Angela's Awakening
Christine Morgan ([email protected])
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Author's Note: the characters of Gargoyles belong to Disney, used
here without their knowledge (unless they _are_ reading our stuff ...).
Adult content, for mature readers only.

"Angela! Gabriel!"
Angela looked up and broke into a welcoming smile as Ruth
glided down into the courtyard.
"Good evening, sister!" she called, dashing to meet her as
she landed.
Gabriel, arguing with Jericho, glanced over and waved
before returning to the task at hand -- focusing his will on his second-
in-command until he got his own way.
Ruth caped her bronze wings and smoothed her maroon hair,
then clasped Angela's hands. "Oh, Angela, you must come and see!
Malachi and I have found the most wonderful place!"
"Another new place? We've been finding more and more of
them lately. What do you think it could mean?" Angela asked
excitedly. "Where is it?"
"Near the meadow where Princess Katherine and Guardian
Tom used to take us to play."
"Flower Meade? I haven't been there in ages!"
"What's going on?" Gabriel came over to join them.
Ruth fluttered nervously and giggled. "I was just telling
Angela that Malachi and I found a new place. Did you ever ask the
Magus why that happens?"
Gabriel shrugged. "He just says it's Avalon, in that voice of
his that makes me feel a fool for even wondering."
"You'd never be a fool, I'm sure!" Ruth gushed. "But do you
want to come and see it? There's a fountain, with statues like I've
never seen before! Beautiful as the moon and stars!"
"What do you think, Angela?"
"It sounds like fun!"
"Great!" Gabriel clapped his hands. "I'll tell Jericho to keep
an eye on things here, and you tell Princess Katherine and Guardian
Tom. See if they want to come with us."
"Come on, Ruth!" Angela tugged her rookery sister by the
elbow. As soon as they entered the castle proper, she turned to Ruth
and planted her hands on her hips. "Okay, what is it?"
"What is what?" Ruth evaded.
"You know. For weeks now, you've been acting like a silly
rabbit whenever you're around Gabriel. What's the matter?"
"Nothing!" Her skin darkened to copper. "Why would
anything be the matter?"
"Ruth," Angela chided. "I know you better than that!"
"Well ..."
"Yes?" she prompted.
Ruth looked around, making sure nobody could overhear.
"Well, Angela, he's just awfully handsome, is all. Haven't you
"So what? He doesn't look that much different from a year
ago, and a year ago you weren't being such a goose!"
"He looks different to me! Don't you see it?"
"See what?"
Ruth ran a distracted talon through her hair. "Oh, I don't
know, how strong he's getting, or how wide his wingspan's become,
and he's got the most lovely eyes!"
Angela giggled. "You've been gliding by moonlight too
long, and it's made you giddy."
"I don't think so, Angela. I think something is happening to
us. We're changing. All of us. Malachi feels it too."
"We're growing up," she said carelessly. "Guardian Tom
remarks on it all the time. We're -- what? thirty years out of the egg?
-- which makes us almost adults."
"Yes," Ruth said thoughtfully. "Adults. What then?"
"What are you talking about? What then? Same as always!
We protect our home, we hunt, we practice our warrior skills, we
study the lessons the Magus assigns. What else is there?"
"I don't know, Angela," Ruth said, glancing down at herself.
"But there has to be something more. We've changed. You, me,
Ophelia, Hippolyta ..."
"Do you mean these?" Anglea cupped the twin mounds of
flesh on her chest. She laughed and tossed her head. "They're called
breasts. Elektra asked the Magus. He says they're perfectly normal,
nothing to worry about."
"I'm not worried. Did the Magus say what they're for?"
"Besides making us have to learn to glide all over again
from the added weight? No, I don't think so. What's the fuss? They're
just lumps." She paused. "Although Gabriel does keep _looking_ at
them. I almost expect him to ask if he can play with them."
"Would you let him?" Ruth asked curiously.
