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GI Joe: The Baroness Captures Lady Jaye And Scarlett
by Dark Cloud

The Joe watched as The Baroness exited her cab and walked purposefully towards the caf‚.

"Target is in sight and entering the caf‚" he spoke into the microphone that hung by his mouth telling his two colleagues in the caf‚ that the person they had been waiting for had arrived.

His binocular zoomed right in on the raven haired beauty and could not help appreciate the woman's fine figure. The Baroness was a fanboy's dream, wearing, as she was, a skin tight leather catsuit with buckles and zips all over it, her black, leather thigh high, high heeled jackboots and her trademark black rimmed glasses. The Joe whistled to himself and could not stop himself imagining fucking the famous Cobra operative. Yeah, he bet her bee stung, red lips could deliver a hell of a blow job. But all too soon she was out of his line of sight and he could only imagine the scene as she met his other female fantasy figures.

In the caf‚ The Baroness confidently strode to the table where her two requested 'handlers' awaited her. She had specified that it had to be Scarlett and Lady Jaye that took her in and she had been clear she would not deal with any other Joe member if she was going to double cross her current employers, the terrorist outfit known as Cobra. Although both were good looking women they commanded senior positions in the GI Joe ranks and The Baroness had certainly chosen to deal with important operatives. Of course their paths had crossed numerous times on the battlefield, a fact unspokenly acknowledged in their initial glares at each other. The Baroness ignored it and took her position at the table across from the two women. For a moment no one spoke.

The uncomfortable silence was broken by the appearance at the table of a waiter asking if they wanted a drink. Before the other two could reply The Baroness coolly ordered three glasses of the most expensive wine on his list. She smirked at Scarlett as the waiter retreated.

"I assume your organisation can cover the bill."

Scarlett had to conceal her irritation. It was difficult for her not to leap across the table and begin pounding on the stuck up aristocratic bitch after all she had done to herself and her colleagues over the years. But she knew that this was too big an opportunity to bring the whole of Cobra down for her to blow it through any personal vendettas. So she smiled and nodded at The Baroness and waited for her to speak again. But it seemed she was in no hurry. The three glasses of wine arrived and she coolly lifted her glass and saluted the two as they tentatively sipped from their glasses.

It was unnerving, thought Jaye, sitting this close to such an evil character and about to offer her amnesty for her evidence. The Baroness had that effect on most people her supercilious sneer ever present. But in this situation the two soldiers were starting to realise there was something more, something far more uncomfortable about their former enemy, she was almost outright staring at them. Leering it felt like, as if she were assessing their bodies. Scarlett sensed it too and had had enough she would get this bitch talking and get this whole procedure started. She couldn't understand her unease, wasn't she micced up? Wasn't this caf‚ surrounded by dozens of her colleagues? Weren't she and lady Jaye more than capable of handing anything that came their way? But even as she thought this she was losing focus, her mind fogging up and losing concentration. She turned to her colleague but saw three of her. With her last coherent thought she realised that the wine had been drugged.

Almost simultaneously as the effects of the drugs in the wine glasses began to overpower Scarlett and Lady Jaye a car veered out of control in the street outside the caf‚ and drove hard into a lamppost. The crash and its aftermath took everybody's attention for a minute, as it was intended to, and the floor beneath the table and chairs the three women were sat at descended into the floor and seconds later reappeared with three doppelgangers sat in the same position. Everyone was over at the window and didn't notice, none of the watching Joe's outside realised the deception and the waiter who had watched, smiled and headed out into the kitchen, transforming himself as he went into a cop about to investigate the crash, Zartan had played his part in the subterfuge perfectly.

In the cellar under the caf‚ everything was buzzing with activity. Speed was of the essence here, every second they achieved would help their plan to be successful. Both Scarlett and Lady Jaye were swiftly handcuffed and their individual tracking devices removed before each was slipped inside long, thin plastic containers which were then dropped down a man hole in the floor where they landed in a specially designed vehicle in the sewers below the streets. The Baroness followed them down the same hole via a ladder and when she stepped off the bottom of it her two captives had been successfully loaded into the vehicle. She smirked at their motionless forms as it took off at high speed on a pre set course through the cities sewer system.

