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Game Of Thrones: A Game Of Thrones Adaptation Part 1 (mg, m-solo, g-solo, oral)
by The Slink

On the road from King's Landing

Arya had been travelling with the group of recruits/forced volunteers, heading to join the Black Watch, for several days. She was tired, hungry and exhausted from keeping up the appearance of an ophan boy. She had to devote so much attention to it, that even simple things like how she walked became an effort. She was only glad that due to the war, they travelled less used roads, and this generally meant the others in the the group spent as much time as she did in concentrating on trudging through the mud and boggy roads, to avoid falling over. It was on the third day, when they were approaching a small wood, through which ran and old trader's road, that her heart stopped. At the head of the column of bedgraggled men and boys, Yoren stopped to call back to the group.

"Okay you bunch of maggot's, up ahead is a clearing next to a run off from the river. We camp there for the night and move at first light. Its clean water, so drink your fill and and make sure your flasks are to the brim when we move on. It will be another hard slog to The Wall tomorrow. I recommend you all have a good wash as well. You will be smelling a bit too ripe by now, and you'll want to make a good impression when you get to The Wall".

Arya could only think how she was possibly going to avoid the situation. She knew Yoren would help find some excuse for her but she wouldnt be able to rely solely on him to come up with ways for her not to wash.

They got to the clearing with a few hours of daylight remaining. The group immedately downed their little belongings they brought and began to unfasten their flasks. Arya followed their lead and soon found herself next to Gendry. She unstoppered her flask and held it in the stream, filling it to the brim and then closing it again. Gendry finished filling his, and then took a drink of it, before offering it to Arya. Arya took a sip and passed it back to Gendry. As Gendry took his flask back his fingers brused Arya's. She smiled very slightly, and Gendry dismissed what he thought he saw, a smile, from his touch on 'Arry's face. He put the thought from his mind and they began to talk about the journey so far and what to expect over the next few days. As the light began to fade. The majority of the group had already passed out asleep, exhausted from the march. Arya and Gendry continued to talk for abit longer. That was until Gendry stood up and began to pull his boots off, then unfasten his shirt. Arya looked up speechless for a moment. She looked at Gendry, and asked, "What are you doing, Gendry!"

"Well I can't rightly have a wash and swim in me clothes can I, 'Arry". Gendry begins to laugh.

Arya looks at him, "But everyone will see your... you know..."

"Cock?" Gendry buts in, finishing Arya's sentence.

Arya blushes, "Well... yeah" she says.

Gendry responds expectedly, "So? I'm not shy, we've all get em. And I'm not exactly small enough to be embarrassed," Gendry remarks as he drops his trousers and his manhood comes into full view. "Proper big 'un eh 'Arry?" He smiles proudly at his large cock.

Arya stares wide-eyed in shock, her mouth has dropped open. It is easily almost half the length of Needle. She struggles to belief that it is real. It takes a moment for her to realise her senses, and hears Gendry saying something to her.

"'Arry, 'Arry mate!" Arya looks up into his eyes. Gendry continues, "I said you should close your mouth mate, people might get the wrong idea and think that im gonna put it in there", Gendry laughs.

"You can, if you want," Arya says without thinkin slightly under her breath.

Gendry looks down puzzled, "What ya say 'Arry?"

Arya realises her mistake and thinks how best to cover, and tries to come up with a blokey thing to say. "I said you couldnt if you wanted to, its too big!" Arya laughs nervously.

Gendry laughs as well and Arya sighs a relief. Gendry goes about his washing and swimming, every now and then chatting to Arya. Arya tries to busy herself and not get caught looking like she is staring at his body. A few times Gendry thinks he catches 'Arry looking at him. He thinks to himself that the poor lad is probably scared and sees him as a protective figure.

After a while Arya has got her bedroll laid out and lies down, still watching Gendry. Gendry swims towards the ground where his stuff is. He keeps a secretive eye on 'Arry, watching him as he gets out of the water. Arya watches Gendry. She watches as at first, his upper body breaks the surface. The water running over his muscular body. The light reflecting off the dripping water highlights his fit, toned body. Arya bites her bottom lip tenderly. She has never felt like this about a boy before. She thinks over again, there was Mycah, the butchers boy she met on the way to King's Landing with her father. But she was only fond of Mycah and didnt feel the same way she did with Gendry. She thought she loved him more, but realised this was because she felt guilty about what happended to him. She had kissed Mycah and let him watch her while changing, as part of the deal for him to teach her how to sword fight, but she felt nothing more for him at the time. To be honest the only boys she has really been around have been her brothers. She never thought about the lack of unrelated males in her life. She just resigned herself to the fate that her father would marry her off to some man one day.

