George Lopez: Carmen And Max (mf,inc)
by Insomniac

Carmen was a beautiful girl, with brown colored skin and a gorgeous smile.
All the boys at her new private school were drooling over her, especially her new boyfriend Jason. She thought he was the best looking man in the whole world,
But she didn't know how to keep him interested in her. So she figured that she could give him sex, the only problem was that she didn't have a clue what she was doing. So she set out to find some practice.

Carmen was walking past Max's room when she heard moaning, interested she crept up to the door and opened it ever so quietly. There Max was jerking off. Carmen could not believe it, there her little brother of only 14 years old was masturbating. She was at first disgusted, then she started to get a tingle in her pussy. Could this be from watching her brother pleasure himself?

She listened closer and could tell that Max was actually muttering something, but she couldn't tell what. Nor could she see the actual size of his penis, as it was to dark in his room. So she left with the intent of finding out what he was saying, and how big Max was. Maybe she could get some practice for Jason!

-The Next Morning-

Carmen: Hey Max how'd you sleep? (trying to get him worried)

Max: Umm fine why?

Carmen: Oh no reason, I head some moaning last night and it woke me up, I thought it was coming from your room so I thought maybe you were having trouble Sleeping again.

Max had suffered from anxiety before and took boxing lessons as a kid to help him sleep.

Max: (a bit worried now) Oh uhhh no, I was not feeling that great and was trying to get moms attention!

'I bet you were,' Carmen thought, 'Maybe he was whispering their mothers name?'
The thought of that intrigued her even more, sure it was normal to jerk off about one of his class mates, but to his own mother? But the more time she had to think about this the more she realized that she had gotten hot from watching him jerk off.

Neither George or Angie were home, Carmen and Max had the day off from school but the parents still had to work, Carmen saw this as the perfect time to act on what she saw and maybe be ready for when the time came with Jason.

Carmen: oh really, because it was loading moaning so I went to check it out.

Max: What?!

Max: well what did you see?

Carmen: Oh what do you mean?(she asked so innocently) it was to dark to see you
But I saw your arm moving up and down... and you were muttering something.
Carmen knew she had Max worried that she had seen him jerking off now.
She wanted to swoop in for the kill.

Max: ummm uhhhh oh you did? Did you hear what I was saying, I must have been talking
In my sleep.

Carmen: Max you were jerking off your twerp, and you were fantasizing about someone,
Why don't you tell me who it was and I wont tell mom.

Max: (knew he was caught, but he couldn't say who he was thinking of) nobody!

Carmen: Yea right, Max I will call dad right now and tell him you got cum all over your sheets
And it ruined them( she said picking up the phone)

Max: Wait!... it was...

Carmen: Yes?

Max: You

Carmen was stunned, why would her brother be masturbating to her? I mean she was
Attractive, but they were brother and sister. It was so wrong she thought. But at the same time she was very happy he had said that. For at that very moment
She leaned in and gave her brother a very deep and passionate kiss. Max was surprised she had felt the same way he did, but he was also extremely happy!

Max reached up and started fondling his sister, playing with her large breasts
causing Carmen to let out a soft moan and smile.

Carmen: You like my boobs do you?

Max: Oh yes, I think about them all the time(he said only half believing this was actually happening, it was a dream come true).

And at that Carmen took off her shirt, exposing two bra-covered breasts. They were so big and perky, Max had the biggest smile he had ever had. Then it got bigger, as Carmen reached up and unclasped her bra letting it drop to the floor.
There they were, two large 36 C cups, light brown breasts. Max had seen some in magazines and the internet but never any in person. The nipples were small and dark, perfectly centered on breasts. Carmen smiled at how happy her brother was.

Carmen: You want to taste?

Max didn't need to be told again, with that he leaned his head down and put his
mouth on his sisters breast. He was moving his tongue around in a circular motion causing Carmens moans to get louder.

Carmen: Max ohhh don't stop, oh that feels sooooooo good. Are you sure you havent done this before?

Max: No, this is the first time.

Carmen: Stand up and take off your pants, I want to see what your hiding under there!

Max dropped his pants revealing a large bulge in his underwear. Carmen thought
that it looked nicely sized for someone his age. Then Max dropped his boxers

Carmen: Wow!

Max: What?

Carmen: Oh my god that thing is huge!

Max stood at an easy 8 inches fully erect, much larger than most of the kids he
went to school with. He had a small amount of pubic hair growing around it and he was ready to go.

Max: Ok, Carmen now its your turn to take off your pants! (Max said anxiously).

Carmen obliged, she removed her jeans revealing a nice thong covered ass.

'Her ass was fantastic,' Max thought. So smooth looking and so toned, the way the string rode up her ass Max almost came right there. She quickly dropped her panties and left Max staring at her pussy. It was completely bald and looked so tight, it was a little wet from all the excitement going on.

They were both now completely naked, standing in front of their siblings for the first time. Carmen got on her knees. She had to have her brother's huge cock in her mouth. With one swift move she had taken almost 5 inches in. Max was moaning loud now.

Max: OHHHHH Carmen I love that sooo much, SUCK IT SIS!

Carmen had stopped and gotten up onto the counter and spread her legs she wanted Max inside her now, and she wasn't waiting for him any longer.

Carmen: Stick that huge dick in me Max did not have to be told again, he hopped up onto the counter as well And positioned himself so he was right in front of his gorgeous sister. With one shove he thrust his huge cock into his sister causing her to yell. It hurt at first but as Max kept thrusting it felt better and better, until she was in Heaven.

Carmen: OHHHH MAX FUCK MEEE OHHHH! Ram that hard cock up my pussy OOHHHHHHHH!

Max: Carmen, you're so tight! Oh, I think I'm gonna cum!

Carmen: Cum on my tits, Max!

Max pulled out just in time, and busted his load all over his sister's breasts.
She licked herself clean and they both got dressed.

Carmen: That was great Max, you want to do it again sometime?

Max: You bet your amazing ass I do!



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