Exactly six minutes later, some two minutes after the Joe's had figured out something had gone wrong in the caf‚, the vehicle exited the sewers at the port and sped off to sea to rendezvous with a submarine a few miles out to seas. One transfer later and the two female GI Joe operatives were on their way to a different continent.

Back in the caf‚ as various agents angrily demanded answers from impersonators, innocent actors hired for the night, it was dawning on everybody on the operation that they had been badly fooled by The Baroness and Cobra and that two of their most high ranking and well like operatives were in mortal danger.

* * *

When the drug wore off both women had pounding headaches. Any movement of their head hurt like hell but both quickly ignored that pain as the reality of their situation became clearer. They were in a large, stone floored and walled cell, with thick bars at the front entrance. That was bad. Worse still they were positioned on their knees on the stone, chains around each of their necks, locked to the collars they now wore and the other end of the chain was embedded in the stone floor. The chain was short enough that neither Scarlett of Lady Jaye would be able to stand up. Their wrists were loosely chained behind their backs but at least their feet were free, for now. But worst of all was the fact that both women were completely naked, neither had a stitch of clothing bar the tight collar around their neck. They looked at each other for the longest time, each testing the strength of their collar, each realising their efforts was futile. They were left like that for a whole 24 hours before anyone at all even visited them. By the end they were almost wondering if they had been left like that, though neither called out.

It was a miserable time. Both women were uncomfortable, with their positions and with their lack of apparel and their conversation stilted. Although they were both women high in the GI Joe chain of command neither was particularly friendly with each other and earlier in their career they had been really quite competitive. Also both had to do the toilet in the time they were there, both felt they should have been able to hold it in but it was just another after effect of the drug and their lack of movement meant they had to pee right in front of each other and that the pee just hung around before slowly drying up right by them.

Finally a still leather clad Baroness entered their cell and both soldiers awaited their fate.

The Baroness looked and sounded even smugger than usual as she sneered down at them.

"Found your rightful places Ladies? On you knees before your betters!"

"You bitch! You set us up! You'll pay for this!"

The Baroness curled her lip in a cruel smile.

"I hardly think so my dear Scarlett. Your friends are right now convinced you are on a different continent than you actually are on. No you are captives of Cobra's and I have been given the task of finding out all your secrets."

"You'll get nothing from us Baroness! Nothing!"

The Baroness just laughed and turned on her heel, whispering to herself "If I was you I would be worrying more about what I am going to give you!"

The Baroness was the first of several visitors in the next couple of hours for the ladies as first Cobra Commander, then Destro, then Zartan and various lowly cobra troopers came in to see the two GI Joe operative in heir current predicament. It was well worth the effort for both these army women were extremely good looking and in hellishly good shape, their naked bodies were well worth an ogle. The terrorist leader Cobra Commander, was worst, a real creep as the ladies knew only too well. The masked fiend came into their cell and delighted in placing his pistol in Scarlett's mouth and forcing her to suck on it's barrel just for his perverted amusement. His gloved hands roamed all over their kneeling bodies and his fingers confidently invaded their holes, prodding and penetrating their pussies and assholes. Both bit their tongues and said little, knowing that this was not the time to antagonise their captors.

"Yessss, The Baroness will ssoon discover what you two Joe botch's know of Operation Snake Eater" hissed the Commander much to both girls consternation, they had never heard of it!

But it was The Baroness that was in charge of interrogating and coercing her charges and she was about to begin her plan in earnest. Finally, they were left alone for an hour or so and neither woman felt any great need to communicate with the other. Both were still suffering from their various humiliations.

Silence abounded in the stone chamber, a complete silence that was sharply broken by the sharp click of high heels on the stone passageway outside that clearly indicated The Baroness was returning to the cell. Scarlett looked up at her colleague and tried a smile but both knew this wasn't likely to be good.

