Grace Under Fire: Making Your Wishes Come True (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Grace Kelly came home. Anyone looking at her would have seen a tall blonde
woman, somewhat matronly yet still attractive. This gal came home from a
tough day at work. Fortunately, someone hot and hunky was waiting for her
at home. Grace's day brightened when she saw a certain bachelor pharmacist
waiting for her in her living room, clad in a cowboy hat, boxers, and
nothing else.

Russell Norton looked at Grace and smiled. She smiled back, and gasped. Damn,
he looked handsome. Russell gestured for her to come to him. Smiling, Grace
went to him. He put his arms around her and gently stroked her cheek. Then,
he kissed her. In that moment, Grace Kelly left behind the world she knew.
The nine to five which she found so boring. The life of a divorcee in
America. Russell swept her into his arms, and led her into the bedroom.

Once they were there, Russell proceeded to undress her. He licked her lips,
and fondled her breasts, telling her that he was going to make sweet love to
her. Grace laughed, and told him that she liked the rough stuff. Although a
bit surprised by this revelation, Russell complied. He aggressively undressed
her. Grace lay there, gloriously naked. Her body looked hot, even after all
these years. This forty-something babe was still a hot lady. The neighborhood

Russell gently spread her thighs apart, and began to lick and probe her
pussy. Grace closed her eyes, relaxing and trying to enjoy what he was doing
to her. The sexy bachelor was certainly good at what he did. Pretty soon,
she was wet down there. Very wet. He continued to lick, probe and finger her
until she came, shouting in sheer pleasure. Then, he held her until she
calmed down. Grace looked at him, and ached to return the favor.

Grace gently pushed Russell down on the bed and began licking his hot,
masculine body. This man was so sexy. It had been a while since she had a
man like that in her bed. She made her way to his groin, and took his hard,
uncircumcised cock in her mouth. Slowly, she sucked him off. Russell closed
his eyes and his firm hands gripped the sheets. Damn, she was good at what
she did! He relaxed and enjoyed what she was doing to him. Grace continued
to suck him until she could tell that he was just about ready to burst.
When he came, rather spectacularly, she drank his seed. Russell shouted his
pleasure. A sound which could be heard across the neighborhood.

Still not sated, the two of them continued to make love. They were quite
passionate. Grace climbed on top of Russell. He thrust into her, sticking
his cock deep into her pussy. Grace shouted in pleasure and rode him for
all she was worth. They came multiple times before finally falling asleep
in each others arms.

For Grace Kelly, and the new man in her life, the handsome bachelor
pharmacist known as Russell Norton, this was the start of something new and
wonderful. What did they call it ? Ah, yes. I've got it now. The first night
of the rest of their lives together.


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