This story is fictional. The characters are fictional and the situation is purely fantasy and there's nothing wrong with fantasy.

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Good Luck Charlie: Charlie Turns 18 (MF,FF,anal,cons)
by Tori ([email protected])

Charlie Duncan was a beautiful 18 year old blonde from Colorado. She just graduated from high school and was getting ready for a party being thrown by her parents Bob and Amy. Her older sister Teddy and her husband Spencer were in town from New York and her two brothers PJ and Toby were also there. Her other brother Gabe couldn't attend because he was currently serving time in a federal prison after being convicted of tax fraud. PJ had become a well-respected chef at one of Boulder's premier restaurants and Toby was getting ready to start high school. Bob was doing quite well with his extermination business and Amy had long since gone back to nursing.

The party was held at a local park and PJ made sure the food was good and plentiful. Everyone was having a great time. Charlie and all her friends as well as many of the Duncan family friends were enjoying themselves, sharing stories and talking about the past. Bob stood up and made a toast to his daughter and wished her and her fellow graduates the best of luck in their futures. Charlie sat at one of the picnic tables and opened the mountain of presents in front of her. Bob and Amy gave her the keys to a new car while PJ and Toby chipped in together to get her some luggage for her trip to college in the fall. Teddy was last and she handed Charlie a small computer storage device. Teddy explained that she had made videos of herself sharing stories and life lessons for her. She began making them when Charlie was just a baby and wanted to give them to her when she turned 18. Charlie thanked her big sister and couldn't wait to watch them. She remembered some of the crazy antics Teddy and her entire family had gotten into when she was little and she fully intended to watch each and every video.

The party lasted well into the evening and it was just a little past 10pm when Charlie got home. She went down to the basement bedroom that Teddy once lived in and pulled out an old computer. The storage device that Teddy gave her wouldn't work in the new computer systems so she had to hope that the old laptop she had still worked well enough to watch them. She turned on the laptop, plugged in the storage device and pulled up the file that held the videos. They worked fine and Charlie sat back and started to watch. Most of the videos were short messages from Teddy telling her what happened on a particular day as well as how the family worked together to solve a problem or get over a crisis. Each one ended with Teddy wishing her good luck.

Charlie was just about to turn off the computer and go to sleep when suddenly she saw Teddy laying on the bed completely naked. Charlie figured Teddy must have been about 17 and she looked gorgeous with her legs spread playing with herself. She watched as Teddy fingered her pussy and made herself cum. She kept watching while Teddy reached under the pillow and pulled out a big dildo and pushed it into her pussy. She made herself cum several times and then finally pulled her covers up and went to sleep. Charlie was dumbfounded. She couldn't believe how hot she got watching her big sister fuck herself with the dildo. She started to play with her own pussy and stared at the laptop as the video switched to another scene. This time Teddy was on the bed with Spencer. Charlie knew they had dated off and on during high school and figured they fooled around but she always took her big sister to be a bit of goody two shoes. She watched as Teddy pulled Spencer's cock out of his pants and took it into her mouth. Charlie pushed her fingers into her dripping wet snatch and watched Teddy suck off her future husband and swallow his load. She came right at the same time Spencer was filling her sister's mouth with cum. Charlie put her wet fingers in her mouth and licked her pussy juices while she stared at her sister cleaning off her boyfriend's cock. The scene switched again. This time she saw Teddy and her best friend Ivy. Ivy was behind Teddy shoving the dildo in and out of her ass. Teddy had her face buried in her pillow as her large black girl sodomized her with the huge toy. Teddy was loving it and she was fingering herself while her asshole got reamed. Ivy pulled the dildo out of Teddy's ass a few times and made her lick and suck it before she shoved it back into her ass. When the clip ended, Charlie reached over and hit pause. She couldn't believe it. Her sister was a total fucking slut. All those little tidbits of wisdom coming from a girl that obviously loved to get fucked.

Charlie hit play and the next scene showed Teddy fucking Spencer in the ass. Teddy had on a huge strapon dildo and she was pounding his ass and calling him filthy names. Charlie shoved her fingers deep into her own pussy and came again and again watching her sister sodomize Spencer. She watched Teddy reach around and jerk him off while she fucked his ass. Teddy finally pulled the dildo out of Spencer and turned around. She spread her own ass cheeks apart and took Spencer's big cock in her gaping hole. Spencer assfucked Teddy for almost ten minutes and then pulled out and made her do ass to mouth and swallow his load. Charlie hit pause again. She couldn't believe what a cum drinking slut Teddy was.

When she hit play again, the scene shifted to Teddy sitting in a chair. She spoke to the camera and said, "Hi Charlie. I guess if you're watching this, you're 18 and getting ready to go out into the world. I fully intended these videos to be nothing more than shared advice and ways to remind you of who you are and where you came from but then I realized that wasn't enough. I wanted to show you that sometimes the people you know and love aren't what they appear. Take me for instance, I love to fuck. I love cocks and cunts and I did as many people as I could during high school. How do you think I got into Harvard? Anyway, I just wanted to tell you to have fun. Explore every avenue of your sexuality and don't ever give up. I know you'll be fine. Good Luck Charlie!"

The End


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