Angela shrugged. "Like I said, what's the fuss? It'd be no
different from when we used to pull on each others' tails."
Ruth frowned. "Really?"
"Of course. See?" She touched Ruth and drew back in
surprise when the other gargoyle gasped. "What's the matter?"
"That felt funny."
"Nonsense." She petted her own. "I don't feel anything
Hesitantly, Ruth mimicked her action. "Well, yes, but when
you did it, it felt different. Like that." She reached out and ran a hand
over one of Angela's.
It was Angela's turn to gasp. Ruth was right. "How strange!
Maybe it's like tickling. Guardian Tom said it was impossible to
tickle yourself."
"But it doesn't feel bad," Ruth mused.
"No," Angela said. "Rather good, actually."
They stood in thoughtful silence, hands moving gently over
each other's chests. Although the hall was cool, Angela felt flushed.
She had not unpleasant tinglings low in her belly and where her wings
joined her back. Ruth's breath was faster, and beneath her fingers,
Angela could feel the rapidity of her sister's pulse.
"I wonder what it means?" Ruth finally said. "Do you think
it's dangerous? Maybe we're ill!"
"Piffle," Angela stated grandly. "The Magus would know if
something was wrong. He spends night after night with Elektra, and
she's got them. She got them first, now that I think of it. So
everything must be fine. Come along, Gabriel's going to think we
forgot him." She swept past Ruth and rapped on the door to
Katherine's parlor. When nobody answered, she peeked in. The
hearth was dark although wood was laid ready. The room was empty.
"Princess? Guardian Tom?"
"They're not here."
"Eeep!" Ruth cried. "Magus! You startled me!"
"Not here?" Angela echoed. "Where did they go?"
"Out," the white-haired man said shortly. He held a book,
his place marked with one long pale finger. Had they ever seen him
without a book, at least near at hand? Nay, Angela thought. Not ever.
"But where?" Angela pressed. "I wanted to speak to them."
The Magus gazed past Angela into the shadowy parlor, and
a ghost of pain swept over his face. He brushed her aside and firmly
shut the door. "Not tonight. It is a special day for them."
"Special? Is it someone's birthday?" Ruth asked.
"No." His tone was cold, sharp.
The two young gargoyles exchanged a look. Angela had
been considering asking him about their breasts, but decided that now
wasn't the best time. The Magus was in a mood, and they'd long since
learned to stay out of his path when he was in a mood.
"If you see them, could you tell them that we're going
exploring?" she said. "In case we're not back by dawn. We wouldn't
want to worry them."
"I'll relate that." He walked slowly away, as if it hurt him to
do so.
When he rounded a corner in a sweep of robes and was
gone, Angela turned to Ruth and raised one brow ridge. "Eeep?"
"He startled me!"
Angela sniffed. "Fine warrior you're turning out to be!"
Ruth did her best to ignore the taunt. "I wonder where they
are? It's not our hatching day, is it?"
"No, they always spend that with us. Perhaps it is one of
those holidays we've read of. A Saint's Mass, or something."
"You're probably right. I guess we'll just have to go without
"We don't have to go tonight."
"But Malachi is waiting! We were hunting, and he caught
the most majestic stag! He'll need help carrying it back to the castle."
"Oh, all right. Why do you suppose the Magus was acting so
oddly?" Angela wondered as they made their way back to the
"Has he ever acted normal?"
"More oddly than usual, then. Between you and he, it's
starting to seem like everyone's gone funny."
"I'm not funny," Ruth protested as they emerged into the
"Isn't that the truth," Jericho remarked, giving her a wink.
He was leaning against a wall, one foot drawn up and planted against
the stone, cleaning his talons with the tip of a dagger. His red hair fell
over one eye, giving him a rascally appearance.
"Nobody asked your opinion," Ruth replied archly, flicking
her tail at him.
"Nobody ever does. Gabriel just gives orders."
