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Date: 09/09/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, drug use, BDSM, male solo sex, male/female sex, rape,
graphic violence, strong language, female solo sex, female/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Angie/m/f

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Summary: After she gives George a 'goodbye' kiss and lets him go to work,
Angie take a peek at the backyard next door and meets the newest neighbors,
only to be unaware of their true nature.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Constance Marie, who was
born on September 9th, 1965.

Dedication: Happy 43rd Birthday to Constance Marie! -- ATK 2008

George Lopez Show: Angie's Dark Tale
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

Hola, my name is Angela Palmero Lopez -- my family and friends call me
'Angie'-- and in spite of the many objections that I have been getting from
my own father Doctor Victor Palmero, I really am so glad that I had allowed
myself to fall in love with and marry a kind and handsome man named George
Lopez, who had also became the father of two wonderful kids -- Max Victor
Roberto Lopez and Carmen Consuela Lopez -- and is now working as a loading
dock manager for Jack and Mel Powers of Powers Brothers Aviation which is
where his mother Benita 'Benny' Lopez and best friend Ernesto 'Ernie'
Cardenas are also working at.

And to tell you the truth, in spite of all of the ups and downs that we had
gone through together, both George and I had such a wonderful life that noone
would be able to throw a cosmic-sized monkey wrench into our wonderful life
and sabotage it but that was before the one warm and sunny Tuesday morning
which was when I had given George a little 'goodbye' kiss and let him go to
work just in time for me to take a little peek at the backyard of the house
right next door to ours and discover that a beautiful blonde woman was
swimming around inside the backyard pool wearing a holo-silver monokini with
a ringlet.

And then, as soon as she had turned her eyes toward me and allowed a small
smile to appear on her lips, the blonde female stranger had climbed herself
out of the pool, walked herself over to me, given me a friendly handshake and
said, "Hi there, we have a feeling that we haven't been introduced. My name
is Kate Sheppard. My husband Jason and I are both new to the neighborhood and
we were unable to introduce ourselves sooner because we have no idea about
how our neighbors are going to react to us. "

"Oh, I'm so glad that you had told me that, Kate. Because I just want to
show both you and Jason that there are some folks in this neighborhood who
are truly nice once you get to know them. Speaking of which, I'm Angie. My
husband George is not here right now. He had just left for work," that was
what I had said to Kate after I had placed my hand on my chest and let out a
sigh of relief and before Kate had placed her gentle hand on my shoulder and
said, "That's okay, Angie. It could just be the both of us then. As a matter
of fact, I would like you to come over later for a little cup of tea. That is
if there is a problem with that idea."

"No-no! There's no problem with it at all! Oh, by the way. I just can't help
being curious as to where you had gotten that swimsuit from. ", that was what
I had said to Kate before she had looked at the swimsuit that she was
wearing, let out a small chuckle and answered, "I had just purchased this
little outfit through the Liquid Dreams website. But I'll put something else
on before you come over. See you later, Angie."

And after she had turned around and walked herself over to her house, I had
turned myself around, let out a big smile and thanked God for allowing such
wonderful new neighbors to move into our neighborhood before I had walked
into my house and gotten some of the stuff on my personal list done just in
time for me to step into the bathroom and make sure that my hair and makeup
are still okay.

Then, after I had stepped out of the house, I had walked myself over to the
Sheppard place and knocked on the front door just in time for that door to
open itself up and allow Kate to stand in front of me in a black stretch
slinky long dress and with a vinyl choker around her neck that had the word
'sexy' in jewels on it before she had twirled herself around in front of me
and asked, "Well, Angie? What do you think? Too sexy?"

"Well, it does look like it during the daytime. But if you were to ask me, I
also do believe that it might look better in the nighttime. Speaking of time,
could I please come in and have some of that tea that you had promissed me?"
that was the question that I had asked Kate before she had moved herself out
of the way and allowed me to step into the house and sit myself down on the
living room sofa before she had gone into the kitchen to get the tea.

And as soon as she had brought the two glasses of icea tea into the living
room and handed one of those glasses to me, Kate had raised up her glass, let
out a small smile and said, "Here's to you, Angie. Thank you for welcoming us
into the neighborhood," but after we had tapped our glasses together and took
a swallow of the iced tea in those glasses, I had suddenly began feeling
woozy and figured that I should get myself outside for some air.