There was one crucial change to The Baroness's appearance when she entered the cell this time. A rather, obvious and obscene alteration to her outfit. At her crotch she was a sporting a long, hard, black dildo moulded in the shaped of a hooded King Cobra at its tip. She stopped and adjusted her dark rimmed glasses as both prisoners looked up and smiled as the dull realisation came to them as to what it actually was that was jutting out of her black outfit. Having made sure that they were fully aware she strutted over to stand between both chained women, towering over them before she spoke in the most condescending, superior voice imaginable.

"You two bitches should realise that I will find out all you know about Operation Snake Eater and that I will not hesitate to use the cruellest methods imaginable to succeed in doing so. I do have a lighter side, however, and I intend to have a little fun with you two as well. Fun for me that is, I doubt either of you will enjoy it."

She paused, enjoying their discomfort.

"You both see what I'm wearing, you both know what it is and I can imagine you know what I am going to do with it. Know this I do not want to know anything from you at this stage. I am not interrogating you yet, this is just for my personal pleasure. But which of you two goody two shoes will it be? I can leave that up to yourselves to decide. You see the first one to bend their head down and plant a kiss on my boots will be exempt from taking an ass fucking with this."

Scarlett looked up at the same time as Lady Jaye, their eyes meeting and communicating, they could not succumb to this, it was a classic divide and conquer tactics. Yet as each woman looked up at the bulbous end to the dildo neither could imagine that thing buried deep in their ass with such a cruel woman as The Baroness on the other side of it.

"Scarlett? Do you want to take it in your asshole?"

The red head shook her head and spat out her rejection of that notion. The Baroness smiled and continued.

"Very well, if you do not want it then you must want your comrade lady Jaye to take it in her ass. So be it."

"What?! No , that's not what I meant!"

Scarlett's pleas were completely ignored though as The Baroness stalked behind Lady Jaye and casually peeled her naked ass cheeks apart before resting the Cobra tip of the dildo at the tight puckered entrance to the female soldier's asshole. Jaye look across at Scarlett with alarm in her eyes before biting down hard on her lip to keep from crying out as the evil Baroness thrust her hips and ploughed the demonic phallus deep inside her bowels.

The Cobra head was designed for discomfort and Scarlett found it impossible to look at her colleague, as she was ass fucked. In some ways she wished it was her taking it so that she didn't feel so guilty, but in others she was glad it wasn't. The Baroness was not gentle, in fact she was so rough and hard her trademark glasses nearly fell off her nose with the motion of her fucking Lady Jaye but the villainess was enjoying herself immensely. These two smug GI Joe's had been so pleased with the prospect of turning such an important figure as her and now look at them - and this was just the beginning!

After the evil Baroness had had her fun in Lady Jaye's tight asshole she plucked the dildo from her with an audible 'pop' and moved around the gasping captive to where Scarlett knelt helplessly.

"You have two choice's Scarlett. You can either lick it clean for me or I can fuck you up the ass like I did your friend. Which is it to be?"

Scarlett had never felt quite so helpless or hopeless. She still retained faith that her Joe colleagues would find and rescue them but it appeared that until they did she and Lady Jaye were at the mercy of the fiendish, sadistic Baroness, and apparently her depravity had no limits. As Jaye lay there, collapsed from the hard ass fucking The Baroness thrust her pelvis so that the dildo prodded Scarlett in the right cheek.

"Lick it clean Scarlett, taste Lady Jaye's shit you filthy bitch!"

A quick situational analysis led Scarlett to know her only course of action was to do as she was ordered and wait for a later moment to try and escape. But it didn't sit well opening her lips and allowing The Baroness to press the stained dildo in to her mouth and she reluctantly began to use her tongue to lick it clean. The taste was vile, the smell disgusting and at one point she looked down to see Lady Jaye watching her and could sense the strain growing between them. It had been Jaye that bore the worst of things this time but who knows what the next torment would be and who would suffer it?