She watches Gendry as he continues to rise out of the water. She bites her lip again as his waist clears the water, revealing again his impressive manhood. She is surprised to see it looks bigger, and moves far more stiffly as he walks. She realises he is aroused. She remembers the previous year when she and Bran went down to the crypts below Winterfell and he showed her how his cock would grow and get stiff when he rubbed it abit. At the time Arya wasn't much more curious than that and was content to of just seen it. Even if it was her brothers. Now she was seeing Gendry's hard member, she was more than curious. She wanted to reach out, to touch it, feel its girth, and warmth in her hand. As she wonders what it would feel like, she unconsciously slides a hand down under her blanket. It wonders down her slim belly, and then under the top of her trousers. Her hand has a mind of its own as it slides between her young, smooth, slender legs, brushing the sparse hair that has began to grow there. She begins to tease the lips of her pussy. Gendry is drying himself now with a cloth. As he moves it around his body, his cock swings and bounces around. Arya spreads the lips to her pussy and slips a finger in. She begins to probe the warm, moist flesh and feels the ecstacy it causes wash over her body. She begins to rub her clit, massaging it gently and then more firmly, enhancing the pleasure running through her body. She slowly slips a finger back in. Moving it in and out slowly, teasing her small tight hole to open further. Then she adds another finger. Now pistoning them both in and out of her pussy. Her juices begin to flow and the pleasure builds. She closes her eyes for just a moment to savour the feeling, but even that is too long. Gendry startles her as he throws his bedroll down next to her. Arya's eyes flash open in wide panic, and she quickly corrects herself, pulling her hand out of her trousers as quickly and subtlely as she can. Gendry looks at 'Arry and his sudden movement. He feels bad for the poor lad. Probably never had a girl, and the one time hes tried to have a wank in the dark, hes been scared half to death. Gendry thinks hard for a few moments looking at 'Arry. He then lies down with his head propped up against his bag. He looks over to 'Arry.

"You don't need to stop you know, 'Arry".

"What are you talking about Gendry?" Arya feins, hoping the questions stop or he is talking about something else, other than her lapse in concentration and her inability to resist herself.

"I know what you were doing 'Arry". Arya's heart thumps, panic washing over her body. "It's fine though, really. I don't mind if you want to rub your cock thinking of me". Arya feels some relief run through her. "I knew some boys from when I was a blacksmith in King's Landing that liked eachother. I mean, I only like girls, but I suppose, if you want to get off over me, I don't mind".

"Ewwww, Gendry! You're gross". Arya proclaims. "I don't do that, at least not over boys! I like girls, like any normal boy does!"

"Well, suit yourself 'Arry", Gendry replies, "but I dont mind if you ever want to". Gendry then rolls over on to his back and pulls his blanket up over him. Arya watches him a moment, angry with herself at not keeping a focused mind. She then rolls the opposite way, closing her eyes to drift off to sleep. She soon hears movement behind her. She rolls back round and sees Gendry's blanket flopping up and down. Gendry has his eyes closed, but he isn't sleeping. Arya looks at him. She begins to feel the now familiar urge between her legs as her pussy begins to moisten again. She is confident Gendry is unaware she is awake and watching. Why else would he be wanking if he thought others would be aware of it. All her brothers were always careful to make sure no one would see or hear them. Gendry continues to massage his cock. Rubbing up and down the length. His blanket rising and falling with his strokes. Aria watches intently, unable to take her eyes away from it. She hears Gendry moaning. She slides a hand once more down her body to between her legs. She probes the flesh of her young hairless pussy. She lets out a soft moan. Gendry suddenly stops. He throws his blanket down over his body. Aria is worried as she watches him move closer. He begins to lift Aria's blanket and slides under.

"Gendry, what are you doing!" Aria forcefully whispers.

"This is getting tiresome 'Arry. If your not going to admit to it and do something about it then I will. I've never felt about a boy like I do you, and I've gave you enough chances to do something, but looks like I'm going to have to start it". Gendry grabs Aria's hand and moves it to his hard cock. Aria instinctively wraps her soft hand around his huge, thick cock and begins to rub it. Gendry moans in pleasure. "Oh 'Arry that feels so good. Your hands are so soft. Reminds me of a girl I used to know in the market at King's Landing." Aria said nothing, she just stared at Gendry's face as she pleasured him skillfully. She could feel the warm breath of Gendry as he panted as he became closer to climaxing. Suddenly he stopped her, and moved her hand away. "I'm sorry 'Arry mate but I need this more", and before Aria could think he meant, Gendry was pushing her down under the blanket and sliding his throbbing cock between her soft lips and into her hot little mouth. Aria's eyes widened in panic. She could feel Gendry holding the back of her head, pistoning his cock in and out of her mouth. She heard him say somthing like suck me harder, so she began to suck his cock in to her mouth on each of his strokes. She bobbed her head intime with his thrusts and the pressure on the back of her head. Taking more of Gendry's impressive cock in each time. She began to feel intense pleasure as she felt his cock touch the back of her throat. She felt exhilaration for the slight moment when it reached the back of her throat, and cut off her windpipe. She was thrilled by both the feel of a dick in her mouth, and the moments of panic as she was unable to breathe. She heard Gendry say something but couldn't make it out. She then felt his hands force her head down all the way on to his dick, and felt him begin to ejaculate down her throat. Aria was unsure whether she liked the feeling at first. Her mind said to stop it, to feel disgust at the thought that she was letting a boy do this down her throat. But her body knew she liked this. She relished in the feeling of the hard cock in her mouth, emptying the hot fluid down her throat. She felt the pressure from Gendry's hands leave her head, and his cock was no longer throbbing in her mouth. She took the cock out and looked at Gendry. Gendry looked back in to her eyes, as she wiped her mouth with the back of her tunic sleeve. Gendry's face suddenly changed. He covered his cock and skampered over to his own bedroll and pulled the blanket up. Aria was worried what she had done wrong, then faintly heard Gendry talking to himself, asking why he let a boy suck his dick, and if he was now gay, and how he could live with himself. Aria lay back in her bedroll and smiled. She then bagan to giggle a little, and swore when she was able to, she would tell Gendry the truth. But that didnt mean she couldnt enjoy teasing him a little first.


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