"Well, he's the leader," Angela said, patting him on the
shoulder. "Guardian Tom says he'll soon learn to value the wisdom of
his warriors, and we just have to humor him until he does."
"He's stubborn as the night is long. And he's only the leader
because he was first to hatch."
"That has nothing to do with it!" Angela said, more sharply
than she meant. She'd always felt a special kinship with the blue-
skinned male, but sometimes his contrariness got her hackles up.
"That's right," Ruth chimed in. "If hatching order had
anything to do with it, then Angela would be second-in-command, not
you. Gabriel chose you, and you should be honored by that."
Jericho waved his hands in a warding-off gesture. "Forget I
said anything! Go, have fun, and don't let the sun catch you anyplace
As they climbed to the upper battlements, where Gabriel's
distinctive form was silhouetted against the rising cloud-ringed moon,
Ruth murmured, "He's apt to be trouble someday."
"Jericho? What are you saying? He just complains a bit
much. He'll get over it."
"Still ... if I were Gabriel, I'd watch out."
"Shh. Let's just go and see this special place, and bring back
that stag! My mouth waters for venison the way the Magus prepares
Angela stepped up next to Gabriel and brushed her knuckles
against his elbow spur in an affectionate gesture. She had done it
hundreds, thousands of times over the years, but this time, Gabriel
shivered as if touched by a sudden chill.
He turned to her, and Angela's breath caught in her throat.
He _did_ look different. The firm line of his jaw, the sleek folds of
his ears, his tumble of firey amber hair ... Ruth was right, he was
very, very handsome. She felt a sudden confusion, her body reacting
as it had done in the hallway. She looked away, flustered.
"Are you ready to glide, my sister?" he asked in his low,
pleasant voice. It wasn't so deep as Jericho's rumbling tones, but
even, pleasant to hear. He brushed a sable lock back from her face,
his fingers lingering just a moment longer than necessary.
Ruth sighed audibly, and fidgeted when they both looked at
her. "Um, here! I'll show you the way!" She leapt into the night.
Gabriel took Angela's hand and they jumped together, as
they'd done since they were tiny creatures just learning to use their
wings. The air slipped past them, cool and misty, making their skin
glisten from the moisture.
She liked the warmth of his hand, and wondered what it
would be like if he did want to touch her the way she and Ruth had
touched each other. For some reason, the thought made her go all
tingly again. Who was the goose now? He was just Gabriel, her
rookery brother. She was acting as funny as Ruth!
A shadow ahead of them, Ruth skimmed low over the lush
forest that surrounded the castle. Her passage stirred up flocks of
velvety butterflies, stray leaves, and fragrant petals. To the left, they
could see the endless rolling waves crested silver by the moon. To the
right, the land rose in stunning cliffs and highlands to the great peak
whose thermal warmth kept Avalon temperate the year 'round.
Angela could see the expanse that was Flower Meade, a
gently sloping meadow carpeted in soft grass and sweet with
wildflowers. She smiled, recalling dozens of young gargoyles trying
their first tentative glides in that field, more often than not ending up
bouncing along in a cartwheel of wings and tails while Guardian
Tom's cheerful laughter rang to the heavens.
Ruth dipped lower, and Gabriel urged Angela to hurry so
they wouldn't lose sight of their rookery sister in the foliage. Just
when Angela was sure they couldn't make a safe landing without
crashing through the tree limbs, she saw Ruth flip her wings smartly,
catch hold of a sturdy branch with her talons, and turn to wave them
They landed beside her. The tree groaned under their
combined weight but held, and Angela gasped as she saw where Ruth
was pointing.
They couldn't have seen it from above. The dense canopy
interlaced to shield the clearing, a lacy pattern of dark green against
the sky. The trunks supporting that canopy stood in a nearly perfect
circle, their upper branches entiwining so that it was impossible to
tell where one left off and the next began.
