awful intense urge. One that wouldn't go
away, awful nagging tense pressure bearing down on each heavy boob as she
moved. She looked on the point of tears as she pulled her sore twat open and
let it drain out. Then pushing her fingers up inside herself to drag it out,
she flicked it on the floor in disgust, quickly pulling more and more out.
Remembering them gloating as they told her how they were going to knock her

"When you've finished soiling yourself Lieutenant, we'll begin!"

He turned to her and threw her PT shirt.

"Put it on!"

She grimaced and struggled it over her head and down over her tits. She
pulled at it but it just wouldn't cover them. Both mammaries ached solidly.
Her nipples coming up fat and hard against the material. He the crop in his
hands he smacked it against his palm threateningly.

"Down give me 20!" he barked.

She looked at him with pure loathing as she lowered herself on her hands and
forced her throbbing arms to do the push ups he demanded. She pumped them out
wincing as he walked around her.

Her heavy tits pushing into the mess on the floor beneath. "10 more, ONE
ARM!" he smacked her ass sharply with the crop, making her cheeks clench and
quiver deliciously. O'Neil struggled to do her one armed presses.


"Now the other!"

Nero stood behind her watching her buttocks clenching as she forced herself
up and down on one strong bulging arm. her ass was closing up, her ring
recovering it's shape. It looked real sore and he noticed it had bled.

"ON YOUR FEET!!" she jumped up her tits bouncing. She winced as the milk
laden jugs collided, they ached and throbbed, her teats tingling against the
cloth, which was wet with fore milk. They bounced stiffly as she slammed her
feet together wracking her chest with awful intense pain as they throbbed.

"You will begin with jogging on the spot, BEGIN!"

O'Neil began to run on the spot, her massive unwieldy tits bouncing with each
footfall. Her breasts were slamming up and down again, she fought the need to
hold them still as she knew he would strike here with the crop as soon as she
did. Each step caused more and more to seep from her jugs making the front of
her shirt, sopping once again. As her thighs struck the underside of her
melons vicious pains shot through each tit.

Then it was running from wall to wall again. He watched her with sadistic
glee as she forced herself to jog back and too her gait forced by her
bouncing breasts. She was panting covered in sweat her muscular legs
propelling her with purposeful strides across the room. The front of her
shirt was sodden now. milk dripping from the lower edge.

"STOP!" he walked around her.

Her studded teats pressed hard to the material of her PT vest her chest
heaving up and down with exertion. her muscles quivering. He traced the
outline of her aching tits with the crop. O'Neil stared ahead parade style,
he ran the thing over and under each globe. He lifted them slowly, the crop
bending with the weight. The thin pole pressing deep into her breasts. He
grinned at her waiting for some reaction as he proceeded to bob them up and
down, her face flinching slightly as he jiggled them. He pulled it away.

"Jumping Jacks, GO!" he ordered.

O'Neil grimaced and then leapt up, spreading her arms and legs, then down
forcing her reluctant weary body into each jumping jack. Her bust slammed up
and down, her face twisting in pain and effort as each huge jug pounded up
and down, round and round.

O'Neil was at the point were it felt like the skin covering her bosoms would
split from the pressure inside. Thin streams of white liquid wear now running
down from her studded teats, streaming down in fine tributaries to drip from
the undersides of each bouncing tit. Her muscled belly slick with milk. Her
mind was possessed by the need to drain them, to drain them and rest.

"STOP!" she halted she was panting to excess.

"RUN ON THE SPOT!! Get those knees high bitch! BEGIN!"

She set off her tits banging up and down as her knees hit their undersides.
Her body was now covered in a sheen of sweat. The front of her legs covered
in her milk as each collision forced more out.

"STOP! ATTENTION!" he ordered after five painful minutes.

O'Neil stood rigidly her body quivering with tension as he walked around her.
Her sopping T shirt stained with her mess off the floor. The peaks of her
pinned teats pressing through the wet material.

He went to the corner of her cell and unlocked a box cupboard inside was a
hose and tap. He turned on the tap that was there. He dragged the hose out
and played it over O'Neil. It made her gasp with shock as the cold water
struck her body. He soaked her washing all the cum and mess from her ass and
legs. Then playing the water over her head.

"You thirsty Lieutenant?"

"Yes" she forced out.

"Then kneel down and drink bitch" he grinned at her.

O'Neil rushed to her knees, sinking down as he played the water over her
mouth and nose. She drank and drank, thirsty beyond thirst. He watched her
impassively as she knelt there slurping up the water.

O'Neil finished and gasping rested back on her knees. Her breasts were
painful. Two hugely bloated balloons of sweat sheen'd, goose bumped taut
flesh. Her aureole throbbed with the pressure acting on them from the
clamps she was forced to wear.

"You finished?" she nodded gratefully.

