What REALLY happened at Tara when Rhett Butler was away? Find out in this
erotic parody version based on characters from Margaret Mitchell's classic
story, "Gone With the Wind."

The following erotic story involves consensual sex between an adult man and
two adult women. This story is copyright 1994 by Hadley V. Baxendale. The
author expressly grants permission for this story to be redistributed
electronically as long as the text is not altered.

Gone With The Wind: Erotic Version
by Hadley V. Baxendale
based on characters created by Margaret Mitchell

Scarlett poured herself another glass of gin. Taking a generous sip, she
rested her head against the sofa. Tara was quite peaceful these days. Rhett
had taken their daughter Bonnie to England. She was glad he had gone. Their
marriage had been uneasy for quite some time, to say the least. "That
sonofabitch Rhett. I hope he never comes back," she thought to herself.
Looking at the now-empty glass of gin, Scarlett threw it across the room. It
smashed loudly against the wall.

Mammy, the house servant, called out from the next room. "Y'all right in
dere Mizz Scarlett?"

"Yes, Mammy. I'm fine. You mind your business now," Scarlett said.

"You'd better behave in der Mizz Scarlett," Mammy scolded. "Mizz Melanie
and Mista Wilkes will be home soon. I reckon they be on der way back from

"Ashley. Oh, Ashley," Scarlett thought to herself. Unconsciously, she
touched the spot between her legs. How she longed to lay with handsome

At about seven o'clock that evening, Ashley and Melanie arrived. Big Sam
helped them carry their bags into the house. Ashley embraced Scarlett as he
entered the parlor. As Ashley held her, Scarlett closed her eyes. For an
instant she imagined that Ashley was *her* husband returning to *their* home.
This daydream was quickly interrupted by Melanie's voice.

"Scarlett. Oh, Scarlett. It's so wonderful to see you. Atlanta is
beginning to hum again, Scarlett. You know we had to stay over in Macon last
night. No vacancies in Atlanta. I reckon with all those carpetbaggers down
here they fill up every room. Ashley met a business man who might be
interested in... Scarlett?"

Scarlett wasn't listening. Instead, she stared blankly out the window at
Tara. Lost in her thoughts.

Melanie continued. "Well, he says that he might be interested in our lumber
for a new hotel he plans on building in Atlanta. He will be contacting you
next week, Scarlett."

Scarlett suddenly snapped out of her daze. "Oh, yes. I'm delighted to hear
the news, Melanie. Please come in."

Mammy had prepared a meal for Ashley and Melanie. As they ate their dinner,
Scarlett poured herself another glass of gin. Ever since she had married
Rhett, her drinking habits had gotten worse.

"Have you heard from Rhett?" Melanie asked curiously.

"No I have not, Melanie," Scarlett replied as she sipped her gin. "But he'd
better bring my Bonnie back home safely or I'll never talk to him again. God
only knows how lonely I am."

Melanie looked over at Ashley. Without Scarlett noticing, Ashley winked his
eye. Melanie smiled.

After they finished their dinner, the group sat in the parlor. They were
joined by Suellen and Carren who had just returned from the field.

After an evening of reading an Atlanta newspaper to the ladies, Ashley stood
and stretched his arms. With a yawn he told the group that he was tired and
was retiring for the evening. Melanie also rose and took Ashley's arm.
Scarlett watched jealously as the two ascended the stairwell to their
bedroom. Devilish thoughts entered Scarlett's mind as she imagined what went
on behind those closed doors. Maybe tonight she would see for herself.

As Scarlett prepared to retire for the evening, she stopped outside of
Mammy's room. There she pressed her ear against the door. Inside she could
hear the large black woman moaning. Big Sam would often sneak into the manor
to sleep with Mammy. Scarlett didn't mind, though. Mammy had been a
faithful servant to her family for years. Although her father would never
have allowed such indiscretions in the house, Scarlett didn't mind as long
as they were discreet about it.

Once in her own bedroom, Scarlett undressed. Staring at herself in the
mirror, she admired her naked body. Even after giving birth to Bonnie, she
still looked good. Her twenty-inch waist was slightly larger, but her
buttocks and stomach were firm. "No stretch marks!" she said to herself.
Sitting down on a sofa chair, Scarlett threw her bare legs over the arm
rests. With a feather from her new hat, she ran it over her love bud. The
feeling was exhilarating. Closing her eyes, she imagined herself naked in
Ashley's bed -- on her back -- legs spread wide apart -- in the air -- as
Ashley made love to her. Opening her eyes, she saw her reflection in the
mirror again. "Damn it!"

