This is my second Game of Thrones adaptation. I appreciated the feedback following my first story and have tried to give what was wanted in the feedback. I hope it is appreciated and I hope for more feedaback on what you all think, like, dislike etc.

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Game Of Thrones: A Game Of Thrones Adaptation Part 2 (bf, f-solo, oral)
by The Slink

On the road from King's Landing

The following day after her and Gendry's little tryst, Arya woke with a smile on her face for the first time since her father was executed in front of her. She felt that what she had shared with Gendry the night before was something special, something that made her feel like she was loved again. That had all changed though, the moment she spoke to Gendry. She snuck up behind him when he was packing his bedroll up and covered his eyes, "Guess who!"

Gendry quickly turned round and stood up. Arya fell to the ground. Gendry looked down firercly. "Whats your problem, 'Arry! You a freak or summat?" Gendry shouted at Arya and gathered his bedroll and walked off towards a group of boys.

Arya picked herself up, and felt the world crashing around her again for the second time in a matter of days. She walked off in the opposite direction to tag on at the end of the forming up caravan heading to The Wall, unable to work out what was happening between her and Gendry.

The Red Wastes

Daenerys looks out of her tent at the fiery red sun setting over the horizon. She watches as her people are slowly dying. From thirst, hunger and the heat. She looks at the dust blowing up over the horizon and knows that once the sand storm hits, then the few people who don't manage to find shelter will soon die. She rises up, and turns to head into her tent. She looks at the bed, wishing it was not so lonely anymore. If Khal Drogo had lived, this would have turned out differently. She would be riding the waves to her kingdom at the head of a mighty horde of warriors by now. Not dying a slow death with her remaining loyal followers. She looks at her dragons, staring at her like expectant children to their mother. She vows she will have her kingdom. She vows she will reward all her followers who stay loyal. She vows she will do this no matter what.

Its early morning in the Red Wastes. Daenerys is still half-asleep, in a semi-dream like state. She saw no need to get up early and enter the severe heat of the sun. She lies on her sweat-matted, stuffy horse-and-cow hair bedroll. The itch of it on bare skin was unbearable at first. After a life of luxury, it seemed like she would never get use to the rough courseness of it. She smiled in her dreamlike state as the analogy suited her marriage to Khal Drogo. She missed him so much. She missed his strong convictions, his dominant confidence. She also missed more base desires of him as well. His taught, muscle bound body, his stong hands, his large manhood. Her hand slowly and subconciously moved downwards and slid the heavy fur cover off her body. She slept naked. The sweat glistened off her smooth, slender body. A slight dew of moisture sheened her body, from the peaks of her small, pert breasts, her nipples hardening. To the flat low of her belly, and down her long shapely, delicate looking legs. Daenerys feels herself become hotter and wetter. The heat inside her and between her legs builds as she thinks about her times with Khal Drogo. From their first night, when she felt like she was being torn apart. To the gradual easing of his rough lovemaking. Then she bit her lip and inserted two fingers in to herself as she thought of the first night she rode him. The confusion in his face, the trust he allowed her, to be the dominant one. Something he would have lost respect for if it was known outside their tent. She begins to rub her clit, and finger herself, thinking of Khal's cock forcing into her warm pussy. She switches back and forth, from rubbing her clit, to slipping her slender fingers in and out of her warm hole. She begins to pant as she get closer to climaxing. She feels her nipples get harder, and with her free hand moves it up her body, stroking over her flat stomach, and tracing the line of her breasts, and then circling her nipple, before squeezing it gently.

In the throws of passion Daenerys reaches for a small sleek dagger she keeps close at all times. She draws the weapon up to her mouth and sucks the handle. She runs her tongue up and down the ribbed ivory pommel of the delicate weapon. She then brought the blade down to her soaked pussy, and inserted the end of it in to her. She gasped and moaned at the pleasure the ribbed handle sent crashing through her body. She was soon pistoning the dagger in and out of her pussy, faster and deeper until the guard was flicking her clit on each thrust. She thought on how her brother had gave her the ornate blade on her 13th birthday. He said as she was entering womanhood, she should at least be able to protect herself. It was that night she learned the blade had better qualities giving pleasure, than pain. She is soon climaxing hard, gasping in air, as her body shakes with a powerful orgasm. Sweat pouring from her body. She lays still, breathing heavily, the immense feeling of her orgasm already leaving her body as she returns to thinking how she is going to stop her people dying in this desert.