Delicate clusters of white honey-scented flowers dangled
from the underside of the canopy, shedding a snowfall of petals onto
the silky ferns below. In the midst of the clearing was the fountain, its
basin so large that it would take at least six gargoyles hand-in-hand to
circle it. The edge rose to knee-height and was wide enough to sit
upon comfortably.
In the center of the sparkling pool was a statue composed of
many figures. Three identical gowned women faced outward in a
ring, pouring endless streams from silvery urns. Two taller figures, a
man and a woman with unusually angular features and royal garb,
stood on a pedestal above and between the three women.
It was a new place. Whenever they thought they knew every
inch of the island, something like this would turn up. Here a pearly
spire like a unicorn's horn, there a column-ringed structure around a
pool. Magic, the Magus said, always with a bitterly wistful tone.
"Isn't it beautiful?" Ruth whispered.
"I've never seen anything like it!" Angela also spoke in a
"But where's Malachi?" Gabriel asked.
"Over here." Ruth jumped lightly to the forest floor, rippling
the ferns.
Gabriel and Angela followed, away from the statue and out
of the clearing to a spot where the body of a large and healthy stag
lay with its neck broken. Of their rookery brother, though, there was
no other sign.
"He _was_ here," Ruth frowned.
"Wait! Look!" Gabriel bent to the soil, where familiar
clawed tracks led toward the nearby Flower Meade. "He must have
gone this way."
Angela started to call out, but thought better of it. "You
don't think he's in trouble, do you?"
"No, of course not," Gabriel said easily. "We've been
exploring this island since we were old enough to glide. There's
nothing here to hurt us."
"But what if there is?" Angela asked. "Somebody must have
built our castle, enchanted the pantries so that we've never run short
of supplies. What if that somebody is still about? Making these new
places appear?"
Gabriel grinned. "Then Malachi can handle it. He's one of
our best hunters, and a fine warrior. You worry too much about the
Magus' tales. The Magus isn't a warrior as we are. He fears things
"Shh!" Ruth hissed. "I think I see him!"
The three of them crept closer, and soon saw Malachi,
crouched in the bushes, staring intently ahead.
He wasn't the tallest of their clan, Jericho having him beat by
a couple of inches, but he was the biggest, barrel-chested and thick-
limbed. His skin was dark green, making him hard to spot in the
forest night. If they'd not recognized the silhouette of the great
curving horns on either side of his smooth-skinned head, they might
have passed unseeing.
His silence, his motionlessness, alerted the other three. They
respected his hunting skills and immediately made efforts to be as
quiet as possible, so as not to scare away whatever game he'd spotted.
Stealthy as they were, he heard them and turned slightly,
beckoning with a peculiar expression. Gabriel opened his mouth to
question but Malachi shushed him with a gesture, and they all knelt to
peer through the screen of branches and leaves.
Ruth, Angela, and Gabriel all gasped in unison, earning a
stern look from Malachi.
"What are they _doing_?" Angela whispered, at once
repulsed and intrigued.
"Bathing?" Gabriel suggested in a low voice.
"But there's no water!" Angela said.
"They must be sick," Ruth hissed. "See how they moan and
roll about?"
"They've food and wine, maybe they've been poisoned!"
Gabriel leaned forward but Malachi held him back.
"They're not sick, nor hurt," he said. "I think they're -- I don't
know what I think, but I don't think it's dangerous."
"It must be!" Ruth insisted. "Their faces are so pained!"
"Then why are they kissing?" Angela said.
"They're so pale, and small, and fragile," Gabriel murmured,
fascinated. "I've never seen them unclad before."
Ruth's eyes widened. "What is _that_?"
Gabriel and Malachi exchanged a sudden look,
knowledgeable and almost guilty.
"It's a male part," Angela guessed. "I remember from when
we were hatchlings, before the Magus made us wear clothes."
Ruth's gaze turned accusatory toward Gabriel and Malachi.
"Males have those? Even you?"
"Um, well, yes," Gabriel admitted, turning a few shades
"What's he doing to her?" Angela clutched Gabriel's arm.
"He's hurting her!"