Scarlett put on her nightgown. Climbing into her bed, she picked up a book
and paged through it. Unable to concentrate, she placed it back down on her
nightstand. Again, the thought of Ashley and Melanie in their love embrace
entered her mind. A slight smile appeared on Scarlett's face. She
remembered that there was a small anteroom adjacent to Melanie and Ashley's
room. An adjoining door offered an excellent view of the bedchamber. The
anteroom was being used as a closet. She also knew that it was unlocked.
If she could somehow sneak into that room she could see what Ashley and
Melanie were up to. Yes, tonight she would see for herself. Tonight she
would see why Ashley was so in love with his cousin-wife Melanie.

Carefully, Scarlett opened her bedroom door. Stepping out into the upstairs
hallway, she closed the door behind her. Barefooted, she made her way down
the hall towards Melanie and Ashley's room. Gently, she eased open the door
of the anteroom. Closing it behind her, she found herself inside a small
darkened room. From within, Scarlett could see the pair on their bed through
the slits in the enjoining door. Melanie was completely nude and on all
fours. Blond-haired Ashley was entering her from behind. With strong sweaty
thrusts he pumped into her like a wild savage. The sight made Scarlett burn
inside. How she longed to be that helpless woman in Ashley's love embrace.
His manhood plunging into her wet insides. Scarlett couldn't help touching
herself as she witnessed this torrid scene.

As Scarlett leaned forward, she accidently brushed against an old lamp
resting near the wall of the anteroom. The lamp crashed onto the floor.

Pulling a sheet around his nakedness, Ashley quickly sprang from the bed.
Opening the enjoining door of the anteroom, he caught Scarlett attempting to
exit from the other side. Grabbing her arm, Ashley pulled Scarlett around
quickly. "Why, you little bitch! Have you been watching us all night? I
can't believe how pathetic you are! My God, lady. Violating the sanctity
of my marriage. What is your problem?" Ashley said as he twisted Scarlett's

Scarlett fell to her knees and began to cry. She wished that a hole would
open up in the earth and swallow her forever. Ashley would never look at
her the same way again.

"Well? Answer me, damn it!" Ashley demanded as he squeezed Scarlett's arm.

"Scarlett? Is that you, Scarlett?" Melanie called from the bed chamber.

"Yes, Melly. It's me," Scarlett said in a broken and dejected voice.

Putting on her nightgown, Melanie walked over to Ashley. Scarlett was on the
floor. Her hands covering her face. She sobbed uncontrollably.

"Oh, Ashley, you've upset her," Melanie said as she sat down next to
Scarlett. "Now, now, Scarlett, look at me, dear," Melanie said calmly.
"Why were you spying on Ashley and me?"

With tears in her eyes Scarlett looked up at Melanie. "Because... because
you love like I wish I could be loved. I was only admiring you, Melanie.
Both of you are so beautiful. I just wanted to get closer to you. My life
is empty in this place. I am so alone."

Ashley put his hand on Scarlett's shoulder. "Did you enjoy what you saw?"

Scarlett looked down again. Hesitating, she replied, "Yes. I-I just wanted

"It's quite all right, dear," Melanie said as she stroked Scarlett's hair.
"I'm not angry with you. I know how difficult things have been in your life.
The war. Your marriage to Rhett. You don't have to explain."

"I want to get closer to you both. I just want to be loved." Scarlett said.

"Then come join us in our bed," Melanie said as she helped Scarlett to her

Scarlett couldn't believe her ears. Was she dreaming? Was she actually
going to lay in this sacred place with Ashley and Melanie?

"Are you serious, Melanie? You are inviting me into your bed?" Scarlett

"I know how you love my husband, Scarlett. You can't hide that. I see how
you look at him," Melanie said assuredly. "I also know that you desire him
in a passionate way. You desire to lay with him, yes? In fact, Ashley and
I have been talking about doing just that for some time -- that is, as long
as I could be part of the love-making. Unfortunately, we didn't know how
to approach you. But I suppose you've come to us."

Stepping forward, Melanie planted a delicate kiss on Scarlett's lips. The
sensation made Scarlett warm inside. Scarlett responded with the tip of
her tongue, which she quickly flicked across Melanie's lips. At that same
moment, Melanie drew Scarlett's tongue into her mouth. Together the two
woman locked themselves in a torrid kiss as their tongues explored each
other's mouths.

Taking her hand, Melanie led Scarlett into the bedroom. Ashley followed the
pair to the side of the bed.

"Join us then, Scarlett. Sleep here with us tonight," Melanie said. Taking
off her nightgown, she exposed sheer milky-white nakedness.

