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Game Of Thrones: Night Visit
by Tricksterson

Theon Greyjoy sighed in frustration and anger as he undressed himself for bed. Today had not been good. He had been humiliated by both his father and sister. his plan for alliance with the Starks rejected. Furthermore his encounter with Yara before he'd found out she was his sister had left him horny as a demon from the Seven Hells. Even though she was his sister he could not entirely banish the thought of how her breasts had felt or of how she had pressed her ass against his cock. Maybe he should have brought that fisherman's daughter with him after all.

He sighed again, disrobed, blew out the fish oil lamp by the bed and lay down. The servants had already made the fire so that it would burn low but constant throughout the night.

But he couldn't sleep. Thoughts of his sister, mingled with the fisherman's daughter and the whore Roz, swirled through his head keeping his mind restless and his cock hard. Succumbing to his need while also irritated that there was no one here to relieve it but himself he reached down to his member and started stroking.

He had barely started when the door opened, slowly. He let go of his cock and grabbed the dagger by his pillow. Then, his eyes adjusted to the fireplace light and he saw who it was.

"Yara? What in the Seven Hells are you doing here?"

"You are mistaken my Lord. I am not Yara. I'm Asha, who you met by the docks this morning."

His eyes narrowed as he wondered what kind of game she was playing. As she moved closer he saw that she was only wearing a thin shift that did nothing to hide the fact that her nipples were erect.

She caught him staring and smiled. The night is cold, my Lord. I thought we could keep each other warm."

Theon's jaw dropped at the same time his eyes narrowed. "What are you playing at?"

She grinned and said, "I'm not playing my Lord," then reached down and pulled up her shift over her head, discarding it on the floor and revealing a ripe, full breasted body. It was thicker and more muscled than the whores Theon was used to but a fine one for all of that. She moved to the side of the bed and looked down to where his cock was tenting the blanket.

"I see some one wants me to join you,"she said as she put her hand on his tentpole and started rubbing it through the blanket.

It seemed to Theon as if he was an observer in his own body. It didn't feel as if he told his hand to pull back the covers but it did. "Asha" smiled and crawled on top of him. He watched her open mouth descend on his, which was already open in shock and felt his tongue sliding against and entangling with hers. While one part of his mind shouted that this was wrong and that they were not Targaeryens, another part conceded that maybe they had a point. His cock had never been harder and he had never felt this hungry for a woman. One hand came up to cradle her neck while the other slid down her back to dig it's fingers into the firm muscles of her buttocks.

"Asha" broke the kiss to lick at his neck and then to suck his nipples. He let out a moan and the hand that had been at her neck moved to squeeze her tits while the other continued to massage her ass then moving around to insert a finger into her pussy.

She raised her head, eyes closed, biting her lower lip. "Mmm, that's so good my Lord, sooo good." Then she lowered her head again and kissed her way down his belly to the root of his cock. Her tongue lapped upward like a dog and flicked at the tip causing him to groan and then again when her mouth went down, swallowing half his member in one gulp. Meanwhile one of her hands started rubbing his balls.

Just as he was about to come in her mouth she pulled up. Closing her eyes she rubbed his cock against her face, eyes closed and purring.

"So good," she whispered. "So hard, so big." She moved forward and started rubbing it against her tits. Theon moved his hands to squeeze her breasts around his penis and started thrusting between them while his thumbs played with her nipples.

"Mmmm," she moaned, arching her neck back and then again as he came over her upper chest, neck and chin. Her tongue flicked out and licked off a couple of drops then she wiped off more with a finger which she promptly put in her mouth and sucked clean.

"Such a pretty pearl necklace my Lord," she said with a smile. Before Theon's member could even think about going soft her tongue was on it licking it clean. Then "Asha" moved up his body, took his cock in hand and rubbed it against her hairy cunt without putting it in.

"Do you want it?," she asked. Theon noted the lack of "my Lord" and realized that, just a bit, she was breaking the masquerade and that what she was really asking was "Do you want to fuck your sister?"

He was far from the most honest man in Westeros with others or with himself but this time he answered true. "Yes," he said his voice a low growl, "I want it!" Then he added, "And you can call me Theon."

She grinned fiercely at his answer, then raised herself up and lowered herself down onto his cock moaning wordlessly as he entered her. As she moved up and down his pole the thought occurred to him that it should have felt different somehow, that the feel of his sisters cunt should have carried some taint. But no, it was just a cunt although one whose muscles vibrated on his cock with more skill than most. His hands reached up to knead her tits.

After a bit he decided to take the initiative and started to roll her under him. Not easy at first in a narrow bed especially since, startled, she resisted at first but they managed without his slipping out and soon her legs clamped around his waist.

"Yess," she hissed into his ear. "Fuck me Theon, fuck me hard!," then stuck her tongue in that same ear This he proceeded to do, each stroke coming faster and hitting deeper until his member started to fill with sperm eager to be released.

"Asha" sensed what was about to happen and, at the edge of her own climax screamed, "YES! COME IN ME! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!" Which he promptly did and then collapsed on top of her.

The next morning, although they had fallen asleep in each others arms, she was gone. Neither of them said a word about it but that night and every night until the fleet left for the Northlands "Asha" came to visit.


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