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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 28 (F-gang,nc,humil,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

"Hey Ed you like these udders? get them animals off em and give them a good

Ed went into the stall and wrestled the Bullocks off her tits. O'Neil
squealed and clung on to the animals by their fur. Her teats stretched
alarmingly and then twanged back as their mouths were pulled away.
O'Neil's teats gushed fine sprays of thick milk, She put her hands to
them and tried to stem the flow. She gripped them hard groaning as Nero
slammed deep up her butt making her throw her head back.

Ed threw a bale on the floor and stood on it. Nero carefully positioned
O'Neil halfway between two of the upright posts that supported the roof of
the stable. Ed's next step was to grab one of the ropes tethered to the
wall. He threw the end of the rope up over a rafter, retrieved it, and then
pulled it very taut, He grabbed O'Neils wrists and yanked them together.

Quickly with her struggling to pull them free he tied them. Once tied he
grabbed the wall end and yanked it hard lifting O'Neil's arms high over
head, and forcing her shoulders to almost buckle. He then fastened the rope
securely around a hook on the wall.

Ed stepped back to admire the vision of femine vulnerability that awaited
his wrath. The strong Liuetenant's tanned arm were stretched to a tantalizing
tautness by the ropes that lifted her wrists skyward.

Ed was a breast man. Always had been. And the best thing about O'Neil's
captive posture was that it lifted her remarkable, gravity-defying enhanced
melons into a truly tempting position.

The tall guards fingers stroked, gently at first,and then more and more
roughly, the satiny curves of her succulent breasts. His to kiss. Ed's mouth
bent to encircle her thick elongated rosy tip. His tongue lightly flicked the
tasty bud, and then Ed sucked it into his mouth for long seconds, tugging
gently at the pink crest.

His hands cupped the big tied globes from below, his fingers kneading the
creamy flesh. Ed's dirty, jagged thumbnails scraped the pinkpoints of her
breasts into greater prominence, O'Neil groaned as her belly responded.

Ed wasn't about to stop with kisses and caresses. He leered menacingly as he
fondled her ripe breastfruits, delighting in their size, their shape, their
weight and warmth.

"Are you ready Liuetenant? I'm gonna hurt these babies. Gonna slap and
squeeze 'em bitch. I want you to beg me to fuck them slut"

Ed studied the fine tracery of bluish veins that pulsed just beneath the
surface of her bulging helpless breast flesh. He began with a mild
right-handed slap to the outside of her left breast. Just using his
fingertips. The slight blow caused her breast to jiggle just a bit. Then,
still with his right hand, he slapped the inside of her right breast,
savoring the sensation of the impact on the naked, resilient flesh.

Ed's hands were rough and strong. Still using only his right hand he
back-handed her right breast, a little harder this time, his knuckles
sinking in a little deeper into the juicy globe. And then he back-handed
the other tit, sending it swaying. Each time his big hands made contact
with her soft flesh, he could feel his massive cock swell in his uniform

O'Neil let out a gutteral grunt and let out a sob. She gripped the rope,
trying desperatly to pull her ass away from Nero's vicously pounding cock.

He paused for a moment to study the agitated rise and fall of her bound
breasts as her breathing became more labored. As far as he was concerned,
her uptilted coral nipple tips were an invitation to continue. And continue
he did! Ed's powerful left hand walloped her right breast again with a
brutal smack. His blows were harder now and louder, even though he was
still using only the last two inches of his stiffened fingers. And the
creamy flesh was pinking up prettily, he noticed. It would be a lot pinker
before he was done.

And now a lefty backhander that just caught her on the edge of a lovely pink
roseate. "Smaacck!" Again, still harder. Her wobblers were wobbling now for
sure, with every blow. Smacckk! A sharp right to her left breast, sending it
jumping inward.And then, Smacckk! An even harder shot to the right globe.
O'Neil was gasping and wincing with each blow now, as Ed continued to abuse
her sensitive torpedo tied tits.

