Disclaimer: Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Jinx, the Baroness, and other mentioned
members of G.I. Joe and Cobra are owned by Hasbro and whoever owns the comic
this week, and are used without permission. Others mentioned are original

Special note: No disrespect is intended for the late singer and actress
Aaliyah. In this world she is being portrayed as still alive, and a lesbian,
as well as being the host body for Serpent.

G.I. Joe: The Serpent Strikes (no sex)
by Tyval ([email protected])

The headquarters of the elite, anti-terrorist, fighting force known as G.I.
Joe was abuzz with a flurry of activity. The cause for this commotion?
Reliable information that could finally smash the terrorist organization
known as Cobra once and for all. Amidst all this, the arrival of the newest
member of the Joe team attracted little attention. Except from the other
female members.

Carmelita Ramirez, code-named Rio, jumped out of the helicopter and onto the
deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise,* which was on loan to the G.I. Joe team for
this operation. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Carmelita was a Latin beauty
that made Jennifer Lopez look plain. Carmelita, or Rio as she actually liked
to be called, had been the best of the best of her country's special forces.
She had attracted the attention of G.I. Joe when she had saved the life of
the American Ambassador and proceeded to single-handedly kill or capture 50
members of Cobra.

Spotting talent when he saw it, the ambassador recommended Rio to his former
college room-mate General Tomahawk, leader of G.I. Joe. After a rigorous
training tryout and full background scrutiny, and despite the events of 9/11,
Rio was pronounced ready for what everyone was now hoping would be the Joes
last mission against Cobra.

Rio retrieved her gear from the chopper and started walking towards the 3
beautiful women that stood a safe distance away to greet her. The red-haired
woman offered Rio her hand in greeting.

"Hi. Welcome to our little testosterone group. I'm Scarlett," the redhead
said, smiling. "This is Lady Jaye and Jinx. We're pretty informal around
here. After all, we girls have to stick together around this bunch."

"Thanks. I'm Rio," Rio took her hand, liking her instantly.

"They're not all bad," Lady Jaye said. "Flint is..."

"Always cheating on you," Jinx finished, her hood was pulled back, she had
grown her black hair long. "Girl, how many times have you caught him now?
14? 15? What about him getting Cover Girl pregnant? How many times has he
made passes at Scarlett and me right in front of you?"

Lady Jaye's face grew red with shame and anger. They were right. Flint was
scum, just like all the rest. It was because of what Flint had done to Cover
Girl that had driven her into the arms of Scarlett and Jinx, both of whom
were confirmed lesbians. They covered themselves by flirting with some of
the guys like Duke and Quick Kick. Only Snake-Eyes knew the girls engaged
in lesbian 3-somes, and he was mute and wouldn't betray Scarlett anyway.

Rio smiled. She had been hoping they were lesbians, too. She decided to try
and get something started.

"You know, it's really hot," Rio grinned seductively. "I really need to get
out of these clothes and into a shower. I like company."

"Come on," Scarlett grinned knowingly. "You can share our room."

* * *


Seven women met on the outskirts of Athens. The Baroness, fourth in overall
command of Cobra greeted her secretly recruited elite force.

Tao, daughter of a renegade Shaolin priest and a ninja princess, and a
mistress of the martial arts.

Svetlana, the last and best trained spy of the KGB; with the Soviet empire
having collapsed before she ever saw action, now she wanted to prove herself.

Willow Twoswords; her father broke tradition and trained her as a warrior of
the Apache, a rite reserved only for boys.

Becky LeBeau, a Cajun girl from Louisiana and an expert in guerrilla warfare.

Lady Emtalia, last member of a once proud and noble samurai family, she
wanted wealth and revenge.

Angela Smythe, former member of the British Secret Service, and the first
woman to attain the rank of 00. She rose all the way to 009, before killing
the wrong man.

Seven deadly women, now united by a common cause: to take control of Cobra,
and, through it, the world! The Baroness had grown tired of the cowardly
incompetence of Cobra Commander, the pompous arrogance of Serpentor, and the
reckless unplanned schemes of Destro. The Baroness had come up with a subtle

Her plan had taken them to Beijing, Paris, Cairo, Jerusalem, and now to
Athens. Five successful robberies. None of them even reported because of the
seeming insignificance of each.

"Did you get it?" Baroness asked Angela.

"Easy," Angela smiled.

"Good. We proceed to the final stage then," Baroness smiled back. "You all
know the plan; we meet back up in Kingston, Jamaica."

"Too bad we can't have some fun now," Willow said, licking her lips.

"Later, you nympho dyke," Becky grinned.

"Is she ready?" Svetlana asked.

"Just talked to her, she wants this as bad as we do," Baroness smiled as she
thought of their hidden ally.

'Yes,' Baroness thought, 'we all want this. We have different reasons for
being involved in this. Emitalia wants revenge. For Willow, it's honor. Becky
wants wealth. Svetlana wants to prove herself. Angela wants redemption. Tao,
fame. Our hidden ally wants strength. I want power.'

Two days later came the news that a popular and rising singer and actress
had died in a plane crash. Only 7 other people knew the truth. A drugged out
crack whore, surgically altered, had been substituted for the newest member
of the elite corps of the Baroness. Her name was once Aaliyah. After the rite
that fused her with 5 women from history she rose nude from the table,
surrounded by the 7 equally nude Cobra women.

"Call me Serpent!" she said wickedly.

"Success! The DNA of Mulan, Xena, Joan of Arc, Salome, and Cleopatra combined
with the body and mind of Aaliyah!" Baroness said, excited.

"Just remember," Serpent grinned. "I am your mistress, Baroness. I will give
you what you crave, because my goal is the same. Now we begin."

The End - Chapter 1


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