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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 29 (F-gang,nc,humil,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

Lillian came shuddering and gasping against O'Neil's powerful back. O'Neil's
head slumped forward as she pulled her strap on out from her juiced up cunt.
The Senator lit a cigarette and stood smoking while the bullocks tired of
O'Neil's milk and wandered away to the other side of the stall.

Lillian began to unstrap her dildo. Nero and Major Henry turned up. Behind
them Ed and Jez the guards took up position on either side.

"I want her cleaned up and in BDU's, once that's done load her in the
ambulance. We'll take her straight to the fertility clinic, Doctor Stern
will take charge of her there."

"Yes Ma'am" Major Henry confirmed.

Lillian picked up her clothes and walked off to her waiting car.

O'Neil hung from her bound arms. Her head slumped legs still tied wide open.
Her bruised and marked breasts still jutting out of their bonds into the

"Had any trouble with her?" the Major asked.

"Oh yeah she tried to make a run for it only yesterday! But we beat the fuck
outa her and then raped some sense into her dumb ass!" They all chuckled.

Major Henry went up behind her and thrust his fingers into her cum sodden
gaping ass, he twisted and turned them admiring the way her ring clung to his
finger tips. O'Neil hung still out cold.

Major Henry went around to her front and examined her bruised swollen
breasts. He felt and weighed them. Then he undid the ropes securing them and
admired how deep the ropes had bit into her turgid flesh.

"Give me a hand lets get her down, the Ambulance will be here in the hour."

The guards and Nero helped get her down and manhandled her limp form to the
floor. Nero fetched a bucket of soapy water and then him and the Major stood
and watched as the guards slopped and scrubbed all the drying sperm off her.
She lay still unmoving as they towelled her dry.

They dragged her olive drab briefs up her legs and then her BDU trousers.
Fastening them tightly around her waist. Then her feet were forced into her
combat boots and they were laced up. Nero and Henry went to see if the
ambulance had arrived. The guards pulled her T shirt over her head and
wrestled it down over her tits.

While they were both pushing her breasts into her shirt. O'Neil suddenly
brought her head up into Jez's face. His nose made a popping noise as blood
spurted from it. Her hands came up gripping Ed's throat and squeezing. He
struggled gripping her wrists and then his eyes rolled up and she let him
slide sideways to the floor. Jez was in a semi stupor on the floor. He tried
to get up she leapt to her feet and kicked him in the head. He lay still.
She grinned a kicked him in the balls for good measure.

She looked about. She could hear Major Henry and Nero talking out through the
main door. She sprinted to the stall housing the bullocks and leapt the gate.
She pushed open the sliding panel which shut them off from their paddock. She
made sure it was clear and scrambled out. She ran to the end of the paddock
and vaulted the fence. She was in countryside. It was early morning.

There were fields and hedges and a dirt track leading away. She sprinted for
the hedge. O'Neil at least had a good head start. She headed off down the
side of the dirt road at first, where the footing was good. She could see
what looked like a road about three to four miles in the distance it was
going to be a long run if she was going to get there before the bastards came
after her; at her best O'Neil could probably have done it in something over
twenty minutes. She was still fit from SEAL training and felt strong. She had
long, strong legs. But the morning was cold; worse, she had been subjected to
all kinds of abuse and tied up for hours and her legs just didn't respond as
well as they normally would have.

Her tits were the biggest problem, they were more than unwieldy. Both sore
tits were bouncing madly with each footfall. Both ached fit to bust. Pains
from their weight and the beating they'd received slammed up through her
ribcage as she tried to run as fast as they would allow .

She pushed gamely on, covering ground with her long panicky strides. With her
mammoth breasts bouncing in time to the beat of her footsteps, her nipples
painfully distended against the material in the crisp morning air, the
muscles in her lithe thighs working overtime, her strong but seeping ass
jiggling with every stride.

She heard shouts in the distance behind her, faint because of the additional
distance. But sound carried a long way in the still morning air out in the
country. Her lungs were burning now, her legs were tiring, and she was sure
her tits would split with the pains lancing through each with each footfall
on the dirt track. But still she ran.

Behind her she could hear a vehicle. Up ahead were the track met the road
she could see two men with rifles. Convinced that this was her best chance,
O'Neil left the road and headed into the field, still running in the same
general direction toward the road, but at an oblique angle, some forty metres
away from the road.