Ed was hitting her harder now, and the pain was cumulative.

"How's that baby? Enjoyin' it? I sure am!"

O'Neil did her best to twist away from the punishing slaps, but
everymovement, every wriggle of her ripely curved body served only to
heighten Ed's lust, and to whet his determination to impose his fury upon
her trapped boobs.

"OH God you bastard! BASTARD!!" she panted.

That was when Ed started using more of his hands to slap, the entire length
of his fingers was slapping into her mouthwatering flesh. He decided to
concentrate on just her right breast for a few minutes. He hit her on the
curving inslope right-handed and then, before the bouncing tit had come to
rest, he whacked it sharply with his left, sending the shuddering globe
careening inward again just in time to receive another stiff shot from his

O'Neil jolted and screamed as he slapped her massive jugs. His thick fingers
smacking into the tense flesh. Both stiff jugs bounced and jiggled. Milk
coursed out. Spraying out in thin streams.

O'Neil's feet slammed and kicked as Nero held her hips and buggered her
like a jackhammer. She screamed in agony as he forced his cock in and out,
stretching her ass until she was sure it had torn, her bruised and marked
hard cheeks twitching and clenching as he reamed in and out her body shaking
and jerking in revulsion and terror.

Ed began to beat them hard. Cruelly slapping both tits so they slammed up and


He slammed them again and again, her tit flesh shuddering and stretching.
Milk gushing out of both bruised oscillating orbs. Ed then, adjusted his aim,
the leering guard decided to work on the protruding, pouting thick chewy
studs of her breasts, slapping only that inch of flesh closest to him.

Right! Left! Right! Left! Again and again Eight times in quick succession,
his rigid open hand slashed the crest of her right breast. O'Neil was howling
and sobbing in earnest now.

"Oooh UGHHHHHH!!" O'Neil yelped, as pain coursed through her breast.

"You Evil bastard!"

"Shit, Luietenant, you ain't got no idea yet of what a bastard I can be! But
I'm fixin' to show you."

Ed continued by taking a step to his right, and cupping the outside of her
sweat-slick left breast in his right hand. While holding it in place, his
other arm swung and his open left hand connected crisply; Ed really enjoyed
the smacking sound his big hands made when they made impact with her
ballooned up bound tits. Then, before she could recover her breath, he
backhanded her viciously across the center of her breast, crushing the
crinkly nipple deep into the yielding flesh.

Ed had tit-slapped more than a few women in his time, but this capive officer
l was something special. Being Ex Navy he'd wanted to do this to so many
female officers. Now was his chance and he was going to make every blow
count. He had those big boobs bouncing, now, as he continued spanking them.

O'Neil's head was swinging back and forth, too, as he whacked her glorious
naked breasts; Right, left. . Right, left. After another minute or two,
though Ed paused. O'Neil's tits were two bulging round handfuls of tied
blushing rosiness, her nipples were rock hard, pointing brazenly at Ed.

"You ready to ask me to fuck your tits yet Liuetenant?"

She gasped wincing as Nero bit her shoulder, jackhammering her poor ass,
enough to draw an "Unnggh!!" from O'Neil as she struggled to catch her

"What with your pathetic ween . . .?"

O'Neil never finished the sentence. Ernie's left fist, still smarting with
the last impact with her left tit, punched her squarely in the face.

"NEEEEEUUUURGGGHHHHHHH!!" She wailed. Spitting blood.

"Still not askin'? OK by me. I need a work-out anyway. How about I practice
some body shots on those big titties of yours, Liuetenant?"

Edfired a short right hook that landed flush on the inner curve the side of
O'Neil's left breast, sending both tits bouncing and milk flying.

"Anybody ever tell you, you got some nice firm punchin' bags, O'Neil? Big,
fuckin punch bags bitch. Just right for boxing practice. Most gals with tits
that size, they're all soft. But yours?",

Ed shot a right cross that exploded into O'Neil's left breast with a
sickening thud.