Her Tits began to pulse she cradled them wincing as she felt each heavy hot
globe begin to throb painfully. O'Neil's breasts were tingling, She whimpered
as she felt them engorging with more and more warm sweet mommy's milk.
Ballooning fuller and fuller, the skin growing tighter and tighter.

"Oh yeah that'll be the water, those udders of yours can't make milk out of
thin air bitch, the more you drink the more they can make. You just drank one
hell of a lot of tit fuel you dumb cow."

He laughed as she groaned, her jugs swelling with excruciating hot pain. Milk
began to gush through duct after duct, entirely bloating one new reservoir
after another. She was helpless as her already large breasts began to feel
like hot huge rubber balloons, forcefully over inflating.

"I suppose Mommy wants milking now don't she huh?" he gloated. She bent to
the floor holding them wracked with breast pain.

"Please . . it's awful" she begged.

"Kneel up whore!" she forced herself up.

He roughly brushed her shirt up and clipped the chain to her nipple studs, he
yanked them out hard. She shrieked in pain.

"Get up Lieutenant!"

She climbed to her feet her body bruised and aching. He dragged her to the
door. It opened. He dragged her out by her tits.

O'Neil was dragged stiffly from the room, Outside two of the guards joined
them they took her across to one of the stalls. O'Neil's tits ached with each
cruel tug. Her nipples were agony. The pressure behind them an increasing hot
pain. They took her to another stall than she had been in before. The side
wood of it stopped at her chest height. The two guards grabbed her arms
twisting them up her back forcing her head forward. Her heavy jugs bounced
forward and down. O'Neil winced as Nero yanked the chain down.

"Aw are mommies boobies tender?"

"Fuck you ass wipe!" she grunted.

He grinned and tugged her teats pulling her breasts out from her chest like
two drawn out footballs. The two guards reached around and squeezed her big
hard breasts. Both were now red and dark. The hot pressure of milk was
causing her aureole to bulge as tears crept from her eyes. Colostrum leaked
from her pinned nipples.

"Oh dear, would you like to be milked Lieutenant?"

"You know I do you evil bastards!"

"What you want us to put your big jugs in those milking cups and drain Mommy
milk out?"


"Put your Tits over the beam!"

They shoved her forward, Nero went around the stall and to the other side of
the beam. He grabbed the swinging chain and dragged her hard up against the
wall. The guards held her against it. On either side were metal loops riveted
on. A D ring in the centre. Nero let the chain fall and pulled up the thin
rope that hung from the D ring. He quickly looped it around her right jug,
and tied it to the loop at the side. Then watching her face he dragged the
rope back until it bit deep into her breast flesh.

Before she could move he slipped the rope around the base of her other tit
and yanked it up tight. O'Neil yelped as it drew her tit flesh in at the base
almost cutting off the blood to her throbbing mammary. He quickly did the

Her breasts were now two swollen jutting orbs thrust out from the top of the
beam. He smiled and viciously dragged the rope tighter. O'Neil struggled in
vain as he kept on until she screamed. He laughed and stopped. Tears ran down
her cheeks as Nero unclipped the chain, pocketing it, he slowly undid the
bars that pierced her nipples and withdrew them, he took off the metal

O'Neil's nipples tingled with shocks as he took them off, she let out a groan
of relief as her nipples sprang back to normality, swollen but almost normal.
They pulsed and ached. Tingles flooded hotly through each laden tit. Now
O'Neil was trapped tied to the wall of the stall by her tits. The immense
pressure in each throbbing against the tight rope.

He took a firm grip of her breasts, they sprynged and pulsed as he weighed
and hefted her weighty globes. They insistently demanded milking.

All she wanted now was to feed. Her cunt was on fire, she wanted to be
suckled. Nero pulled her teats watching her face. Colostrum leaked from each
breasts lubricating his fingers. O'Neil felt her face flush with heat, felt
her nipples growing steadily more and more aroused. She glanced down to watch
the distension increasing in each teat, Nero twisted and pulled each fat
stud. She wanted to feed, needed to desperately, She bit her lip trying to
think of something else.

"Oh you're one full uddered cow ain't you soldier girl!" He teased.

She glanced at him he was licking his lips slowly, as he squeezed and
stretched each teat right out, kneading the hard nubs between finger and
thumb as she groaned and shuddered. She stamped her feet in frustration.

"Oh yeah these sweet udders are ready to burst, do you want the machine

"Yes . . Please it's awful please, you don't know what it's . . UHHH!"

Just then, her big swollen nubs erupted with a flood of needle thin streams
of hot milk. She gasped and writhed as he grinned and pulled them harder.
It ran down his fingers and sprayed out in bursts as he pulled. O'Neil was
almost overwhelmed with sensation as throbbing exquisite bliss shot through

Helplessly she pushed her cunt toward the wood her whole body heaving as he
tugged on her jugs. Milk bursting between his fingers. Nero laughed and
grinned with explicit glee as he let go of her teats and swiped and rubbed
her nipples. O'Neil writhing and stamping making animalistic groans as he
bounced both swollen boobs so that milk streamed out. He viciously grabbed
each and twisted and pulled them making hard milking motions.

