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Girl Meets World: Cory And Maya (Mf,Mf-solo,oral,first,cons)
by Tori ([email protected])

Cory Matthews had it all, a beautiful wife, two beautiful children and a fulfilling career. He smiled as he looked in on his daughter and her best friend sleeping together on a typical Friday night sleepover. Just as he was about to turn and close the door something happened that would change his world forever.

Maya, his daughter Riley's best friend sat up in the bed and leaned back on her elbows. One of the straps on her white tank top had slipped down off her shoulder exposing one of her sweet little 14 year old breasts. Maya looked at Cory and licked her lips. He just stood and stared at her for a minute and felt his cock getting hard. She slowly brought her middle finger up to her mouth and gently sucked on it for him.

Cory felt his hand instinctively start to rub his cock through his pajama bottoms. He reached in and pulled out his 8 inch cock and started to stroke it in front of the pretty blonde.

Maya took her finger out of her mouth and watched the man in front of her as he jerked his cock off. She pulled the sheet off of her and showed her naked pussy to him. He was surprised to see that Maya was naked from the waist down. She ran her hand down and started to rub her teenaged pussy, spreading her legs wide for Cory, a man she had known all of her life. She slid her middle finger inside and started to finger herself while Cory stroked his cock faster and faster.

Cory watched as the gorgeous girl got herself off and then felt his own orgasm building. He didn't want to waste any of it so he walked over and blew his hot load all over Maya's face. He shot rope after rope of cum all over her and when he finished, she took him in her mouth and sucked the remaining jizz from his cock. Her young mouth was warm and wonderful.

Cory smiled down at the beautiful girl and watched as she used her fingers to scoop up all of his cum and lick her fingers clean. She happily swallowed down the gooey cum and when she finished, Cory bent down and kissed her soft lips. He pulled the sheet up over her exposed; sweat covered body and left, closing the door behind him. He leaned up against the wall and thought for a few minutes. He couldn't believe what had just happened. It took him hours to finally get to sleep and then made sure he left before anyone, especially Maya, woke up that morning.

It was Saturday and his family usually slept late, but he had to go to school. It was his week to monitor Saturday detention and he was more than relieved to be out of the house.

He rode the subway to school and relived the previous night's events over and over in his head. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he missed his stop. He arrived at the school 10 minutes late and made his way to the teacher's lounge. He made himself a cup of coffee and headed to his classroom.

There were 7 kids in detention today. He usually had them do extra credit work but today he told them they could do whatever they wanted to as long as there was no talking. He put his face in his hands and closed his eyes.

He sat up with a jolt when he felt a hand shaking him. One of the students told him the 4 hours were up and asked if they could go home. He just shook his head and when they were all gone, he stood up and realized that he had a raging hard on. He was glad no one was around to see it. He made his way down to the lounge to get his coat and when he opened the door, he saw her. She was standing in the middle of the room completely naked.

Cory slammed the door shut and quickly locked it. When he turned around, she was standing right in front of him. She leaned up and gave him a kiss. He felt the same soft lips he felt the night before and tasted her strawberry lip gloss on his. He took the beautiful blonde girl in his arms and kissed her deeply. Their lips parted and they touched their tongues together, drinking in each other's mouths. He felt Maya pull his zipper down, reach into his jeans and grab his rock hard cock. Her small hand slowly pulled it out and start to stroke it. Cory had no choice, he was completely in her control.

He gently pushed her to her knees and looked down to see the girl take his cock into her mouth. He watched his daughter's best friend, a girl he had come to think of as a second daughter begin to suck his cock. He loved the feeling of her warm mouth and tongue on him. She was obviously no stranger to giving head as she expertly ran her tongue along the shaft, taking his balls into her mouth as she continued to stroke him. He watched as she took him all the way down her throat, hold him there and then slowly back off of him.

He couldn't take it anymore and grabbed her head with both of his hands and began to fuck her pretty face. She made gagging noises as her saliva ran out of her mouth and down her naked breasts making a puddle on the floor. Cory could see that Maya was busy rubbing her clit as he face fucked her. He felt his balls tighten and then he filled her waiting mouth with his cum.

He grabbed her head one last time and shoved his cock down her throat and shot load after load into her mouth. Maya gulped down the thick liquid and when he finished he released her from his grip and let her fall back onto the floor. He looked down and saw a stream of her juices running out of her pussy and realized she had cum at the same time he filled her mouth with his spunk.

He bent over and gathered the young girl in her arms and carried her over to the couch. He laid her down and took off his clothes. He cock was already hard again when he took her. He pulled her on top and slowly lowered her onto his cock. She reached down and guided him into her virgin slit. He felt some resistance and then she sat down hard on him, breaking her cherry.

Cory saw the pain on her face and she just sat there for a moment with him buried deep inside. She wrapped her arms around his neck and started to slowly ride him. Cory felt her hot breath on his neck and heard her moan as she fucked his cock with her tight teen pussy. Her pussy was so tight it felt like vise on his hard cock. Her teenaged juices were flowing and soon she had her first orgasm.

Maya was slamming her pussy up and down on Cory, grunting like a whore each time his cock rammed deep inside of her. He knew he was going to cum and didn't want to get her pregnant so he flipped her over on her back and pulled his cock out just in time and covered her stomach and tits with cum. Maya reached down and stroked the last of his climax out of his cock and then closed her eyes and smiled. Cory leaned over and kissed her. She hugged him tightly and whispered into his ear, "I Love You Daddy."

The End

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