As it happened it was Jaye again. This time in a bizarre toilet themed humiliation. After The Baroness had left them she had arranged for large dog bowls of water to be left with the prisoners and for the temperatures in the cell to be increased. This had seen the sullenly silent Scarlett and Lady Jaye drink copious amounts over the next few hours. Then late in the night the cell was entered by The baroness and eight Cobra foot soldiers who moved both naked female prisoners into a new position for the night. Scarlett was first to be moved and she was pulled to her feet and had her arms attached to chains that hung from the roof while her ankles were kept separated and attached to rings in the stone floor, leaving her spread open in an 'X' shape. Jaye was next to be moved and she was laid flat on a low wooden table, her limbs and body bound to it before it was pushed in such a position that Lady Jaye's head was perfectly between Scarlett's spread thighs. Once they were position The Baroness got rid of her flunkies and calmly placed a mouth ring in her mouth, forcing her lips nice and wide. Only then did both prisoners get and inkling of the situation they were in.

"I'm still not interrogating you you'll realise, this is all for my own amusement. Scarlett? That was a lot of water you drank earlier, wasn't it? Bet you're just bursting for a piss right about now aren't you? That water had a diuretic in it, you won't last long. I'm going to stay here tonight and watch. What a show, one of GI Joe's elite pissing in an others mouth. And guess what girls? I'll be taping it all and sending it to your team-mates back at the Pit afterwards!"

Scarlett was horrified (though that was nothing compared to what Lady Jaye was feeling right then) and could already feel her bladder weaken. Her state of bondage did not help matters, she desperately wanted to cross her legs, to squeeze herself at the middle, to do something to relieve her growing uncomfortableness.

The Baroness flashed the most evil of smiles and dragged over a metal chair and her PVC outfit squeaked as she sat down before them and prepared to wait. As she waited she goaded both women with crude and sadistic comments as to their fates, both in the immediate and further future.

"I do hope you're thirsty Jaye because it looks like you're about to get a bellyful."

"Don't worry that pretty mouth of yours will get some sustenance soon as well, a real protein boost from the Cobra foot soldiers!"

Suddenly Scarlett tensed, her eyes widened and she knew it was too late, the seal had broken.

"Oh God! I'm sorry Jaye!" Scarlett shouted as piss burst forth from between her legs and splashed onto her prone colleague, covering her face and filling that nice wide mouth.

It was quite the sight, almost like a water feature for a garden as the yellow spray flowed straight down and into Lady Jaye's mouth and as she couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up it quickly overflowed and washed over her face (including right down her nostrils). The Baroness cackled in the cell as she watched her plan come together then when Scarlett's pee finally dried up she calmed stood up and left, leaving both women like that for the next twelve hours so that when she returned refreshed and raring to go the next morning Scarlett's limbs were stiff and Lady Jaye's face and body stank of dried, stale urine and she would have killed for a shower right then.

"Ok, I've had my fun, so which of you bitches want to tell me about Operation Snake Eater?"

Scarlett glowered and answered without thought.

"Fuck you Baroness, we've never heard of it and even if we had we wouldn't tell you!" she accompanied her vitriol with a well aimed glob of saliva she spat hitting their captor square on the left lens of her ever present glasses.

Just for a moment The Baroness's veneer of cool aloofness was broken and she bitch slapped Joe with her gauntlet encased hand with a resounding crack that echoed in the cell. She regained her composure though as she wiped the spit off.

"It looks, Lady Jaye, that you superior officer has answered for you. Just remember that later today when you are entertaining Zartan and his Dreadnoks. As for you Scarlet, I think I'll work on you myself."

* * *

Jaye and Scarlett barely spoke as they waited for their individual afternoon's appointments. Scarlett had apologised for pissing in her colleagues mouth, explaining that she had physically not been able to prevent it. Jaye listened and nodded but said nothing. This was hard on both of them but she couldn't shake the fact that she was getting the rough end of the treatment here not her superior officer. And that treatment was about to get a whole lot worse for Lady Jaye.

Four Crimson Guards came for the prisoners later that day. Two placed a hood over Lady Jaye, cuffed her wrists behind her back and led her off through the Castle they were being held in. It was a long walk and on her bare feet Jaye was suffering, as she had seemed to ever since her capture. Even through the thick hood she could hear the noise of the Dreadnok party as they came close to it. It was being held in one of the Castle's many, large bedrooms.