"Are damn near fucking solid bitch. How many beatings can these babies take,
O'Neil?" Ed asked, just as he ripped a solid left uppercut into the soft
undercurve of the O'Neil's right breast, sending it bouncing upwards. It was
just coming to rest when his right fist shot in at an angle and landed
squarely on the rounded inner curve of that same milk laden globe.

"You gonna ask whore?"

Ernie stepped forward, and using the back of his fist, lifted one proud
handful of breast-flesh to his eager lips. He sucked hungrily at first one
nipple then the other. "Shit, Ed, they're all bruising up, look at em swell
up. It's time to ask bitch!"

"Please . . Please No mo . . !"

"Too Late!"

Ed,as good as his word, stepped back, took aim, and launched a straight jabat
her left breast, catching it flush on its puffy nipple. O'Neil groaned in
agony. It felt like he had driven her breast all the way back to her chest
wall. And then, quickly, Right, Left, Right , he rabit punched each swollen
bud with three more jabs, and O'Neil, at last surrendered.

"No more," she panted, "For God's sake, stop. I'll do it."

"You'll do what, O'Neil? I want to hear you ask Liuetenant what you want me
to do."

"Fuck my tits you bastard. Fuck them!!"

Ernie hooked her squarely inthe right globe again.

"I want you to say, "Fuck my big Mommy tits, Ed, PLEASE!"

O'Neil, her breasts throbbing with pain, was crushed into submission. Weakly,
she whispered, "Fuck my big Mommy tits, Ed, PLEASE."

"Well, good, O'Neil. Beg more whore!"

O'Neil hesitated again. Bad move. The big black guard man drove his fist
brutally into her face again.

"Agghh!! Please, Ed, I want you to fuck my big Mommy tits. Now, Ernie,
please. Please."

"That's a good soldier O'Neil!"

He pulled open his uniform trousers and wrestled his rigid cock out.


With that he gripped both tits and slammed them together, he crushed her
delicate breastflesh together so violently that he had to strain to force his
dick between the two hard tit-balls, squashing the flesh hard around his
straining negro cock. The thick bulging purple head bursting out of O'Neil's
deep cleavage as he began to squeeze them up and down his girth.

"NEEEUUURRGH HURTS hurts christ!" she wailed.

His hairy-knuckled fingers twisted her thick aching teats first in one
direction and then the other, as he rammed his rod through her milk slick
clevage. The pain and pleasure was indescribable as Ed's massive cock rutted
between them.

As Ed brutally fucked her trapped aching tits. O'Neil's body jolting upward
as she took the full force of Nero's cock right up her flinching ass. While
Ed slammed her tits downward making her scream in agony as each breast sent
streamers of agony through her each time his hands forced her breasts
together and down and his hips crashed upwards.

"Ahhhh, That's it soldier girl, that's so good."

His staccato grunts filled the air

"Fucking - your -big - juicy - Mommy tits -"

Accompanied each violent thrust between her captive mounds.

The head of his cock jolting and straining in front of her grimacing features
as Nero slam fucked against her ass cheeks, the penetration tearing her
apart. The stables filled with her grunts and wails dispersed with loud wet
farts as his cock pulled right back and then rippled back in.

"Thats it Luietenant, can you smell that! Yeah, that's me shit fucking your

O'Neil groaned and turned red in shame as another loud fart was ripped from
her as she felt him come inside the rim of her ass, her ass burning as it
spurted the length of her gaping bowels.

Her tits were hot agony with the violent fucking Ed was delivering O'Neil was
shreiking in agony as ED groaned, and laughed at her distress. He couldn't
get enough of crushing her tits together, and then ramming his meat up
between her trapped slabs. Ed pulled her nipples straight up and in, so that
they almost touched. He ground them between finger and thumb, pressing them

This time, O'Neil could not suppress a scream. It felt like her breasts would
be pulled right off her chest.