"I think she likes it," Malachi said slowly.
Gabriel put a comforting arm around Angela. "He'd never
hurt her, you know that."
"Angela, look! She has breasts, just like us! And see, he's
touching them!"
"But she's thrashing so!" Angela fretted.
"It's all right." Gabriel's hand moved soothingly over her
back and caped wings.
"She's praying," sharp-eared Ruth reported, frowning
quizzically. "And calling to God!"
"Did you hear that?" Malachi asked. "He almost roared like
a warrior!"
"Are they unconscious?" Ruth whispered. "They're not
moving anymore. Oh, wait, he's getting up. They must be all right."
Angela stared. "What happened to his ... his ... part? It's all
Another guilty look passed between the males. "Well ..."
Malachi began, stammered awkwardly for a moment, and fell silent.
"They, um, change," Gabriel said. "The Magus said it wasn't
anything to worry about. Sometimes they just get big like that, but it
doesn't last very long."
Angela looked down at her breasts, lifted them, studied
them. "Ours don't change," she said to Ruth in a slightly aggreived
voice. "They stay big all the time."
The attention of both males was fixed on her chest. Gabriel
swallowed hard. "Nothing wrong with that!"
"Shh!" Ruth motioned. "They're getting dressed!"
"Should we say hello?" Angela asked.
"No," Gabriel decided. "If they'd wanted us to see, they
would have stayed at the castle. Whatever they were doing must be a
secret. We'll stay quiet until they leave, and not tell them what we
They hid in the bushes, watching and waiting, until the
meadow was empty and the four of them were alone in the night.
"Why do you think they were doing that?" Angela asked.
"Remember," Ruth said, "how it felt when we were touching
each other? Good, and exciting. Maybe that's why."
"Like this?" Gabriel moved his hand from Angela's back to
her front.
"Ooh," she murmured, and leaned into that warm, firm
pressure. "That does feel nice."
"Yes, it does," he said.
The sweet, tingly sensation was washing over her again,
much stronger now. She found that her own hands didn't want to keep
still, preferring to wander over Gabriel's muscular arms and chest and
shoulders. He wore an expression that was both concentrating and
somehow dreamlike.
"But is it something we _should_ be doing?" Ruth wondered
pensively as Malachi followed Gabriel's example. "We were taught
everything else. About being warriors, hunting, reading, history,
music, all of that. Why nothing about this?"
"Maybe they just thought we knew," Malachi said.
Angela didn't care. She closed her eyes and arched her back,
bringing her breasts more fully into Gabriel's hands. Her legs shifted
aimlessly. There was a deep, humming pulse running through her.
With her eyes shut, her sense of touch seemed richer. His
skin was a velvety landscape of mountains and valleys, the air stirred
by a flex of his wings was a cool breeze. Her fingers slipped down
between his wings and his back, running along the place where they
Gabriel's entire body stiffened. He drew in a harsh gasp
between clenched teeth. Angela opened her eyes.
"What --?" was as far as she got before he kissed her full on
the lips.
They'd kissed before, all of the rookery siblings had. It was
just something learned from the affectionate kisses bestowed by the
princess and Tom. But those playful pecks were nothing like this. He
caught her openmouthed, their breath mingling. He tasted of fruit and
bread and something else undefinable.
Gabriel growled low in his throat. His arms encircled her
waist, pulling her tight against him. His wings clamped down, pinning
her hands where they were. Her heightened tactile sense could detect
every coarse fiber of his garments, the indifferent metal of his belt
buckle, the insistent press of something hard against her stomach. Her
tail swished through the bedewed grass, the cool moisture in sharp
contrast to Gabriel's heat.
And to think, she had scoffed at Ruth! How had she not seen
it before? How had she been blind to his handsomeness, so
unresponsive to the overpowering maleness that she could now sense
so clearly?
It seemed then as if a candle flared alight in a hitherto
unknown part of her mind, and she understood quite well what their
differences were about, what they had witnessed in the meadow, what
it meant to be an adult.