Ashley dropped the sheet he had been holding over his manhood. Walking
behind Scarlett, he pressed his swollen member into the brunette's curvy
behind. Scarlett could feel Ashley's hardness through her thin nightgown.
Rotating her buttocks against Ashley's stiff crotch, she closed her eyes
as he kissed her perfumed neck.

"Ooohhhh, Ashley, I've wanted this so bad," Scarlett said.

Melanie undid the buttons on Scarlett's nightgown as Ashley helped her pull
the clothing off. In a minute, the pair had undressed Scarlett. The three
lovers then climbed into bed.

With Scarlett between them, Ashley and Melanie caressed and kissed each of
her breasts. Each taking a nipple in their mouths, they lovingly sucked
Scarlett's hard fleshiness. Scarlett closed her eyes and took in the
sensation. How much better this experience felt compared to her three
loveless marriages.

Scarlett could feel a hand moving down her soft stomach and into her crotch.
She parted her legs slightly to allow easier access. As the hand delicately
stroked her dark mound, Scarlett could feel a finger slowly entering her
steamy hole. It was Ashley's hand.

"OoooohhhhhaaaHHHHHHH! Darling, that feels so nice," Scarlett said.

As Ashley worked his finger into Scarlett's love hole, he could feel her
muscles constrict inside. Slowly at first, then faster, he worked his finger
in and out as Scarlett rocked her hips against Ashley's hand. At the same
time, Melanie plunged her tongue into Scarlett's mouth. Scarlett took
Melanie's tongue willingly, squeezing it like a penis inside her own mouth
as Melanie slid it back and forth between the haughty brunette's lips.

Melanie then climbed on top of Scarlett, straddling her hips. As she leaned
forward, Melanie's nipples brushed against those of Scarlett. In a circular
fashion, she caressed Scarlett's nipple's with her own. At the same time,
Melanie rubbed her mound against Scarlett's. Scarlett purred like a cat.

From behind, Ashley stroked his manhood. With a full erection, he plunged it
into his wife's opening. Quickly Melanie collapsed on top of Scarlett as her
husband mounted her, driving his hardness into her love hole from behind.
Waves of flesh shuddered through her body as Ashley hunkered down. Driving
his rod deeply into his willing wife. Melanie moaned in delight.

Scarlett was in heaven. Here she was, naked, in Ashley's bed, Melanie on top
of her as Ashley humped his wife. Scarlett reached under Melanie and felt
the other woman's crotch. She could feel Ashley's rod with her fingers as it
entered Melanie. The cream from their love-making soaked Scarlett's hand.

Suddenly, Ashley pulled out of his wife. With Melanie still on top, he
pushed his hardness into Scarlett. Scarlett rotated her hips feverishly as
Ashley pumped her womanhood. Melanie soon climbed off of Scarlett and
proceeded to play with her own love button. How exciting it was to watch
her husband lay this other woman in their bed.

Ashley was now on top of Scarlett, her legs wrapped around his mid-section.
He pumped her with all of his frustrations, hopes, desires and lust.
Scarlett accepted him willingly. Their open mouths locked in a kiss, tongues

As he neared climax, Ashley's body tensed. Scarlett shuddered. With a moan
he exploded inside Scarlett, filling her vagina with his fluids. He then
collapsed on top of her, their bodies drenched in sweat.

Kissing her tenderly, Ashley rolled Scarlett over. Melanie then proceeded
to kiss Ashley's rod. Taking his manhood into her mouth, she caressed his
rod with her lips. Ashley closed his eyes. Soon, Scarlett joined Melanie
and together the two women took turns caressing Ashley's manhood with their
tongues. Within a few minutes, Ashley was erect again. As Scarlett quickly
stroked Ashley's stiff rod with her hand, Melanie fondled his jewels. With
a groan, Ashley exploded, splattering Scarlett's face with his love juices.
With the head of Ashley's manhood between them, Scarlett gave Melanie a kiss.

Pulling the blankets over them, the two women cuddled up next to Ashley.
Their heads on his shoulders.

Scarlett could feel Ashley's warm semen dripping down her leg. With her
finger, she scooped semen from her soggy crotch and placed it into her mouth.
"Mmmmmmmm. Ashley, you are so good," Scarlett said lustfully, as she sucked
on her middle finger

Melanie soon drifted off to sleep. Ashley and Scarlett were forced to
converse in a whisper.

"I have to admit, Scarlett, you are quite a woman," Ashley said as he kissed
her forehead. "You know, you are welcome in this bed any time, Scarlett.
But what are you going to do about Rhett?"

"I'm divorcing that pig," Scarlett said.

"Well, if you divorce him, where shall he go? What shall he do?" Ashley

Scarlett replied, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." She then closed
her eyes and fell asleep.



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