"Mmmm. Ohhh, yeah scream MOMMY! Fuck? Scream all you want bitch. I love it

He continued to squeeze his thick meat between O'Neil's poor abused breasts
until at last, with a violent shudder he discharged a series of huge thick
spurts of semen onto her tits. Then it expanded as he rammed hard between
them and released a flood of hot semen all over her face. As O'Neil gasped
and spat, shaking it from her eyes he rubbed the thick warm liquid into her
bruised breasts as if it were some strange perverse lotion.

Ed stepped down and moved away. O'Neil continued to shake her head trying to
clear her eyes of sperm. She wailed in shock and horror as she felt the first
wet nose bump into her swollen aching tits and drag itself about trying to
find her thick rigid champange cork sized teats.

"NO! ENOUGH!! get them away! away!! SHOO!!"

She beat at the bullocks with her hands desperatly trying to push them away.
The first thick lipped hot mouth latched on making her yelp as the suction
thumped on. She was still pulling and fighting that one when the other
latched on and she wailed in agony as both teats were stretched and sucked.

O'Neil heard them laughing as she went on tip toe gasping as her breasts
thundered through let down. Her belly contracting her cunt flooding as she
rubbed her thighs together in torment.

Nero had the guards drag her feet wide apart and tied so she couldn't please
herself. O'Neil gasped and groaned her ass bucking as the Bullocks sucked
and sucked. Her cunt dripped juice. She was desperate to frig herself off. It
was beyond torture her clit vibrated with tension. She sobbed in frustration
as the bullocks pulled and slurped, Her twat getting close but never reaching

They left her like that. It was about 2 in the morning when the Guards heard
her calling them. Begging for someone anyone to fuck her.

O'Neil was weeping with frustration, her cunt was in an endless cycle of
building orgasm. Each hard suckle making her thighs flinch as her belly
tightened and her cunt fluttered inside. The insides of her legs were slick
with cunt juice from her vulva to her boots.

She'd tried to free her legs, endlessly tugged at the ropes securing her
swollen jugs. The Bullocks never seemed to be satisfied. Their hot mouths
chewing and slurping. She'd fed them pumping her tit flesh to their mouths,
hoping it would sate them, hoping she could make herself cum.

The Senator had come in the morning. O'Neil heard her walk up behind her.
She tried to look over her shoulder. But couldn't. In the end she gasped
out, "Please"

"Please what Soldier Girl?"

"Please, fuck me please!"

"Ask nicely, remember how?"

"Please auntie fuck me, I need to cum please auntie!"

"That's a good girl, You have been a dirty Soldier now haven't you, all that
juice all over the floor, tut,tut!"

"Please it's awful . . . Please!"

O'Neil flinched as Lillian lightly traced her fingers over her shoulders,
down to her hips, then she pushed one down to cup her wet pouting cunt, she
didn't move her fingers she just cupped it. O'Neil felt the hard rubber of
a strap on press against her ass. She pushed back.

"Do you want auntie to fuck little Soldier girls pussy?"


"Piss bitch piss!"

"Oh god I can't please fuck me!"

"PISS!" Lillian hissed.

O'Neil flexed her hips tears came to her eyes, she gritted her teeth and
sobbing pissed through the Senators waiting fingers. As she finished Lillian
forced her strap on dildo up into her sopping cunt.

O'Neil felt her hips smack against her ass as the head of it slammed up into
her cervix. She began to buck backwards her cunt gripping the thick, hard
rubber cock. The Senator began to fuck her. Her hands came around and pumped
her swollen mammaries to the Bullocks faces as O'Neil began to wail and
thrash. Slamming her ass back against the Senator's belly as she laughed and
began to grind hard up inside her cunny. O'Neil's cunt gushing spurt after
spurt of cunt juice in time with the woman's thrusts.


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