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Date: 06/30/2006

Warnings: Voyurism, female/female sex, male/female sex, beastrial sex, male
solo sex, mind control, female solo sex, strong language

Categories: Het, slash, bi

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Other Notes: This AU story is based on a picture of the same title by an
artist named Julie Bell and is a birthday gift for Carmella DeCesare, who
was born on the First day of July, 1982.

Summary: Even though Carmella would rather spend her birthday alone at a
secluded campsite, she invites Holly to go camping with her, only to have
Holly discover the secret of that campsite.

Dedication: Happy 24th Birthday to Carmella DeCesare! -- ATK 2006

Girls Next Door: Hawk Mountain
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all began on the very First day of the month of July, which happens to
be the birthday of a hot-looking PLAYBOY Playmate named Carmella DeCesare and
which was also the day that she had decided to stop over at the home of
Mister Hugh M. Hefner himself, the famous Playboy Mansion for a short visit.

Anyway, as soon as she had pulled up in front of the mansion and gotten
herself out of her car, the April 2003 Playmate of the Month had walked up
to the front door and rang the doorbell, only to have one of her fellow
Playmates named Holly Madison open the door, look at Carmella with a
friendly smile on her face and say, "Hey, Carmella! I didn't expect you to
show-up! What brings you here?"

And after she had stepped inside the mansion and taken off her sunglasses, a
smiling Carmella had looked at Holly and said, "Well, Holly. I'm on my way
to a secluded camping spot around here known as Hawk Mountain to enjoy my
birthday by myself and I had figured that since I was driving towards this
place anyway, I might as well stop over, say 'hello' to Hef and see how he's
doing so far."

That had caused a concerned Holly to place her gentle hand on Carmella's
shoulder and ask the 2004 Playmate of the Year, "Are you sure that you want
to go celebrate your birthday at that camping spot all by yourself? I mean,
the least you could do is take along someone for company. Hey, why not me?"

And then, after she had given that idea some thought and realized that even
though she was planning on going to Hawk Mountain alone, it might be better
to -- at least -- bring along a friend, a reluctant Carmella had taken a deep
breath, looked at her fellow Playmate and said, "Okay, Holly. You could come
with me. Go get your stuff and meet me next to the car."

And after she had given Carmella a big friendly hug, a giggling Holly had ran
up the stairs and into her room and started packing some of her stuff for the
camping trip just before two of her fellow Playmates -- Bridget Marquardt and
Kendra Wilkinson -- had stepped inside Holly's room with a confused look on
each of their faces.

"Say, Holly? Where are you going? Is there a PLAYBOY photo-shoot somewhere
that we don't know about?" a curious Kendra had asked Holly after she and
Bridget had cleared their throats and just before their fellow Playmate had
turned towards them and answered, "Oooohhhh, no. It's just that Carmella had
came over to visit Hef on her way to a secluded camping spot and I'm going
to that spot with her. Is there a problem?"

And after she and Kendra had given the whole idea some thought and realized
that they don't want to lose Holly as a good friend, an understanding Bridget
had placed her gentle hand on Holly's shoulder and answered, "No, Holly. Of
course, there's no problem. It's just that we're just a little worried for
you, that's all. And if you want to go camping with Carmella, I guess that
all we could say is have a good time and we'll see you when you get home."

And then, after the three good friends had given each other a big hug, a
smiling Holly had stepped out of her room, ran down the stairs and out of
the mansion and placed herself next to Carmella's car to wait for her to
come out.

Sure enough, as soon as the April 2003 Playmate of the Month had stepped out
of the mansion, both Carmella and Holly had placed themselves inside the car
and the raven-haired beauty had driven herself and her fellow Playmate away
from the PLAYBOY Mansion and started heading towards Hawk Mountain.

And as soon as they had finally reached that very secluded camping spot, both
Carmella and her beautiful blonde buddy had gotten themselves out of the car
and started setting-up camp just in time for them to notice that the sun had
began to set and they had stared at the many beautiful colars in the sky with
a sense of awe in their eyes.

Just then, after they had finally gotten a campfire started and finished
eating their evening meals by it, a small-smiling Carmella had placed her
hands on her stomach, took a deep breath and said, "Say, Holly. I have a
fun idea. Let's go over to the river and enjoy a moonlight swim. What do
you say?"

And after she had given her fellow Playmate's suggestion some thought and
figured that since no one was around, it might be a pretty good idea, a
smiling Holly had nodded her head in response to Carmella's question and
the both of them had walked away from their campsite and over to a nearby

And then, after they had stripped off all of their clothes and dived into
the river, both Holly and Carmella had started splashing around and having a
wonderful time in spite of the fact that someone or something was watching
them from a safe enough distance.

Anyway, after they were through splashing water at each other and giggling
their heads off, Carmella had stepped out of the river and ran into the deep
woods just before her smiling blonde camping buddy had stepped out of the
same water and followed the 2004 Playmate of the Year into the same stretch
of woods.