As soon as she got in the field, she began paying a price. The field was
fallow, and was strewn with every kind of weed, thistle, bramble and bush
that could grow. In her haste, O'Neil stumbled and nearly fell; she hadn't
run 20 metres before she felt her boots sinking in mud. Her legs were being
tugged at by a variety of prickle's and thorns.

But still she ran, blindly, toward the direction of the road. O'Neil couldn't
have been much more than a 20 metres from the safety of the road when she
could hear a jeep behind her. She pushed herself to sprint faster. Hardly
daring to look over her shoulder. She had to grab hold of her tits and hold
on to them so she could run. She glanced back and saw Nero driving a jeep.
Major Henry grinning stood up in it. Mark and other guards leering behind

She swerved to the right doubling back as the jeep sped past, it's brakes
howling as it swung around in a sharp circle. Nero swore as he backed it up
and set off again after her. O'Neil forced more speed out of her aching
legs. Her lungs full of hot searing pain as she pumped her legs up a ridge
and scrambled down the other side. She was in a shallow gully. She set off
down it following the stream. Boots splashing in the shallow water. Her face
filled with grim determination as she heard the jeep thunder down into the

Trees to the left. Not enough gap for the jeep. She sprinted through them.
Leaping briars and undergrowth as she heard them shouting and the jeep speed
off parallel to her. She'd lost the road. Damn, she glanced about trying to
get her bearings. The trees were thinning. She burst out of them. The Jeep
squealed to a halt in front of her. It swung around as she pounded away her
breathing ragged as she ran down a dirt track bordering a small lake.

In front of her the track went to the left. She leapt through the undergrowth
to the front. She was in another copse of trees she heard the jeep drive down
the track. They must know they can head her off. She nearly broke down
sobbing as she tried to think. She turned about and hurtled off to the right
through the trees she glimpsed the road. She pushed herself hard.

Suddenly the jeep was there alongside her. The guards jeered and shouted. She
glanced at it Major Henry was levelling something at her. She tried to force
more speed out of her legs. Suddenly something hit her in the shoulder. She
screamed, her body thrashed as the Tazor charge slammed through her. White
harsh light blanked her vision as she tumbled head long bouncing over and
over through the undergrowth unconscious.

"Fuck that was good, can we do it again?" Nero asked laughing.

They got out of the jeep and Major Henry checked her pulse. Satisfied he
undid the Tazor tag from her shoulder.

"No but we can teach her a lesson she won't forget, get her up and against
that tree."

They looped a rope around a high branch and fastened her wrists to it. They
dragged her up until she was off her feet, three guards heaving on the rope.
Nero and Henry grabbed hold of her dangling legs and pulled them back around
the trunk. Nero lashed them together. Then they tied the other rope off
around a sapling.

Major Henry pulled her sweat darkened T shirt out of her pants and dragged
the front up over her head and behind her neck. Her fat bloated jugs wobbled
and bounced free. Her head hung limp.

"Well I reckon she's gonna need to be awake to learn her lesson huh?"

Major Henry pulled on some black leather gloves. He walked over to some
stinging nettles and wrenched a whole bunch up. He walked back over

O'Neil Jolted awake, her arms were killing her. Her legs were too. But her
tits. Her tits were on fire. She opened her eyes jerking her head up.
Thousands of hot pains were shooting through each tit.

"Hooowey! Nice of you to come back bitch! I thought these nettles would get
your attention!" Henry chuckled.


O'Neil struggled and wriggled as he lashed her hanging bosoms with the
poisonous fronds. Her breast's were already red and inflamed. Large hives
were coming up all over both. She tried to twist them away.

"Oh dear they are going red!" he stated grinning sadistically.


He began to rub the bunch of nettles into her cleavage and over and around
her wrinkled studs.

"You've been a very naughty soldier girl, and if you're a naughty girl you
must be punished."

O'Neil was snatching and writhing her face pulling in agony as the leaves
burned and irritated her breast flesh. Major Henry dropped the leaves and
took a length of thin white cord from his pocket he made a noose, he looped
it around the base of her quivering inflamed left breast. She looked on
helplessly as he made another and looped that around the other. Yanking hard
on the ends to remove any hint of slack. This time he pulled it hard, then
harder, the cord biting deeply into her tit flesh. O'Neil winced and gritted
her teeth as she watched The Major take out his anger on her poor boobs.
With the bases of her tits constricted, the juicy globes soon begun to swell

Major Henry was in his element. There was nothing he loved more than the
pleasure of tying up a juicy pair of breasts. seeing the look of utter
disbelief in a woman's eyes when she understood what he was about to do.
He loved nothing more than enjoying their looks of fear, surprise, and
ultimately submission when he turned their soft, sensitive breasts into
bulging hard hemispheres of pain.