The room was an absolute state when the two guards ushered the still hooded naked Jaye into it. Buzzer, Ripper and Torch were in the midst of a very drunken, noisy card game, Zartan was on lying on the large bed watching a porno film on the TV and his half sister Zarana was flouncing about the room, swigging from a Vodka bottle dressed in nothing more than lacy lingerie. As Jaye was pushed to the centre of the room and had the hood ripped from her head the room came to a relative silence as everyone stared at her. The only noise was a grunting and moaning from the TV, as the Dreadnoks were contemplating their naked enemy The Baroness suddenly appeared in the doorway.

"Zartan. You know who my visitor is, yes? Good. I promised her you and your team would keep her suitably entertained today, do that. Oh and Zartan. I believe she likes it rough!"

And with that The Baroness shoved Lady Jaye to her knees right next to the card table and she and the guards turned on their heels and left.

The Baroness smirked and left Lady Jaye there for her afternoon of depraved debauchery at the hands of the Dreadnoks and made her way back towards Scarlett's cell. As her high heels clicked on the stone corridor of the massive old castle she was confronted by her old flame Destro. The masked, metal faced arms dealer that she had an on off relationship with. His voice had an edge to it as if he disapproved of her somehow.

"Well Baroness? Having fun with your visitors? Wouldn't you be better employed getting some real information form the prisoners rather than playing out your own sadist games?"

She was hardly someone to be affected by the scorn of others and returned his greeting with interest.

"You should know better than most that I always get my way and I'll get any information we need eventually, but I'll get it my way and I'll destroy those two Joe bitches in the process!"

She stormed off after that, an uncontrollable anger surging through her body .

* * *

The Baroness flashed a trademark self congratulatory smirk at Scarlett when she re-entered the latter's cell. Scarlett responded with a glare of undiluted hatred for her captor.

"You'd better not harm Jaye you bitch! God's sakes the things you've done, you can't be human, I can't believe we were willing to help you."

"Hmmm. You're so concerned about your colleague how about you offer to swap places with her in a Dreacdnok dick sandwich? Hm. Thought not. Still you should know that how much 'attention' Lady Jaye gets is entirely down to you."

"What? What do you mean?"

"I mean that I will call those dogs off and take her back here with you if you agree to do one small thing."

"And what's that?" Scarlett knew it must be bad so asked warily.

"You will consent to let our men Adorn your body with two Cobra insignia tattoos. One on your chest and one on your back. Of course we could just drug you and put them on but having you submit to allow us to do them is much more fun, isn't it?"

"No Way! Fuck off you speccy bitch!"

"Very well, that is day one for Lady Jaye then, I'll be back tomorrow and if you refuse then it will be another day for her in the clutches of those wild animals. I wish you good night Scarlett, hopefully your conscience does not trouble you too much tonight."

* * *

As Scarlett was refusing the offer to save her Lady Jaye was not comfortable at all, right then she would have agreed to virtually anything to get out of the situation she was in. That situation was the following: She was squatting with Torch below her his large cock buried up to his balls in her tight asshole. Her legs were spread wide and Ripper was on his knees with his own cock thrust right up her pussy. Buzzer was standing over her with his cock jammed halfway down her throat. While the three of them had Jaye in this 'airtight' position Zarana was playing with her tits, twisting, licking, sucking+
and biting her breasts and nipples to her hearts content.

Lady Jaye had always been conservative sexually up until her capture but now her body as seeing more use than a two dollar whore and she was not enjoying it at all. Feeling those thick cocks prod against each other through the thin layer between her ass and her pussy was just the most degrading, awful feeling and if she wasn't so tough she would have wanted to cry. Not that anyone would have noticed that bearded bastard Buzzer was fucking her mouth wildly and she had to fight for every breath of air she could snatch.

"And guess what bitch?" snickered the evil Zarana, "these boys have been on the little blue pills, their gonna stay hard for hours! Hahahaha!"

* * *

The night brought little sleep for Scarlett. Her refusal to accept the tattoo's ate away at her, how could she have not taken the chance to free her colleague from god know what type of treatment? And when her cell door opened she jumped ready to face her nemesis, The Baroness, but she was disappointed to find herself face to face with Snake Eyes! Her heart jumped. She was rescued! She exclaimed and ran to her fellow Joe.