In Winterfell Keep

The harsh light pours from the open window in his quarters. He awakes. He gets out of bed, feeling the warm glaze of the sunlight on his bare skin. He knows something is wrong, but everything feels perfect. He looks back to the bed to see the figure laying naked under the bear furs. The light tracing her body elegantly. He hears the sound of a bird. A high pitch scrying. Maybe outside his door, maybe caught in the rafters above his chambers. He feels a sense of unease at the thought of the bird. He knows no reason for this. He hears a noise from his bed, and turns to see Osha stirring. The bear fur covers are gone, Osha is lying on the bed, naked. Her eyes look at him and follow him as he moves around to the foot of the bed. Her body remains motionless as she watches him. He stops at the foot of the bed. He looks over her body. Her dark skin, almost shimmering in the sunlight. A shadow passes by her body, as something briefly flies past the window. A bird of prey. However he knew he had no idea, but in that split second, he made out every detail of the shadow as it passed over Osha's body. Maybe a crow, or a raven. He continued to stare as Osha, her dark nipples hardening under his gaze, becoming fully erect. He longed for them to be at his mouth again. He traced the lines of her body, to between her legs. She opened them and her smooth, hairless pussy revealed itself in all its beauty. He felt aware of his arousal, and the need to be in her again. He stopped and looked to the door, as he heard a shrill craw again from beyond the door. He dismissed the bird, although he felt that he needed to go to it, to follow it. He felt that he needed to go out into the dark, cold hall. To follow the harsh stingingly shrill birdsong.

He looked back to Osha, lying serene on the bed, in the warm glare of the sun. He took a step and moved forward and climbed on to the bed. He kissed up her legs and traced the curve of her knee as he began to kiss up her thighs to the sweet heaven further up. He continued and came to the goal of his endeavor. Gently probing his tongue in to her warm pussy. He felt Osha hips push up to meet his mouth. Pushing his face further into her moist hole. He sucked her lips. Licked her folds, and gently kissed her clit. He expertly devoured her, his tongue working furiously at its task. He could hear Osha's throws of passion, her moans increasing in volume. He felt himself getting harder and wanted to wait no longer.

He moved up the bed, kissing her hips, her flat toned stomach, and then his mouth met the swell of her breasts. He kissed them, and took one of her hard nipples into her mouth. Sucking on it delicately, and lightly biting it, to cause the slight pain that was pleasure to Osha. He continued kissing her up her body up to her collarbone, and kissing along its ridge to her shoulder. He then enters Osha, feeling the slight resistance of her pussy as he pushes in. Probing further. Osha squirms in pleasure as she feels his cock moving up into her. He looks into her eyes, noticing she is biting her lip as she is being penetrated. He begins to withdraw, feeling the suction on his cock, causing his skin to dance on his body, the pleasure washing through all his body. He begins to thrust again, going a little further, faster and harder. Osha begins to meet his thrust raising her hips to get as much of him in her as possible. He starts a steady rhythm thrusting in to her hot, sweet, hole. He is now frantically pistoning in and out of her, Osha is screaming with pleasure. Her small pert breasts moving slightly in tandem to his thrusting. He begins to move even faster, harder, causing Osha to slide up the bed further with each thrust. He fucks her hard. He fucks her fast. He fucks her to his content, oblivious now to the bird calls. They are just a echo in the past. He forgets it. He feels himself about to come. He looks at Osha's face, her screams of pleasure changing, becoming more high pitch, becoming a shrill and unnerving. He looks to the open window and sees The Raven. The sound from Osha and The Raven are the same. It looks at him, and he feels himself climax, filling Osha with his seed. The Raven looks at him. It sees him with all three of its eyes. He wakes.

Bran wakes to find him lay in his bed. Alone. There is no sun from the window. There is no warmth. There is no Osha, his dream lover, naked at his side. And more unfortunate, there is no use of his legs still. He closes his eyes a second, and then Osha walks in to his chamber. He opens them and looks at her. She is just regular Osha, no lust in her eyes. "Are you alright Little Lord".

Bran waits a moment, then reluctantly replies "Yes."


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