Game Of Thrones: One Day In Winterfell (fg-zoo,inc,oral,wolf)
by Insomniac

It was always winter in Winterfell, something you become accustomed to living there. It made you tougher, made your attitude harsh, not a lot of opportunity for fun. The children, consisting of Robb Stark, Theon Greyjoy ( a child they took in saving him from his tyrant family) and Jon Snow (a bastard from an affair) and Ned Stark, father and mentor to them, were set out roaming the woods, hunting. They came across a dead Dyer wolf, a large species that only lived in the North.

Robb: its huge, too bad no one has seen one alive for decades. I didn't even think they were real, just folk tales.

Theon noticed a movement, "I think somethings still eating it."

Jon: No look... it gave birth before it died. 4 pups.

The children begged Ned to keep them, "look, 4 Dyer wolves, one for each of your children."

Robb: but there are 5 of us?

Jon: im just a bastard, cant count me

But then as he was walking away he found an albino runt of the litter.

Looks like youre part of the family after all, Robb stated.

Ned decided to keep them, giving two to his girls still at the castle, Sansa and Arya.

The girls were thrilled about their new pets and raised them like family...

* * *

Several months had passed and the wolves were now very large, they had grown so quickly. One day Arya and Sansa were playing with their wolves, Sansa's wolf Lady, and Jon's wolf Ghost.

Arya kept pestering Sansa about her infatuation with the Prince Joeffry.

Why do you like him she'd ask

Sansa: Because! Hes cute, and hes smart, and powerful.

Arya: You just want to be queen, nothing good can come of it.

Sansa was merely 13, her younger sister 11. Sansa was already in talks to marry Joeffry so that when he took the throne when it was time, the Borathians and the Starks would be united.

Sansa: That's absorbed! Youre just jealous!

Arya: Oh please, of what, his little cock?

Sansa: ARYA!

Arya: What?! You know its true, just look at how puny he is.

Sansa blushed so much her face matched her ruby hair.

How do you know, she asked, have you ever even seen a cock to know whats big?

Arya thought... No, have you?

Sansa still red, NO! well, only if Robb or Jon gets out of the bath before I need to use it.

Arya: Are their cocks big? She asked actually curious

Sansa: Oh my god, I don't know, I don't know what to compare them to.

Arya looked around, "what about Ghost. Are they as big as Ghost?"

She called to the huge wolf who came when whistled.

She reached under his stomach down to his shaft and grabbed ahold of his dick, the dog instantly lifted his leg in a thrusting motion, and his cockhead emerged from its sheeth.

Sansa: Arya why on Earth are you playing with the dogs cock? That's so gross!

Arya: But look, are Robb or Jon as big as Ghost?

Sansa could not believe she was even entertaining this idea. She looked under at his large red cock and blushed again.

NO that is huge she replied.

Arya was puzzled, do wolves have bigger cocks than people she thought

Arya: You should stick it in your cunt!


Arya: C'mon youre gonna need your practice for Joeffry right? You have to please him or else he wont want to marry you.

Sansa: But he will expect me to be a virgin! He surely wont marry me if he feels ive already been fucked!

Arya thought this over. "true..."

"just put it in your mouth then" she replied

Sansa: Oh my god that's even nastier, then I have to taste it!

Arya: Stop being a little whimp, here, ill do it.

Arya stuck her head under the dogs frame and stuffed the tip of its cock in her mouth, then dog thrust forward sending a few more inches down her throat causing her to gag.

Sansa: Ewwwwww you're disgusting!

Arya: Oh it wasn't bad, he just shoved it down my throat, it tasted fine. Like a finger or something.

Just do it!

Sansa, with a look of disgust couldn't be out done by her younger sister. She knelt forward and put her head under the belly of the dog, she took the penis from out of Arya's hand and grabbed hold. This was the first dick she had ever touch, she had never thought it would be that of a dog. She could feel it throbbing in her hand.

"Its so big" she exclaimed, "I can barely get my hand around it."