"Oh thank God! You've found us!"

Scarlett ran to hug her colleague, an indication of her mental state as she would never do something so unprofessional on a normal mission. Snake Eyes brushed it off and indicated with his hand that she follow him and in mere minutes they were in the castle's corridor and pushing on towards the room that Lady Jaye was currently being gang raped in.

Scarlett's eyes bulged as she peered through the tiny metal grille at the plight of her female colleague right then. The Dreadnoks were still all seemingly inside her and fucking her while Zarana continued to goad her, calling her names and slapping her face. She felt the burn of guilt that she could have been able to prevent this and turned to her rescuer and quickly whispered.

"We've got to get her out of there!"

Snake Eyes nodded and came to gaze through the opening at the action in the room. Precisely at that point Zaranna grabbed Lady Jaye by her saliva and cum covered chin and directed her towards the floor and whispered into her ear as Buzzer reluctantly removed his dick from the redhead's gasping mouth.

"You've got an audience bitch! Look! Your 'friend' here to see what we're doing to you. You know that bitch had the opportunity of ending this last night, just had to get a little tattoo and you would have been out of here last night, but she wouldn't do it. What a bitch!"

Jaye bared her teeth and snarled but whether it was at Scarlett, Zaranna on Torch (who was reaming her asshole hard at that point) it wasn't clear.

"Cone on Snake Eyes, we..."

Scarlett broke off as she turned and saw who she thought was Snake Eyes change before her eyes and at once she knew she had been fooled this was no saviours, this was...


She go his name out seconds before his nerve hold on her knocked her out.

* * *

Back in her cell Scarlett came too with a pounding headache and The Baroness standing over her, her permanent smirk in place.

"Well Sleeping Beauty, have a good nap?"

Scarlett shook the cobwebs from her head and glared at her captor before spitting out.

"Alright I'll do it, you can tattoo me, just let Lady Jaye go from those beasts."

The Baroness's smile increased.

"Ah, I told you that you'd beg me for it, didn't I? However, the deal has slightly changed today, I am afraid. Now along with the Cobra tattoo's it also involves this."

And at that point The Baroness held up a long rod of metal with a Cobra insignia at the end. It was a branding iron. Scarlett was distraught but knew there was no point in defiance any more not when she had seen the treatment her colleague was receiving at the hands of the brutal Dreadnoks.

Mere hours later Scarlett was led into Cobra Commanders throne room and in front of the entire Cobra high command she dropped to her knees before The Baroness and kissed her captor's feet. She was then tied to a bench as a tattooist got to work on a large Cobra insignia on her shoulder while The Baroness heated the branding iron in a fire and minutes later pressed it into Scarlett's soft, pale flesh. Scarlett did not want the bastards to know she was in pain but could not help screaming as her flesh was burned with that hated symbol on each of her ass cheeks.

Knowing that she would be forever branded with the terrorist insignia was a source of much celebration for the Cobra high command and Cobra Commander himself was delighted with The Baroness's handiwork. However, they were not finished with their prisoners yet, there was still mileage in using them. For the moment though Scarlet was returned to her cell, naked and tattooed and branded and for the first time since she joined the army feeling completely helpless, her situation apparently unrecoverable. She did not get long to dwell in her pity though as minutes after Scarlet was thrown into the cell another figure was led fighting and scuffling into the cell.

From her voice Scarlett knew it was Lady Jaye but other than that she would have never known. The woman was naked and covered in tattoos, these one biker ones, her hair had been shaved and cut into a Mohawk and dyed pink. Her big breasts were now pierced and had a chain in them while her belly button and pussy were also pierced and with a silver chain in them. She was furious as she was led into the cell, cursing and swearing at her guards, trying to hit and kick them.

"Get the mad bitch in there quickly and lock the door!" exclaimed one guard as he shoved Jaye to the ground and hurried to close the door behind him.

That left Scarlett and Jaye staring at each other and the body modifications both had undergone since they had last been together.