"O'Neil you're going to learn not to be a naughty girl. I'm going to teach
you a lesson loud and clear..."

O'Neil's tits had been big and stiff before he started working on them, but
Henry knew just how to make 'em stand out even more. He wrapped the white
cord around her breast again, and once again tugged hard at the ends. Twice
more he wound the rope tightly around the captive jug, squeezing more and
more of her breast flesh down and out toward him as he did so.

When he was done, he stepped back to admire his handiwork. Already he could
see the shadowy blue veins in her milk laden tits standing out, her dark red
teats becoming much more prominent.

"Lookin' good, O'Neil. Lookin' damn good!!"

Satisfied that the technique he had used on O'Neil could hardly have been
improved upon, Major Henry roughly proceeded to pat and smack her imprisoned

The four loops of white cord had sunk so deeply into each heavy orb. He
was damn pleased with O'Neil's tit-popping breast bondage. He'd tied her
throbbing treasures so tight that they seemed to be strangled by the white
cords. They were thrusting and bulging as stiff as fuck. And you could tell
that they had to be throbbing with pain, too. It had only been a minute or
two, but already her swollen jugs had begun to grow redder and redder.

They pointed out from her ribcage like a pair of twin Zeppelins. Zeppelins
that seemed at the point of explosion at any minute. O'Neil sobbed watching
in dismay as Henry's big hands reached for her taut globes, and then
encircled them; his lightest touch was torture, her breasts burned and
itched with searing heat.

"Oh dear are they burning Lieutenant perhaps if I give them a squeeze? What
d'you say O'Neil? Should I give them a rub and pull on em?"

Major Henry's hands slowly began to close lightly on her huge naked breasts.

"Oh dear they're so full of milk and itching like fuck ain't they bitch."

He squeezed a little harder, now, his moderate pressure forcing milk to
trickle through a few of the ducts in her teats. He clenched still harder.
O'Neil had never felt such pain. Her knees kicked and heaved as she tried to
pull them away, but his unforgiving grip on her tits kept on.

"You know what I like to do with big titted girls like you, O'Neil?"

O'Neil was screaming incoherently and yelping.

"I like to squeeze them, O'Neil. I like to squeeze them so hard that all the
Mommy milk runs out."

His grip tightened a little more. "Squeeze it all out."

His grip tightened yet again.

"You like that huh? I'm gonna burst your fucking udders bitch!"

More milk was squirting out now.

Henry's teeth were clenched now, and the tendons in his forearms were
standing out rigid from the force he was exerting. O'Neil could feel an
almost titanic pressure building inside her tortured breasts. The front
of his uniform was now adorned with several thin streams of milk.

Henry's hands relaxed, then, and he let them drop to his sides. Deep
impressions of his hard fingers were left in O'Neil's ruddy hive swollen
breast flesh. She sobbed as they ached and throbbed.

"Don't know how they're feelin', O'Neil, but they're sure gonna get worse.
They are lookin' good. GOOD FOR A WHIPPING'"

"No please, please they're so sore isn't that enough? PLEASE!"

Henry deliberately took her two distended teats securely between the
thumbnail and forefinger of one hand and pulled. He pulled outward, he
seemed to be trying to pull her tits right out into two long torpedoes
by her pain wracked nipples. O'Neil was screaming and yelping. Her body
snatching and thrashing as he yanked them out.

After some seconds her teats were twin pellets of agony. And then, without
warning, "SLAPP!! he backhanded her viciously across both swollen stinging
breasts. The force of the blow drove O'Neil to jolt and kick helplessly
with her knees in agony. The tightness of her breast bondage magnified the
pain enormously.

"Nero you got that belt and you're switch?"

"Sure Major here they are!"

"Right get her trousers down!"

Two of the guards undid her BDU's and yanked them down off her ass. One of
them pulled her briefs down to show her twitching jolting bum cheeks.

"Please no . . you motha fuckers don't NOOOOOOOOOO!!"

Nero readied the thick leather belt. Major Henry tested the switch.

"OK, soldier girlie! Tits forward, head back, and ass up. Party time!!"

Poor O'Neil pleaded and begged her face lined with tears. She glanced about
despairingly hoping against hope that they wouldn't whip her tits and ass.

