Disclaimer: This story is completely fake. This story is fantasy only. It is made for entertainment purposes. It is in no way meant to be an actual story line or description of any of the real character counter parts.

Codes: Fg, b-solo, inc, breast feeding, cons

Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Milk
by The Ghost Man 9504

It was morning time. Riley was half-asleep in her bed. Topanga went to check on the kids. Topanga walked over to Auggie's room.

"Oh my god!" Topanga shrieked! She was horrified that she just caught her 5-year-old son jacking off while he was watching TV.

"What, mommy?" he asked as he continued to stroke his little dick while watching his two favorite dancers dance on TV on his favorite TV show. His favorite TV show was "Shake It Up: Chicago."

"What are you doing with your... Hand?" Topanga asked worried.

"Do you realize I'm only THIS many?" Auggie said sticking his hand out holding up all 5 of his fingers.

"Well, stop that RIGHT NOW!" she told him.

"Yes, mommy." Auggie said. "Can we go to Chicago?"

"Absolutely not! Now wash your hands!"

"But I really want to meet Cece and Rocky!"

"I SAID NO!" Topanga yelled. As Auggie went to go wash his hands, Topanga went to her daughter's room.

"Riley, it's feeding time." Topanga told her. Riley woke up and jumped into Topanga's lap while Topanga was on her bed.

Topanga took off her Hello Kitty robe and removed her black lace bra to reveal her big tits to her 12-year-old daughter. Riley took her mom's big tit in her mouth and began to suck. She felt milk come out of her hot busty mom's pink nipple slide into her mouth as she began to suck. Riley kept sucking her mom's big beautiful tit. She felt more and more relaxed the more she continued to suck her mom's big tit. Topanga felt so good. She really enjoyed the feeling of her very own daughter sucking on her fun bag. She knew she had huge knockers and loved it when her daughter sucked on them.

The phone rang and Topanga got up while carrying Riley still sucking on her knockers.

"Hey, Mrs. Matthews. Is Riley there?" Maya asked.

"Hi, Maya. Riley's busy sucking on my tit right now. She'll call you back."

"She's 12-years-old and you're STILL breastfeeding her?"

"I'm a lawyer and there is NO LAW that says when you have to stop breast feeding. I'm going to KEEP breastfeeding her until SHE wants me to stop."

"OK, don't get your panties in a bunch." Maya said right before she hung up.

Topanga then moved Riley's head with her hand and moved her to her other breast. Both of Topanga's nipples were rock hard by now. Also her pussy was really wet. She continued to let Riley suck her other tit all the way until she fell asleep.

The End


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