She was interested now, she pushed her cock close to the dogs cock, opened her mouth and took him inside her. "arya was right, its not that bad" she thought to herself. She instinctively moved her head up and down the dogs cock. Ghost was letting out small moans of enjoyement as the redhead's mouth loosened up and she swallowed around 3 inches of his cock.

As soon as she started, she finished just as quickly. The dog didn't seem to like this as his hind end was still bucking in a fucking motion.

Arya: I think old Ghost liked that!

Sansa: So give him some more! You're not marrying anyone, why don't you stick it in YOUR cunt.

Arya thought for a moment. "7 gods that will hurt!"

Sansa: You wanted me to do it! Just do it! Right? That's what you said.

Sansa knew the key to getting her sister to do anything was to make it seem like she was afraid. Arya, so small, had to convince the world she could do anything regardless of her size.

Arya, looking upset knew she couldn't back down.

She stood up and pulled down her pants, exposing to her sister a bald, small pussy. She removed the pants from around her ankles and bend down on the ground. She started rubbing her pussy to get her scent on her hands. Once she was wet she stuck her fingers infront of the dogs face. Ghost got the scent and instantly tried to mount her but he couldn't get in.

Sansa was laughing the whole time, she couldn't believe Arya was trying to go through with this.

Arya: Don't watch like an idiot, put his dick inside me!

Sansa approached the girl and dog and bent down, grabbed his cock, and lined it up with her sister's pussy. For a brief moment her hand grazed her wet sopping cunt, causing Arya to flutter, letting down her guard. At this time Ghost thrust his cock deep within the small girl, almost ripping her open.


Sansa was too amazed this was actually happening, she was frozen in wonder. Seeing her sister get pounded was almost... intoxicating.


Arya was breathing very heavily, then seconds later its as if she went numb, the dogs front paws draped over her shoulders.

After minutes of this she almost felt as if she was enjoying, the pain had subsided and the width of this cock was an incredible feeling

Ohhhh, god, this feels so fucking good!

Sansa: Oh my god youre enjoying this?

Arya: Oh fuck yeah, and youre gonna be stuck with the prince and his tiny cock, while I get to fuck Ghost.

Arya: sit right in front of me. She directed her sister

Sansa thought maybe she wanted to see her facial expression better so she did as she was told.

Arya pushed apart her knees and lifted her dress to reveal her pussy with a small red stubble of hair.

Sansa: Arya! What the fuck?

Arya: Don't want to feel good to? She didn't wait for an answer, she stuck her fingers inside her sisters twat.

OHHHH Sansa immediately tightened her ass and abdomened

Sissy, get your fingers out of there!

Arya ignored her sister and kept pumping her fingers in the rhythm Ghost was pumping her.

Ghost got the new scent of pussy and pushed deeper into Arya, in order to get his head down to lap at Sansa's pussy. Arya was now screaming in pleasure.

Sansa felt the dog drag his tongue across her slit. OH MY FUCKING GOD LICK MY PUSSY ARYA!

Its not me its Ghost! Arya retorted.

Sansa: Whoever! Just keep doing it, FUCK!

Ghost was now bucking insanely fast, he let out a loud yelp and Arya could feel her vagina being flooded by a creamy liquid.

Arya: Ohhh shit he came in me!

Ghost then removed his cock from the small girl and went and laid down to rest.

Sansa: Arya, finish licking my pussy!

Arya knelt forward, it smelled of fish, she had played with her own pussy, and then tasted her fingers, but she had never tasted another girl's pussy, much less put her tongue directly on it. But it was her sister, it couldn't be that weird.

She put her head down and started lapping rapidly at her sisters cunt


Sansa was too young to cum, her abdomen tightened again and her toes curled.

Her asshole tightened like a vice and her back arched. She squeezed her little breasts like a pillow she was angrily fluffing, she had never felt anything like that. All at the joy of her baby sister using her tongue on her vagina.

Arya: Had fun didn't ya, she laughed.

... we shouldn't tell anyone about what we did. They both agreed.


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