But as soon as I had gotten myself off the sofa and taken three steps towards
the front door, I had became so dizzy that I had no choice but to drop myself
down to the floor and become unconscious for only God had known how long but
that was before I had finally opened my eyes and shockingly discovered that I
had been placed inside a room with a dancing pole in it and was wearing a
black sexy fishnet seamless body stocking with lace high neck trim and open
crotch and no panties.

And of course, I was unable to get myself out of that room no matter how hard
I had tried because my wrists had been placed in a pair of professional
police handcuffs behind the pole and I was also unable to yell out a single
word to anyone outside the room because I had a red large leather ball gag in
my mouth.

And then, just as I was about to try to figure out what was really going on,
the door of that room had opened itself up and allowed a big handsome stud
with dark brown hair step into the room with only a fishnet thong on before a
small-smiling Kate had stepped into the room in a blue crotchless 'string'
bikini with hooks, placed her gentle hand on the male hunk's bare shoulder
and said, "Happy birthday, Jason. And of course, I really wanted to get
something to thank you for getting me this little gift from Microkini-Beach.
Com and I had already gotten you something from Kim's Casuals. So, I had
decided to go with the next best thing. I really do hope that you enjoy it."

Then, after they had looked and smiled at each other and gave themselves a
deep and passionate kiss on the lips, Jason had removed the thong and began
stroking his stiff cock right in front of me before he had moved himself
closer, lowered himself down and ripped the body stocking off of me in order
to start licking all over my bare-ass naked body -- all the way down to my
exposed cunt and carressing my uncovered tits.

And no matter how hard I had tried to free myself from my bondage and get
that fucking dumb-ass prick off of me, I was unable to prevent Jason from
placing his stone hard dick inside my cunt and his hands on my bare shoulders
before Kate had picked up the one item that she might had purchased through
the Extreme Restraints website known The Prison Strap, used it to smack Jason
really hard on the ass nine times and yelled, "GO ON! DO IT, SHIT-HEAD! FUCK

And then, after she had finally tossed The Prison Strap aside, stripped off
the bikini and started pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet
pussy and carressing her own tits with the other hand, a strong wave of pure
erotic pleasure had just came over me and I had no choice but to close my
eyes, allow some tears to run down my cheeks and think to myself, *Oooohhhh,
George! I really am sorry about this! I just can't resist such wonderous
sexual pleasure anymore! Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Jason! Touch
me! Fuck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

Then, after Jason had taken his stiff cock out of my hot and steamy cunt,
allowed Kate to start licking on my hot, moist snatch and began humping his
stone hard dick in and out of her asshole, the only thing that I was able to
do is close my eyes and try to envision my beloved George in my own mind even
before they had finally released me from my bondage and taken the ball gag
out of my mouth just in time for Jason to place his stiff cock inside Kate's
pussy and began licking on my snatch.

And after I had placed my hands on Kate's silky-smooth naked thighs and began
sucking on her tits, she had placed her hands on my bare back and yelled at
the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, ANGIE! DO IT, JASON!
AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" before the three of us had started moving ourselves harder
and faster and kept on doing that until we had finally came and collapsed due
to exhaustion.

And as soon as my two captors had snuggled themselves up to each other and
fell asleep with their naked arms in a lover's embrace, I had carefully
gotten myself back up to my feet and out of that room and finally found and
put my clothes back on and gotten myself out of there and back over to my
house, where I had rushed myself up the stairs and into the bathroom,
stripped off all of my clothes, turned on the water and placed myself inside
the shower just in time for me to curl myself into a ball, close my eyes and
begin to cry.

Just then, on the very next day, after I had placed the rest of the mail on
the coffee table in the living room, I had taken a plain brown package with
me into the master bedroom, opened it up and shockingly discovered that it
had contained a silver glitter mesh tube dress along with a note which had
said, "Dear Angie -- Both Jason and I would like to invite you to come back
over and join us for another glass of iced tea. But before you do, would you
please do us a favor and put the dress inside the box on. We would love to
see you in it. And please do bring your beautiful daughter Carmen with you.
Our son Ryan would love to meet the both of you and join us as well. Hope to
see you soon. --Kate," only to have me throw the box with both the dress and
the note inside of it away from me, place my head on one of the pillows on
the bed, start crying my eyes out and hope to God for some sort of natural
disaster to force that family of sexual deviants out of the neighborhood
and out of my life... as in FOREVER!!



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