"OH GAWD YOU BASTARD!" She spat in anguish as he jerked her tits out hard.

He laughed as he gripped her teats between finger and thumb and cruelly
yanked them up stretching her tits up toward her face. Sprays of milk
splashed her grimacing face.

"AWW and Mommy wanted milking so much!"

O'Neil just gritted her teeth and yanked her arms free. She gripped his
wrists trying to pull them away as he let her nubs slip through his pinching
fingers. He released them and snatched his hands away.

"You want milking whore, here's your babies bitch feed them"

He went to the back of the stall and opened another section. He went in and
dragged out with him two bullocks.

"OH Jesus NO!" she wailed.

Nero came out of the stall and closed it behind him. Leaving her trapped. She
cradled her tits trying to rub the pain away. Milk squirted out. She tried to
pull away as the bullocks came closer. She tried to undo the knots holding
the rope so tightly around her engorged tits but her fingers were to slippy
with milk. Every time she tried more fore milk sprayed out in a fine arc.
Nero stood behind her.

"Now that ain't no way to treat hungry children is it!"

"Please, I'll do what ever you sick bastards want, anything! just get these
fuckers away from me!"

"Well it seems to me you got a stack of milk in them udders o'yours an they
got big empty bellies, I can't see there's a problem."

O'Neil was fending them off with her hands now as they tried to nuzzle up to
each helplessly bound tit. She had to use two hands to push one at a time
away. Meanwhile the other was sniffing her jiggling tit.

Nero and the guards watched as she began to lose the fight. One of them got
close enough to lap his big fat tongue over her jutting teat. O'Neil howled
in frustration. Her mind filled with a desperate need to feed but also fear
that the animals would ruin her breasts forever.

As she force the other away the other bullock nuzzled her right tit and in a
flash his mouth pushed on and latched on to her distended teat. O'Neil
shrieked in horror and grabbed it's head trying to pull it off. O'Neil gasped
and strained feeling shocks lance through each thick teat as one after the
other super engorged jugs were sucked harder than she had ever imagined
possible. O'Neil gripped the fur of the bullocks as she groaned and shuddered
through another stage of let down.

The bullocks snorted and sucked and pulled her teats deeper into their hungry
mouths. O'Neil was in excruciating bliss. Her breasts surged to feed the
demand. She wept with shock and relief as their hot soft wet mouths pulled
and pumped. They nuzzled and swept their heads about causing more release,
more milk feeding their needy bellies.

She gasped and shook as they suckled hard in unison causing her thick
stretched nubs to squirt streams of milk against their hard rough insistent
tongues. O'Neil reeled as fresh ticklish shocks struck out through her hot
breasts to her contracting belly.

O'Neil shuddered as through each breast she felt hot electric shocks, she
could distinctly feel every motion of their hot hard gums working away at her
aching teats. Their hairy lips stroking the bloated dark coral flesh of her
aureole. Her large swelling breasts now lined with puffy blue veins. As they
sought to supply the hungry animals.

O'Neil could feel a hot tingling in each boob as milk bubbled deep inside
each breast. She could feel the blood pounding through them, her nipples were
burning, and itching excruciating throbs wracked each teat. Her belly was
tightening. The heat and pressure in her tits was indescribable. She was now
lactating heavily into both hungry bullocks mouths.

Each dark glistening teat was now unbelievably thick and long, as the suction
from the animals just kept on and on as the tried to drain her two engorged
udders. She moaned as the building release suddenly cascaded into a million
tingling shocks through each teat as they began gushing out of their milky
backlogged nipples.

She felt her breasts thump and ache as milk hosed out in long pressured
squirts. Her whole body squirmed and shuddered as she experienced the most
intense let down. Warm milky streams shot out flooding the bullocks mouths.

"ummmmmmmmmmmm," O'Neil moaned.

Nero came up behind her watching her hips hump toward the wood he kicked her
feet apart and pushed his hand down the front of her belly and under cupping
her twat. O'Neil gasped as his fingers plunged into her cunt in rhythmic
motion, trying to match her every thrust.

O'Neil's body tensed, then began to tremble. Her pussy was now gripping his
fingers. Her cunt was about to explode. He pulled his cock out with his other
hand and forced it up her ass. O'Neil squealed and kicked as he thrust up
into her in one deep hard stroke.

"ARRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG," she groaned from deep in her throat.

She was cumming, Buckets of pussy juice flowing from between her legs
spilling out over his hand and down her inner thighs.

"UGH, UGH, UGH," she grunted as the fragrance of her juices filled the air
as Nero started to really ram her up the ass making her kick and stamp as he
viciously force fed her bowels his rigid meat.


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