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Good Mornig America/Regis & Kelly: XXX TV Part 1 (MF,bF,inc,oral,hand)
by ([email protected])

It's 7am and Good Morning America come on the air. Diane Sawyer licks her
lips, she just blew a camera guy.

Charley Gibson was getting a blow job from a intern at the station, "Damn,
girl!" he groaned she was sucking his balls .

Diane was watching. Her finger is busy with her clit when the weather man
came by. "Here, take this," he pulled out his cock.

Diane bent over the news desk, took her hand and opened her pussy, which
looked wet and damp. The weather man laughed before he stuck his cock into
her wet hole. He fucked her hard and fast. 30 seconds later the weather man
groaned and filled her pussy with cum.

They sat there with smiles on thier faces. Diane could feel the cum move
around her pussy, which gave her another orgasm.

[Commercial break...]

Cialis shows a woman walking through the house talking about her husband.

"How he come never gets it up to fuck her? She had to go to the high school
to find some young stud to fuck. But now he found Cialis, and now he can't
keep it down."

"He fucked me a few minutes ago and what a thrill. My pussy is still sore.
He fucks like those young studs. But now he can't get it down, so I called my
neighbor. She came over and is riding him now."

The room comes into view. A short haired lady is riding a hard cock.

"Thanks Cilais!" the woman gets down and licks her friend's pussy.

[GMA contiues...]

Diane is flashing the guest Charley, who is rubbing his cock till he cums in
his pants.

The show ends. Diane lays back and the crew takes turns with her. She sucks
and fucks till she can't go no more.

[Commercial break...]

A young kid comes into view. "I use to hate school till I got my new phone
with a camera. Now I enjoy it with the pics I got from teachers fucking and
sucking. Now I download pics of my teachers and even fuck a couple. I'm on
my way to history class. Mrs. Hobbs gives a wicked blow job. Thanks

[Fade to black]

9am Regis & Kelly:

The show starts with a camera sweep through the dressing rooms. They show
Regis waist up doing his tie. A young lady is taking his cock in her mouth.
Her tongue is working his cock head licking his piss hole. He groans as he
come in her mouth. She looks up, opens her mouth, shows him his cum and
swallows it.

The door to Kelly's is locked. You hear her moan. Some one says, "More
mommy." She is letting her sons suck on her nipples,

A knock.

"Come!" Kelly answers.


She finshes dressing in a short beige skrit. She smiles as she drops her
thong and walks out with Regis.

They greet the crowd. They sit and give their dialog. Kelly smiles as the
chair is cold. She readjusts her skrit so her bare ass feels the leather.
Her hand finds Regis's cock. "Hey BIG DADDY!" which she meant that for she
knew he was hung.

[Commerical break]

A woman comes down dressed for work. Looks in the fridge to find no skim
milk. She thinks before she takes her bowl of Special K up to the bedroom.
She throws the cover back and finds her husband's cock. She begins to jack
it and run her tongue over it's head. Within a few deep sucks he cums all
over her cereal. She kisses him and walks out eating her breakfast.

[Back to Regis & Kelly]

Regis is talking to a guest. Kelly has Gilman in an off room getting fucked.
"YEESS!!!" give me another kid.

Kelly grips his hard cock as her breasts go flopping while Gilman's tongue
is working them over. Kelly screams as the crowd laughs.

They cut to a special segment. Kelly appears whispering inro Regis ear. "He
came inside me again. Don't tell Mark," she smiled.

Out comes Uma Thruman. She's wearing a flower print dress. Regis looks and
sees she's wearing no bra. His cock twitches.

Kelly gives her a kiss on the cheek and whispers, "nice nipples!"

Uma smiles sitting close to Regis. She laughs her breasts bounce.

His cock is aching now. "We'll be right back!" he says.

He goes to the bathroom and pulls out his cock.

"I'll take care of that," Uma says pulling her dress off.

She is naked and begins to suck his cock. Uma cups his swollen balls taking
him deep. He soon feels his balls tighten as he shoots a load down her
throat. They hurry back and talk some more.

[Commerical break]

Up comming on the View... Tom Cruise joins the ladies.

To be contiuned...


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