"Oh Jaye, look what they did to yoooowwww!" the extended howl was due to Lady Jaye bitch slapping Scarlett with venom in her palm.

Scarlett was shocked and looked at her colleague disbelievingly and could do nothing to block the knee that was homing in on her pussy.


The knee hit Scarlet perfectly on the pubic bone and dropped her winded to her knees. She had been taken off guard and Jaye was taking advantage of it. Another blow to Scarlett's face, this time a punch right on her nose that stunned her and sent her flying onto her back, seeing stars. Lady Jaye dropped onto her knees straddling Scarlett's shoulders her now shaven cunt inches from Scarlett's face.

Looking up into her colleagues eyes Scarlett was afraid, there was something wild in those eyes, something feral and untamed as if the part of her mind had snapped under all that abuse from the Dreadnoks.

"Jaye I..."


"Shut up! You fucking left me! You could have saved me and you fucking left me with them! Look at me! Look at what they did to me!!!"

She was insane and had a hold of Scarlett's ears and was banging the back of her head against the floor with each screamed word. And then broke and let go and began to cry, unstoppable floods of tears and despite her aches and pains all Scarlett could do was to hug her and whisper comforting words to her all hope was abandoned.

In a room some distance removed The Baroness watched the footage while playing with herself. She was sad that the violence had subsided, she had wanted them to kick the living shit from each other but still, the footage was more than enough. Still with her fingers playing around her aroused lit she pressed a button and spoke to Cobra Commander.

"Tomorrow we do the bukkake Commander and then I will formulate the message, I promise that by this time next week you will have what you want."

* * *

The next morning (both women had lost track of days by now so they didn't know it was a Saturday) saw Scarlett and Lady Jaye handcuffed and led from their cell to a large, sparse hall. They were forced to their knees at gunpoint while a horde of Cobra troopers filed into the room. Once it was full and there was upwards of 100 soldiers there in strutted The Baroness, she could not have looked any smugger than she did then as she looked down at her two naked captives.

"Well, well Ladies, that new body art and modifications seem to suit you both so well, they really accentuate your slutty sides."

Both stared daggers at the cocky brunette bitch but they were past the point of firing back at her, it was proven to be a waste of their energy.

"Today's activity should be fun - for the guys anyway! Have either of you two heard of the act of bukkake?"

Both red head looked at each other and it was immediately clear that they both knew what it meant and what all these Cobra soldiers were doing here, this was to be yet further humiliation to them.

"Hmmm, I see you have, good it saves me having to explain it. Anyway today we're going to film this and send it back to your Joe team mates, a little holiday film for you, just to let them know your both fine and having plenty of fun!"

The thought of all their colleagues seeing them at the centre of a Cobra bukkake was horrible but what could they do? Pretty much all the fight had been taken out of them and their meagre acceptance of their fate was captured perfectly on the tape. Still handcuffed and nude the were moved onto their knees while the first wave of Cobra foot soldier circled around them, seven of them all standing over the two female Joe's jerking their dicks off. It didn't take long before the cum was flying, splattering Scarlett and Lady Jaye from all sides and directions. Their faces were the main target, as each trooper shot his load he was replaced by another one and quickly the girls faces were splattered and covered in Cobra cum. Their eyes were quickly gummed up, their noses and lips also prime targets, then their hair (or what was left of Jaye's) was hosed in semen too. When it was all over an hour and a half later over 100 Cobra operatives have cum over the women and they were coated almost from head to foot in cum.

"Better start licking it up girls, that might be the only protein you get for some time..."

* * *


Duke paused the tape on his computer screen on a close up of Scarlett's cum engulfed face. He knew what he had to do. For about the hundredth time he read the e-mail that had accompanied the clip.

"We will return your two bitches to you if you turn yourself over to us Duke. No tricks, we will be in touch to accept your answer. If you refuse then this is nothing to what we will do to these two sluts. By the way if you agree and become our prisoner you should know that you will spend your first day in captivity sucking Cobra Commander's cock while The Baroness fucks your ass with her strap on."

Finally, Duke came awake and began to type his acceptance...


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