His mouth left hers and moved down her neck. She sighed
into the dim fire of his hair. He tugged at her laces, opening the front
of her garment so that her breasts were revealed, and paused to feast
his eyes upon them.
She was peripherally aware that Ruth and Malachi were
locked in a similar embrace, but more interesting to her was the bulge
swelling below Gabriel's belt. "That's your male part," she said
surely. "And it's gotten big."
He nodded.
"I think it has something to do with you and how beautiful
you are, Angela," he said, taking her hands and leading them. "I want
you to touch it."
"I'd like that." She did so. Now it was he that arched his
back and closed his eyes as her fingers moved, curiously at first, over
what felt like a long, thick pole under the wool of his loincloth.
Gabriel exhaled raggedly. Angela was delighted by the
effect she seemed to be having, and more delighted by the effect his
caress was having on her. He had bared her to the waist, and
alternated caressing her breasts with sliding his fingers along her
back. Now she knew why he had reacted that way. She felt like her
body was made of glowing liquid, molten gold.
He moved so that they knelt opposite each other, two pairs
of wings folded foward to enclose them, the outer edges touching. He
tore loose his belt, letting his loincloth drop heedlessly.
Angela hesitated, examining him. His skin there was a bit
darker, taut over the engorged length. She took gentle hold and
stroked as if it was a captive bird.
His fingers hooked into her belt and pulled fiercely. The
braided cords snapped and her skirt fell away. His tail twined around
her bare thigh. "Let me look at you," he breathed.
She dropped her arms to her sides. First his gaze, and then
his touch and his lips, moved over her. He started at her brow ridges,
down to her mouth, her neck, her breasts, her stomach. She bent
backward to allow him better access. When his hand slipped between
her legs, she uttered a startled but thrilled moan and fell onto her
Gabriel fell with her so that he was laying half atop her, his
fingers exploring the hidden area down below while he kissed her
breasts. She rocked her hips, finding that the motion increased the
pleasure. His male part pressed urgently against her leg. She gripped
it more firmly this time, making him growl again.
"I want to do what they were doing," he said hoarsely.
"Do you know how?" she panted.
"Like this." He rolled his weight onto her, parting her thighs.
She spread her wings flat on the grass for balance and raised her
"Like this?"
Now his male part was rubbing where his hand had been
before, thick and throbbing, making her head whirl with wild
sensations. "Not quite," he said. "I think it goes -- ah!"
"Ah!" Angela cried as she felt a shift and a thrust and a
sudden fullness. She drew her legs higher, crossing her heels just
above the base of his tail. Her toes clawed the air, her fingers clawed
his shoulders.
He clamped his lips over hers, silencing their cries. His hips
moved in a steady, instinctive rhythm. Each thrust seemed to push
them closer together, as if he was going to disappear inside of her and
be part of her for all time.
She burned, she blazed, she erupted.
Her eyes flashed crimson light. Her hair whipped through
the grass as her head lashed back and forth. A trembling ripple seized
her limbs. Gabriel convulsed against her, his teeth bruising her lips,
his wings buffeting with the sound of leathery thunder.
When her shuddering subsided, Angela opened her eyes and
saw the frosty globe of the moon suspended behind Gabriel's head.
He was looking down at her with mingled awe and exhaustion.
She danced her fingers along his arm to play with his elbow
spur. She tried to speak but only a contented purr emerged.
He rumbled in agreement and let his brow rest against her
shoulder. She gradually unwound her legs and tail, which had held
him strongly to her. They rolled apart and lay side by side, holding
"Angela?" Ruth called softly.
"Did you ...?"
"Did you like it?"
Gabriel squeezed her hand and grinned.
"Oh, good," Ruth sighed. "Me too."
Malachi chuckled deeply. "Gabriel?"
"Yes, and yes," he replied, still grinning. "And I will again!"

* *

The End


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