"Ready, Nero? On three!"


Major Henry swept the switch viciously down across the upper slopes of both
of O'Neil's jutting taut breasts at exactly the same split second that the
leather belt exploded across the ripe summits of her bottom!

"NNNNNNEEEE Arrrrggghhhh!! Oh, God, NO NO!!"

"Aww, O'Neil. A big soldier girl like you should be able to keep quiet when
she's being taught a lesson."

"Ready Nero? One... Two... Three!"

And the fiendish switch once again bit deeply into O'Neil's bouncing bound
breast flesh, She bellowed in horror and anguish at the pain as the horrible
belt slammed into her ass.

It was everything O'Neil could to do stop from fainting.

" What's the matter Soldier girl? Does it hurt? Should have thought of that
before you started runnin' off, O'Neil. And disobeyin' orders."

Major Henry moved around so that he was on O'Neil's right.

"OK, Lieutenant. Stick those jugs out! Time for more, goddamit! Or you're
gonna get it worse! Head back! Is she stickin' her ass up nice for you,

In fear O'Neil strained to comply.

"Sure, is Major! Just as round and as can be."

"Let's go. One...Two...Three!" And again the Major whipped her savagely
across her splendid melons, driving the tender flesh down, squashing her
hard jugs so that milk spurted out in thin streamers, just as Nero lashed
her flinching ass cheeks.

"NNNNNEEEEAauuuuuhhh!!! No more. Please, you're killing me. Please."

O'Neil, sobbing, could only choke out, "I don't..." before she felt the
agonising pain of the horrible wooden weapon as Major Henry ripped into her
breasts again, this time just below her bravely erect nipples.

"Tell us you won't do it again, you fucking bitch!"

Major Henry waited only another second before he lifted the switch high in
the air and hacked O'Neil across the tops of her naked jugs with a vicious
downward blow.


When he still got no answer, Major Henry, in the throes of a sadistic frenzy,
whipped the switch savagely downward across first her left nipple, and then
her right. And then he blasted her squarely across the centres of both
breasts, brutally attacking both bulging orbs at once.

"Promise, you fucking whore!" And then he blistered her firm breasts yet
again, just missing the nipples, landing on the edge of her swollen coral
brown aureole. Moments later he sliced her proud beauties savagely once more,
this time drawing blood from her left breast. But still O'Neil would not

Then he slammed two more then three tit busting cracks across her swollen
teats. As the belt slammed down right over her bright red ass. O'Neil
screamed and screamed then a sob wrenched from her mouth.


"Promise what Lieutenant?" he lifted her bleeding breast with the switch,
bouncing it.

"I promise not to run away!"


"I promise not to run away, SIR!"

"Good Soldier"

Major Henry pulled his trousers open and yanked out his cock, he wanked it
slowly, his cock was rigid.

"Tell me again!"

"I . . promise not to run away, sir!" As she uttered the last word he
groaned and spurted a huge load of jiz into her startled face, and onto her
bleeding tits.

She gasped and squirmed as the salty deposit stung and seared her scarred
breasts. He put his cock away while the others gathered around her face and
wanked off onto it and her tits.

Nero favoured her slashed ass. He came all over her twitching clenching ass.
She sobbed and thrashed as he rubbed it in.

While she hung there sobbing Major Henry reinserted the piercing caps to her
nipples. He tightened them and reattached the chain to each. He wrestled her
T shirt down over both smarting tits. They dragged her briefs and BDU
trousers up.. Then he ordered they let her down.

Minutes later she was sat in the back of the jeep on the way back to the
stables. Her tits throbbed and ached still itching, she could do nothing to
soothe the pain that coursed through them.

As they got on the drive outside the ambulance sat waiting the doors open.
Nero slowed the jeep to a halt. Major Henry got out and walked over to it.
He stopped and motioned for the guards to come over.

They got down and strolled to the ambulance. Suddenly the air was rent with
three shots. The guards tumbled to the floor. Major Henry pulled out a pistol
as his shoulder exploded in blood. He was thrown back against the ambulance.
Nero slammed the jeep in reverse and began speeding backwards. His head
blossomed with shards of bone and red. The jeep careered into a tree tipping
on it's side.

O'Neil was thrown out. She scrambled to her feet. In front of her were six
troops. In the middle was Salom.

"Surprise, Surprise! Well, well if it isn't my favourite SEAL recruit"

O'Neil stood shocked rooted to the spot in fear.


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