Disclaimer: Don't own anything, I am a broke college student. Don't make any
money from this which sucks because I am short on next quarter's tuition.
Fictional TV show so obviously never happened but wouldn't it be awesome if
it did?

Inspired by an episode where everyone finds out Max had a hole so he could
see in Carmen's room. Got the idea a few years ago but never got around to
writing it.

Obviously will eventually turn into incest. Will probably include the mom who
I am having trouble remembering the name. At least 5 parts.

Email any suggestions or comments at: [email protected]

Codes: m-solo, f-solo, voy, pwp

George Lopez: The Escapades Of Carmen Part 1
by Dest

12 year-old Max Lopez put his video game down and sighed. He was getting
bored with it. He didn't feel like studying and he was supposed to stay in
his room for the rest of the night. His parents had confined him to the house
while they had a romantic evening out and he knew his sister Carmen would
jump at the chance to rat him out.

Speaking of which he decided to see what she was up to. His dad, George
Lopez, told him yesterday that he would pay him 20 dollars a month to spy on
his sister and report back to him. It was 20 easy bucks and he loved getting
his sister in trouble so it was the perfect arrangement. As soon as his
sister left the house he had drilled a hole in his closet so he could see
right into her bedroom. So far nothing interesting had happened but he was
hopeful for some dirt.

When Max looked through the eyehole he couldn't believe his eyes. Sitting
on the bed with her legs hanging over was his beautiful 16 year-old sister
Carmen. But that wasn't what shocked him. Carmen was completely naked and
masturbating. She had one hand massaging her ample breasts and another
between her legs obviously fingering herself. When Max finally got his eye to
look up to her face he noticed she had both eyes tightly shut and her lips
were slightly moving. When Max strained he could barely hear her mutterings.


Max couldn't believe his ears. Jason was her current boyfriend and apparently
Carmen was either already fucking him or she wanted to. Max noticed his pants
were starting to tighten up.

'No, no! I can't be attracted to my sister. I mean she is so...beautiful. I
mean hideous. Look at her...big, bouncing breasts. And her...smooth flawless
skin. And those long tan lithe legs which would feel incredible wrapped
around my waist. I mean...Damnit. I can't be attracted to her. Even if she is
the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen she is my sister! Did I just call my
sister gorgeous? Oh I am going to hell. Well, in for a little, in for a lot."

With that he started unbuckling his pants and stroking his hard rod. He had
an extremely healthy cock for his age. Standing erect at 9 inches and he
wasn't done growing! He had always figured, incorrectly, that he got it from
his dad. If he only knew his dad was stuck with a kid's size 4 inch dick he
would have lost all respect for him.

With his dick firmly in hand he pumped feverishly at the sight of his
beautiful sister pleasuring herself to her fantasy of Jason.

Unknowingly providing her brother his own fantasy Carmen Lopez continued
letting her imagination run wild. By now she had left caution to the wind and
she started screaming, not caring if she was heard.


She started rubbing her clit with her thumb and she put a second finger into
her virgin twat. She had only started masturbating 2 weeks ago and she was
unbelievably tight. She felt like an idiot for having waited so long.

Carmen gave her nipple a hard pinch which finally drove her to climax. She
was so sexually inexperienced that she couldn't help screaming loud enough
for the neighbors to hear. She was so into her own climax that she missed
the moan and splash coming from the next room.

"Oh God! That was incredible! I can't wait until that dildo comes in the
mail. Should be here by Friday. And Jason comes back from his baseball
tournament Monday. I think I will have a little treat for him when he gets
here. That means I have the weekend to prepare for him. And with the tricks
that Melissa showed me I will definitely give him the fucking of a lifetime!"

Max was getting hornier by the second. He was already hard again after
hearing his stunning sister's dirty talk. At least he had that image burned
into his retinas. Should be easy to pop another one off to her. But her
talking gave him another idea. With the money his dad gave him he was going
to buy a used video camera and capture her on tape with the dildo and then
with Jason. At the very least he would have something to jack off to for a
long time. But maybe he could use it for blackmail, get whatever she was
going to give to Jason. With that thought in mind he went right back to
stroking his meat while looking through the hole at his beautiful sister.
She had turned onto her stomach and was writing in her diary so Max had a
perfect view of her exquisite ass. He quickly reached orgasm and left because
the image of Carmen naked would get him erect in no time.
_ _ _

Well what does everyone think? It is noticeably shorter then my other fics
because I had basically no plot here. If I get a flame about someone not
liking incest I will be mad. If you want to tell me that I should have more
plot then go ahead. Any criticism is fine with me. Just no flames on what
kind of sex I put into my stories.


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