And as soon as she had started walking through those woods, a sudden chill
had started running down Holly's bare-ass naked spine, for she had began to
hear the sounds of a woman having hot and steamy sex with someone within
those very woods.

And even though the first thought inside her head was for her to turn around
and get her ass as far away from there as possible, a frightened Holly has
suddenly felt herself being compelled to keep on following those sounds to
their source.

Sure enough, as soon as she had reached a clearing in the woods, a wide-eyed
Holly had looked over at a enormous tree stump within the center of the
clearing and discovered that a young native american beauty was licking on
Carmella's hot, wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts, while a young
native american hunk was pumping his stiff cock in and out of his female
counterpart's asshole with a small group of wolves laying next to the stump.

But just as she was about to take a single step closer to the entire scene,
one of the wolves had gotten-up and moved itself a few feet closer to Holly
just before it had started changing itself into the form of a young and
muscular hunk with blonde hair and started stroking his stiff cock right in
front of her.

And even though the whole experience was getting way too weird for her,
something about it has caused Holly to start pumping two of her fingers in
and out of her hot, moist snatch and carressing her own tits with the other
hand just before the blonde hunk has taken Holly by the hand and walked with
her to the tree stump.

And after he had gently laid her down on the stump and started pumping his
stone hard dick in and out of her cunt, Carmella had looked over at Holly,
placed one of her hands on Holly's stiff mounds and said, "Aaaahhhh,
yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Kyle! Touch her! Fuck the living shit out of
her! Do it, while Heather sucks my wet pussy dry and Kevin fucks her in the
ass! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after Carmella had started sucking on her blonde camping buddy's
tits, Holly had suddenly realized that even though she should really be
scared out of her mind at that particular moment, she was being able to
experience something that she had never experienced with a group of certain
creatures known as werewolves before, for she was experiencing pure and
untamed erotica... and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after Kyle has placed his stiff cock inside Carmella's pussy and
started licking on Heather's snatch, Kevin has allowed Holly to start sucking
on his stone hard dick, while Carmella was licking on Holly's cunt and
carressing her tits and Heather has placed her hand on Holly's silky-smooth
naked thigh and started sucking on her bare toes.

That was before a sexually-energized Carmella had started pumping two of
her fingers in and out of Holly's moist portal and yelled at the top of

And then, after they had started moving themselves harder and faster and
their lovemaking has finally gazed its eyes upon the sight of the first
full moon, the five newfound bi-sexual lovers had came and collapsed due
to exhaustion just before the untransformed wolves had raised up their
heads and began to howl at the moon.

Meanwhile, on the very next day, while the two PLAYBOY Playmates were placing
their camping gear back inside the car, Carmella had turned her concerned
eyes towards Holly and noticed that she was looking like she wasn't feeling
okay, causing the 2004 Playmate of the Year to place her gentle hands on her
friend's shoulders and ask, "Holly, are you okay? What is it, Holly? What's

"How long, Carmella?How long have you known about the inhabitants of this
place?", a teary-eyed Holly had asked Carmella after she had turned around
and looked at the one woman who was suppossed to be her friend. "I want to
hear the whole truth, Carmella!And I want to hear it right now!"

And after she had realized that there was no way that she could possibly get
herself out of that mess,Carmella had taken a deep breath,looked at Holly
stright in the eye and said, "Okay, Holly. I'll tell you the truth. It had
started as soon as I had moved myself from Ohio. One of my new neighbors had
told me about Hawk Mountain and how lush and beautiful the entire place was.
And as soon as I had figured that it had sounded like a swell place for a
campout, I had packed up some gear and drove myself over to this place. And
at first, it was everything that my new neighbor had disscribed it to be. But
that was before the sun had set and the wolves had started howling at the
full moon. Now, I really don't know how I should explain this, but there was
something about those wolf-howls that had caused me to leave my camp and
follow them to the clearing where a large tree stump happens to be in the
center of and surrounded by a pack of wolves. And just as I was about to move
myself closer to the stump,one the wolves had moved itself closer to me and
changed itself into a young and handsome male hunk. And after I had stripped
off all of my clothes and laid myself down on the stump, he had placed his
stiff cock inside my pussy and the both of us had experienced the most
electrifying sex ever on the face of the Earth. Ever since that one night,
I allow myself to keep on coming here on my birthday to experience that type
of pure sexual pleasure again. I'm sorry about what happened to you, Holly.
I really should've said 'no' to you back at the mansion."

That was before Holly had let out a sigh, lowered her head, closed her eyes
and said, "It's okay, Carmella. It wasn't your fault to begin with. It's just
that I'm feeling a little uneasy, that's all. I mean, I don't what I should
tell Bridget, Kendra and Hef."

And then, after she had given a saddened Holly a big friendly hug, an
understanding Carmella had taken a deep breath and said, "Trust me, Holly.
They don't need to be told anything about this whole experience. As long as
we continue keeping this to ourselves, everything's going to be just fine."



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